Birding Hotspots Near Rockport

These are the active birding hotspots in the last 30 days. Below, you can adjust the active range of dates or finding birding areas near other cities around the world.

Adams Point WMA, Durham
Allerton Point
Amelia Earhart Dam
Andrews Point, Rockport
Annisquam Light
Appleton Farm (TTOR)
Argilla-Northgate-Essex Rd. Fields Complex, Ipswich
Awcomin Marsh, Rye
BHI--Deer Island
BHI--Peddocks Island
Back Beach
Baker's Meadow Reservation
Bald Hill Reservation--Crooked Pond
Bass Rocks, Gloucester
Batchelder Park, Hampton
Bayswater Street Park
Bear Creek Sanctuary (Restricted Access)
Beechbrook Cemetery, Essex
Belle Isle Cemetery/Winthrop Compost Dump
Belle Isle Marsh Reservation
Belle Isle Marsh Reservation--Lawn Ave Path
Bicentennial Park, Hampton
Birch Pond
Borthwick Ave. marsh at Portsmouth Regional Hospital
Boston Harbor--Inner Harbor
Brentwood Mitigation Area
Bunker Hill Monument
Cape Ann (please use more refined location)
Cashman Park, Newburyport
Castle Hill, Ipswich
Castle Rock
Cathedral Ledge
Cedar Pond Wildlife Sanctuary
Chain Bridge
Chandler Hovey Park
Chapmans Landing, Stratham
Charlestown Naval Yard
Chebacco Woods & Pond Complex
Clark Pond & Beach
Cliff walk
Cogswell's Grant
Cohasset--Jerusalem Road Coastal Viewpoints
Common Pastures
Concord Point, Rye
Conomo Point, Essex
Cox Reservation
Crane Beach
Crane Pond WMA--Ash St. Swamp
Crystal Lake, Haverhill
Crystal Lake, Wakefield
Daniel Boone Park
Dead Duck Cove - Eliot Boat Launch
Deer Island
Devereaux Beach
Dondero School, Portsmouth
Draw Seven State Park
Dykes Pasture Rd.
Eastern Point Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
Eastern Point--General Area
Eel Pond, Rye
Ell Pond, Melrose
Fish Brook Wetlands
Flax Pond, Lynn
Folly Cove
Forest River Park
Fort Constitution, New Castle
Fort Foster Park, Kittery
Fort Heath, Winthrop
Fort McClary SP, Kittery
Fort Stark, New Castle
Gap Cove
Gloucester Harbor
Gloucester--Fisherman's Monument
Goldthwait Reservation
Good Harbor Beach & Marsh
Goose Cove Reservation
Goss Farm, Rye
Granite Pier, Rockport
Great Bay
Great Bay Discovery Center, Greenland
Great Bay NWR
Great Bay NWR--Peverly Brook Upper Pond Trail
Great Bay Shoreline South, Osprey Cove (formerly Bayridge Rd), Greenland
Great Boars Head, Hampton
Great Boars Head--north, Hampton
Great Bog--Banfield Road, Portsmouth
Great Island Common, New Castle
Greenlawn Cemetery
Greenwood Farm
Haggetts Pond, Andover
Halibut Point SP
Hamlin Reservation
Hampton Beach SP
Hampton Harbor (overall)
Hampton Harbor Inlet
Hampton Harbor--Hampton River Marina mudflats
Hampton Harbor--Yankee Fisherman's Coop
Hampton Harbor--restroom parking area, Seabrook
Hampton-Seabrook marsh--Landing Rd. pool, Hampton
Hampton-Seabrook marsh--Rt. 1, Taylor River, Hampton
Hartley Mason Reserve
Hawkes Pond
Hawkin's Farm, Salem
Hawthorn Pond Conservation Area, Marblehead
Horn Pond Recreation Area
Hovey's Pond
Hull--Nantasket Beach
Independence Greenway Trail
Ipswich Power and Light
Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
Ipswich Town Wharf
Island Rd, Essex
JC Phillips Nature Preserve
Jeffrey's Ledge (Massachusetts)
Jeffrey's Ledge (New Hampshire)
Jenness/Sawyers Beach, Rye
Jodrey State Fish Pier
John Kieran Sanctuary, Rockport
Joppa Flats Education Center (Mass Audubon)
Joppa Park, Newburyport
Kettle Cove, Manchester-by-the-Sea
King's Beach, Lynn/Swampscott
Kittery town landing
Labor in Vain Rd., Ipswich
Lake Cochichewick
Lake Quannapowitt
Lane's Farm (Restricted Access)
Lanes Cove
Lawrence Riverfront SP
Little Boars Head, N. Hampton
Little Harbor, New Castle/Rye
Little Nahant
Little Neck
Little Private Beach, Marblehead
Little River saltmarsh, N. Hampton
Loblolly Cove
Locust Grove Cemetery
Logan Airport
Long Wharf Landing
Lubberland Creek Preserve, Newmarket
Lynn Beach
Lynn Beach/Nahant Beach
Lynn Harbor
Lynn Heritage State Park
Lynnfield Marsh IBA--Audubon Rd & Edgewater
Lynnfield Marsh IBA--Partridge Island Trail
Lynnfield Marsh IBA--Partridge Lane Conservation Trail
Lynnfield Marsh IBA--Railroad Bed
Lynnfield Marsh--IBA
Magnolia Point
Marblehead Neck Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
Marblehead Rail Trail--Salem Branch
Masconomo Park
Massacre Marsh, Rye
Maudslay SP
Meadow Pond, Hampton
Merrimack River -- Downtown Haverhill
Middlesex Fells Reservation
Middlesex Fells Reservation--Greenwood Park
Middlesex Fells Reservation--North Reservoir
