The red-eyed dove (Streptopelia semitorquata) is a pigeon which is a widespread resident breeding bird in Africa south of the Sahara. It is a common, if not abundant, species in most habitats other than desert.

This species builds a stick nest in a tree and lays two white eggs. Its flight is quick, with the regular beats and an occasional sharp flick of the wings which are characteristic of pigeons in general.

Red-eyed dove is a largish, stocky pigeon, typically 30 cm (12 inches) in length. Its back, wings and tail are pale brown. When flying, it shows blackish flight feathers. The head and underparts are dark vinous-pink, shading to pale grey on the face. There is a black hind neck patch edged with white. The legs and a patch of bare skin around the eye are red. The call is a loud doo-doo-du-du.

Sexes are similar, but juveniles are duller than adults, and have scalloping on the body feathers.

Red-eyed doves eat grass seeds, grains and other vegetation. They often forage on the ground.

Like several other species in this genus, they are not particularly gregarious and often feed alone or in pairs.They can be found in forests near rivers.

The Red-eyed dove is part of the pigeon family. It is a relative of the turtledove of North Africa and Europe. Females lay two white eggs at a time.

Red-eyed Dove
Date Location Count
2020-02-20 08:00Deni Biram Ndao (dunes)2
2020-02-21 16:00RN de Somone--Lodge de Dalaal Diam2
2020-02-12 14:15Tanji Bird Reserve1
2020-02-02 12:06Tujereng Lagoon
2020-02-11 16:26Brufut Woods1
2020-02-13 17:58Senegambia Hotel Gardens and Beach5
2020-02-13 15:19Kotu Creek--Bridge and Mouth10
2020-02-17 07:30Kotu Creek2
2020-02-13 08:55Abuko NR15
2020-02-18 08:12Toubacouta--Mangrove et brousse1
2020-02-15 08:40Kartong Wetland40
2020-02-03 20:00Banjul International Airport1
2020-02-14 12:35Marakissa Rivercamp1
2020-02-14 07:45Farasuto Forest Community Nature Reserve5
2020-02-18 08:30Pirang Forest NP
2020-02-10 07:45Finto Manares Forest Park10
2020-02-04 08:17Diembéring--Ecoparc
2020-01-29 16:00Kabrousse
2020-02-04 15:32Kagnout--Marais
2020-02-03 08:06Forêt de Djibelor (Eaux et Forêts)
2020-02-14 10:43Gamadji Saré2
2020-02-11 07:45Baobolong Wetland5
2020-02-15 13:00Tendaba--Soccer Fields and Bird-hide with Pool2
2020-02-06 16:42Campement de Wassadou4
2020-02-05 08:20Mole NP--general (use more specific hot spot if possible)1
2020-02-21 06:30Antwikwaa--forest edge & farm scrub2
2020-02-06 06:45Ebekawopa (Abrafo)--'farm scrub' habitat2
2020-02-01 06:15Ebekawopa (Abrafo)--"stingless bee center" forest patch1
2020-02-02 15:20Winneba Plains5
2020-02-17 06:01Achimota Forest and Accra Zoo4
2020-02-08 06:30Achimota Forest3
2020-02-08 15:30Volta River--at Atiboah1
2020-02-02 07:00Shai Hills RR -- Kandra Route2
2020-01-29 07:43Shai Hills Resource Reserve2
2020-02-02 15:00Sakumono Lagoon4
2020-01-28 07:40IITA Forest Reserve and Lake4
2020-01-27 07:30Majak Urban Forest and Animal Sanctuary4
