The warbling vireo (Vireo gilvus) is a small North American songbird.

Its breeding habitat is open deciduous and mixed woods from Alaska to Mexico and the Florida Panhandle. It often nests along streams. It migrates to Mexico and Central America.

Adults are 12 cm (4.7 in) long and weigh 12 g (0.42 oz). They are mainly olive-grey on the head and upperparts with white underparts; they have brown eyes and the front of the face is light. There is a white supercilium. They have thick blue-grey legs and a stout bill. Western birds are generally smaller and have darker grey crowns.

Warbling vireos forage for insects in trees, hopping along branches and sometimes hovering. They also eat berries, especially before migration and in winter quarters, where they are – like other vireos – apparently quite fond of gumbo-limbo seeds, though they will not venture into human-modified habitat to get them. They make a deep cup nest suspended from a tree branch or shrub, placed relatively high in the east and lower in the west. The male helps with incubation and may sing from the nest.

The warbling vireo's song is a cheerful warble, similar to that of the painted bunting. There are subtle differences in song between eastern and western birds, at least where the ranges meet in Alberta. Some authorities split the eastern and western races of this species into separate species: The western warbling vireo, V. swainsoni, includes V. g. swainsoni, which breeds from southeastern Alaska and southwestern Northwest Territories to the Sierra San Pedro Mártir, Baja California, and V. g. brewsteri, which breeds from southern Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana to south-central Oaxaca. These two subspecies winter in Mexico. The swainsoni group also includes V. g. victoriae, an isolated population breeding in the Sierra de la Laguna, Baja California Sur, and migrating to unknown wintering grounds.

The eastern warbling vireo, V. gilvus, breeds from central Alberta and northern Montana east and south through most of the United States and parts of southern Canada, outside the range of the previous group. It winters south of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec from south-central Chiapas to Nicaragua. It completes its autumn molt on the breeding grounds, while the swainsonii group completes it after leaving.

The brown-capped vireo (Vireo leucophrys), resident in Central America and northern South America, is sometimes considered conspecific with the warbling vireo.
Warbling Vireo
Date Location Count
2020-10-04 08:19Riverbend Park1
2020-10-19 09:15Harpers Ferry NHP--Schoolhouse Ridge- North1
2020-10-02 17:43Rock Creek Park--Maintenance Yard1
2020-10-03 07:40Occoquan Bay NWR1
2020-10-03 07:12Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens1
2020-10-08 07:54Plumtree Path1
2020-10-02 08:40Cromwell Valley Park1
2020-10-09 08:16Wittlinger Nature Preserve1
2020-10-01 07:53State Game Lands 2301
2020-10-10 09:02Pickering Creek Audubon Center1
2020-09-30 15:45Riven Rock Park4
2020-10-02 11:44Bald Eagle SP--Foster Joseph Sayers Dam1
2020-09-29 06:40Powdermill Nature Reserve1
2020-10-02 07:00Curwensville Dam Rec Area1
2020-10-03 10:32Mutton Hunk Fen State Natural Area Preserve1
2020-10-02 13:57Platt Rd.1
2020-10-03 07:12Sunset Beach1
2020-10-02 07:45Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Park1
2020-10-03 08:05Houston Meadow1
2020-10-03 06:41Cape Island--Higbee Beach WMA--Morning Flight platform1
2020-10-02 16:13Cape Island--CMP--CMBO Northwood Center1
2020-10-03 07:48Cape Island--Higbee Beach WMA1
2020-10-05 06:20Cape Island--Higbee Beach WMA--Dike/Morning Flight Songbird Count1
2020-10-03 17:48Cape Island--The Beanery/Rea Farm1
2020-10-02 08:16Cape Island* (Cape May Co. south of the Cape May canal)1
2020-10-08 12:37Nescopeck SP1
2020-09-29 08:25Mt. Trashmore Park1
2020-10-08 00:00Palmyra Cove Nature Park1
2020-10-01 07:30Meadow Ponds Golf Course1
2020-10-23 11:55Deer Lakes Regional Park1
2020-10-03 09:18Scherman-Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary1
2020-10-03 09:12Hog Hole (Allan H. Treman State Marine Park)1
2020-09-30 15:21Cornell Botanic Gardens--Comstock Knoll1
2020-10-02 09:00Hatfield Swamp IBA--West Essex Park1
2020-10-03 08:55Upper Lisle County Park1
2020-10-01 08:03Riverview Park1
2020-10-03 17:13Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge1
2020-10-07 12:00Mosquito Lake SP--Turkey Run Trail2
2020-10-07 08:24Flushing Meadows Corona Park--Willow Lake1
2020-10-01 10:58Mosquito Lake--North End1
2020-10-05 07:30Presque Isle SP--Fry's Landing1
2020-10-10 09:43Montezuma (NMWMA)--Howland Island1
2020-10-05 12:30Amherst SP (formerly Glen Park)1
2020-10-02 11:00Marshlands Conservancy1
2020-10-04 07:17West Point Foundry Preserve1
2020-10-03 08:13Hamlin Marsh WMA--Wetzel Rd. Blind1
2020-10-04 10:14Hamlin Beach SP1
2020-10-05 08:50West Barrier Bar County Park1
2020-10-04 11:30Niagara-on-the-Lake--Outlet Collection ponds1
2020-10-02 11:20Piacentini Nature Preserve1
2020-10-02 07:15Sellecks Woods/Dunlap Lake1
2020-10-03 09:00Tinkers Creek State Nature Preserve1
2020-10-04 07:50Long Point--LPBO Old Cut Field Station1
2020-10-01 09:40Lake Erie Bluffs Metropark--Clark Rd.1
2020-09-29 08:08Beamer Conservation Area1
2020-10-06 07:48Cuyahoga Valley NP--Stanford Rd.1
2020-10-09 09:00Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserve1
