The eastern Orphean warbler (Sylvia crassirostris) is a typical warbler of the genus Sylvia. This species occurs in summer around the Mediterranean, through the Balkans via Turkey, the Caucasus and surrounding regions to Central Asia. It is migratory, wintering in sub-Saharan Africa.

At 15–16 cm length—somewhat larger than a blackcap—this is one of the largest species of typical warblers. The adult males have a plain grey back. The bill is long and pointed and the legs black. The male has a dark grey head, black eye mask, and white throat. The iris is white. Females and immatures have a paler head and reddish underparts; their grey back has a brownish tinge. The iris is dark in young birds. The song is a series of warbling liroo-liroo and scolding notes. Song is more varied than the western Orphean warbler, approaching Nightingale in richness.

These small passerine birds are found in open deciduous woodland. 4–6 eggs are laid in a nest in a bush or tree. Like most "warblers", The eastern Orphean warbler is an insectivore.

Eastern Orphean Warbler
Date Location Count
2020-11-03 05:55International Birding and Research Center Eilat (IBRCE) מרכז הצפרות הבינלאומי אילת1
2020-11-22 09:13Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary1
2020-11-24 12:09Desert NP--Sudasari1
2020-11-19 06:51Bena, Near Suruchi Beach1
2020-11-11 07:15ARAI Hills (Vetal Tekdi)1
2020-11-07 06:40Mayureshwar WLS2
2020-11-22 07:30Babaji Ki Paal--Kanota Dam1
2020-11-24 13:20Ankasamudra Bird Sanctuary1
2020-11-28 09:01Hampi1
2020-11-28 11:03Tungabhadra Right Canal1
2020-11-05 16:30Kole Wetlands--Alapad1
2020-11-05 12:39Kole Wetands --Chenam2
2020-11-15 07:37Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve1
2020-11-29 08:06Madhure Kere1
2020-11-06 07:52Uppar Dam1