2020-01-26 10:28Parque Nacional del Pico Basilé--Bosque de 2000m1
2020-02-20 17:15Bata--Paseo Marítimo y Centro1
2020-02-02 17:59Yaounde Golf Club
2020-02-18 07:03American University of Central Africa (AUCA)5
2020-02-15 16:11Grand Hotel Djibloho1
2020-02-21 13:07Tambuti Lodge1
2020-02-11 11:25Rundu WTP1
2020-02-18 18:05Popa Falls20
2020-02-13 07:02Queen Elizabeth II NP1
2020-02-01 16:00Queen Elizabeth II NP--Kazinga Channel5
2020-02-09 10:46Volcanoes NP--Headquarters1
2020-02-18 16:03Mgahinga NP3
2020-02-03 07:15Chimpanzee Guesthouse10
2020-02-18 10:23Bigodi Swamp6
2020-02-05 07:05Murchison Falls NP--north side (Paraa to Albert Nile swamps)6
2020-02-05 14:00Murchison Falls NP--Boat trip Paraa to Murchison Falls2
2020-01-26 06:47Nyabarongo River
2020-02-07 07:50Murchison Falls NP--Murchison Falls vicinity3
2020-01-28 08:00Lake Mburo NP--Entrance Road6
2020-02-07 08:00Lake Mburo NP2
2020-02-20 10:00Akagera NP--Mutumba Hills Campsite
2020-02-19 08:30Akagera NP (southern area)
2020-02-14 09:25Bum Hill Campsite4
2020-01-29 16:12Belmond Eagle Island Lodge10
2020-02-13 15:20Katima Mulilo WTP4
2020-02-15 06:31Nkima Forest Lodge2
2020-02-15 08:45Mabamba Swamp2
2020-02-04 06:35Mabamba Swamp--Main channel2
2020-01-27 15:30Entebbe Intl Airport4
2020-02-22 10:27Gorilla Africa Guest House1
2020-02-03 18:23Lake Victoria View Guest House2
2020-02-05 15:46Boma Guesthouse2
2020-02-22 14:16Entebbe Botanical Garden1
2020-02-12 07:40Sheraton Gardens (Kampala)8
2020-02-09 10:43Lutembe Bay Ramsar Site1
2020-01-27 06:35Chobe NP (Savuti region)1
2020-01-28 06:56Moremi--River Kwai (north side)2
2020-02-17 06:39Kafue NP--McBrides Camp2
2020-02-03 07:45Chobe NP (Please be more specific)1
2020-01-25 06:22Cresta Mowana Lodge2
2020-02-21 16:38Imbabala Safari Camp1
2020-02-17 05:45Zambezi NP3
2020-02-22 05:59Camp Nkwazi11
2020-02-05 06:30Tongabezi Lodge and River Club2
2020-02-10 16:59Gondar -- Fasilides' Bath5
2020-01-28 05:45Mosi-oa-Tunya NP3
2020-02-14 15:58Gondar Hill Resort4
2020-02-09 15:34Zambesi river cruise (ZW side)2
2020-02-16 15:35Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe side)2
2020-02-09 07:35Bahir Dar10
2020-02-10 06:20Lake Tana Hotel10
2020-01-30 15:15Kongelai Escarpment2
2020-02-22 11:21Serengeti NP--Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp1
2020-02-19 06:02Hwange National Park--Hwange Main Camp2
2020-02-08 06:21Kasanka NP2
2020-02-02 06:49Maasai Mara NR--Mara Triangle2
2020-02-04 07:15Masaai Mara NR--Mara River (North)1
2020-02-12 11:35Kliphoek Salt Pans1
2020-02-21 06:59Serengeti NP--Lake Magadi1
2020-02-13 06:30Serengeti NP10
2020-02-15 09:16West Coast NP--Geelbek hides vicinity
2020-02-02 10:00Sululta Plain
2020-02-07 11:54National Museum of Ethiopia1
2020-02-07 14:44Hilton Addis Ababa1
2020-02-03 07:22Addis Ababa--Bole International Airport3
2020-02-11 07:30Ngorongoro Conservation Area--Ndutu (general area)2
2020-02-16 17:00Addis Ababa--ILRI Campus4
