Birding Hotspots Near Mountain View, California, United States

These are the active birding hotspots in the last 30 days. Below, you can adjust the active range of dates or finding birding areas near other cities around the world.

21st Beach
3rd Ave. marsh
Airport St. along Half Moon Bay Airport fields
Alameda Creek mouth
Alameda Creek--Isherwood Staging Area
Alameda Creek--Niles
Alameda Creek--Niles Staging Area
Alameda Wildlife Reserve--Breakwater
Alamo Canal Trail
Alemany Farm
Almaden Lake Park
Almaden Quicksilver CP--McAbee Rd. entrance
Almaden Quicksilver CP--Woods Rd. entrance
Alum Rock Park
Alviso Marina County Park (please use a specific pond hotspot where possible)
Anderson Lake CP--Live Oak Area
Anna Jean Cummings Park
Ano Nuevo SP--Coastal Terrace Prairie-Whitehouse Creek and Cascade Creek trails system
Ano Nuevo SP--Visitors Center, Elephant Seals and all trails
Anthony Chabot Regional Park--Bort Meadow
Anthony Chabot Regional Park--Clyde Woolridge Staging Area
Antonelli Pond
Anza Lagoon
Arana Gulch Open Space
Arbor Rd. at Creek Dr.
Ardenwood Farm
Arena Green
Arroyo Del Valle
Arroyo High School
Arroyo Mocho Trail
Arroyo Mocho--Stanley Reach
Azule Park
Bair Island
Bair Island Wildlife Refuge & Trail-Redwood City
Baldwin Creek mouth
Ballena Bay
Bay Farm Island--shoreline
Bay Meadows Park
Bay Ridge Trail --public access gate, Pacifica US-CA
Bayfarm Lagoon
Bayfront Park--Millbrae (SM Co.)
Bayside Park
Bayview Park (SF Co.)
Bean Hollow SB--Pebble Beach (SM Co.)
Bear Creek Redwoods OSP--Pond
Bedwell Bayfront Park--Menlo Park (SM Co.)
Belgatos Park
Belmont Slough--Bridge Pkwy
Belmont Slough--Shell Pkwy
Bernal Hill
Bethany Curve
Big Canyon Park (SM Co.)
Black Point
Blufftop Coastal Park and Poplar Beach
Bollinger Park
Bonny Doon Beach
Bonny Doon Ecological Reserve
Borel Creek and Fiesta Meadows Park
Bowers Park
Bridgepointe Area--Tidelands Park
Bridgepointe Area--Vintage Park Lake
Broderick - Terry Duel Site (SM Co.)
Brooks Park
Bubb Rd. percolation ponds
Burleigh Murray SP
Burlingame Shorebird Sanctuary
Byxbee Park
Calero CP--Casa Loma Rd. access
Calero CP--Rancho San Vicente
Calero Creek Trail
Calero Reservoir
Campbell Park
Candlestick Pt. SRA
Candlestick Pt. SRA--Last Port
Candlestick SRA--Yosemite Slough restoration
Candlestick Shoreline (SM Co.)
Canvasback Way--public shore
Canyon Lakes Golf Course and Neighborhood (restricted access)
Capitola City Beach
Cañada Rd.--mitigation pond , Redwood City US-CA (37.5003,-122.3319)
Cedar Mountain Winery
Cement Plant Road
Central Park
Chabot Park
Charleston Rd. Marsh
Charleston Slough/Coast Casey Forebay
Chesbro Reservoir
Chynoweth Recharge Basin
Cloverdale Rd.
Cloverdale Rd.-- (south) Gazos Creek Rd. to Eden West Rd.