2020-10-02 15:28Oak Lawn Cemetary1
2020-10-06 13:30Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve2
2020-09-29 08:00Barnes Preserve1
2020-10-03 11:00Burnt Mill Creek1
2020-10-01 08:15West Creek Reservation1
2020-10-13 08:51Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve1
2020-09-29 09:29Lakefront Reservation--Gordon Park1
2020-10-03 09:42Lighthouse Point Park1
2020-10-09 08:03Lake Erie Nature and Science Center1
2020-10-02 07:29Pleasant Hill Lake Park1
2020-10-03 14:01Sandy Ridge Reservation1
2020-10-02 08:20Oberlin College--Oberlin Arboretum1
2020-10-02 15:33Lorain Impoundment Lakeside Landing1
2020-10-03 12:42Rondeau Provincial Park (general location for observations within the park)1
2020-09-29 08:38Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail1
2020-10-02 17:28Ohio State University--Wetlands1
2020-10-01 10:38Highbanks Metro Park--Coyote Run Trail1
2020-10-03 09:28Theodore Roosevelt County Park--north trail, Montauk1
2020-10-03 07:48Ottawa NWR--Navarre Marsh (restricted access)1
2020-10-03 08:45Block Island1
2020-10-03 16:22Block Island--Sachem Pond1
2020-10-17 07:00Holiday Beach Conservation Area1
2020-09-29 09:05Buck Creek SP--Buckhorn Trail1
2020-10-02 08:52Maumee Bay SP1
2020-10-03 08:07Ottawa--Andrew Haydon Park1
2020-10-04 07:35Creekside Trail--Xenia2
2020-09-29 10:22Ottawa--Andrew Haydon Park east (formerly Ottawa Beach)1
2020-09-30 10:55Ottawa--Britannia Conservation Area (general location)1
2020-09-29 08:15Caesar Creek SP--Beach Area1
2020-09-30 11:39Spring Valley Wildlife Area--South (Warren Co.)2
2020-10-17 07:22Kiser Lake SP1
2020-09-29 09:24East Fork SP--Prairie Trail1
2020-09-29 09:13Ottauquechee River Trail1
2020-10-08 08:31Miller Ecological Park1
2020-09-29 15:53Shor Park1
2020-10-02 09:26Conrey Rd. Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary1
2020-09-29 07:10East Kiawah Island1
2020-09-29 08:46Armleder Park1
2020-09-29 09:00Ruthven Nature Area1
2020-10-03 11:57Greenview/Pioneer1
2020-10-05 06:35Allandale Woods1
2020-10-06 07:06Franklin Park1
2020-10-08 15:25Heritage Park, Cincinnati1
2020-10-14 10:08Fernald Preserve--North Woods (Butler Co.)1
2020-10-09 08:18Miami Whitewater Forest--Shaker Trace Wetlands1
2020-09-29 11:05Miami Whitewater Forest--Bowles Woods and Tallgrass Prairie Trail1
2020-09-30 08:13Maryville-Alcoa Greenway--Pearson Springs Park1
2020-10-03 07:12RF Marguerite-D'Youville1
2020-10-01 07:35North Shore Community Gardens, Middleton1
2020-10-04 09:05RécréoParc (Côte-Ste-Catherine)2
2020-10-04 11:02Domaine St-Paul1
2020-10-04 14:17Tuckernuck Island1
2020-10-04 06:49Cape Cod Organic Farm1
2020-10-05 08:22PN des Îles-de-Boucherville (incluant Île Charron)2
2020-10-08 08:02Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)1
2020-09-30 14:03PN de la Pte-aux-Prairies--Secteur des Marais1
2020-10-01 08:56Arboretum, Parcs de la Frayère et des Voiles1
2020-10-04 11:16Parc de la Coulée-Grou1
2020-09-29 13:15Parc de la Commune (cté Marguerite-d'Youville)1
2020-10-03 08:24High Head, Pilgrim Heights1
2020-10-02 08:53Beckley Creek Park--Grand Allee Section1
2020-09-29 16:48Caperton Swamp Park1
2020-10-09 11:19Perrin Park1
2020-10-01 07:57Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve1
2020-10-03 08:37Daubenspeck Community Nature Park1
2020-10-17 08:34Eagle Creek Park--Ice Skating Pond1
2020-10-01 08:00Green Point WMA1
2020-10-03 06:21Monhegan Island1
2020-10-02Greene-Sullivan SF1
2020-10-05 09:00Muhlenberg Co. Rail Trail1
2020-10-16 06:36Bells Bend Park (& Outdoor Center)1
2020-10-07 06:53The Park at Harlinsdale Farm1
2020-10-06 07:24Growild (Private Property - Restricted Access)1
2020-10-01 06:29Eagle Slough Natural Area (SLT)1
2020-10-07 06:35Shelton Ferry WMA1
2020-09-29 07:47Fort Campbell (KY)--Christian Co. Section (restricted access)1
2020-09-29 08:09Montrose Point, Lincoln Park, Chicago2
2020-09-30 17:15St. Boniface Cemetery, Chicago1
2020-10-03 10:14Cane Creek Church1
2020-10-04 06:57Fort Toulouse/Jackson Historic SP1
2020-10-03 09:20Toms Creek Mudflats1
2020-10-04 08:40University of Montevallo Lake1
2020-10-02 17:15Root River Pkwy #31
2020-10-08 09:08Exner Marsh Nature Preserve1
2020-10-04 09:17Perry Lakes Park1
2020-09-29 07:25Carbondale Reservoir1
2020-10-07 09:55Amboy Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary1
2020-10-03 10:07Fish Camp Park, Lake Kegonsa1
2020-10-02 09:00Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary1
2020-10-01 15:40Marais Temps Clair CA1
2020-10-02 07:55West Lake County Park1
2020-10-18 09:01Lefleurs Bluff SP1
2020-10-28 17:00St. George's GC1
2020-10-03 15:28Wickiup Hill Learning Center1
2020-09-29 07:39Flint Hills Nature Trail --Rantoul (East - Franklin)3
2020-10-13 07:51Burcham Park1
2020-10-03 07:30Sabine Woods (UTC 026)1
2020-09-29 07:04Conestoga Lake1
2020-10-03 11:07Galveston--Lafitte's Cove (UTC 068)1
2020-10-07 13:36Ottawa SFL1
2020-10-01 09:47Malecon Tajamar1
2020-10-05 09:22Hogg Bird Sanctuary & Bayou Bend Gardens1
2020-09-29 17:15Harry Moss Park (Moss Creek Park)1
2020-10-17 07:04Cullinan Park, Sugar Land (UTC 095)1
2020-09-30 11:01Quintana Xeriscape Park1
2020-10-03 14:46Quintana Neotropical Bird Sanctuary (UTC 121)1
2020-10-02 11:06Yukon City Park1
2020-10-02 05:08River Legacy Park--Trail east of Collins St.1
2020-10-04 08:15Sparger Park1
2020-09-30 07:32Colleyville Nature Ctr. (PPW-W 082)1
2020-10-10 10:44Stephen F. Austin SP (UTC 102)1