Middlesex Fells Reservation--Spot Pond
Middlesex Fells--Winford Way Entrance
Middleton Pond, Middleton
Mill Creek Riverwalk, Chelsea
Mill Pond Reservoir & Conservation Area
Mystic River Reservation
Mystic River Reservation--Mystic Riverbend Park
Mystic River Reservation--Torbert McDonald Park
NH coast
Nahant Thicket Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
Nahant--Bailey's Hill Park
Nahant--East Point Headland
Nahant--General Area
Nahant--Lowlands Park
Nahant--Northern Shore
Nahant--Short Beach
Nahant--Stump Dump
Nevins Bird Sanctuary, Methuen
New England Biolabs
Newburyport Harbor
Newburyport Industrial Park
Newburyport Wastewater Facility
Newmarket Town Landing
Niles Beach
Niles Pond & Brace Cove
North Beach, Hampton
North Hampton State Beach
North Mill Pond, Portsmouth
North Shore Arts Association
North Shore Community Gardens, Middleton
Oak Hill Cemetery
Odiorne Point SP, Rye
Offshore waters - NH
Old Portsmouth
Old Town Hill Trustee Land
Osprey Cove trail to Bracketts Pt., Greenland
Parker River NWR
Parker River NWR--Bill Forward Pool
Parker River NWR--Cross Farm Hill
Parker River NWR--Emerson Rocks
Parker River NWR--Hellcat Dike
Parker River NWR--Kettle Hole
Parker River NWR--Lot 1
Parker River NWR--Lot 2
Parker River NWR--Lot 3
Parker River NWR--Lot 5
Parker River NWR--Lot 6
Parker River NWR--Maintenance Area
Parker River NWR--Nelson Island
Parker River NWR--North Field/Pool
Parker River NWR--North Pool Overlook
Parker River NWR--Pines Trail
Parker River NWR--Salt Pans
Parker River NWR--Stage Island Pool
Parker River NWR--Stage Island Trail
Parker River NWR--Visitor Center
Parsons Creek saltmarsh w. of Wallis Sands beach, Rye
Pavilion Beach
Pease International Tradeport
Pease International Tradeport--southeast end, Portsmouth
Pebble Beach, Rockport
Peirce Island, Portsmouth
Perkins Park, Newburyport
Philbrick Marsh, N. Hampton
Philips Academy Campus
Piers Park
Pike's Bridge Road
Plum Cove
Plum Island (please use more refined location)
Plum Island Airport
Plum Island Jetty
Plum Island Turnpike bridge
Plum Island--North End
Plumbush marshes
Pomp's Pond
Portsmouth City Park, Harvard St.
Portsmouth Traffic Circle, Portsmouth
Powder House Pond, Exeter
Powwow Pond, Kingston
Proctor Farm
Pulpit Rocks, Rye
Puritan Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery
Putnamville Reservoir
Rachel Carson NWR--Cutt's Island Trail
Rafes Chasm Park
Reading Town Forest
Red Rock Park
Retelle Reservation
Revere Beach--South End
Revere Beach--pink apartments
River Road
Rockingham Park - racetrack & parking lot, Salem
Rockport Harbor
Rocky Neck, Gloucester
Rough Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
Rt 1A wooden bridge, Rye
Rt. 1A pullout by stone angel, Rye
Rt. 1A, second pullout s. of Odiorne Pt., Rye
Rumney Marsh (Revere)
Rumney Marsh--Oak Island Pannes
Rumney Marsh--South
Rumney Marsh-Bristow Street entrance
Rye Harbor
Rye Harbor SP
Rye Ledge
Salisbury Beach State Reservation
Salisbury Beach State Reservation--Black Rock Creek
Sandy Point State Reservation
Sawyers Beach, Rye
Seabrook Back Dunes
Seabrook Beach
Seabrook Marshes--Beckman's Landing
Seal Rocks, Rye
Seine Field, Gloucester
Shoe Pond, Beverly
Short Beach, Winthrop
Silver Lake, Wilmington
South Mill Pond, Portsmouth
Spencer Peirce Little Farm
Squamscott River marshes, Exeter
Stage Fort Park
Steer Swamp Conservation Area
Stellwagen Bank--NW Corner
Sunset Farm, Greenland
Swasey Pkwy, Squamscott River, Exeter
Sylvester Baxter Riverfront Park
Topsfield Fairgrounds
Tucker and French Family Forest, Kingston
Uptack Rd. wetland, Groveland
Urban Forestry Center, Portsmouth
Wallis Sands State Beach, Rye
Ward Reservation
Waterfront Promenade Park, Newburyport
Weir Hill, North Andover
Wenham Lake
Wenham Swamp Rail Trail
West Beach
Wet Meadows Viewing Platform, Scotland Rd, Newbury
Wheeler Brook Swamp Rookery
Wheeler Wildlife Refuge, York
William Forward WMA
Willowdale SF
Windmill Point
Wingaersheek Beach
Winter Island
Winter Pond, Winchester
Winthrop Beach and Five Sisters
Winthrop Greenway
Winthrop--Yirrell Beach
Woodsom Farm
York Harbor
York, Maine Barrells Millpond
cove at Rye/N. Hampton town line
cove s. of Odiorne Point SP, Rye
pools south of Odiorne (west of 1A), Rye
saltmarsh s. of Odiorne Pt., Rye
stakeout Bullock's Oriole, Butterfield Ln. r-o-w, Stratham
stakeout Western Tanager, Chapel/Maple Rd., N. Hampton