The ruddy-breasted crake (Porzana fusca), or ruddy crake, is a waterbird in the rail and crake family Rallidae.

Its breeding habitat is swamps and similar wet areas across south Asia from the Indian subcontinent east to south China, Japan and Indonesia. It has been recorded as a vagrant from the Australian territory of Christmas Island. This crake nests in a dry location on the ground in marsh vegetation, laying 6-9 eggs. It is mainly a permanent resident throughout its range, but some northern populations migrate further south in winter.

The ruddy-breasted crake is about 22–23 cm long. The body is flattened laterally to allow easier passage through the reeds or undergrowth. It has long toes and a short tail. Coloring includes a pale brown back and chestnut head and underparts, with white barring on the flanks and undertail. The bill is yellowish, and the eyes, legs, and feet are red.

The sexes are similar, but juveniles are dark brown with some white spotting.

These birds probe in mud or shallow water and also pick up food by sight. They forage for shoots, berries and insects, as well as large snails, which they eat by using their bills to peck through the hard shell.

Ruddy-breasted crakes are territorial, but are quite secretive, hiding amongst grassy shrubs and bushes when disturbed.
Ruddy-breasted Crake
Date Location Count
2021-07-20 08:52Steneshwar Mahadev Temple, Tena1
2021-07-24 07:59Viva wetlands, Virar3
2021-07-03 06:40Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay2
2021-07-15 17:21Pagote - Uran2
2021-07-12 06:53Nandur Madhyameshwar Bird Sanctuary1
2021-07-19 07:12Hadinaru Kere ಹದಿನಾರು ಕೆರೆ1
2021-07-02 17:50Krishnampathi Lake, Seeranaickenpalayam1
2021-07-23 06:40Thippagondanahalli (TG Halli) Reservoir1
2021-07-21 07:25Yelahanka Kere1
2021-07-16 07:27Byatarayana Doddi Kere1
2021-06-27 07:35Dodda Begur Kere2
2021-07-13 08:12Jigani Kere1
2021-07-24 07:33Saul Kere / Sowl Kere3
2021-07-04 06:02Anekal Dodda Kere1
2021-07-25 06:32Hoskote / Hosakote Kere2
2021-06-28 17:40Muthanallur village2
2021-06-30 15:45Kotturu Tadepalli Lake 22
2021-07-25 06:30Rajarhat Wetlands Proposed Silicon Valley Land1
2021-07-24 16:08Ban Den paddies2
2021-07-08 09:38洱海月湿地公园 (Er'hai Moon Lake Park)2
2021-07-08 08:00Bang Khaem aquaculture ponds1
2021-07-05 07:20Neo Tiew Harvest Lane1
2021-07-04 07:45Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve1
2021-06-28 07:45Jurong Lake Gardens (inc. Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden)1
2021-07-05 10:29Gardens by the Bay2
2021-07-24 10:17台中--高美濕地IBA (Taichung--Gaomei Wetland IBA)2
2021-07-11 07:20新竹濱海IBA--港南濱海風景區(Hsinchu Coast IBA--Gangnan Coastal Scenic Area)1
2021-07-22 06:00新竹濱海IBA--港南全區(Hsinchu Coast IBA--Gangnan)1
2021-07-06 06:39南投--埔里公田溝(Nantou--Puli Gongtiangou)1
2021-07-25 05:39桃園--大園李厝(Taoyuan--Dayuan Litcuo)1
2021-07-26 09:58桃園--大園湖底埤(Taoyuan--Dayuan Hudi Pond)2
2021-07-25 16:05台北--北投忠義小徑(Taipei--Beitou Zhongyi Trail)2
2021-07-09 17:15宜蘭--羅東林場(Yilan--Luodong Forestry Culture Garden)1
2021-07-16 05:49宜蘭竹安IBA--塭底(Zhu'an IBA--Wendi)1
2021-07-16 15:30宜蘭利澤簡IBA--五十二甲溼地(Lizejian IBA--52-Jia Wetland)1
2021-07-26 16:35宜蘭--頂寮生態公園(Yilan--Dingliao Ecological Park)1