2020-09-30 09:16Foster Park, Fort Worth1
2020-10-04 08:43Granger Lake--Pecan Grove WMA2
2020-09-30 07:32Granger Lake--Comanche Bluff Trail1
2020-09-29 07:49Granger Lake--Willis Creek Wildlife Area (undeveloped)1
2020-10-09 09:20Yett Creek Neighborhood Park1
2020-10-04 07:40Hornsby Bend (HOTE 037)1
2020-10-08 08:43Boggy Creek Greenbelt, Austin1
2020-09-30 08:51Devine Lake Pk1
2020-10-21 08:10West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt1
2020-10-17 16:50Port Aransas--Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Ctr. (CTC 057)1
2020-10-12 09:15Vallée des 7 étangs1
2020-10-05 13:35Galantry1
2020-10-17 13:26Mustang Isl.--the Willows1
2020-10-23 11:10Rose Hill Cemetery, Corpus Christi1
2020-10-03 10:39Hazel Bazemore Park (CTC 078)1
2020-10-03 09:03South Side Lions Park East1
2020-10-16 07:53South Padre Is.--WBC/Conv. Center/Laguna Madre Trail (LTC 035)1
2020-10-03 09:28South Padre Is.--Birding and Nature Center1
2020-09-30 17:15South Padre Is.--W Oleander St vacant lot2
2020-10-04 12:54South Padre Is.--Valley Land Fund lots (LTC 036)1
2020-10-03 14:54Laguna Atascosa NWR (LTC 024)1
2020-10-22 07:15Resaca de la Palma SP WBC (Brownsville) (LTC 048)4
2020-10-03 08:50Green Hill Cemetry1
2020-10-02 11:17Santa Ana NWR (LTC 059)1
2020-10-24 17:00Americana The Birding Center RV Resort1
2020-10-24 07:20Bentsen-Rio Grande Val. SP WBC (Mission) (LTC 069)2
2020-09-29 16:53Yellow House Canyon--CR7300 crossing1
2020-10-07 11:30Hwy 10--Freshwater Pond Road1
2020-10-05 12:14NL--Bear Cove1
2020-10-04 08:50NL--Blackhead Rd--"Warbler Alley" area1
2020-10-09 07:00Melrose Woods1
2020-10-05 15:44Conoco Pond1
2020-10-10 07:05Camino a Mirador Manos Que Imploran3
2020-09-29 10:29Runyon Lake State Wildlife Area1
2020-10-04 06:45Camino del Ejido Juárez (desvío km 21 +600 carretera Tuxtla-Chicoasén)8
2020-10-17 07:39Camino a Ejido Armando Zebadua2
2020-10-04 10:35Fountain Creek--S Circle Dr to S Academy Blvd1
2020-10-03 10:30Rock Ledge Ranch1
2020-10-07 10:50Belleview Park1
2020-09-29 09:00Johnson Ponds area, Alpine1
2020-09-29 10:18Chatfield SP--Downstream from Kingfisher Bridge (W)1
2020-09-29 09:12Big Bend NP--Sam Nail Ranch1
2020-10-11 08:25Club Campestre La Montaña2
2020-10-22 06:46Parque Erick Barrondo4
2020-10-22 06:30Yumar1
2020-10-02Christmas Mountains Oasis1
2020-10-01 17:13Pleasant View Marsh1
2020-10-17 11:05Parque Ecológico San Lorenzo1
2020-09-30 09:40Conifer Community Park at Beaver Ranch1
2020-10-17 08:27Finca Santa Victoria1
2020-10-11 06:03Panajachel--camino a Tierra Linda1
2020-10-25 07:12RNP Los Robles1
2020-10-18 07:45Godinez--Aldea Los Robles1
2020-10-04 06:25Panajachel--calle San Buenaventura2
2020-10-22 06:21Panajachel--Playa Juncanyá2
2020-10-12 07:48Lawrence E. Wood Picnic Area & Madera Canyon Trail1
2020-09-30 09:00Davis Mountains Resort (Restricted Access)1
2020-10-11 07:16Parque Cuscatlán1
2020-10-17 11:48Eco Parque Santa Cruz La Vega, San Francisco Chinameca3
2020-10-15 07:30Parque Zoológico Nacional de El Salvador1
2020-10-24 06:40Finca El Barretal3
2020-10-17 06:42Parque Bicentenario--Sector Norte1
2020-10-01 09:25Parque del Bicentenario (ANP El Espino-Bosque Los Pericos)1
2020-10-25 07:05Ecoparque El Espino1
2020-10-17 05:58Finca El Amate1
2020-10-06 09:55La Playa3
2020-09-30 17:10Nederland (town)1
2020-09-30 07:45Mirador Rey Tepepul1
2020-10-17 11:15RNP Los Tarrales--sector Vesubio2
2020-10-13 11:17RNP Los Tarrales--camino a Vesubio2
2020-10-15 11:45RNP Los Tarrales--La Isla1
2020-10-22 10:23RNP Los Tarrales--sendero a la playa y laguna2
2020-10-17 08:00Guadalupe Mt. NP--Smith Springs Trail1
2020-10-11 07:39Dell City agriculture area surrounding town (FM1437 etc.)1
2020-10-02 07:38Bandelier NM--Burnt Mesa Trail1
2020-10-10 08:12Centro de Educación Ambiental Tepenahuac1
2020-10-22 09:41Parque Ecológico de Xochimilco1
2020-10-14 07:42Bosque de Chapultepec--Tercero Sección1
2020-10-17 17:33Viveros de Coyoacán3
2020-10-07 09:22Reserva Ecológica del Pedregal de San Angel1
2020-10-09 07:45Corrales Bosque -- Dixon Rd access1
2020-10-08 08:57UNM--Main Campus (including Duck Pond)1
2020-09-29 09:42Bosque at Calabacillas Arroyo2
2020-10-10 07:11Hueco Tanks SP & Historic Site (FWTX 5)2
2020-10-01 10:06Rio Grande Nature Center SP1
2020-10-06 09:30Huning Ranch Neighborhood Parks1
2020-10-20 07:39Zona Arqueológica Xochicalco1
2020-10-01 08:36Rio Bosque Park (Socorro) (FWTX 11)1
2020-10-08 06:57Ascarate Park/Lake1
2020-09-29 08:50Aguirre Spring Recreation Area2
2020-10-03 06:00El Paso Museum of Archaeology Nature Trails
2020-10-04 07:09Memorial Park (FWTX 9), El Paso1
2020-10-07 07:20Coronado Country Club neighborhood, El Paso (limited access)1
2020-10-15 07:16East of Las Cruces Dam1
2020-10-01 12:35NMSU Campus1
2020-10-12 17:04La Mancha Wetlands & Rio Grande1
2020-10-04 07:55Picacho Hills1
2020-09-29 10:12Otter Pond area1
2020-09-29 08:40Pastorius Reservoir1
2020-10-12 08:33Laurelito (pueblo)1
2020-09-29 06:58Gila NF-- Little Cherry Creek Road and Trail1
2020-10-24 08:07Parque Mirador1
2020-09-30 14:38Rt 211 bridge over the Gila1
2020-10-02 07:44Rio Mesa Station (restricted access)1
2020-09-30 16:00Catwalk National Recreation Trail1
2020-10-11 07:01Blue Crossing Campground1
2020-10-08 07:56Becker Lake WA--River Walk Trail1
2020-10-11 16:37Becker Lake1
2020-10-10 07:08Duncan Birding Trail1
2020-10-17 10:10ANP Sierra del Águila--Los Llanitos1
