The barn owl (Tyto alba) is the most widely distributed species of owl, and one of the most widespread of all birds. It is also referred to as the common barn owl, to distinguish it from other species in its family, Tytonidae, which forms one of the two main lineages of living owls, the other being the typical owls (Strigidae). The barn owl is found almost everywhere in the world except polar and desert regions, Asia north of the Himalayas, most of Indonesia, and some Pacific islands.

Phylogenetic evidence shows that there are at least three major lineages of barn owl, one in Eurasia and Africa, one in Australasia and one in the Americas, and some highly divergent taxa on islands. Some authorities further split the group, recognising up to five species, and further research needs to be done to clarify the position. There is a considerable variation between the sizes and colour of the approximately 28 subspecies but most are between 33 and 39 cm (13 and 15 in) in length with wingspans ranging from 80 to 95 cm (31 to 37 in). The plumage on head and back is a mottled shade of grey or brown, the underparts vary from white to brown and are sometimes speckled with dark markings. The face is characteristically heart-shaped and is white in most subspecies. This owl does not hoot, but utters an eerie, drawn-out shriek.

The barn owl is nocturnal over most of its range, but in Britain and some Pacific islands, it also hunts by day. Barn owls specialise in hunting animals on the ground and nearly all of their food consists of small mammals which they locate by sound, their hearing being very acute. They mate for life unless one of the pair gets killed, when a new pair bond may be formed. Breeding takes place at varying times of year according to locality, with a clutch, averaging about four eggs, being laid in a nest in a hollow tree, old building or fissure in a cliff. The female does all the incubation, and she and the young chicks are reliant on the male for food. When large numbers of small prey are readily available, barn owl populations can expand rapidly, and globally the bird is considered to be of least conservation concern. Some subspecies with restricted ranges are more threatened.
Barn Owl
Date Location Count
2020-06-15 19:45Sky Meadows SP--Bridle Trail1
2020-06-19 08:12Sky Meadows SP2
2020-06-12 20:45State Game Lands 1693
2020-07-04 07:01Heritage Community Park and Natural Area1
2020-06-21 21:00Meadowlands District IBA1
2020-06-27 19:30Belleville Ohio River access site4
2020-06-21 07:00Burke's Garden--Gose Mill Pond2
2020-06-23 20:30Paddle Creek/Paddle Creek Ponds1
2020-07-02 08:21Samworth WMA1
2020-06-20 21:22Edge of Appalachia Preserve1
2020-07-04 19:40Joachim Bible Refuge1
2020-07-04 10:55Fork School Bridge1
2020-06-11 08:31Dobbins Farm, Townville SC (sensitive site - respect farm operations)1
2020-07-02 08:00Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)
