Birding Hotspots Near Bridport

These are the active birding hotspots in the last 30 days. Below, you can adjust the active range of dates or finding birding areas near other cities around the world.

Adirondack Mountain Reserve--Lake Rd.
Arnold Bay
Art Farm Trail -- CATS
Austin Pond - Hubbardton (28 acres)
Beggs Park, Essex NY
Benson Landing
Bob & Betty Cummings Memorial Park
Bobcat Trail (N. trailhead) -- CATS
Bomoseen State Park
Bond Island Natural Area
Brandon Hollow Road
Buck Mountain
Bulwagga Bay Beach
Button Bay State Park
Camel's Hump State Forest (South)
Cedar Lake (Monkton Pond) - Monkton (123 acres)
Champlain Bridge / Chimney Point
Champlainside Drive
Charlotte Ferry Landing - McNeil Cove
Charlotte Town Beach
Chipman Point
Chittenden Reservoir - Chittenden (702 acres)
Chubb’s Dock/Clemons Marsh
Cogman Road / Ghost Hollow Road
Cole Bay
Converse Bay
Coon Mountain Preserve, ADK Land Trust
Cornwall Swamp WMA--South, Swamp Road
Creek Rd. floodplain
Crown Point SHS--Camp Site, Fishing Pier
Crown Point State Historic Site
Crown Point, open areas
Crown Point, peninsula
Crystal Beach
D & H Rail Trail--Castleton to South St.
D & H Rail Trail--South St. to Farnham Rd.
DAR State Park
Dead Creek WMA IBA
Dead Creek WMA IBA--Bird Observatory & banding station
Dead Creek WMA IBA--Brilyea Access
Dead Creek WMA IBA--Farrell Access
Dead Creek WMA IBA--Gage Road
Dead Creek WMA IBA--Goose Viewing Area
Dead Creek WMA IBA--Stone Bridge Dam
Dead Creek WMA IBA--Visitor Center
Dead Creek confluence with Otter Creek
Depot Hill Road Wetlands
Dock Rd., Old Steamshop Dock, Hague
Farr Cross Road
Fern Lake - Leicester (69 acres)
Ferrisburgh Town Beach
Fort Cassin / Porter Bay
Hawkins Road
Hinesburg Town Forest
Hoisington Brook Outlet
Hurd Grassland
Jones Dock Road / Giard's Bay
Kingsland Bay State Park
LaPlatte Headwaters Town Forest
LaPlatte River and Marshes (S of Bay Road)
Lagoon Road
Lake Bomoseen - Castleton (2360 acres)
Lake Bomoseen/Hubbardton Marshes IBA
Lapham Bay / Torrey Lane
Larrabees Point Ferry Dock
Larrabees Point fishing access
Lefferts Pond - Chittenden (55 acres)
Lemon Fair Road, Weybridge
Lemon Fair WMA
Lemon Fair WMA--Bonner Parcel
Leonard Bay
Lewis Creek Fishing Access
Little Otter Creek WMA IBA--Greenbush Rd. Access
Little Otter Creek WMA IBA--South Slang
Long Point - Ferrisburgh
Loves Marsh WMA
Lower La Chute River & Ticonderoga Marsh
McCuen Slang
Napper Rd., Westport
Noblewood Park
Noonmark Mtn., 1st Overlook
Noonmark Mtn., Summit
Old Marsh Pond - Fair Haven (131 acres) and Marsh Pond WMA
Otter View Park
Pittsford Trails--Cadwell Loop
Port Henry Pier
Potash Bay
Raven Ridge Natural Area
Rogers Rock Campgound
Sabbath Day Point Overlook
Shelburne Bay
Shelburne Bay Park / Allen Hill
Shelburne Farms
Shelburne Pond, Pond Road wetlands (UVM Natural Area)
Shelburne Town Beach / Meach Cove
Snake Mountain WMA
Stevenson Rd., Westport
Stony Cove
Strong Swamp
The Narrows WMA
The Pitch Pine Trail
The Waterworks Property
Thompson's Point
Ti-Haul Trail
Ticonderoga, open areas
Tri-Town Water District Plant / Oven Bay
Turkey Lane
Webb Royce Swamp
West Rutland Marsh IBA
West Rutland Marsh--Whipple Hollow Trail
Westport Boat Launch
Westport Grasslands
Westport Marina
Whallon Bay
Whallons Bay Rd.-Clark Rd.-Cross Rd. Grasslands
Whiskey Bay (Cove)
Whitney Creek/Hospital Creek WMA
Wildway Passage Trail -- CATS
Witherell Landing