2020-10-01 08:51Little Colorado River--South Fork1
2020-10-01 09:46I-10 Eastbound San Simon Rest Area1
2020-10-02 11:26Rodeo1
2020-10-15 13:28Portal1
2020-10-05 14:48Portal--Cave Creek Ranch1
2020-10-12 08:48Cave Creek Canyon--Sunny Flat CG1
2020-10-17 09:27Laguna de Tepeltitic2
2020-10-15 10:43stakeout Eared Quetzal, FR42 between Sunny Flat and SWRS (2020)1
2020-10-02 09:15Natural Bridges NM1
2020-10-09 16:06Gila Box RNCA--Spring Canyon Picnic Area1
2020-10-24 08:00Terracería La Palma-Tecuitata4
2020-10-10 10:05Camino al Cocodrilario1
2020-10-09 14:11Cluff Ranch WA--Cluff Reservoir #31
2020-10-05 08:00Willcox--Lake Cochise and Twin Lakes Golf Course1
2020-10-11 07:30Whitewater Draw WA1
2020-10-10 09:00Joseph City WTP1
2020-10-27 08:44Parque Las Riberas1
2020-10-15 07:31Roca Colorada Parque Natural Cerritos1
2020-10-17 08:13Sendero Capomo1
2020-09-29 06:25Casa de San Pedro B&B--Visitors Welcome1
2020-10-02 16:43Benson STP1
2020-09-29 07:30Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary (closed Thursday morning; formerly Ash Canyon B&B)1
2020-10-06 07:03Miller Canyon--lower (below Beatty's)1
2020-10-11 06:45Guindani Canyon1
2020-10-11 09:50Miller Canyon--Beatty's Guest Ranch1
2020-10-09 06:50Brown Canyon Ranch (opened 2011)1
2020-10-15 06:40Miller Canyon Trail1
2020-10-03 09:10Garden Canyon Rd--BETWEEN Upper Picnic Area and Sawmill Canyon1
2020-10-04 06:00Onavas (pueblo)1
2020-09-30 10:58Mammoth Sewage Ponds1
2020-10-09 07:01Meteor Crater RV Park (check in at office for permission/access)1
2020-10-11 10:00See Canyon1
2020-10-20 10:30Peppersauce Canyon1
2020-09-30 10:35Las Cienegas NCA--Fortynine Wash Access Rd1
2020-10-09 10:06Mt. Lemmon--Gordon Hirabayashi RA (Prison Camp)1
2020-09-30 11:32Mt. Lemmon--Inspiration Rock Picnic Area1
2020-10-06 10:45Mt. Lemmon--Marshall Gulch1
2020-10-18 08:24Mt. Lemmon--Summerhaven2
2020-10-09 07:27Tanque Verde Wash--Wentworth Rd.2
2020-10-13 07:03Agua Caliente Park1
2020-10-11 06:22Las Cienegas NCA--Empire Gulch1
2020-10-24 06:39Tanque Verde Wash--Tanque Verde Loop Rd.1
2020-09-30 06:52Sabino Canyon Recreation Area1
2020-10-20 07:40The Lakes at Castle Rock1
2020-10-13 07:33Sabino Dam and downstream riparian1
2020-10-08 07:26Jesse Owens Park2
2020-10-12 09:16WOW Arizona B&B1
2020-10-11 09:30Lakeside Park2
2020-10-05 07:47Catalina Regional Park--pond1
2020-10-05 07:25Seneca/Ridgeway area1
2020-10-09 06:19Fort Lowell Park and Pantano Wash1
2020-10-20 06:59Paton Center for Hummingbirds (Patons' Yard)1
2020-10-26 12:00La Madera Park1
2020-10-10 14:44Reid Park1
2020-10-17 11:56Himmel Park1
2020-10-03 06:59Sam Lena Park and KERP2
2020-10-18 09:00Florida Canyon--lower1
2020-09-30 08:27University of Arizona1
2020-10-03 07:02Cerro de La Memoria2
2020-10-23 10:10Silverlake Park1
2020-10-19 07:45Boyce Thompson Arboretum1
2020-09-29 09:15Evergreen Cemetery1
2020-10-08 07:00Madera Canyon--Santa Rita Lodge1
2020-10-20 08:10Patagonia Lake SP--Birding Trail1
2020-10-15 06:25Sweetwater Wetlands1
2020-10-01 06:18Arthur Pack Regional Park2
2020-10-04 06:44Montosa Canyon--km 1 (culvert area)1
2020-10-05 06:57Santa Cruz River--Ina Rd.1
2020-10-03 09:05Walnut Canyon Lakes1
2020-10-07 06:01El Rio Open Space Preserve1
2020-10-26 09:22Canoa Ranch Conservation Park1
2020-10-13 07:02Santa Cruz River--Palo Parado Rd1
2020-10-13 13:00De Anza Trail--Tubac1
2020-10-08 10:01Tubac Golf Resort1
2020-10-17 06:38Beeline Highway--Sunflower2
2020-10-07 07:26De Anza Trail--Carmen (Clark Crossing Rd)1
2020-10-11 06:46Sycamore Creek--upper Beeline Hwy1
2020-10-02 09:53Rancho Santa Cruz1
2020-10-23 06:45Santa Gertrudis Lane (foot access only)1
2020-10-07 08:00Northlake Park & Loch Lomand Pond1
2020-10-21 07:05Pena Blanca Lake1
2020-09-29 10:00Rendezvous Park3
2020-10-03 10:46Oak Creek Canyon--Cave Springs CG1
2020-10-01 11:22Salt River--Water Users Recreation Site1
2020-10-11 08:55Sycamore Canyon (Pajarito Mountains)2
2020-10-16 10:49Montezuma Well Picnic Area1
2020-10-10 08:01Box Bar Recreation Site1
2020-10-08 06:42Papago Tanks1
2020-10-06 09:15Needle Rock Recreation Area1
2020-09-30 10:24Grand Canyon NP--Point Imperial3
2020-10-16 14:55Salt River--Granite Reef Recreation Area1
2020-10-03 08:40Buenos Aires NWR--Arivaca Cienega1
2020-10-16 07:56Riparian Preserve at Gilbert Water Ranch1
2020-10-09 06:20GRIC-MAR-5 wetlands (access restricted, entry by permit only)1
2020-10-25 06:50Higley and Ocotillo Rds. ponds1
2020-10-13 13:00Veterans Oasis Park1
2020-10-12 06:15Dead Horse Ranch SP1
2020-09-30 06:30Sacaton STP (restricted access; permit required)1
2020-10-04 08:51Grand Canyon NP--South Rim Sewage Lagoons1
2020-10-14 16:15Northsight Park1
2020-10-02 07:05Jewel of the Creek Preserve1
2020-10-09 10:40Indian School Park1
2020-10-24 08:20Riggs and Price Rds. ponds1
2020-09-30 17:10George Ditch1
2020-10-10 07:52Stonecreek Golf Club1
2020-09-29 13:30Cataract Lake1
2020-09-30 09:15Van DeWaerden Dairy (Gila River Indian Community permit required)1
2020-10-12 06:44Moon Valley Park1
2020-10-01 07:51Camas NWR1
2020-09-29 16:36Skunk Creek Riparian Area/Trailhead1
2020-10-16 07:30Lake Pleasant (Maricopa Co.)1
2020-10-25 07:45Morgan City Wash1
2020-10-08 08:15Highlands Center--Lynx Creek Site2
2020-10-05 08:30Watson Lake and Riparian Preserve1
2020-10-10 16:30Tres Rios Overbank Wetlands (permit required)1
2020-09-30 11:33Glendale Recharge Ponds1
2020-09-30 06:15Vekol Valley--South Vekol Well1