2020-06-30 06:59T. N. Sullivan WMA1
2020-06-21 16:42GA-22 South Fork Broad River Bridge (Madison Co.)3
2020-06-21 17:02GA-22 South Fork Broad River Bridge (Oglethorpe Co.)2
2020-07-04 08:57Tuckernuck Island1
2020-06-06 21:40Peabody WMA, Sinclair Unit--S-2 Overlook2
2020-06-12 21:35Lynnville-Squaw Creek Mine Complex1
2020-06-20 20:05Paynes Prairie Preserve SP--La Chua Trail1
2020-06-21 07:39Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive1
2020-06-20 07:02Lake Apopka North Shore--Clay Island Loop Trail1
2020-06-15 19:30Kissimmee Prairie Preserve SP--Peavine Trail2
2020-06-08 07:55Kissimmee Prairie Preserve SP--South West1
2020-06-21 13:43Reelfoot Lake State Park--Ellington Visitor Center/Boardwalk/Gazebo1
2020-06-24 20:0916th Street N wetlands1
2020-06-14 06:39Wolf River WMA--Barn & Check-in Station area2
2020-06-22 06:53Wolf River WMA--Quail Recovery Area1
2020-06-29 14:27J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area1
2020-07-01 05:53Harney Pond Canal Recreation Area1
2020-06-09 06:05Curry Island1
2020-06-27 05:49Alvin L. Ward Senior Park1
2020-06-23 17:47Browns Farm Rd.1
2020-06-12 16:44Miami Canal5
2020-06-12 20:30Bolles Canal CR 8277
2020-06-24 05:36West Miramar WCA1
2020-07-04 06:21West Kendall Agricultural Area2
2020-06-27 20:09Frog Pond WMA--Lucky Hammock1
2020-06-26 17:00Everglades NP--Coe Visitor Center (Miami-Dade)1
2020-07-04 11:51Bois D'Arc CA1
2020-07-01 05:30Artist Boat Coastal Heritage Preserve1
2020-06-23 08:31Cheyenne Bottoms WA1
2020-06-17 06:08North Fort Hood (Restricted Access)1
2020-06-23 06:30M St. Lek1
2020-06-21 07:18W Turnersville rd., Travis Co.1
2020-07-03 12:19Veterans Memorial Park, Beeville1
2020-06-24 21:23Chapman Ranch1
2020-06-20 14:37Baking Pot Archaeological Site1
2020-06-14 20:15Mai Farm1
2020-06-27 10:40Upper Queens/Neeskah Reservoir1
2020-07-05 14:53Eunice- Brunsen Memorial Cemetary2
2020-06-07 22:53El Jardín de Lety (acceso restringido)1
2020-07-05 08:04Barr Lake SP--banding station area2
2020-07-03 08:26Barr Lake SP--Neidrach Nature Trail & Visitor Center area3
2020-07-05 07:19Barr Lake SP1
2020-06-07 20:34Equalizer Lake1
2020-06-22 09:45Bud Mielke Reservoir2
2020-06-12 19:18Devils Backbone Open Space1
2020-06-30 02:43Finca La Gracia1
2020-07-03 20:37Westside Bosque--South of Highway 3462
2020-06-26 18:20San Luis de Grecia1
2020-06-17 21:59Bosque del Apache NWR -- Hwy 1 to north - Observation Area1
2020-06-22 18:14Tocumen Marsh1
2020-06-16 17:28Quepos--Rice fields North of high school.1
2020-06-08 06:00A-Spear Ranch (prior approval from owner needed)1
2020-07-02 07:32Sierpe--Canal estero azul1
2020-07-03 21:52Stateline Rd. (Cochise Co.)1
2020-06-12 22:03Reserva Ecológica UAS El Mineral de Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria1
2020-06-27 05:00Caroni Rice Fields5
2020-07-03 12:33Snowflake--Cottonwood Wash/Silver Creek confluence4