Coal Mine Ridge OSP and Nature Preserve
Coal Mine Ridge OSP and Nature Preserve--Pond
Corcoran Lagoon
Corica Park Golf Course (Restricted Access)
Costanoa Lodge
Cowell Ranch Beach
Cowell-Purisima Coastal Trail - (south gate open weekends and holidays only)
Coyote Creek Golf Course
Coyote Creek Parkway--Bailey Rd. to Ogier Ponds
Coyote Creek Parkway--Silver Creek Staging Area
Coyote Creek Parkway--trailhead
Coyote Creek Trail--Ranch Dr. access
Coyote Hills Regional Park
Coyote Hills Regional Park--North Pond
Coyote Hills Regional Park--Quarry Staging Area
Coyote Hills Regional Park--Visitor Center area
Coyote Point County Park
Coyote Point County Park--harbor and marsh
Coyote Valley
Coyote Valley OSP
Coyote Valley--Bailey Ave. pond
Coyote Valley--Laguna Ave.
Coyote Valley--Palm Ave.
Crane Cove Park
Crittenden Marsh (Stevens Creek Nature Study Area)
Crocker Park Recreational Trail
Crown Memorial SB--Crab Cove area
Crystal Springs Golf Course- birding access @ Clubhouse, parking lot and along Golf Course Dr.
Crystal Springs Rd - Polhemus Rd to Skyline Blvd (SR35)
Crystal Springs Reservoir
Cuesta Park
Cuesta Park--Annex
Cypress Lawn Cemetery
Davis St. dump
Davit Ln. pond
DeAnza Mobile Home Park (walk-in access only)
DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course
DeLaveaga Park--east side/Brookwood Dr.
DeLaveaga Park--south side
Del Valle Regional Park
Del Valle Regional Park--East Ridge Trail corral
Devil's Slide Trail and Egg Rock
Dimond Park
Don Castro Regional Recreation Area
Don Edwards NWR--Dumbarton Pier
Don Edwards NWR--Env. Ed. Ctr. (EEC) and nearby upland areas
Don Edwards NWR--New Chicago Marsh
Don Edwards NWR--No Name Trail
Don Edwards NWR--Pond A16
Don Edwards NWR--Pond A17
Don Edwards NWR--Pond N2A
Don Edwards NWR--Pond N4A
Don Edwards NWR--Ravenswood Salt Pond SF2
Don Edwards NWR--Ravenswood Salt Ponds R1/R2
Don Edwards NWR--entrance road (Grand Blvd.) between tracks and gate
Dublin Hills Regional Park
EBMUD--Kings Canyon Loop Trail (permit required)
EBMUD--Rancho Laguna Trail (permit required)
EBMUD--Valle Vista Staging Area (permit required)
East Avenue Park
Eaton Park (SM Co.)
Ed Levin CP--Sandy Wool-Elm areas
Ed Levin CP--Spring Valley area
Ed Levin County Park (please use a more specific hotspot where possible)
Eden Landing Ecological Reserve
Edgewood Park
El Jarro Pt.
Eleanor Pardee Park
Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary
Emily Renzel Wetlands
Fairmont Campus, San Leandro
Filoli Estate
Fitzgerald Marine Reserve--Moss Beach
Five Canyons Open Space
Flood Park
Forest of Nisene Marks SP
Foster City Shell Bar
Fremont Older OSP--Seven Springs Loop Trail
Fremont Park (SCL Co.)
Fremont Park Golf Club
Frenchmans Creek Park
Garin Regional Park--Carden Ln. entrance
Garin Regional Park--north
Garin/Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park
Garin/Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park--May Rd. entrance
Gate of Heaven Cemetery
Gazos Creek Beach -- west of Hwy 1 only
Gazos Creek Rd.--east of Cloverdale Rd intersection to 5 miles upstream
Gazos Creek Rd.--east of Hwy 1 to Cloverdale Rd. Intersection
Glenwood Preserve--eastern trails
Glenwood Preserve--western trails
Gold St. at Elizabeth St.
Gomes Park
Grant Park--Los Altos
Greenridge Park
Greyhound Rock
Guadalupe Oak Grove Park (SCL Co.)
Guadalupe River Park
Guadalupe River Trail--Blossom Hill Rd. to Chynoweth Ave.
Guadalupe River Trail--Coleman Rd. to Blossom Hill Rd.