2020-10-07 13:15Aspen Springs—Dispersed Campsite 61
2020-09-30 08:00Nature Park1
2020-09-29 12:06Antelope Spring (Millard Co)1
2020-10-04 08:17White Tank Mountain Regional Park1
2020-10-10 06:58Verrado--Point Ridge Park1
2020-10-13 13:42Hassayampa River--US 60 Rest Area5
2020-10-22 08:05Hassayampa River Preserve1
2020-10-09 15:05Hassayampa River--Kerkes Trailhead1
2020-10-17 09:52Coffinger Park3
2020-10-17 07:55Wickenburg--Secret Ponds3
2020-09-29 12:35Confluence Park1
2020-09-29 07:00Fish Springs NWR2
2020-10-11 10:05Paloma Ranch1
2020-10-04 07:30Sisson Road wetlands--west of Citrus Valley Rd1
2020-10-03 15:16Ajo-Gibson Neighborhood (aka Forrest Rickard) Park1
2020-09-30 16:59Royal Oaks Park2
2020-09-30 16:57Mathis Park1
2020-10-05 06:16Spot Road Farm2
2020-10-10 08:34Dateland1
2020-10-09 08:30Quigley WA1
2020-10-06 14:40Ahakhav Tribal Preserve1
2020-10-08 06:16Palo Verde Ecological Reserve2
2020-10-03 06:15Mittry Lake4
2020-10-08 07:15Hidden Shores Golf Course1
2020-10-06 10:40Cibola Valley Conservation Area3
2020-10-13 06:37Las Vegas Wash--Pabco Area1
2020-10-16 07:00Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve2
2020-09-30 07:05Las Vegas Urban--Clark County Wetlands Park1
2020-10-01 06:45Las Vegas Urban--Acacia Park1
2020-10-13 14:30Yuma East Wetlands1
2020-10-03 07:24Cornerstone Park1
2020-10-18 07:05Las Vegas--Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs1
2020-09-29 08:00Lamoille Canyon--Thomas Creek Campground/Middle Canyon1
2020-10-18 07:39Desert NWR--Corn Creek (Field Station)1
2020-10-14 07:19Primm Forest Preserve1
2020-10-17 08:15Spring Mountain Ranch SP2
2020-10-07 08:53Desert Center--Lake Tamarisk1
2020-10-04 07:08Mojave National Preserve--Pachalka Spring1
2020-10-14 08:40Cactus Springs1
2020-10-20 09:50Rancho Santa Inés2
2020-10-17 11:15Mojave National Preserve--Kelso1
2020-10-20 07:25Cataviña (pueblo)2
2020-10-05 09:40Horse Thief Springs4
2020-10-11 07:35Cattle Call Park2
2020-10-17 12:49Sonny Bono Salton Sea NWR--Union Tract / Visitor Center1
2020-09-30 17:00Chiriaco Summit1
2020-10-11 06:57Crystal Spring (INY Co.)2
2020-10-09 11:01Joshua Tree NP--Cottonwood Spring1
2020-10-21 14:45San Jose de Castro (pueblo)1
2020-10-10 10:40Chet Huffman Park1
2020-10-01 07:49Baker sewage ponds1
2020-10-11 12:37China Ranch Date Farm1
2020-09-29 11:25Interstate 10, Cactus City Rest Area1
2020-10-10 09:1529 Palms Inn1
2020-10-04 10:42Shoshone Village1
2020-10-07 07:16Salton Sea--Whitewater River Delta1
2020-10-22 07:30Bahía Tortugas (pueblo)1
2020-10-02 06:20Jacumba--town3
2020-10-04 06:40Borrego Springs--Rams Hill Neighborhood (restricted access)1
2020-10-26 09:57El Rosario (pueblo)1
2020-10-02 10:35El Rosario de Abajo (pueblo)2
2020-10-27 09:45Anza-Borrego Desert SP--Tamarisk Grove Campground1
2020-10-14 10:40McCain Valley Rd--Cottonwood Campground1
2020-10-17 07:56Llano San Quintín--Fila Doble de Tamarisks1
2020-10-09 07:20Palm Springs--The Wellness Park/Ruth Hardy Park1
2020-10-17 08:21Big Morongo Canyon Preserve1
2020-10-21 09:24Laguna Mtns.--Agua Dulce Creek1
2020-10-01 06:32Death Valley NP--Furnace Creek3
2020-10-04 13:22Cuyamaca Rancho SP--Cold Stream Trail2
2020-10-10 10:07William Heise County Park1
2020-09-29 12:22Idyllwild County Park1
2020-10-03 09:15Big Bear Lake--Von's Marsh1
2020-10-16 16:47Presa Emilio López Zamora1
2020-10-10 08:01Parque Ecológico Cañon de Doña Petra, Ensenada1
2020-10-17 13:26Arroyo Las Arboledas5
2020-10-14 10:31Terra Peninsular1
2020-10-16 12:53Parque Revolución, Ensenada1
2020-10-01 07:30Motel California1
2020-09-30 06:29Crestridge Ecological Reserve--Horsemill Rd. access1
2020-09-29 07:58Pio Pico Campground1
2020-10-04 07:20Lindo Lake1
2020-10-03 07:45Lake Skinner County Park1
2020-10-14 08:30San Jacinto Wildlife Area--Mystic Lake1
2020-10-03 06:47San Jacinto Wildlife Area6
2020-10-03 14:45San Diego Zoo Safari Park1
2020-10-07 08:50Harry Griffen Regional Park1
2020-10-03 07:21Santee Lakes1
2020-10-01 16:30Laguna de La Salina1
2020-10-12 07:18Campo de Golf Bajamar2
2020-10-03 07:48Rio El Descanso--El Descanso1
2020-10-01 09:01Mission Trails Regional Park--Lake Murray Blvd. trailhead1
2020-10-16 07:50Old Poway Park1
2020-10-03 08:18Hilleary Park, Poway US-CA1
2020-10-05 07:20San Carlos Recreation Center1
2020-09-29 12:00Heritage Park (Chula Vista)2
2020-10-04 10:45Highwood Park1
2020-10-19 16:09Lake Murray--Kiowa Dr. entrance1
2020-10-02 06:21Lake Murray1
2020-09-30 08:50Carmel Mountain Ranch Community Park1
2020-10-12 15:41Death Valley NP--Panamint Springs Resort1
2020-09-29 08:00Rueda Canyon East (Tierrasanta)1
2020-10-04 08:18Moreno Valley--Hidden Springs Multi-use Trail1
2020-10-03 09:40Glen Arbor Park1
2020-10-01 16:49Dairy Mart Rd.--south ponds1
2020-09-30 11:30Tijuana River Valley Regional Park--ball fields1
2020-10-13 07:10Cole Canyon Trail--Sykes Ranch Park1
2020-10-19 08:20Tijuana River Valley Regional Park--Bird & Butterfly Garden1
2020-10-10 08:00Discovery Lake1
2020-09-30 08:15Arroyo Rosarito--Desembocadura1
2020-10-02 07:59North Park Community Park1
2020-10-06 10:19San Diego River--west of Mission Center Rd.1
2020-10-18 09:50Kearny Mesa Park1
2020-10-01 07:25Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park2
2020-10-09 08:00Stagecoach Park1
2020-09-29 06:42Nobel Athletic Fields1
2020-10-01 16:57Presidio Park1
2020-10-12 07:30Torrey Hills Park1
2020-10-15 07:47Guajome Regional Park2