2020-07-03 19:58Casa de San Pedro B&B--Visitors Welcome4
2020-06-06 19:58Jones Water CG1
2020-06-22 08:54Cienega Creek Preserve (permit required)1
2020-07-02 04:46Saguaro NP--East--lower Monument Wash1
2020-06-17 05:55Sweetwater Wetlands1
2020-06-27 05:34Roger Road WRF (closed 2014)1
2020-06-30 16:35Payson City Cemetery1
2020-06-16 06:10Canoa Ranch Conservation Park1
2020-06-25 08:27Goshen Canyon (Utah Co.)1
2020-07-04 21:35SR 68 (Westlake Rd - aka Redwood Rd west of Utah Lake)1
2020-06-16 10:29Oneida Narrows1
2020-06-21 07:43Farmington Bay WMA2
2020-06-09 14:29Bountiful Pond1
2020-06-24 05:36Buffalo Ranch Pond1
2020-06-06 19:28The Ranches1
2020-06-26 18:50Bosque Bavaria1
2020-06-29 06:45Tempe Town Lake--marsh1
2020-07-02 08:05Tres Rios Overbank Wetlands (permit required)1
2020-07-04 06:25Base and Meridian WA2
2020-06-25 06:47Hassayampa River Preserve1
2020-06-26 05:38Palo Verde Ecological Reserve1
2020-07-02 06:15Las Vegas Urban--Clark County Wetlands Park1
2020-06-28 05:45Mojave National Preserve--Hole-in-the-Wall1
2020-06-15 19:29Sonny Bono Salton Sea NWR--Union Tract / Visitor Center1
2020-06-23 01:30Salton Sea SRA--Mecca Beach Campground1
2020-06-28 08:20Blacks Creek Bird Reserve1
2020-06-23 14:00Coachella Valley Preserve, Thousand Palms Oasis2
2020-06-29 11:00Borrego Springs--WTP Settling Ponds1
2020-06-30 07:25Borrego Springs--Resort and Country Club1
2020-07-05 19:47Crestridge Ecological Reserve--Horsemill Rd. access1
2020-07-01 05:50Cienega Canyon Preserve2
2020-06-27 05:09San Diego NWR--Proctor Valley1
2020-06-06 14:50San Jacinto Wildlife Area--Walker ponds1
2020-06-23 08:19Sweetwater River--East of Hwy. 941
2020-07-03 10:43San Jacinto Wildlife Area1
2020-06-27 04:56Konyn Dairy (private property)1
2020-06-13 20:37French Valley Wildlife Area3
2020-06-15 07:58San Jacinto Wildlife Area--Davis Road7
2020-06-24 20:08Dictionary Hill Open Space Preserve1
2020-06-24 20:09Mission Trails Regional Park--west end1
2020-06-11 23:25Oak Riparian Park1
2020-06-11 23:24Calavera Lake & Nature Preserve1
2020-07-04 06:08China Lake NAWS--Sewage Ponds (restricted access)1
2020-06-07 07:08Chief Timothy Habitat Management Unit1
2020-06-19 18:00Caspers Wilderness Park2
2020-06-27 10:17Butterfield Park1
2020-07-05 08:15Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden1
2020-06-26 13:16Aliso Creek1
2020-07-02 18:30Irvine Regional Park2
2020-06-09 07:30Aliso and Wood Canyons WP--Aliso Creek Trail to Wood Canyon Trail1
2020-06-15 06:30Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park1
2020-07-04 06:45Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park1
2020-06-24 08:38Edwards AFB--Mesquite Bosque West (LA County) (restricted access)2
2020-06-25 08:30Carbon Canyon Regional Park1
2020-07-05 06:54Antelope Valley--E Ave G10 - houses and orchard1
2020-06-24 10:06Piute Ponds (permit required)2
2020-06-11 06:01Eaton Canyon Flood Basin1
