The spectacled monarch (Symposiachrus trivirgatus) is a species of bird in the Monarchidae family. It is found in Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical mangrove forests, and subtropical or tropical moist montane forests.
Spectacled Monarch
Date Location Count
2019-12-03 09:35Pajinka Rd at -10.74666, 142.514724
2019-12-02 07:07Iron Range National Park--Old Coen track1
2019-11-30 16:53Iron Range National Park--Rainforest Camping Site1
2019-11-30 12:35Iron Range National Park--Cooks Hut camping area2
2019-12-08 16:17Iron Range National Park-- Portland Roads Rd at -12.73434, 143.284712
2019-12-01 05:45Iron Range National Park--Cooks Hut to Gordon Creek2
2019-11-30 13:58Iron Range National Park--Gordon Creek Campsites 1 & 22
2019-12-01 10:37Iron Range National Park--Chili Beach1
2019-12-04 08:40Walker Bay Rainforest Rd2
2019-12-05 14:31Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge4
2019-12-03 09:55Julatten3
2019-12-02 10:46Feathers 'n' Friends Cottage (Julatten)4
2019-12-10 18:05Euluma Creek Rd, Julatten at -16.56237, 145.38771 (restricted access)1
2019-11-28 08:35Barron Gorge National Park--Wrights Lookout1
2019-12-09 10:03Platypus Park, Atherton2
2019-12-04 15:32Davies Creek National Park--Upper Davies Creek camping area1
2019-12-11 08:42Hasties Swamp National Park1
2019-11-29 14:00Bonadio RV Park2
2019-12-03 06:23Peterson Creek (Yungaburra)1
2019-12-07 06:55Malanda Falls Conservation Park--1km loop walk1
2019-12-07 13:32Ringtail Crossing Nature Refuge (restricted access)1
2019-11-29 06:22Crater Lakes National Park--Lake Barrine4
2019-12-07 07:06Crater Lakes National Park--Lake Eacham2
2019-12-09 07:57Little Mulgrave Valley1
2019-12-02 16:20Crater Lakes National Park--Chambers Rainforest Lodge2
2019-11-29 06:22Eubenangee Swamp National Park2
2019-12-05 15:13Star Valley Lookout at -19.01388, 146.180551
2019-12-08 05:54Paluma Village2
2019-12-05 16:24McClelland's Lookout, Paluma2
2019-12-05 13:30Little Crystal Creek - Mt Spec Rd2
2019-12-02 05:30Chelmans Rd, Eungella at -21.03944, 148.570831
2019-12-02 16:38Dalrymple Rd at -21.06390, 148.570301
2019-12-10 07:33Finch Hatton Gorge2
2019-12-01 10:06Highfields Falls2
2019-11-30 08:50Prince Henry Heights Park, Toowoomba1
2019-12-08 11:39Mt Mee State Forest--Mill Rainforest Board Walk1
2019-12-07 07:16Mary Cairncross Reserve1
2019-11-30 05:55Peachester--Stanley River Park1
2019-12-10 06:10Noosa National Park--Palm Grove Circuit
2019-12-09 05:12Buderim Forest Park--Upper Carpark2
2019-11-27 06:00D'Aguilar National Park--Maiala Loop Walk4
2019-11-29 12:39D'Aguilar National Park--Westside Track1
2019-12-01 06:21D'Aguilar National Park--Boombana1
2019-12-04 04:43Lake Samsonvale--Golds Scrub Lane (some areas restricted access)1
2019-12-11 06:55Caboolture Region Environmental Education Centre1
2019-12-10 05:35Samford Eco Corridor1
2019-12-08 05:00The Crossing (restricted access)1
2019-12-08 06:44Gold Creek Reservoir3
2019-12-10 06:00Bunya Crossing Reserve2
2019-12-08 04:55Cabbage Tree Creek (Aspley)1
2019-12-04 04:40Banks Street Reserve1
2019-12-10 10:00Springbrook National Park--Natural Bridge2
2019-12-07 13:43Springbrook National Park--Settlement Day Use Area2
2019-12-01 06:27Davenport Park, Bonogin Rd East1
2019-12-08 06:09Rocky Creek Dam3
2019-12-01 09:24Ellenborough Reserve1
2019-12-07 09:56Coffs Harbour Botanical Gardens1
2019-12-05 14:00Quarry Street Track, South West Rocks Creek1
2019-12-07 10:15Boyters Lane, Jerseyville1
2019-12-06 07:42Myall Lakes National Park--Rainforest Walk2
2019-12-02 06:10Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park1
2019-12-07 10:30Sea Acres Nature Reserve1