Guadalupe River Trail--San Jose Mineta Airport
Half Moon Bay SB--Francis Beach
Half Moon Bay SB--Sweetwood Camp + Dunes Beach + Horse Field south of Young Ave.
Half Moon Bay SB--Venice Beach and Pilarcitos Creek Mouth
Half Moon Bay WTP- Birding riparian area and dirt road allowed per City of Half Moon Bay
Hall Memorial Park
Harvey West Park
Hayward Japanese Gardens
Hayward Regional Shoreline
Hayward Regional Shoreline--Frank's Dump
Hayward Regional Shoreline--Grant Ave. access
Hayward Regional Shoreline--Hayward's Landing
Hayward Regional Shoreline--Mt. Trashmore
Hayward Regional Shoreline--Ora Loma Marsh
Hayward Regional Shoreline--Winton Ave. access and parking area
Hellyer County Park
Henry Cowell Redwoods SP (general)--please consider using more specific location
Henry Cowell Redwoods SP--Meadow Trail
Henry Cowell Redwoods SP--Redwood Grove Trail
Henry Cowell Redwoods SP--River Trail
Henry Cowell Redwoods SP--Zayante Trail
Henry Cowell Redwoods SP--campgrounds
Heritage Oaks Park
Heron's Head Park
Hidden Villa
Higgins Canyon Rd.
Hillpoint Park
Hillsdale Hidden Parks (East & West) and connecting neighboorhood, San Mateo, CA
Holly Park
Holy Cross Cemetery (SM Co.)
Homeless Garden
Hubbard Gulch Rd
India Basin Open Space
India Basin Shoreline Park
James Rolph Jr. Playground
Jeffrey Fontana Park
Joaquin Miller Park
Johnston House
Joseph D. Grant CP--Grant Lake
Joseph D. Grant CP--ranch house area
Joseph D. Grant County Park (please use a more specific hotspot where possible)
Ken Mercer Sports Park
Knowland Park
La Honda Creek OSP (lower)
La Honda Creek OSP (upper) - restricted access - permit required
Laguna Creek mouth
Lake Chabot Golf Course--parking lot
Lake Chabot Regional Park
Lake Chabot Regional Park--Ten Hills Trail
Lake Cunningham
Lake Elizabeth
Lake Lagunita (SCL Co.)
Lake Lucerne--Bean Hollow Rd.
Lake Merritt
Larry J. Marsalli Park
Las Positas Golf Course
Las Trampas Regional Wilderness
Las Trampas Regional Wilderness--Las Trampas Ridge Trail
Laurelwood Park/Sugarloaf Mtn.
Leona Canyon Regional OSP
Lexington Reservoir
Lick Mill Park
Lick Observatory
Lighthouse Community Garden
Lighthouse Field SB
Lighthouse Pt.
Linda Vista Park
Lodato Park
Loma Prieta--Upper Mt. Madonna Rd. (SCZ Co.)
Lone Hill Park
Long Ridge OSP (SM Co.)
Long Ridge OSP--Hickory Oaks Trail (SCZ)
Los Alamitos Creek Trail--Almaden Lake Park
Los Alamitos Creek Trail--Singer Park area to McKean Rd.
Los Capitancillos Ponds
Los Gatos Creek County Park (aka Oka Ponds)
Los Gatos Creek Trail--Lonus St.
Los Gatos Creek Trail--Meridian Ave.
Los Gatos Creek Trail--north of Camden Ave.
MLK Jr. Regional Shoreline
MLK Jr. Regional Shoreline--Arrowhead Marsh
MLK Jr. Regional Shoreline--Damon Slough
MLK Jr. Regional Shoreline--Doolittle Pond
MLK Jr. Regional Shoreline--Garretson Pt.
MLK Jr. Regional Shorline--Damon Marsh Trail
MLK Jr. Shoreline Regional Shoreline--Garretson Pt. Trail
Main Beach
Marilyn Murphy Kane Trail
Marina Lagoon
Mariner Park
Mariposa Bayfront Park
Marlin Park
Marlin Pound Neighborhood Park and wetlands
Marsh Rd.
