Birding Hotspots Near Jamestown

These are the active birding hotspots in the last 30 days. Below, you can adjust the active range of dates or finding birding areas near other cities around the world.

Algerine Rd. pond (from road)
Bentley Rd.--Milnes Rd. to Patterson Rd.
Blue Oak Recreation Area
CSU Stanislaus
Central Valley Christian Academy (restricted access)
Ceres River Bluff Regional Park
Cherry Lake Rd.
Confidence area
Cooperstown Rd.--La Grange Rd. to Rydberg Creek bridge
Cooperstown Rd.--Willms Rd. to Rydberg Creek bridge
Copperopolis Pond
Crabtree Rd.--Dry Creek bridge to Warnerville Rd.
Crabtree Rd.--Hwy. 132 to Dry Creek bridge
Crabtree Rd.--UX Ranch
Crabtree Rd.--briar patch
Davis Rd.
Dawson Lake
Dogtown Rd. pond
Don Pedro Recreation Area--Shoreline Trail
Don Pedro Reservoir--south arm
Don Pedro overlook--heron rookery
Dry Creek Regional Park--El Vista Ave. to Claus Rd.
Dry Creek Regional Park--El Vista Ave. to N McClure Rd.
Dry Creek Regional Park--N McClure Rd. to Claus Rd.
East La Loma Park
Flood Rd.
Fox Grove Fishing Access
Frankenheimer Rd.
Glory Hole Recreation Area
Goodwin Reservoir
Greenhorn Creek Golf Course pond
Gregoris Park
Groveland CSD Sewage Treatment Plant
Hawkins Rd.
Hawkins Rd. vernal pool
Hell's Hollow Rd.
Henderson Park
Hornitos Rd.
Hornitos Rd. pond
Hornitos vicinity
Horseshoe Road Rec Area
Hunt Rd./Rock Creek Rd./Salt Springs loop (CLV Co.)
Hwy 108--Tulloch Rd. ponds
Hwy 49--RR crossing near Sims Rd.
Indigeny Reserve
Joe Domecq Wilderness Area
K-Arrow Ranch ponds
Kewin Park
Knights Ferry Rec Area
Knights Ferry Rec Area--Russian Rapid Trail
La Grange Regional Park--Basso Bridge and fishing access
La Grange Regional Park--Old La Grange Rd. to La Grange Dam Rd.
LaGrange Rd. pond
Lake Don Pedro--Moccasin Creek
Lake McSwain
Lake Rd.--E of Turlock Lake and S of TID canal
Lake Rd.--E of Turlock Lake campground to TID canal
Lakemont Pines Lake
Lancaster Rd.
Mark Twain Boat Launch
Meacham Ranch Rd.
Merced Falls Rd. (MER Co.)
Merced Falls Rd. pond
Merced River--Hornitos Rd. (MER Co.)
Merced River--Hornitos Rd. (MRP Co.)
Merced River--Lake McClure Rd. below dam
Moccasin Reservoir
Moccasin vicinity
Modesto Junior College, West Campus
Natural Bridges Trail
New Don Pedro Dam
Oak Grove Cemetery
Orange Blossom Rec Area
Parrots Ferry bridge (CLV Co.)
Phoenix Lake Reservoir
Pine Mountain Lake
Red HIlls--Don Pedro Overlook Trailhead
Red Hills ACEC (TUO Co.)
Red Hills Rd.
River Avenue Park
River Park (STA Co.)
Robert's Ferry Rd. and covered bridge
Rock River Rd. (STA Co.)
Rock River Rd. (TUO Co.)
Rock River Rd. pond
S. Reinway Park & Trailhead
Salt Springs Valley Rd.
Salt Springs Valley Reservoir
Shelton Rd.
Sims Rd.--Hwy 49 to Hwy 120
Sonora Sewage Ponds
Soulsbyville--Willow Spring
Stanislaus NF--Tuolumne River
Table Mtn. (TUO Co.)
Thousand Oaks Park (STA Co.)
Tidewater Trail--Bowen Ave. to Woodrow Ave.
Tim Bell Rd.--Hazel Dean Rd. to Warnerville Rd.
Tulloch Dam Rd.
Tuolumne River Parkway Trail
Tuolumne River Regional Park--Legion Park
Tuolumne River Regional Park--airport area
Turlock Lake SRA--campground
Turlock Lake SRA--north shore day use area
Turlock Lake--county fishing access
Tuttletown Recreation Area
Two Mile Bar Rec Area (TUO Co.)
Valley Oak Rec Area
Virginia Corridor Trailway--College Ave. to Bowen Ave.
Warnerville Rd.--Albers Rd. to Emery Rd.
Warnerville Rd.--Emery Rd. to Tim Bell Rd.
Warnerville Rd.--Tim Bell Rd. to Crabtree Rd.
Waverly Rd.
Willms Rd.--Hwy 108 to pond
Willms Rd.--Warnerville Rd. to pond
Willms Rd.--pond
Woodward Reservoir--28 Mile Rd.