Birding Hotspots Near , , United States

Here is a complete listing of birding hotspots in this area, including those with no activity. Below, you can adjust the active range of dates or finding birding areas near other cities around the world.

79th St. Mudflats
Arkansas River--Nickerson Access
Arkansas River--Public Paddle Access
Arkansas River--W 4th Ave. Access
Arkansas River--W Lincoln St. Access
Arkansas River--Worthington Rd.
Arlington City Park
Big Ditch--S Hydraulic St.
Big River Park
Buffalo Park, Wichita
Byron Walker WA
Camp Mennoscah (restricted access)
Carey Park, Hutchinson
Central Riverside Park
Chapin Park
Cheney Cemetery
Cheney Lake (Kingman Co.)
Cheney Lake (Reno Co.)
Cheney Lake--Outlet Park
Cheney Reservoir--Dam (Sedgwick Co.)
Cheney SP--East Shore Area
Cheney SP--West Shore Area (Kingman Co.)
Cheney SP--West Shore Area (Reno Co.)
Cheney WA
Cheney WA--Christmas Tree Cove
Cheney WA--Deweese Park
Cheney WA--Fish Cove
Cheney WA--Graber Cove
Cheney WA--Haven Cove
Cheney WA--Ninnescah River Area
Cheney WA--Pleasant Hill
Cheney WA--Preisser Cove
Cheney WA--Ruebke Cove
Cheney WA--Silver Lake
Cheney WA--Wenzel Cove
Cheney WA--Yoder Cove
Chikaskia River--130 Rd.
Chisholm Creek Park & Great Plains Nature Center
Clifton Street Ponds
College Hill Park
Colwich Memorial Park
Colwich Sod Farms
Colwich WTP
Colwich Wetland
Conway Springs WTP
Cowskin Creek Water Quality Reclamation Facility
Dillon Nature Center
Dirks Lake (restricted access)
Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport
Emerald Bay Neighborhood (restricted access)
Emery Park, Wichita
Enterprise Dr. & S Yoder Rd. Ponds
Fairlawn Burial Park
Friends University Campus
Garvey Park, Wichita
Goddard Cemetery
Greenfield Marsh (Harvey Co.)
Greenfield Marsh (Reno Co.)
Greenwood Cemetery, Wichita
Halstead Cemetery
Hancock Sandpits (restricted access)
Harbor Isle Ponds (restricted access)
Harvey Co. West Park
Hellers Park
Herman Hill Park
Hesston College--Stutzman Retreat Center (restricted access)
Hoskinson Sand & Gravel (restricted access)
Hutchinson Community College Campus
Hutchinson Industrial Park Sandpit
Hutchinson Walmart Prairie-Dog Town
Hutchinson Zoo
Idlewild Park & Nature Trail
KS 96 Lake
Kansas State Fairgrounds
Kingman SFL
LaFarge Sandpits
Lake Afton
Maize Cemetery
Maize South High School Pond
Maple Grove Cemetery, Wichita
McLaughlin Park
Medora Road Egret Pond
Memorial Park Cemetery, Hutchinson
Mt. Hope City Wetland
Mt. Hope Marsh
N Hydraulic Ave. KDOT Ponds
NW 30 Ave. Cemetery
Naftzger Memorial Park
Nellie's Pond
Newman University Campus
Newton Rest Area (northbound)
Newton Rest Area (southbound)
Northwest High School Campus
Oak Park, Wichita
Orchard Park, Wichita
Partridge WTP
Patterson Marsh
Pawnee Prairie Park
Peace Rd. Wetlands
Pine Bay (restricted access)
Pracht Wetlands
Prairie Sunset Trail (Goddard - Garden Plain)
Pretty Prairie WTP
Reno Co. Landfill (restricted access)
Riggs Park
River Banks Orchard Park
Riverside Park, Halstead
Riverside Park, Kingman
Riviera Pond
Sand Hills SP
Sand Prairie NHR
Sedgwick Cemetery
Sedgwick Co. Park
Sedgwick Co. Zoo
Seneca Park, Wichita
Sim Park
South Lake, Wichita
Swanson Park, Wichita
Tanganyika Wildlife Park
Twin Lakes, Wichita
W 31st St. S & S 119th St. W Playa Lake
WSU Campus
Walnut Hill Cemetery, Kingman
Watson Park, Wichita
West Lake
Wichita Landfill (historic)
Wichita River Walk
Woodberry Rd. Marsh