2020-06-06 11:00Ladd Marsh WMA--Schoolhouse Pond2
2020-06-08 06:30Apollo Park1
2020-06-14 12:40Central Ferry HMU1
2020-06-26 21:34South Fork Wildlife Area--shoreline/dumpsite1
2020-06-16 14:59Sierra Way--Weldon section2
2020-06-18 22:12Guayaquil--Capeira Urbanización1
2020-06-29 00:29Hickory Park1
2020-06-27 22:40Alta Sierra--Rancheria Rd.1
2020-06-07 18:44Holiday Lake1
2020-06-23 08:00Bennington Lake1
2020-06-27 05:50Santa Clara River--Santa Clarita1
2020-06-13 16:53Diamond Craters1
2020-06-12 07:53Palo Comado Canyon2
2020-06-25 06:26Medea Creek Natural Area1
2020-06-13 05:30Bonsall/Zuma Canyon1
2020-06-27 08:54Happy Camp Canyon Park1
2020-07-01 18:00Hill Canyon1
2020-07-05 13:52Kahlotus Lake1
2020-06-06 19:02Lac Marie-Claire1
2020-06-28 07:35Iowa Dodd Beef/Tyson Ponds1
2020-07-05 08:40Cañada Larga Rd.4
2020-06-14 16:49Ton Tache Wetlands (Atwell Island BLM)1
2020-07-05 10:00Quatal Canyon (SBA Co.)2
2020-07-05 05:05Deer Park Canyon (SBA Co)1
2020-06-29 07:12Carson River Park1
2020-06-30 08:20Kern NWR1
2020-06-15 08:35Kern NWR--North Auto Tour Route1
2020-06-25 09:41Kern NWR--South Auto Tour Route1
2020-07-05 08:15Santa Barbara Canyon3
2020-06-07 10:16Rd. 208 (between Rd. 209 and Rd. 211)1
2020-06-07 06:28Lockhart's Corner2
2020-06-26 05:14Bateman Island1
2020-06-30 11:00Aliso Canyon Road1
2020-06-25 03:00Aliso Park1
2020-06-20 14:14Upper Oso Campground1
2020-06-08 09:05Bitterwater Rd. (SLO Co.)1
2020-06-27 13:20Hwy A24 (PLU Co.)1
2020-06-24 06:58Sedgwick Reserve (restricted access)1
2020-06-20 16:42Sierra Valley--Roberti Ranch (restricted access)1
2020-06-10 06:25Honey Lake Wildlife Area--Fleming Unit3
2020-06-14 06:30Refugio Creek Canyon1
2020-06-13 16:05Sierra Valley--Dyson Ln.1
2020-07-03 12:00Foxen Canyon Rd (south of Zaca Station Rd. crossing)1
2020-06-22 08:43Nojoqui Falls County Park1
2020-06-12 16:00Paquisha--vicinity1
2020-06-26 08:30Lopez Lake1
2020-07-04 08:45Biddle County Park1
2020-06-12 14:02Jackson Pioneer Cemetery1
2020-07-04 20:36San Luis NWR--Waterfowl Tour Route - west leg1
2020-06-08 09:29San Luis NWR--Wetland Trail and headquarters area1
2020-06-24 06:37Laguna Lake Park1
2020-06-09 05:54Bob Jones Trail1
2020-06-19 05:29Lonoak Rd. (SBT Co.)1
2020-06-19 04:38Lonoak Rd. (MTY Co.)6
2020-06-29 11:43Ash Creek Wildlife Area (MOD Co.)2
2020-06-27 08:47Heritage Oak Winery2
2020-06-07 18:20Mississippi Bar1
2020-07-02 06:45San Joaquin River NWR--south (restricted access)1
2020-06-13 08:50American River Parkway--Sailor Bar1
2020-07-01 04:10Pinnacles NP1
2020-07-05 09:00Gristmill Rec Area1
2020-06-29 21:15John Smith Rd.1
2020-06-09 11:59Bufferlands--Fishhead Lake/Sims House (limited access)1
2020-06-25 20:03Grant Park1
2020-07-04 13:49Lava Beds NM--Petroglyph Pt.1
2020-06-09 08:14Bufferlands--Upper Beach Lake (limited access)1
2020-06-08 07:36Sacramento City Cemetery1
2020-07-05 06:55Babel Slough 1
2020-06-25 00:14Holland Tract1
