Birding Hotspots Near Longmont

These are the active birding hotspots in the last 30 days. Below, you can adjust the active range of dates or finding birding areas near other cities around the world.

63rd St. Pond--Resource Center
Adams County 88th Ave Open Space
Addenbrooke Park
Alexx & Michaels Pond
Allenspark (town)
Anne U. White Trail
Anthem Ranch Ponds
Apple Valley Rd.
Arapahoe Bend Natural Area
Arapahoe Bend Natural Area--Rigden Reservoir (Strauss Cabin Lake)
Arapahoe Bend Natural Area--fishing ponds and trails
Arvada Blunn Reservoir
Arvada Cemetery
Auraria Campus
Autrey Park
Avery Park
Banner Lakes State Wildlife Area (closed April 1 - July 15)
Barker Reservoir
Barnum Park & Weir Gulch
Barr Lake SP
Barr Lake SP--Bird Conservancy of the Rockies office area & below dam
Barr Lake SP--Neidrach Nature Trail & Visitor Center area
Barr Lake SP--South End
Barr Lake SP--banding station area
Barr Lake SP--boat ramp area
Baseline Reservoir
Baxter Lake
Bear Creek Path
Beaver Brook Trail--Windy Saddle section
Beebe Draw area
Benson Sculpture Garden
Berkeley Park
Betasso Preserve
Big Dry Creek & Willow Run Open Space (Broomfield)
Big Dry Creek Park
Big Dry Creek Trail--E 144th Ave to Rampart Reservoir"
Big Dry Creek Trail--Standley Lake Dam to Wadsworth Blvd
Big Dry Creek Trail--Wadsworth Blvd to Sheridan Blvd
Big Elk Meadows Rd (Larimer CR 47)
Big Thompson River Bike Trail
Big Thomson Ponds State Wildlife Area
Birch Ruins/Knoll Willows Nature Preserve
Bluff Lake Nature Center
Bobcat Ridge Natural Area
Bobolink Trail
Boedecker Bluff Natural Area
Boedecker Reservoir
Bohn Park
Boise Bend Natural Area
Boulder & Left Hand Ditch--Lookout Rd to Hway 52
Boulder CR 71N--Hwy 36 to Larimer Co line
Boulder Community Garden
Boulder Creek--109th St.
Boulder Creek--61st St.
Boulder Creek--75th St.
Boulder Creek--95th St.
Boulder Creek--CU East Campus
Boulder Creek--Foothills Parkway & Arapahoe Ave. area
Boulder Creek--University of Colorado campus
Boulder Mountain Park--Bear Canyon Trail
Boulder Mountain Park--Mallory Cave Trail
Boulder Mountain Park--Shanahan Mesa
Boulder Open Space--Beech Trail
Boulder Open Space--Hogback Ridge Trail
Boulder Reservoir complex--Boulder Res
Boulder Reservoir complex--Coot Lake
Boulder Reservoir complex--Sixmile Reservoir
Boulder Valley Ranch trailhead
Boyd Lake
Brainard Drive Pond
Brainard Lake
Brainard Lake Road Gate
Broomfield Commons Open Space
Brower State Wildlife Area
Brunner Reservoir
Buckingham Park
Bud Mielke Reservoir
Burch Lake
Burke Lake (private, view from road)
Button Rock Preserve
Button Rock Trail
CO Hwy 66 at S Platte River
CO Hwy 7 pull-off at mile marker 23
CU Mountain Research Station
Camp Paul Hummell (Restricted Access)
Camp Rollandet Natural Area
Caribou Town Site
Carolyn Holmberg Preserve & Rock Creek Farms
Carpenter Park
Cathy Fromme Prairie Natural Area
Cattail Chorus Natural Area
Cattail Pond
Centennial Cone Park
Centennial Trail--Dimmitt Dr to Old Tale Rd
Chautauqua Park
Chautauqua Park (village)
Chester-Portsmouth Park
Chimney Gulch Trail
City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks, Cherryvale Office area
Clear Creek Greenbelt--Kipling St to Johnson Park
Clear Creek Trail from Indian Gulch to Clear Creek History Park
Clear Creek Trail--Federal Bvd to I-25
Clear Creek Trail--Golden to I-70
Clear Creek Trail--Lowell Blvd to Federal Blvd
Clear Creek Valley Park
Coal & Rock Creeks--S 120th St through Flagg Park
Coal Creek Canyon
Coal Creek Corridor Open Space
Coal Creek Open Space (Jefferson Co)
Coalton Open Space
Coalton Trail--south end
Colorado Parks & Wildlife Offices
Colorado School of Mines
Colorado State University Environmental Learning Center
Colorado State University campus
Colorado State University--Lagoon
Colorado State University--Northeast Main Campus
Columbine Meadows Park & Greenbelt
Confluence & Commons Parks
Cottonwood Lake
Cottonwood Trail--Hayden Lake to Jay Rd.