Martial Cottle Park
Martin Luther King Park, East Palo Alto
Matadero Creek Trail
Mayfield Slough
McClellan Ranch Preserve
McKinley Square
McLaren Park
Medeiros Parkway--Arroyo Mocho Trail
Meder Canyon
Memorial Park (SM Co.)
Milagra Ridge--Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Mill Creek Rd.
Mills Canyon Park
Mines Rd. (ALA Co.)
Mines Rd.--MP 12.67 (ALA Co.)
Mines Rd.--MP 4.05 (ALA Co.)
Mines Rd.--MP 8.6 (ALA Co.)
Miramontes Point
Mission City Memorial Park
Mlk Shoreline--New Marsh/San Leandro Creek
Montara SB
Monte Bello OSP
Monte Bello OSP--MB05 pond
Monte Bello OSP--Stevens Creek Nature Trail
Moore Creek Preserve
Moran Lake Park
Mori Pt.
Mount Hermon--American Dipper spot (private)
Mt. Hamilton Rd.--Smith Creek FS to Lick Observatory
Mt. Hamilton Rd.--east of Lick Observatory (SCL Co.)
Mt. Hermon--Ponderosa Lodge trails
Mt. Umunhum
Mussel Rock Park
Natural Bridges SB
Natural Bridges SB--Moore Creek Trail
Natural Bridges SB--overlook
Neary Lagoon
New Brighton SB
Niles Park--Shinn Pond
Nisene Marks SP--Old Growth Loop and Oak Ridge Trail
Nob Hill Pond
O'Connor Pond (Bayshore Pond) area - Bay Trail and Faber-Laumeister Trails to Bay Rd. (SM)
O'Neill Slough
Oakland Coliseum
Oakland International Airport
Oakland Zoo
Ocean Colony
Ogier Ponds
Old Woman's Creek Rd. - State Park property - Gazos Creek Rd to gate
Oracle Pkwy and pond
Ortega Park
Overfelt Gardens
Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline
Oyster Point--Oyster Cove - Oyster Cove Marina - Oyster Point peninsula
Pacific Commons Linear Park
Pacifica SB
Palo Alto Baylands
Palo Alto Baylands--Boardwalk
Palo Alto Baylands--Duck Pond
Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant (restricted access)
Parkway Lakes
Pearson-Arastradero Preserve
Pearson-Arastradero Preserve--Arastradero Lake Trail
Pedro Point Headlands and San Pedro Terrace
Peery Park
Peninsula Open Space Trust--Wavecrest
Penitencia Creek Park
Penitencia Creek Trail
Peralta Park
Permanente Creek Trail
Pescadero SB--south marsh
Pescadero Creek Rd.-- Butano Creek riparian area
Pescadero Creek Rd.--from Water Ln. to Stage Rd.
Pescadero Point Beach
Pescadero SB--Pescadero Marsh Natural Preserve (east of Hwy 1)
Pescadero SB--Water Ln.
Pescadero SB--west of Hwy 1 only
Picchetti Ranch OSP
Pier 94--salt marsh restoration
Pigeon Pt.
Pilarcitos Creek--Safeway riparian area
Pillar Point Harbor
Pillar Point Harbor--Denniston Creek mouth
Pillar Point Harbor--Willows, Pond and Marsh
Pillar Pt.--bluffs
Pinehurst Rd.
Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park--north
Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park--south
Pogonip OSP
Polo Grounds Park
Pomponio SB
Portal Park
Porter-Sesnon Property
Potrero Hill Rec Center
Preserve Park
Purisima Creek Rd. - east of Verde Rd ends at Purisima Creek Redwoods OSP
Purisima Creek Redwoods OSP
Quail Hollow Ranch County Park
Quarry Lakes Regional Park
Radio Rd.