2020-07-05 06:27Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area1
2020-06-15 06:51Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area--south1
2020-06-18 07:22Woodland Water Pollution Control Facility1
2020-07-05 07:40Peckham Rd1
2020-06-30 15:08Sycamore Grove Park1
2020-06-15 09:10Moonglow Dairy1
2020-06-09 21:34Garland Ranch Regional Park--Terrace Trail1
2020-06-09 20:42Garland Ranch Regional Park--East Ridge redwoods1
2020-06-12 05:11Dow Wetlands Preserve3
2020-06-25 11:30Croak Rd. pasture1
2020-06-09 15:42Merk Rd.2
2020-06-30 10:01Cache Creek Preserve1
2020-06-14 09:21Ed Levin CP--Sandy Wool-Elm areas1
2020-06-22 07:23Poundstone Rd. North1
2020-06-14 11:01Palo Corona RP--Rancho Cañada & South Bank Trail1
2020-06-26 06:03Canyon Heights Dr.1
2020-06-11 16:54Don Edwards NWR--Env. Ed. Ctr. (EEC) and nearby upland areas1
2020-06-08 08:48Don Edwards NWR (SCL Co.) (please use a more specific hotspot where possible)1
2020-07-03 10:35Mission Adobe Nursery1
2020-06-14 15:47Markham Nature Area2
2020-07-04 18:20Shell Ridge Open Space1
2020-06-20 12:30DeLaveaga Park--south side2
2020-07-01 09:40UC Santa Cruz--Arboretum1
2020-06-21 15:01Sacramento NWR--Auto Tour Route1
2020-07-05 08:58Benicia City Cemetery1
2020-06-16 21:57Stanford University--Escondido Village1
2020-07-02 19:03Sand Hill Bluff1
2020-06-10 21:15Lake Merritt3
2020-07-01 09:54Ano Nuevo SP--Visitors Center, Elephant Seals and all trails1
2020-06-12 20:45Glen Canyon Park5
2020-06-30 13:19Presidio--Southeast1
2020-06-27 09:07Blufftop Coastal Park and Poplar Beach2
2020-07-03 17:30Presidio--Julius Kahn Playground1
2020-07-02 11:45Hamilton Wetlands1
2020-06-25 09:45Tolay Regional Park1
2020-06-22 08:58Ellis Creek Water Recyling Facility1
2020-06-11 08:15Muir Beach3
2020-06-20 22:12Cypress Hill Memorial Park1
2020-06-14 09:51NE Sundial Rd.1
2020-07-02 04:00Marymoor Park1
2020-06-14 13:05Pt. Reyes--Mendoza Ranch (B Ranch)1
2020-06-10 22:05Salmon Creek Road1
2020-06-26 07:38Magnuson Park1
2020-06-10 16:05Schmeer Rd. Slough Trail1
2020-07-02 21:03Discovery Park2
2020-07-05 07:30Leque Island--Eide Rd.1
2020-06-25 20:49Sauvie Island--NW Oak Island Rd.2
2020-06-20 21:10University of Oregon--Agate Hall1
2020-06-12 23:22Hendy Woods SP1
2020-06-11 14:40Barlow Point Road, Longview1
2020-06-22 21:30Discovery Bay5
2020-06-21 21:20Ediz Hook2
2020-06-10 04:14Neskowin Area1
2020-06-28 06:00Lynn Point Rd, Nemah1
2020-06-17 19:16RN Lomas de Lachay1
2020-06-30 05:46Goiânia--Reserva Caraíbas1
2020-06-28 17:06Goiânia--Fazenda Baixa Verde (acesso restrito)1
2020-06-14 15:09Refugio Ecologico Caiman
2020-06-20RPPN Reserva Natural Pousada das Araras3
2020-06-25 22:59Lençóis--Encontro dos Rios1
2020-06-25 13:00Lagoa dos Gatos--área geral1
2020-06-24 22:30Lagoa dos Gatos--área urbana1
2020-06-13 21:11Finca La Soñada1
2020-06-21 23:55Martinópolis--Chácara e resquício de mata1
2020-06-07 06:06Pompéu--área geral2
2020-06-15 22:00São Manuel--área urbana4