2020-10-21 09:37NASNI--O St. path, golf course, ponds (restricted access)1
2020-10-16 09:45Coronado--Coronado Ave. & 8th St.1
2020-10-12 09:45Doyle Community Park1
2020-10-12 08:00Glen Helen Regional Park2
2020-10-09 07:20Solana Highlands Park1
2020-10-17 15:43La Jolla Colony Park1
2020-10-07 07:30San Dieguito Lagoon--northeast1
2020-10-14 14:10Villa La Jolla Park1
2020-10-10 10:13Wing St. Canyon1
2020-10-05 07:26Oakcrest Park1
2020-10-12 07:34stakeout Louisiana Waterthrush, La Jolla (1990)1
2020-10-04 07:01San Dieguito Lagoon--southwest1
2020-10-16 13:52San Diego Botanic Garden1
2020-10-09 07:21Camp Pendleton--Lake O'Neill2
2020-10-12 09:18Encinitas Community Park1
2020-10-10 08:14Warwick Ave riparian3
2020-10-11 07:28Cottonwood Creek Park--upper1
2020-10-02 09:14Point Loma residential--lower1
2020-10-10 08:08Point Loma residential--upper2
2020-09-29 07:22Poinsettia Park1
2020-10-03 17:00Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery1
2020-10-11 10:40Carlsbad--southern residential1
2020-10-17 07:33Whelan Lake Bird Sanctuary (permission required)1
2020-10-13 07:33Manzano & El Arbol riparian1
2020-10-16 08:44Buddy Todd Park1
2020-10-03 06:35China Lake NAWS--Sewage Ponds (restricted access)1
2020-10-17 08:30Cerro Coso Community College1
2020-10-01 14:58Wrightwood1
2020-10-07 16:23San Gabriel Mtns.--Big Pines3
2020-10-07 15:32Angeles NF--Arch Picnic Area1
2020-10-25 09:39Chrisanta Drive riparian (formerly La Paz Railroad willows)1
2020-10-19 08:08El Toro Memorial Park1
2020-10-11 07:58Stephen Sorensen Park (Desert Avicaching)3
2020-10-05 06:39Heritage Park (LA Co.)1
2020-10-11 11:06Grand Avenue Park (Chino Hills)1
2020-10-18 07:30Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park--north1
2020-10-16 10:09California City Central Park2
2020-10-06 07:14Pearblossom Park1
2020-10-08 07:24Antelope Valley--E Ave G10 - houses and orchard1
2020-10-04 08:30William R Mason Regional Park1
2020-10-17 09:17IRWD San Joaquin Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary, Irvine1
2020-09-30 11:04UC Irvine--Aldrich Park1
2020-10-14 08:55Gilman Park1
2020-10-02 09:22Thief Valley Reservoir (Union Co.)1
2020-10-09 06:37Santa Fe Dam Rec. Area1
2020-10-12 06:58Rancho Sierra Golf Club (Private)1
2020-10-15 07:58Mile Square Regional Park1
2020-10-22 10:05Peck Rd. Water Conservation Park1
2020-10-08 07:33Edison Park (Huntington Beach)1
2020-10-08 12:54La Mirada Creek Park--south of Imperial Hwy1
2020-10-09 11:34Westminster Memorial Park1
2020-10-16 07:40Piute Ponds (permit required)3
2020-10-16 10:05Golden West College1
2020-10-13 08:30Huntington Central Park--East1
2020-10-06 08:45John Baca Park1
2020-10-20 09:18Huntington Central Park1
2020-10-25 07:56Huntington Central Park--West1
2020-10-17 10:11Sycamore Canyon (Whittier, CA)1
2020-09-29 10:45Vina Vieja, Gwinn and Sunnyslope Parks1
2020-10-04 16:58Victory Park (Pasadena, CA)1
2020-10-10 10:57Huntington Botanical Gardens1
2020-10-21 11:06Rush Park1
2020-10-08 08:42El Dorado Regional Park--Area 21
2020-10-11 16:48West San Gabriel River Parkway Nature Trail1
2020-09-29 06:57Heartwell Park1
2020-10-12 10:00Wardlow Park2
2020-10-17 06:17Hahamongna Watershed Park (formerly Oak Grove Park)1
2020-10-07 07:15Colorado Lagoon1
2020-10-17 11:16Maywood Riverfront Park1
2020-10-10 13:42Descanso Gardens1
2020-10-10 10:27DeForest Park1
2020-09-29 08:20Deforest Wetlands--S end of Deforest Park to Del Amo1
2020-09-30 06:45Los Angeles River--Willow St.1
2020-10-06 07:48Antelope Valley (KER Co.)1
2020-10-04 08:08MacArthur Park2
2020-09-30 08:06Vista de Vizcaino1
2020-10-06 16:29Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park1
2020-10-07 08:35Pan Pacific Park1
2020-10-04 09:03North Weddington Recreation Center1
2020-09-30 08:05George F Canyon Nature Preserve1
2020-10-08 09:00Madrona Marsh1
2020-10-10 07:00South Coast Botanic Garden1
2020-10-04 08:00Rolling Hills landfill loop1
2020-10-10 08:00Holy Cross Cemetery (LA Co.)1
2020-10-03 07:00Raintree (restricted access)2
2020-10-25 09:46Dominguez Park1
2020-10-13 10:05Hopkins Wilderness Park1
2020-10-02 16:18Polliwog Park3
2020-10-24 12:45Santa Catalina Island--Avalon area1
2020-10-05 06:50Playa Vista Riparian Corridor1
2020-10-04 12:04Sand Dune Park1
2020-10-05 13:30Oxford Lagoon1
2020-10-16 07:13Woodlawn Cemetery (LA Co.)1
2020-10-11 07:43Fields Oasis1
2020-10-03 12:15San Clemente Island--Thirst/Vista1
2020-10-01 08:32San Clemente Island--Norton Canyon1
2020-09-29 08:00Fort Walla Walla City Park1
2020-10-14 07:36San Clemente Island--Lemon Tank1
2020-10-03 08:00Deerhill Community Park4
2020-10-02 16:50Whitman Mission National Historic Site1
2020-10-10 06:54Malheur NWR--Headquarters1
2020-10-17 06:30Bonsall/Zuma Canyon
2020-10-13 12:13Santa Monica Mtns. NRA--HQ (former visitor center)1
2020-10-12 07:18Los Padres NF--Frazier Mtn.2
2020-10-11 08:39Santa Monica Mtns. NRA--Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa1
2020-10-10 09:45Mission Oaks Park & trails1
2020-10-15 07:47Bradley Rd.--north tamarisks3
2020-10-15 08:18Bradley Rd.--south tamarisks5
2020-10-10 08:55Pitts Ranch Park2
2020-10-27 16:13Bob Kildee Community Park1
2020-10-04 10:30Pt. Mugu SP--Sycamore Canyon1
2020-10-04 10:47Lokker Park1
2020-10-27 12:42Laguna Rd. tamarisks1
2020-10-02 11:15Etting Rd. tamarisks1
2020-10-08 08:03Bubbling Springs Park--Bard Rd to E Pleasant Valley Rd1
2020-10-11 08:19Arroyo Verde Park1