Rancho Canada del Oro OSP
Rancho Corral de Tierra--Montara area
Rancho Corral de Tierra--Moss Beach area
Rancho San Antonio
Rancho San Antonio--Hill Trail
Rancho San Antonio--Lower Meadow Trail-Entrance Area
Rancho San Antonio--Rogue Valley Trail
Ravenswood OSP and Cooley Landing Park
Raymond Bernal Jr. Memorial Park
Redondo Beach Rd.
Redwood Regional Park (CC Co.)
Redwood Regional Park--Canyon Meadow area
Redwood Regional Park--Golden Spike Trail
Redwood Regional Park--Stream Trail
Redwood Shores Lagoon
Redwood Shores Public Library
Reflection Lake, La Honda Ca.
Rinconada Park
Rio Del Mar SB / Aptos Creek mouth
Robertson Park
Rosicrucian Park
Rotary Nature Center
Russian Ridge OSP
Russian Ridge OSP--Mindego Hill Trail
SFBBO--Coyote Creek Field Station (restricted access)
Saint Mary's Park
Salt Pond A1
Salt Pond A13
Salt Pond A14
Salt Pond A15
Salt Pond A2E
Salt Pond A2W
Salt Pond A3W
Salt Pond A8
Salt Pond A9
Salt Pond AB1
Sam McDonald County Park
SamTrans Marsh
San Andreas Trail
San Bruno Mountain Park
San Francisco Bay Trail-- Facebook perimeter public access trail
San Francisco Bay Trail--Coyote Creek Lagoon
San Francisco Bay Trail--Moffett Field
San Francisco Bay Trail--Tony Lema Golf Course
San Francisquito Creek Mouth (SCL Co.)
San Francisquito Creek Trail--Geng Rd. (SCL Co.)
San Francisquito Creek Trail--Palo Alto Airport (SCL Co.)
San Francisquito Creek Trail--Stanford (SCL Co.)
San Francisquito Creek mouth (SM Co.)
San Gregorio SB
San Jose / Santa Clara WPCP (restricted access)
San Jose Mineta Airport
San Jose Municipal Rose Garden
San Leandro Bay
San Leandro Marina
San Lorenzo Community Center Park
San Lorenzo Creek
San Lorenzo River (within Santa Cruz)
San Lorenzo River mouth
San Pedro Creek mouth
San Pedro Valley County Park
Sanborn CP--John Nicholas Trail
Sanborn CP--Lake Ranch Reservoir
Sanborn County Park--main entrance
Sanchez Art Center - 1220 Linda Mar Blvd #B Pacifica, Ca 94044
Sanchez Creek Lagoon
Sand Hill Bluff
Santa Clara Mission Cemetery
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara Valley Water District
Santa Cruz Gardens County Park
Santa Cruz Harbor--lower harbor and jetty
Santa Cruz Harbor--upper harbor
Santa Cruz Memorial Park
Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf
Santa Teresa CP--Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch
Santa Teresa CP--Stile Entrance
Santa Teresa County Park
Sawyer Camp Trail--north
Sawyer Camp Trail--south
Schwan Lake
Scott Creek mouth
Sea Cloud Park
Seabright SB
Seacliff SB
Seal Point Park
Seal Slough
Seaplane Lagoon
Seaside School Rd.
Sem Ln. public access trail
Shadow Cliffs Regional Park
Shannon Valley OSP
Sharp Park Beaches
Shorebird Park - Beach Park Blvd.
Shorebird Park - Marine Pkwy
Shoreline Park (ALA Co.)
Shoreline Park (please use a more specific hotspot where possible)
Shoreline Park--Shoreline Lake area
Shoreline Park--entrance road and fields east and north
Shoreline Park--kite flying area
Shoreline Park--maintenance area
Sierra Azul OSP--Bald Mountain Trail
Sierra Rd. summit
Skylawn Cemetery
Skyline Ridge OSP--Alpine Pond
Skyline Ridge OSP--Horseshoe Lake (SM Co.)