2020-06-15 22:30Parque da Paz1
2020-06-11 07:03RN Estuário do Tejo--EVOA--área geral (acesso condicionado)1
2020-06-19 14:46Lezíria Grande de Vila Franca de Xira--área geral (acesso condicionado)1
2020-06-21 02:15Lezíria Grande de Vila Franca de Xira--Arrozais da Giganta (acesso condicionado)7
2020-06-13 06:30Quinta da Atalaya (acesso condicionado)2
2020-07-05 21:43RN Estuário do Tejo--Monte de Pancas1
2020-06-28 23:12CIUG--Istmo norte (Restringido)1
2020-07-05 22:29RN Lagoas de Santo André e da Sancha--Costa de Santo André1
2020-06-25 21:45PN Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina--Monte do Zambujeiro1
2020-06-18 20:45PN Litoral Norte--mata de pinheiro e folhosas entre Fão e Apúlia1
2020-07-01 18:56Piranga
2020-06-21 21:43Barrinha de Esmoriz1
2020-07-05 02:51Vale das Devesas (Sul)1
2020-07-04Senhora de Oliveira--área geral1
2020-06-16 22:00Alvalade1
2020-06-15 22:00Itatiba--Lagoa do Jardim Leonor1
2020-06-20 19:56Epicentro Dalva--Chalé1
2020-06-10 23:56Delfim Moreira--Barra1
2020-06-27 12:40Monteiro Lobato--Chácara Morada dos Sonhos1
2020-06-28 12:29Vargem Grande Paulista--CLAM1
2020-06-26 22:58Pindamonhangaba--Bosque do Condomínio Colonial Village1
2020-06-10 19:00Defesa1
2020-06-22 23:00Vinhó2
2020-06-30 23:25Póvoa e Meadas1
2020-06-26 13:00Castelo de Noudar1
2020-07-05 01:04Atenor1
2020-06-13 15:50Doñana PN--Huerta Tejada1
2020-06-24 08:00San Muñoz--Río Huebra1
2020-07-04 04:29Plasencia--Casco histórico1
2020-06-21 22:51Plasencia--Coto de los Monges2
2020-07-01 00:22Plasencia--Parque de la Isla1
2020-06-25 23:10Santa Ana--Pueblo1
2020-06-29 22:32Santa Marta de Tormes--Río Tormes1
2020-06-06 11:52Lagunas de Villafáfila RNat--Revellinos-Laguna de La Fuente2
2020-06-29 18:35Azud de Riolobos2
2020-06-23 22:25Fuentes de Nava--Pueblo1
2020-06-25 20:30Rosewall Hill1
2020-06-19 06:30Desembocadura del Guadalhorce--Área General2
2020-06-08 07:30College Reservoir1
2020-06-06 22:43Matabuena1
2020-06-10 23:40Valle del Arlanza--Quintanilla del Agua y Tordueles2
2020-06-09 18:30Olmos de Atapuerca--Quejigar y alrededores4
2020-07-05 09:54Laguna de las Yeguas2
2020-06-09 00:30Glen Lean
2020-06-28 17:30Laguna Melincué y lagunas adyacentes (AICA SF06)1
2020-06-14 13:22Camino monjita castaña de ruta 8 a 902
2020-06-29 07:45Humedal de Matamala de Almazán2
2020-06-25 08:11Matute de Almazán1
2020-07-01 23:30Urdaibai Reserva de la Biosfera--San Kristobal1
2020-06-20 00:21Zumaia2
2020-06-21 10:30Oiartzun--Mendibil Txara1
2020-06-14 13:12Lunt Meadows LWT Reserve
2020-06-26 21:10Marton Mere LNR1
2020-07-02 21:45Edge Scar Lane Footpath2
2020-06-10 09:30Martin Mere WWT Reserve1
2020-06-24 06:47Alners Gorse Butterfly Reserve1
2020-06-12 04:33Dairy House Meadows
2020-06-22 07:20Neumann's Flashes1
2020-06-20 19:30Dancing Ledge2
2020-06-25 00:01Bishop's Wood (Staffs)
2020-07-02 21:00Sandbach Flashes1
2020-06-25 08:40Embalse de Yesa1