2020-10-20 11:06Camino Real Park (VEN Co.)2
2020-10-24 08:01Ventura Settling Ponds1
2020-10-10 14:56Alessandro Lagoon1
2020-10-09 12:07San Buenaventura SB--Sanjon Rd. to Ventura Pier1
2020-10-19 09:15Matilija Riparian and Lake1
2020-09-29 06:35McNary NWR--Peninsula Unit1
2020-10-03 10:34Yosemite Valley--Headquarters area1
2020-10-25 07:45Anacapa Island--public access (VEN Co.)1
2020-10-11 11:59Bates Rd. bridge (VEN Co.)2
2020-10-09 14:14Carpinteria Police Station tams1
2020-10-17 08:19Carpinteria Creek1
2020-10-02 10:32Lost Lake Rec Area (FRE Co.)2
2020-10-11 15:39Ennisbrook Nature Trail1
2020-10-06 12:30Richardson Park1
2020-10-22 18:04San Nicolas Island (VEN Co.)1
2020-09-29 15:13Chase Palm Park1
2020-10-03 08:14La Mesa Park1
2020-10-27 10:45Santa Cruz Island--Prisoners Harbor1
2020-10-08 08:30Wasioja Ranch (restricted access)1
2020-10-19 08:20Berkeley Bike Bridge1
2020-10-25 07:00Patterson Ave. agricultural fields (restricted access)1
2020-10-17 10:05Goleta Beach County Park (including east end of Goleta Slough)1
2020-10-11 09:23UCSB North Campus Open Space (formerly Ocean Meadows Golf Course)2
2020-10-23 13:35Camino Real Marketplace (including stakeout Rusty Blackbird 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2009, 2013)2
2020-09-30 13:49Bella Vista OSP1
2020-09-30 07:37Haskell's Beach4
2020-09-30 07:20Refugio Rd--first creek crossing1
2020-10-02 09:17Refugio SB1
2020-09-29 13:30Kruger Mountain Road—lower1
2020-10-19 09:00Jalama Beach County Park1
2020-10-18 07:49Barney Schwartz Park1
2020-10-10 11:31Dove Creek Sensitive Habitat Trail1
2020-10-12 08:25Atascadero Wastewater Treatment Ponds--no internal access2
2020-10-15 09:45Pismo SB--Oceano Campground1
2020-10-01 08:26Oso Flaco Lake (not for beach/ocean)6
2020-10-17 15:45Pismo Creek mouth1
2020-09-29 08:28Oso Flaco Creek Mouth/Beach2
2020-10-05 08:20Meadow Park1
2020-09-30 11:24Kelowna--Brandt's Creek Linear Parkway1
2020-10-10 09:28Laguna Lake Park1
2020-10-02 10:00Kelowna--Maude-Roxby Sanctuary2
2020-09-30 08:34San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden1
2020-10-07 08:57Bob Jones Trail1
2020-10-07 09:25Morro Bay SP--Campground2
2020-09-29 07:10Taylor Crossing Rd.1
2020-10-25 14:20Garden St, Los Osos1
2020-10-04 08:22Lila Keiser Park/Morro Creek1
2020-10-20 10:38Del Mar Park--Morro Bay1
2020-10-09 07:27Pecho Road Willows3
2020-10-18 07:37Coon Creek Trail--Montana de Oro SP1
2020-10-13 12:00Islay Creek Campground--Montana de Oro SP1
2020-10-06 08:41Islay Creek Mouth--Montana de Oro SP1
2020-10-08 08:24O'Neill Forebay Wildlife Area1
2020-09-30 07:05Mississippi Bar1
2020-10-04 09:28Feather River mouth--riparian area1
2020-10-01 11:20Yakima--Scenic Drive Neighborhoods1
2020-10-04 07:17American River Parkway--Sailor Bar3
2020-10-02 12:40Chester railroad grade1
2020-10-14 07:32Pico Ave/Pico Creek3
2020-09-30 06:58American River Parkway--William B Pond Rec Area2
2020-10-06 16:30Mahany Park Open Space1
2020-10-19 07:44American River Parkway--near Rio Americano High School1
2020-10-11 08:52Arroyo de la Cruz1
2020-09-29 09:00Cosumnes River Preserve1
2020-10-11 07:46Reichmuth Park1
2020-10-09 07:45Babel Slough 1
2020-10-08 10:20Riverbend Park1
2020-10-09 08:23Mines Rd. (ALA Co.)1
2020-09-29 08:52Sawyer Park1
2020-10-07 09:50Rocks Rd.2
2020-10-01 09:01Shevlin Park1
2020-09-29 07:45Deschutes River Trail--Aspen1
2020-10-03 07:52Conaway Ranch--CR25 near CR1031
2020-10-15 08:47Creekside Park (CC Co.) (includes Creek Rd)1
2020-10-10 08:15North Davis Farms greenbelt1
2020-10-04 08:28Putah Creek--Levee Rd.1
2020-10-02 08:05Putah Creek--Pedrick Rd. (YOL Co.)3
2020-10-03 14:12Struve Slough--between Harkins Slough Rd. and Main St.1
2020-10-03 08:55Lake Cunningham1
2020-10-06 10:53Moss Landing Cemetery1
2020-10-06 11:20Moss Landing Marine Lab1
2020-10-03 12:10Locke-Paddon Park1
2020-10-13 07:51Frog Pond Wetlands Preserve1
2020-10-03 11:20Laguna Grande Park1
2020-10-04 09:11Upper Indian Ford Creek1
2020-10-15 15:30Andrew Molera SP--Big Sur River mouth1
2020-10-17 09:07Monterey--Lagunita Mirada Park1
2020-10-07 07:15Putah Creek--Winters1
2020-10-07 07:01Rotary Park (YOL Co.)1
2020-10-02 09:00Palo Corona RP--Front Ranch Unit1
2020-10-04 11:31Hatton Canyon1
2020-10-02 09:00Lake Elizabeth1
2020-10-17 14:05Carmel River mouth--riverbed riparian (and/or restricted access Odello)1
2020-10-08 11:11Carmel River SB (beach, lagoon, and/or Cross Hill)1
2020-10-04 09:17Don Edwards NWR (SCL Co.) (please use a more specific hotspot where possible)1
2020-10-05 08:32Vasona Lake County Park1
2020-10-07 14:36Schwan Lake1
2020-10-16 07:22Lighthouse Field SB1
2020-10-11 16:39Neary Lagoon1
2020-10-09 08:13Stevens Creek Trail--north of US-1011
2020-09-29 11:07Wilder Ranch SP--ranch buildings1
2020-10-27 16:21Byxbee Park1
2020-10-03 07:27Lake Herman1
2020-10-04 07:35Hayward Regional Shoreline--Winton Ave. access and parking area1
2020-10-04 06:41Green Valley Falls1
2020-10-09 09:12MLK Jr. Regional Shoreline1
2020-10-05 14:00UC Berkeley--Botanical Gardens1
2020-10-13 08:45Tilden Regional Park--Botanic Garden1
2020-10-14 09:20Lake Merritt1
2020-10-07 07:42Tilden Nature Area2
2020-09-30 12:18Codornices Park2
2020-10-10 10:10Tilden Nature Area--Jewel Lake1
2020-10-02 07:34Creekside Park (ALA Co.)1
2020-10-01 08:25Hilltop Lake Park1
2020-10-18 08:41Booker T Anderson Park1
2020-10-10 10:54Old Woman's Creek Rd. - State Park property - Gazos Creek Rd to gate1