2020-02-03 08:30Kecha--South
2020-01-31 16:06Lake Nakuru NP2
2020-02-19 08:08Lake Awassa7
2020-01-31 07:20Abidjatta-Shalla NP2
2020-02-19 09:33Lake Awassa Fish Market4
2020-02-01 07:15Hawassa Lake Promenade1
2020-02-08 06:18Lake Awassa--United Africa Shebelle Hotel area1
2020-02-08 11:40Haile Resort1
2020-02-18 09:47Lake Cheleleka--NE viewpoint2
2020-01-30 14:30Nyahururu (incl. Thomson's Falls)1
2020-02-12 07:00Ngorongoro Conservation Area2
2020-02-20 06:59Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden
2020-02-05 05:30Klaasenbosch Trail2
2020-02-21 08:30Rondevlei Nature Reserve4
2020-02-16 06:30Ngorongoro Conservation Area--Ngorongoro Crater2
2020-02-05 14:02Strandfontein WTP2
2020-02-06 06:31Tulbagh Local Nature Reserve4
2020-02-17 09:35Ngorongoro Plantation1
2020-02-04 09:12Paarl Mountain--Meulwater Wildflower Garden3
2020-02-14 09:00Silver Tree Gorge Natural Heritage Site2
2020-02-08 15:36Dick Dent Bird Sanctuary7
2020-02-03 06:10Rooi-Els2
2020-02-15 06:55Lake Manyara NP (Manyara)
2020-02-03 11:00Stony Point--Penguin Colony2
2020-02-03 11:50Harold Porter Botanical Gardens2
2020-01-27 07:40Paradise Lost2
2020-01-31 07:26Mt. Kenya NP--Serena Mountain Lodge1
2020-02-06 07:22Karura Forest, Muthaiga3
2020-02-09 08:08Nairobi NP--Nagolomon Dam3
2020-02-15 11:04Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club, Marurui1
2020-01-26 13:18Wajee Camp and Mukurweini area3
2020-01-28 12:11Ole Sereni Hotel1
2020-02-22 16:39Safari Park Hotel, Kasarani2
2020-02-22 11:30Nairobi NP1
2020-02-14 16:00Tarangire NP--Tarangire Safari Lodge2
2020-02-19 07:15Tarangire NP--Lemiyon Circuit Grasslands3
2020-02-17 08:15Awash NP--Lodge and Falls2
2020-02-14 06:16Tarangire NP--Matete Picnic Site5
2020-01-26 06:38Awash NP (Please use more specific hotspot)2
2020-02-07 16:00Tarangire NP6
2020-01-29 12:00Tana River bridge1
2020-02-01 07:40Swara Plains Conservancy and Acacia Camp (formerly Hopcraft Ranch/Game Ranching Ltd.)1
2020-02-14 11:15Ruaha NP1
2020-02-16 08:30Magongo Hills12
2020-02-15 06:53Legendary Lodge
2020-02-22 06:30Goba Wabe Shebelle Hotel1
2020-01-25 07:30Gran Melia Arusha Hotel2
2020-02-16 08:04Arusha NP6
2020-02-22 10:05Lake Duluti Lodge2
2020-02-22 06:41Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge2
2020-01-24 14:30Big and Small Momela Lakes1
2020-01-25 08:02Kilimanjaro Golf & Wildlife Estate
2020-02-11 06:35Simba Farm10
2020-02-02 13:47Amboseli NP6
2020-02-19 17:10Potteberg Guest Farm5
2020-02-16 16:58Benfontein Nature Reserve1
2020-02-07 06:00Welgevonden Game Reserve4
2020-01-30 07:32Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve1
2020-01-26 08:09Assen road--Pienaars River bridge1
2020-02-10 10:00Kilombero Swamp2
2020-02-04 10:12Kgomo-Kgomo2
2020-02-11 08:00Hondo Hondo Udzungwa Forest Camp8
2020-02-22 18:15Sagala Lodge/Ndara Ranch1
2020-02-09 06:04Zaagkuildrift Rd (Please be more specific)
2020-02-20 07:47Westonaria general area1
2020-02-08 07:31Soetdoring Nature Reserve1