Smith Creek Fire Station
Snow Park
Soquel Creek--lower
Spencer Lake--private lake, bird from Macadamia Dr. , Hillsborough
Spreckles Ave. Pond (State at Spreckles)
Spring Lakes Mobile Home Park--pond
Springtown Wetlands Preserve
Stage Rd. (Riparian and Eucalyptus) was stakeout Eastern Phoebe, Pescadero (2011-2016)
Stanford Dish Trail
Stanford University--Arboretum
Stanford University--Escondido Village
Steinberger Slough-Redwood Shores Pkwy
Stevens Creek CP--Baytree Picnic Area
Stevens Creek CP--Chestnut Picnic Area
Stevens Creek CP--Villa Maria Picnic Area
Stevens Creek Trail--SCVAS to Blackberry Farm
Stevens Creek Trail--north of US-101
Stevens Creek Trail--south of El Camino Real
Stevens Creek delta
Stulsaft Park
Sunnyvale Baylands Park
Sunnyvale Community Center and Heritage Park
Sunnyvale WPCP (please use a more specific hotspot where possible)
Sunnyvale WPCP--East Pond
Sunnyvale WPCP--Landfill
Sunnyvale WPCP--Lockheed Ponds and Marsh adjacent to Yahoo
Sunnyvale WPCP--Moffett Channel
Sunnyvale WPCP--Pond A4
Sunnyvale WPCP--West Pond
Sunol Regional Wilderness
Sunol Regional Wilderness--Little Yosemite area
Swanton Pond and vicinity
Swanton Road at Archibald Creek
Swanton Road at Last Chance Road
Swanton Road at Molino Creek
Swanton Road at Old Seaside School
Sycamore Grove Park
Sycamore Grove Park - Arroyo Entrance
Sycamore Valley OSP--Short Ridge Unit
TJ Martin Park
Tassajara Creek Regional Park
Terrace Pt. / Long Marine Lab
Tesla Rd.
Thompson Creek Trail (SCL Co.)
Twin Lakes SB
Tyrrell Park
UC Santa Cruz--Arboretum
UC Santa Cruz--Great Meadow
UC Santa Cruz--West Meadow
Ulistac Natural Area
Union Cemetery (SM Co.)
Unnamed Lake at Lake Rd. (not in Coal MIne Ridge OSP)
Upper San Leandro Reservoir--east fork
Uvas Canyon County Park
Uvas Reservoir
Vargas Plateau Regional Park
Vasona Lake CP--lake area
Vasona Lake County Park
Verde Rd. (Hwy 1 to Purisima Creek Rd. Intersection- historical cemetery/fields/bridge)
Verde Rd.- Pond. Bridge to Meyn Rd./Hwy 1
Waddell Bluffs
Waddell SB
Ward Creek
Warm Springs vernal pools
Warm Water Cove Park
Washington Park--Santa Clara (SCL Co.)
Water Dog Lake Park
Welch Creek Rd.
West Cliff Dr. at Woodrow Ave.
West Cliff Dr.--Columbia St.
West Cliff Dr.--eastern (aka Steamers Lane)
West Cliff Dr.--western (Lighthouse Pt. to Swanton Blvd.)
West Valley College
Westlake Pond
Wheelhouse Ln.
Wilder Ranch SP (general area)
Wilder Ranch SP--Cowboy Loop
Wilder Ranch SP--Ohlone Bluff Trail and agricultural fields
Wilder Ranch SP--Old Cove Landing Trail
Wilder Ranch SP--West Baldwin Loop (lower)
Wilder Ranch SP--ranch buildings
Wildwood Park (SCL Co.)
Windy Hill OSP
Windy Hill OSP--Sausal Pond
Woodlake Condos (Private)
Wunderlich County Park
Yellow Bank Beach
Younger Lagoon (restricted; access only to the overhang)
stakeout -- Vermilion Flycatcher location - Cypress Lawn Cemetery-westside
stakeout Bell's Vireo (Eastern), Alviso (2019)