2020-10-01 11:08Dotson Family Marsh1
2020-10-03 08:14Larry Wehmeyer Environmental Education Area3
2020-10-06 07:23Gazos Creek Rd.--east of Hwy 1 to Cloverdale Rd. Intersection1
2020-09-30 09:32Tunitas Creek Rd.-- @ Lobitos Creek Cutoff and east to 5 mi.1
2020-10-09 08:45Ferry / Sue Bierman Parks1
2020-10-10 10:19Seaside School Rd.1
2020-10-18 16:20Pescadero--Post Office, downtown area, Goulson St., North St.1
2020-10-04 11:09Stage Rd. (north) from Pomponio Creek Rd to La Honda Rd. (Hwy 84)1
2020-09-30 15:24Purisima Creek Rd. - east of Verde Rd ends at Purisima Creek Redwoods OSP1
2020-09-30 09:45Burleigh Murray SP1
2020-10-15 09:26Pescadero Creek Rd.-- Butano Creek riparian area1
2020-10-01 13:38Pescadero SB--Water Ln.1
2020-10-06 15:49Bernal Hill1
2020-10-03 08:15McLaren Park3
2020-10-08 16:20Alemany Farm1
2020-09-30 07:11Pt. San Pablo/Pt. Molate1
2020-10-16 09:37Lafayette Park (SF Co.)1
2020-10-18 08:05Fort Mason Park1
2020-10-03 07:30Buena Vista Park (SF Co.)1
2020-09-30 08:09Pilarcitos Creek--Safeway riparian area2
2020-09-29 06:58Strawberry Island1
2020-10-01 08:12Presidio--Simonds Loop1
2020-10-03 09:35Half Moon Bay WTP- Birding riparian area and dirt road allowed per City of Half Moon Bay1
2020-10-03 14:36Presidio--El Polin Springs3
2020-09-29 13:18Golden Gate Park--McLaren Lodge/Horseshoe Pits/Northeast Entrance4
2020-10-02 15:06Presidio--Crissy Field Lagoon1
2020-10-02 10:43Golden Gate Park--Raccoon Hollow - east oak woodlands2
2020-10-03 12:05Golden Gate Park--oak woodland near handball courts1
2020-10-03 09:18Golden Gate Park--Music Concourse1
2020-10-13 17:28Brooks Park1
2020-10-01 09:30Golden Gate Park--San Francisco Botanical Garden1
2020-10-17 15:28Presidio--Mountain Lake Park1
2020-10-02 08:34Presidio--Dragonfly Creek 5
2020-10-08 08:26Golden Gate Park--Stow Lake1
2020-10-04 07:51Golden Gate Park--Log Cabin Trail2
2020-10-18 08:18Golden Gate Park--Strawberry Hill1
2020-10-11 10:03Golden Gate Park--Elk Glen Lake1
2020-09-30 08:02UBIF official use only south Lake Merced riparian1
2020-10-17 08:07Lake Merced--Concrete Bridge area1
2020-10-13 12:30Vista Grande Canal1
2020-10-10 09:29Lake Merced2
2020-10-09 08:15UBIF official use only North Lake Merced riparian1
2020-10-08 16:10Lake Merced--Gun Club Marsh1
2020-10-18 09:45Golden Gate Park--North Lake1
2020-10-01 08:18Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District1
2020-10-11 10:30Piper Park1
2020-10-01 07:22Petaluma Marsh WA--Rush Creek Unit (accessed by Binford Rd or Pinheiro Fire Rd)1
2020-10-17 17:33Muir Beach--Redwood Creek riparian corridor1
2020-10-24 08:10Muir Beach3
2020-10-10 11:25Anderson Marsh2
2020-10-16 11:25Bolinas Lagoon--Pine Gulch1
2020-10-07 08:12Bolinas--Mesa1
2020-10-03 06:00Clear Lake (LAK Co.)1
2020-10-06 08:15Santa Rosa Creek Trail and Delta Pond (west of Willowside Rd)1
2020-10-19 15:26Ragle Ranch Regional Park1
2020-10-07 09:09Riverfront Regional Park1
2020-10-23 08:10Inverness Tennis Club3
2020-10-11 07:03Pt. Reyes--Estero Trail2
2020-10-01 07:35Powell Butte Nature Park1
2020-10-11 09:18Pt. Reyes--Drakes Beach (do not include Horseshoe Pond or beach/estero beyond Horseshoe Pond)1
2020-10-07 08:00Ivor Davies Park1
2020-09-29 08:25Denman WMA (general, use specific if applicable)2
2020-09-30 11:06Salmon Creek Road1
2020-10-10 07:00Southeast Farallon Island (restricted access)1
2020-10-03 08:35Meadowbrook Marsh Park1
2020-10-12 11:07Bodega Dunes Campground1
2020-10-08 11:26Bodega Bay--north shore (includes rail ponds)2
2020-10-10 15:44Owl Canyon - ONLY (waterbirds from this site OK)1
2020-10-25 10:25Willow Creek Rd.--Jenner area1
2020-09-30 15:00Bridgehaven1
2020-10-05 07:45Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge1
2020-10-08 11:35Russian Gulch1
2020-09-30 07:30Frenchman's Bar Regional Park1
2020-09-29 16:04Ridgefield NWR--Carty Unit2
2020-10-02 13:56Suyematsu Farm (restricted access)1
2020-09-30 13:25Abbotsford--Willband Creek Park1
2020-10-10 16:59Gualala River--west of Hwy 11
2020-09-29 08:00Willamette Park1
2020-10-10 14:28Windy Hollow Rd. south2
2020-10-16 10:40Miner Hole Rd.1
2020-10-06 06:55Navarro River Redwoods SP--Navarro Beach Campground1
2020-10-03 10:15Big River Trail 1
2020-10-18 08:54MacKerricher SP--Lake Cleone2
2020-10-05 14:13Russian Gulch SP2
2020-10-20 10:15Pine Beach and Mitchell Creek1
2020-10-07 09:53Terwer Valley1
2020-10-03 07:56Carlson Park1
2020-10-05 12:50Janes Creek Meadows Park3
2020-10-11 17:30Potawot Health Village1
2020-10-04 12:08Shay Park1
2020-10-06 17:21Freshwater Farms Reserve2
2020-10-12 09:40Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary1
2020-10-03 15:28Hiller Park and Mad River Bluffs1
2020-09-30 13:00Mad River County Park1
2020-10-17 08:29Cooper Gulch Park1
2020-10-07 07:50Eureka--14th St. riparian1
2020-10-02 07:40Elk River Wildlife Sanctuary (incl. Hikshari' Trail & WTP)1
2020-09-29 09:30Reifel Bird Sanctuary1
2020-09-30 07:55Winchuck River mouth1
2020-10-10 07:57Victoria--Blenkinsop Lake1
2020-10-11 08:15Russ Ranch Wetlands1
2020-10-11 16:46Lone Ranch State Wayside1
2020-10-01 07:34Rogue River--Indian Creek Marsh1
2020-10-01 10:04Arizona Beach State Recreation Site1
2020-09-29 08:45Tatlayoko Lake Bird Observatory1
2020-10-23Sitka (town)1
2020-10-24Sitka--Castle Hill1
2020-10-06 08:29Middleton Island (restricted) (Gulf of Alaska)1
2020-10-19 10:04Seward (Town)1