Cottonwood and Lake Parks
Coyote Ridge Natural Area
Coyote Run Open Space
Crane Hollow Road and ponds
Croke Reservoir
Croke Reservoir Lake
Crown Hill Cemetery
Crown Hill Regional Park
Damyanovich/Yunker Open Space
Davidson Mesa Open Space & Trails
Denver Botanic Gardens and Cheesman Park
Denver City Park
Denver City Park--Duck Lake
Denver City Park--Ferril Lake
Denver City Park--lakes
Denver Federal Center lake (View from Kipling St)
Denver International Airport
Denver International Airport (Denver Co.)
Denver West Office Park
Devils Backbone Open Space
Dixon Reservoir
Dodd Reservoir
Doudy Draw
Drew Hill Road
Dry Creek Open Space
Dry Creek wetland (Loveland)
Duck Lake (Larimer Co.)
Dunes Reservoir
Eagle Path
East Boulder Community Park
East Boulder Trail--Teller Lakes
East Lake Shores Park
Eben G. Fine Park
Edora Park
Elaine T. Valente Open Space
Eldora (town)
Eldorado Canyon SP
Eldorado Mountain Open Space
Eldorado Mountain Open Space--Fowler Trail
Eldorado Mountain Open Space--Goshawk Ridge Trail
Eldorado Mountain Open Space--Spring Brook Loop
Elks Park
Equalizer Lake
Erie (town)
Erie Reservoir
Estes Park (town)
Estes Park Overlook, Hwy 36
Faversham Park
Fentress Lake
Firestone Gravel Pits (view from road)
First Creek at DEN Open Space
First Creek at Green Valley Ranch
Flagstaff Amphitheater
Flagstaff Mountain Trails
Flatiron Reservoir
Flatirons Vista Trail
Foothills Reservoir & McCaslin Lake area
Fossil Creek Park
Fossil Creek Reservoir & Regional Open Space
Fossil Creek Reservoir Natural Area--East Blind
Fossil Creek Reservoir Natural Area--West Blind
Fossil Creek Reservoir--Swede Lake
Fossil Trace Golf Course (fee area)
Frank State Wildlife Area (Larimer Co) & Jodee Reservoir
Frank State Wildlife Area (Weld Co)
Frederick Lake (Milavec Reservoir) & Recreation Area
Ft. Collins City Park and Sheldon Lake
Gardens on Spring Creek
Gateway Park Pond
Glade Reservoir
Glenmere Park
Gold Strike Park
Golden (town)
Golden Cemetery
Golden Gate Canyon SP
Golden Gate Canyon SP--Mountain Lion and Burro Trails
Golden Gate Canyon SP--Mule Deer Trail
Golden Gate Canyon SP--Visitor Center area
Golden Gate SP--Kriley Pond
Golden Ponds Park and Nature Area
Grandview Cemetery
Great Egret Pond
Great Western Reservoir (closed to public)
Green Mountain Cemetery
Green Mountain West Ridge Trail
Green Valley Ranch Recreation Center
Greenbelt Plateau
Gregory Canyon
Gross Reservoir
Gun Club Rd south of E. 112th Ave
Gunbarrel Commons Park
Gunbarrel Hill
Gustav Swanson Natural Area
Hall Ranch
Hall Ranch--South
Harlow Platts Park
Harper Lake area
Hawthorn Gulch
Hecla Lake
Heil Ranch--Picture Rock Trail
Heil Valley Ranch
Hermit Park
Heron Pond Natural Area
Hidden (Mayham) Lake
Hidden Hogback Trail
Hodgson-Harris Reservoir
Horseshoe Reservoir
Horsetooth Mountain Open Space
Horsetooth Reservoir
Houts Reservoir
Hunters Glen Lake
Idaho Creek Open Space
Idalia Park
Inspiration Point Park
Interlocken East Park
Ireland Reservoir #5
Ish Reservoir (Larimer/Boulder cos.)