2020-06-24 03:05Stocks Reservoir3
2020-06-09 17:31Laguna de Villena2
2020-06-28 18:00Dryburgh Abbey1
2020-06-06 14:55Feckenham Wylde Moor WWT NR1
2020-06-09 21:19Teggs Nose Wood1
2020-07-02 20:04Peak District NP--Macclesfield Forest3
2020-06-12 17:27Waterside Flash, New Mills3
2020-06-19 18:25Monynut Forest1
2020-06-06 18:45Embalse de La Sotonera--Alberca de Alboré2
2020-06-22 09:00Peak District NP--Underhill Farm, Elkstone1
2020-06-13 17:10Woodhead Reservoir1
2020-07-01 08:24Soil Hill1
2020-06-18 00:50L'Albufera PNat--Marjales de Alfalfar1
2020-06-08 07:00Lower Baybridge Lane1
2020-06-15 21:38Beeley Moor1
2020-07-01 18:44Beeley Triangle1
2020-07-05 22:52Sipán--Pueblo1
2020-06-16 04:20Holy Island--The Snook1
2020-06-06 21:06River Dearne Trail1
2020-06-24 05:29Druridge Pools NR2
2020-07-02 08:12Cresswell Pond NWT NR1
2020-06-15 19:11Holywell Pond NR1
2020-06-23 21:28Shackleford Farmland1
2020-06-20 06:00Eyebrook Reservoir1
2020-07-04 08:04Teesside South Gare1
2020-06-18 16:56Trent Port2
2020-07-03 20:21North York Moors NP1
2020-06-16 09:35Scaling Dam1
2020-06-08 05:40Baston Gravel Pits1
2020-06-21 20:51Holme Fen NNR1
2020-06-21 23:53Woodwalton Fen NNR1
2020-06-14 19:16Kings Meads HMWT NR1
2020-06-19 22:30RN 2000 Secans Belianes-Preixana--Area general2
2020-06-22 17:54Arlington Reservoir1
2020-07-04 14:02Filey Dams1
2020-06-19 09:04Primrose Valley (Stream and woods)1
2020-06-13 06:37Filey Brigg Country Park2
2020-06-29 04:00Hunmanby Gap1
2020-07-02 19:30River Darent-River Thames Confluence1
2020-06-18 14:02Frampton Marsh RSPB Reserve1
2020-06-08 18:47Ditton Meadows1
2020-07-04 10:34Bempton Cliffs RSPB Reserve1
2020-06-16 22:46Domaine de la Galinière1
2020-06-27 06:00Flamborough Head1
2020-06-22 06:39Wicken Fen NNR2
2020-07-02 18:27Wicken Fen NNR--Baker's Fen
2020-07-05 17:00Spurn Point NNR1
2020-06-28Etang de la Mazère3
2020-06-27 11:18Snettisham RSPB Reserve1
2020-06-23 05:13Shouldham Farmland1
2020-07-04 22:12Weeting Heath NNR1
2020-06-14 15:40Ringstead Downs NWT NR1
2020-06-19 22:29Cockley Cley Parish1
2020-06-17 21:18West Acre Scrape and Common2
2020-06-17 10:46Bures (Countryside)
2020-07-05 19:20Oare Marshes LNR1
2020-07-02 23:56Rue du Bois Breton1
2020-06-23 06:06Colne Point EWT NR1
2020-06-21 12:15North Point/Warham Freshmarsh1
2020-06-10 10:04Cathedral Meadows1
2020-06-17 20:09Stour Estuary--North Shore (Suffolk)1
2020-06-18 20:30Beech Grove (Restricted access)1
2020-07-05 10:41Holkham NNR--Morston Marshes1
2020-06-16Cley & Salthouse Marshes NWT NR--Cley Marshes1
2020-06-12 05:35Sandwich Bay1
2020-06-13 19:32East Lane, Bawdsey1
2020-06-26 06:29Hollesley Marshes RSPB Reserve1
2020-06-27 16:00Ea. San Antonio Viejo1
2020-06-18 23:19Nationaal Park Texel--Ploeglanden Staatsbossen1
2020-06-18 23:34Casa de Paul1
2020-06-23 06:00El Calafate (AICA SC12)1
2020-06-17 16:52Gypsy Cove2
2020-07-01Bihari-sík, Palocsa (Sárréti-canal moorland)--Berettyóújfalu1
