The African paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone viridis) is a medium-sized passerine bird with a very long tail. It is a common resident breeder in Africa south of the Sahara Desert. The male is boldly coloured in chestnut and black and the female is rather more drab. This bird feeds mainly on insects and builds a tiny cup nest in a tree where two or three eggs are laid. This species is usually found in open forests and savannah habitats and the International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed it as being of "least concern".
African Paradise-Flycatcher
Date Location Count
2021-02-14 08:44Parc Urbain Bangr-Weoogo4
2021-02-15 06:24Atewa Range--upland forest & ridge1
2021-02-17 06:22Shai Hills Resource Reserve2
2021-02-27 09:01Mbam Minkoum
2021-02-21 09:00Bassera (Ancien village)3
2021-02-21 08:17Forêt du Zoo de Brazzaville
2021-03-01 10:19Windhoek National Botanical Gardens1
2021-02-08 16:00Bwindi-Impenetrable Forest NP--Entrance Road2
2021-02-12 08:13Bwindi-Impenetrable Forest NP--Waterfall Walk1
2021-02-17 08:58Kinunu Kivu Lodge1
2021-02-17 08:00Bwindi-Impenetrable Forest NP--Buhoma3
2021-02-27 09:10Gisakura Tea Factory & Forest2
2021-02-25 08:45Gisakura Park Reception-- Ndambarare Trail2
2021-02-07 07:54Amajambere Iwacu Community Camp2
2021-02-16 11:33Nyungwe NP--Uwinka1
2021-02-25 06:07Rangiro Road1
2021-02-06 07:20Mgahinga NP2
2021-02-14 10:10Bwindi-Impenetrable NP--Ruhija2
2021-02-15 08:40Bwindi-Impenetrable NP--Bamboo Zone1
2021-02-19 10:16Kibale Forest NP1
2021-02-08 09:02Bigodi Community Walk1
2021-02-20 07:49Nyabarongo River @ RN12
2021-02-25 09:00Budongo Forest Reserve--Royal Mile1
2021-02-24 05:29Okavango Delta--Mombo/Little Mombo Camp1
2021-01-31 20:23Nkima Forest Lodge2
2021-02-08 08:30Mabamba Swamp--Main channel1
2021-02-25 16:15Entebbe Botanical Garden1
2021-02-06 10:05Uganda Wildlife Education Centre2
2021-02-28 07:42Lutembe Bay Ramsar Site9
2021-02-26 15:00Kasane Self Catering1
2021-02-21 08:18Moroto (Village)1
2021-02-17 06:29Lake Victoria--Mfangano Island1
2021-02-24 14:48Rusinga Island Lodge1
2021-02-17 17:58Ruma NP (public access section, incl. Northwest Gate)1
2021-02-15 15:45Homa Bay Tourist Hotel and Pier1
2021-02-03 07:15Kakamega Forest NR (General)2
2021-02-13 16:30Kakamega Forest NR--Rondo Retreat Lodge
2021-02-20 07:40Lilayi Lodge
2021-02-26 05:59Angama Lodge (Ol Kurruk)3
2021-02-14 06:30Maasai Mara NR* general (pls. use more precise loc.)3
2021-02-05 16:20Maasai Mara NR--Aruba Mara Camp & Talek Gate1
2021-02-19 14:23Konso--Kanta Lodge1
2021-02-27 10:36Lake Kariba @ Siavonga
2021-02-07 11:40Menagesha Forest1
2021-02-17 16:51St Andrews Turi, KE (-0.279, 35.764)1
2021-02-28 06:30Kapishya Hot Springs Lodge1
2021-02-01 07:00Lake Nakuru NP3
2021-02-08 15:03Lake Awassa--United Africa Shebelle Hotel area1
2021-02-24 09:31Mutinondo Wilderness1
2021-02-18 10:38Lake Elementaita--Serena Camp (formerly Delamere Camp)2
2021-02-06 12:29Eburru Hills1
2021-02-27 10:58Ngorongoro Conservation Area--Elephant Cave Trail1
2021-02-27 09:05Gibbs Farm1
2021-02-27 15:50Ataye Wetlands1
2021-02-04 05:58Spanish Farm Guest Lodge1
2021-02-20 06:41South Luangwa NP--Mfuwe Lodge1
2021-02-27 14:20U of N Kabete Campus & Field Station (incl. Loresho Swamp)1
2021-02-21 07:00Kfeet, Wetlands & Lily Lake, Karura Forest6
2021-02-24 07:56Nairobi River @ National Museums of Kenya (incl. Boulevard Hotel)3
2021-02-21 07:06Nairobi NP
2021-02-07 07:38Mt. Kenya NP--Castle Forest and Lodge2
2021-02-19 08:00Bulawayo--Aisleby Sewage Works1
2021-02-06 07:36Lake Duluti7
2021-02-11 06:57Sandberg Fynbos Reserve1
2021-02-14 09:07Mandegee farm1
2021-02-28 15:13Marakele NP2
2021-02-26 05:49Kgomo-Kgomo1
2021-02-08 20:08Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden--Ruimsig Falls1
2021-02-09 15:00Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden3
2021-02-09 05:49Diepsloot Nature Reserve1
2021-02-20 12:51Dainfern2
2021-03-01 12:15Golden Harvest Park2
2021-02-17 11:45Norscot Koppies Kingfisher Nature Reserve1
2021-02-10 06:39Rietfontein Nature Reserve2
2021-02-18 11:23University of Pretoria--Experimental Farm3
2021-02-20 06:33Roodeplaat Dam Nature Reserve2
2021-02-03 06:45Naturena1
2021-02-07 05:57Rietvlei Nature Reserve2
2021-02-18 08:22Ebenezer Dam1
2021-02-19 09:20Kruger NP--Mahonie Loop/S991
2021-02-27 14:25Mtwapa--Ngamani1
2021-02-07 08:40Nguuni Nature Sanctuary1
2021-02-19 05:16Kruger NP--Punda Maria Camp1
2021-02-08 11:10Kruger NP--Pafuri Picnic Site1
2021-02-14 07:39Lower Tana River Delta
2021-02-21 05:11Kruger NP--Bateleur Bushveld Camp1
2021-02-17 18:17Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate1
2021-02-11 06:27Hazyview--Kruger Park Lodge2
2021-02-11 05:13Singita Ebony Lodge1
2021-02-26 18:03Kruger NP--Pretoriuskop Rest Camp1
2021-02-06 21:06Kruger NP--Skukuza Camp1
2021-02-11 13:46Hlane Royal NP--Ndlovu Camp1
2021-02-26 13:18Hilton--Doreen Clark NR1
2021-02-28 11:42Albert Falls NR4
2021-02-09 12:00Pietermaritzburg--Wylie Park1
2021-02-12 00:00Pietermaritzburg--General area1
2021-02-13 05:59Pietermaritzburg--Bisley Road1
2021-02-13 07:08Pietermaritzburg--Bisley Valley NR2
2021-02-21 06:58Nkandla FR4
2021-02-07 05:34Manyoni GR (please be more specific)2
2021-02-21 11:33Eshowe--Dlinza Forest2
2021-02-27 10:00Durban - Pigeon Valley3
2021-01-31 16:30Durban--Botanical Gardens1
2021-02-20 14:45Umhlanga Lagoon NR1
2021-03-01 09:09Phinda GR4
2021-02-28 06:30Nibela Floodplains