Izaak Walton Park
Jim Baker Reservoir
Jim Hamm Nature Area
Joder Ranch
Johnny Park
Johnstown Reservoir
Josh's Pond Broomfield
Ken Mitchell Park and Open Space
Kendrick Way Ponds
Kingfisher Point, Nix Farm & Williams Natural Areas
Kinney Run Trail
Lac Amora Open Space
Lafayette (town)
Lagerman Agricultural Preserve--Lagerman Reservoir
Lagerman Agricultural Preserve--Open Sky Loop
Lagerman Agricultural Preserve--Swede Lakes
Lake Arbor
Lake Donath
Lake Estes
Lake Loveland
Lake Rhoda
Lake Sangraco
Lee Hill Dr--Olde Stage Rd to Lefthand Canyon Dr
Lee Martinez Park
Left Hand Creek at Nimbus Rd
Leyden Lake
Lily Mountain Trail
Linn Grove Cemetery
Little Gaynor Lake
Lochbuie Pond
Lon Hagler Reservoir State Wildlife Area
Lonetree Reservoir
Long Canyon Trail
Long View Farm Open Space (view from road only)
Lookout Mountain Nature Center
Lory State Park
Los Lagos Reservoirs
Louisville (town)
Louisville Community Park
Loveland Burial Park
Lowell Ponds State Wildlife Area
Lower Latham Reservoir area
Lower White Ranch Park
Lyons (town)
Lyons Cemetery
Majestic View Park
Mann-Nyholt Lake
Maple Grove Reservoir & Chester-Portsmouth Park
Marfell Lakes
Mariana Butte Natural Area
Marshall Marsh
Marshall Mesa Trails
Mary's Lake and Campground
Matthew T. Glasser Reservoir
Matthews-Reeser Bird Sanctuary
Maxwell Lake Park
Maxwell Natural Area
Mayhoffer Singletree Trail
McCall Lake
McClintock Trail
McIntosh Lake
McKay Lake
Meadow Park
Meadowbrook Natural Area
Meadowglen Park & Pomona Lake #2
Mesa Reservoir
Mesa Trail Complex
Mesa trail
Metzger Farm Open Space
Mile High Gun Club (Adams Co. only)
Mile High Gun Club--E 160th Ave ponds
Moon Gulch Pond & Trails
Morey Wildlife Reserve
Mower Reservoir
Mt. Galbraith Park
Mt. Sanitas Trail
Mud Lake Open Space
Mushroom Pond Open Space
National Center for Atmospheric Research Mesa
Nederland (town)
Nelson Reservoir
Nissen Reservoirs
Niver Canal Trail
Niwot Loop Trail
Norman D. Memorial Park
North Foothills Trail
North Open Space
North Star Reservoir
North Table Mountain Park
O'Kane Park
Old Saint Vrain Rd
Old St Louis Natural Area
Olive Ridge Campground
Overland Park
Oxbow Natural Area
Panama Reservoir #1
Park Hill Golf Course
Parkland St. Ponds
Peaceful Valley Campground
Pearl Street Mall
Pelican Lakes
Pella Crossing Open Space
Peninsula Park
Peschel Open Space
Piedra Pond
Pineridge Natural Area
Pinewood Reservoir
Pinewood Springs (town)
Plaster Reservoir
Pleasant Valley & Lake Canal greenbelt at W Lake St
Pleasant View Marsh
Pond at Hwy. 287 & West 71st St.
Pond north of Horseshoe Reservoir
Pond west of Stearns Lake
Ponds at 160th Ave.
Ponds east of 61st Ave.
Poudre Learning Center
Poudre Ponds
Poudre River Trail near US 287
Poudre River Trail-- Kodak State Wildlife Area
Poudre River Trail--N. 59th Ave. to N. 35th Ave.