2020-07-01 22:12Biebrza NP--Goniądz area1
2020-06-14 22:40Agkidia Fields (Naxos)2
2020-06-21 22:30Alexandroupolis
2020-06-27 18:21Bixad1
2020-06-08 22:29Skalla Kalonis, settlement area1
2020-07-04 19:00Kocaeli: İzmit: Akmeşe1
2020-06-09 06:00Kfar HaRif reservoir מאגר כפר הרי"ף15
2020-07-02 18:15Yakum Flood1
2020-06-06 09:40Tzuba--Shoresh Reservoir מאגר צובה שורש1
2020-06-18 01:33Midreshet Ben-Gurion מדרשת בן גוריון1
2020-06-06 20:19Ne'ot Hakikar fields and saltmarsh==נאות הכיכר שדות ומלחה1
2020-06-28 20:30Be'et Shean Valley--general area עמק בית שאן אזור כללי7
2020-06-29 17:30Kfar Ruppin western fields כפר רופין שדות מערביים6
2020-07-02 20:27Scenic Route Jordan River==דרך נוף גאון הירדן9
2020-06-26 11:09Hula Valley--Lake Agmon אגמון החולה2
2020-07-04 14:00Azraq Wetland Reserve1
2020-06-22 10:52Nata Bird Sanctuary2
2020-06-21 17:54Joint Base Balad1
2020-07-04 19:30Jebel Qarra (جبل القارة)1
2020-06-15 17:41Kuleni Conservancy1
2020-06-19 17:00Al Jimi Oasis3
2020-07-01 23:23Balaji Park Society1
2020-06-21 23:30Shivaji park1
2020-06-21 17:06Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay1
2020-06-28 06:30Baner Hill, Pune2
2020-06-12 23:10Riverside road, Anandnagar, Pune1
2020-06-19 01:45Pinjore--Haryana1
2020-06-21 06:15South East Noida -- Kulesara2
2020-06-16 22:30Mysore City Bird Atlas 13A, Gokulam 1st Main Road1
2020-06-24 19:41Attipedika1
2020-07-01 20:17Kasthuri Naickenpalayam Region1
2020-06-12 23:41Good Earth Malhar1
2020-07-01 00:00Sunkadakatte1
2020-06-24 19:15GKVK Campus, Bangalore2
2020-06-19 19:07Vrishabhavati River1
2020-07-04 05:18Canara Bank Layout1
2020-06-18 20:15Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore1
2020-06-19 05:05Sahakaranagara, Bangalore1
2020-06-28 05:24Indian Institute of Management (IIM)2
2020-06-19 06:00Junona lake, Chandrapur1
2020-07-02 19:28Bhupal housing colony1
2020-06-28 19:43Debarawewa Lake1
2020-07-05 20:00Sangla and Area1
2020-06-19 01:00ATM Road, Bhawanipur1
2020-06-19 21:14Hatibagan (Kolkata)3
2020-06-23 13:50Jaguli grassland1
2020-06-18 08:00Ban Chong Kho3
2020-07-03 20:17Great Northern Highway (Roebuck Plains)2
2020-06-13 20:00Waddy Acacia, Eyre Developmental Rd, Qld1
2020-06-12 11:00Gorge Wildlife Park1
2020-06-23 08:06Forever Wild Shared Earth Reserve (restricted access)1
2020-06-15 21:00Kazim Road, Kairi2
2020-07-03 20:00Wyperfeld National Park
2020-06-30 08:30Little Desert National Park2
2020-06-09 18:27Wyperfeld National Park--Wonga Camp Ground1
2020-06-16 19:40Little Desert National Park--Salt Lake1
2020-06-13 19:23Western Treatment Plant1
2020-07-04 07:34Weethalle1
2020-06-13 00:35Mulwala1
2020-06-06 18:00Capertee Valley--'Binalong' (restricted access)1
2020-07-03 17:53Thiess Memorial Park (Heifer Creek)1
2020-07-04Tooloom National Park
2020-06-16 22:12Mount Ninderry1
2020-06-26 09:00Wonboyn Lake Village1
2020-06-25 18:30Mummel Gulf NP--New Country Swamp1
2020-06-19 19:20Silana1