2020-02-20 07:19Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden3
2020-02-16 06:41Diepsloot Nature Reserve1
2020-02-02 10:34Rooiwal WTP3
2020-02-16 06:49Eagle Canyon Golf Estate7
2020-02-19 09:01Golden Harvest Park2
2020-01-29 16:52Norscot Koppies Kingfisher Nature Reserve1
2020-02-18 08:38Jukskei River2
2020-02-01 07:30Uitvlugt Road
2020-02-15 15:45Rietfontein Nature Reserve4
2020-02-03 09:34President Ridge Bird Sanctuary4
2020-01-31 12:26Bishop Bird Park1
2020-02-17 10:34Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary4
2020-02-10 10:32University of Pretoria--Experimental Farm2
2020-02-03 17:55Candlewoods Wetland1
2020-02-15 12:18Jan Smuts House Museum1
2020-02-18 07:41Rietvlei Nature Reserve
2020-02-22 07:51Kempton Park1
2020-02-15 08:28Modder River bridge, Maselspoort1
2020-02-22 07:27Bronkhorstspruit Dam1
2020-02-22 06:16Wilge River Valley (upper)2
2020-02-15 14:02Marievale Bird Sanctuary1
2020-02-21 08:19Keurbooms River Estuary1
2020-01-25 12:47Qodesh Campground1
2020-01-25 14:51Amanzintaba1
2020-02-03 07:43Selous Game Reserve--Lake Manze1
2020-02-22 08:16Wilge River Valley (MP)1
2020-02-06 09:19Dakatcha Woodlands (Adu area)1
2020-02-16 07:50Nature's Valley1
2020-02-08 10:30Ramisi Sugar Dam
2020-01-24 07:35Lake Jilore2
2020-01-25 06:55Arabuko-Sokoke Forest2
2020-01-25 02:06Kruger NP--Mahonie Loop/S991
2020-02-08 07:33Tiwi Swamp
2020-02-20 13:55Nguuni Nature Sanctuary5
2020-02-10 08:35BoraBora Wildlife Park
2020-02-09 06:22Kongo River Estuary @ Tiwi Beach
2020-01-25 16:30Mida Creek
2020-01-26 06:42Arabuko-Sokoke NP--Kenya Forest Service
2020-01-24 07:01Lake Chem Chem
2020-02-02 06:19Mwamba Field Study Centre
2020-02-12 17:24Lower Tana River Delta3
2020-01-25 15:22Kruger NP--Crooks Corner1
2020-02-13 07:27Tana Delta--Kalota
2020-01-26 05:30Liwonde National Park--Mvuu1
2020-01-26 06:10Liwonde National Park2
2020-02-08 06:55Kruger NP--Babalala Picnic Spot1
2020-02-15 09:37Jozani Chwaka Bay NP1
2020-02-09 06:05Addo Elephant NP--Main Rest Camp1
2020-02-20 07:40EN1--Zangue River2
2020-02-01 06:55Nelspruit--Lowveld National Botanical Garden2
2020-01-29 05:58Nelspruit Nature Reserve1
2020-02-14 07:20Chole Island8
2020-02-16 06:00Kruger NP--S34
2020-02-16 04:00Kruger NP--Voortrekker Rd/H2-2
2020-02-19 07:40Wakkerstroom - Yellow-breasted Pipit Fields (KZN)2
2020-01-30 05:23Kruger NP--Skukuza-Nkuhlu Road/H4-11
2020-01-30 15:35Kruger NP--H12 @ Sabie River1
2020-01-30 06:35Kruger NP--Salitje Rd/S301
2020-02-01 10:28Karkloof Conservancy2
2020-02-08 13:00Karkloof - Lower Rd15
2020-02-05 08:45Cedara Agricultural College Conservancy2
2020-01-30 17:10Tunduru Botanical Gardens5
2020-02-08 12:37Macaneta--Tidal wetland, dune forests and coast1
2020-02-08 16:06Ndumo GR3
2020-02-18 06:30Maputo Elephant Game Reserve
2020-02-01 07:00Maputo Special Reserve--Lagoa Chiguti3
2020-02-15 06:44San Sebastien Peninsula5
2020-02-08 10:00Durban - Point area1
2020-02-05 06:00Phinda GR