Power trail
Prairie Gateway Open Space Trail
Prairie Ridge Natural Area
Prince Lake #2
Prospect Mountain (by path or tramway)
Prospect Ponds Natural Area
Purple Park
Quail Creek Park
Rabbit Mountain
Ralston Creek--Maple Valley Park
Ralston Creek--Miller St to Clear Creek
Ralston Creek--Vigil Way to Indiana St
Ralston CreekTrail--Indiana St to Ward Rd
Ralston Valley Park
Red Fox Meadows Natural Area
Redtail Grove Natural Area & adjacent private ponds
Regis University
River Bluffs Open Space
River's Edge Natural Area
Riverbend Ponds Natural Area
Riverside Drive (Riverside to Raymond)
Robert Benson Lake
Rocky Flats NWR
Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR
Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR-- East Auto Tour
Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR-- Visitor Center
Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR--Bluestem Loop Trail
Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR--First Creek
Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR--Lake Ladora
Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR--Lake Mary
Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR--Legacy Trail
Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR--Lower Derby Lake
Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR--Prairie Trail
Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR--Wildlife Drive
Rocky Mountain Lake Park
Rocky Mountain NP--Lily Lake area
Rod and Gun Club Trail & Ponds
Rogers Grove Park
Rolland Moore Park, Ross & Fischer Natural Areas
Roosevelt National Forest--Dunraven area
Roselawn Cemetery
Rough & Ready Park
Running Deer & Cottonwood Hollow Natural Areas
Ruth Roberts Park
Ryan Gulch Reservoir
Ryssby Church & Cemetery
S Co Rd 3f-- E Harmony Rd to River Pass Rd (private, view from road)
Sage Creek Park
Salyer, McMurry and Magpie Meander Natural Areas
Sanborn Park
Sand Creek Park
Sand Creek--Havana St. to Westerly Creek
Sand Creek--Westerly Creek to Smith Rd
Sandstone Ranch
Settler's Park
Seven Lakes Park
Siena Reservoir at Anthem
Signature Bluffs Natural Area
Simpson State Wildlife Area
Skunk Canyon Trails
Sloan's Lake Park
Sombrero Marsh & Pond
South 66th St
South Boulder Creek Trail
South Boulder Creek Trail Area
South Golden
South Mesa Trail
South Platte River (Adams Co)-- E 74th Ave area
South Platte River (Adams Co)--89th Ave Pond
South Platte River (Adams Co)--Dahlia St West Pond
South Platte River (Adams Co)--E 78th Ave
South Platte River (Adams Co)--Hwy 224 & E 68th Ave
South Platte River (Adams Co)--McKay Rd & 100th area
South Platte River near E 168th Ave
South Platte River--88th Ave area
South Platte River--E 104th Ave to E 120th Pkwy
South Platte River--E 120th Pkwy to Henderson Rd
South Platte River--Henderson Rd to E-470
South Platte River--Sand Creek mouth (Adams Co)
South Platte River--Yale Ave to Franklin St
South Table Mountain Park
Spring Canyon Community Park
Spring Creek Trail (Larimer Co.)
Spring Creek Trail--Roland Moore Park to Gardens on Spring Creek
Spring Park
St. Vrain Greenway
St. Vrain River Crossing at 63rd St.
St. Vrain SP
Standley Lake Park--north shore
Standley Lake Park--south shore
Standley Lake and Park
Stearns Lake
Stewart's Pond
Sunken Gardens Park
Sunset Vista Natural Area
Superior Community Park--McCaslin Blvd to Rock Creek Pkwy
Tanglewood Natural Area
Tantra Park
Teller Lakes South
The Field Open Space
Thomas Reservoir
Thorne Nature Experience
Timnath Reservoir
Timnath Reservoir--east bay
Topminnow Natural Area (East Horsetooth Gravel Pit)
Tucker Gulch
Tucker Lake
Twin Lakes (Boulder County)
Two Ponds NWR
Udall Natural Area
Union Reservoir
University of Colorado Boulder--Main Campus
University of Colorado Boulder--South Campus
University of Colorado Boulder--Varsity Pond area
University of Colorado campus--Confluence Ponds and Skunk Creek
Ute Creek Golf Course
Valmont Overlook (Legion Park)
Valmont Reservoir Complex
Van Bibber Open Space
Viestenz-Smith Park
Vogel Pond Open Space
Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat--Boulder Creek/Heatherwood Trail
Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat--Cottonwood Marsh/Wally Tove's Pond/Duck Pond
Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat--Sawhill Ponds only
Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat--Walden & Sawhill Ponds all together
Walker Ranch--Meyers Gulch
Walnut Creek-- Great Western Reservoir to Simms St
Waneka Lake/Greenlee Preserve
Waneka Lake/Greenlee Preserve--Greenlee Only
Waneka Lake/Greenlee Preserve--Waneka Lake only
Ward area
Warembourg Open Space
Warren Lake
Warren Park
Welchester Tree Grant Park
Weld CR 41 from CR 46 to 48 (private; view from road)
Well Gulch Nature Trail
Westerly Creek Park
Westerly Creek--MLK Jr Blvd to Sand Creek
Westminster City Park
Wetland on Weld CR 46
Wheat Ridge Greenbelt
Wheat Ridge Greenbelt--Bass Lake Wildlife Trail
Wheat Ridge Greenbelt--Prospect Park & Lake
Wheat Ridge Greenbelt--Tabor Lake
Wheat Ridge Greenbelt--West 41st Ave. entrance
Wheat Ridge Greenbelt--West Lake
White Ranch Open Space Park
White Rocks Trail area
Willow Farm Park
Windsor Lake
Wonderland Lake Park
Woods Lake