The red-eyed dove (Streptopelia semitorquata) is a pigeon which is a widespread resident breeding bird in Africa south of the Sahara. It is a common, if not abundant, species in most habitats other than desert.

This species builds a stick nest in a tree and lays two white eggs. Its flight is quick, with the regular beats and an occasional sharp flick of the wings which are characteristic of pigeons in general.

Red-eyed dove is a largish, stocky pigeon, typically 30 cm (12 inches) in length. Its back, wings and tail are pale brown. When flying, it shows blackish flight feathers. The head and underparts are dark vinous-pink, shading to pale grey on the face. There is a black hind neck patch edged with white. The legs and a patch of bare skin around the eye are red. The call is a loud doo-doo-du-du.

Sexes are similar, but juveniles are duller than adults, and have scalloping on the body feathers.

Red-eyed doves eat grass seeds, grains and other vegetation. They often forage on the ground.

Like several other species in this genus, they are not particularly gregarious and often feed alone or in pairs.They can be found in forests near rivers.

The Red-eyed dove is part of the pigeon family. It is a relative of the turtledove of North Africa and Europe. Females lay two white eggs at a time.

Red-eyed Dove
Date Location Count
2020-05-09 07:00Bolong Fenyo Community NR6
2020-05-09 07:00Kartong Wetland10
2020-05-09 10:57Amurum Forest Reserve (APLORI)1
2020-05-23 17:06Punta Europa (Acceso Restringido)2
2020-05-19 05:40Odzala NP (general)
2020-05-09 06:00Ruhengeri--general area
2020-05-18 16:27Kibale Forest NP3
2020-05-20 09:38Lac Burera (north end)1
2020-05-09 07:31Lake Bunyoni
2020-05-19 07:47Nyabarongo River1
2020-05-12 12:38Lutembe Bay Ramsar Site2
2020-05-09 04:30Kafue NP--Kasabushi Camp
2020-05-12 16:26Lake Victoria--Ngamba Chimpanzee Island2
2020-05-09 05:45Lochinvar NP1
2020-05-20 06:17Hwange NP--Camp Hwange1
2020-05-16 20:16Hwange NP--Shumba Camp4
2020-05-19 06:44Angama Lodge (Ol Kurruk)2
2020-05-09 05:49Kasanka NP
2020-04-28 08:12Serengeti NP--Dik Dik Campsite1
2020-05-09 06:09Soysambu Conservency2
2020-05-10 08:29Raapenberg Bird Sanctuary2
2020-05-23 08:05Kirstenhof Wetland10
2020-05-09 16:00Kijabe Town and Forest1
2020-05-18 14:30KEFRI Lands, Kikuyu1
2020-05-17 09:30U of N Kabete Campus & Field Station (incl. Loresho Swamp)2
2020-05-09 10:41Langata (general)
2020-05-09 08:04Karura Forest, Muthaiga1
2020-05-24 09:25Wajee Camp and Mukurweini area1
2020-05-24 06:53Nairobi NP
2020-04-25 10:07Nanja Valley6
2020-05-09 06:11Maanzoni Sanctuary1
2020-05-18 09:00Magongo Hills11
2020-05-17 06:49Marlborough Vlei Sewage Works30
2020-05-09 13:54Harare--Ballantyne Park2
2020-05-24 06:31Cleveland Dam/Haka Game Park20
2020-05-09 09:23Bela-Bela3
2020-04-30 09:36Sondela Nature Reserve1
2020-05-20 07:04Eagle Canyon Golf Estate2
2020-05-09 07:15Jukskei River2
2020-05-19 12:45Vaaloewer4
2020-05-24 07:25Albert's Farm1
2020-05-04 13:19University of Pretoria--Main Campus3
2020-05-21 06:41Delta Park1
2020-05-20 08:26Candlewoods Wetland3
2020-05-01 06:40Zoo Lake1
2020-05-19 07:03African Pride Irene Country Lodge
2020-05-09 05:54Polokwane Bird Sanctuary1
2020-05-07 07:52Melrose Bird Sanctuary2
2020-05-09 09:30Tikwe Lodge5
2020-05-09 09:49Bruma Lake Park11
2020-05-02 06:28Rietvlei Nature Reserve
2020-04-28 11:45Korsman Bird Sanctuary8
2020-05-09 15:28Knysna (general area)8
2020-05-02 08:22Graaff-Reinet1
2020-05-18 12:10Wamba Marsh1
2020-05-20 15:04Hillside Golf Course1
2020-05-09 10:00Bitou River Valley1
2020-05-16 10:24Katiyo Tea Estate3
2020-05-09 08:00Piesang Valley and Estuary3
2020-05-09 12:15Keurbooms River Estuary4
2020-04-26 11:30Robberg Nature Reserve1
2020-05-18 13:30Mtwapa--Ngamani1
2020-05-09 12:00Nguuni Nature Sanctuary2
2020-05-09 09:10Haller Park--Bamburi Nature Trail3
2020-05-05 07:12Temple Point & Mida Creek Mouth, Watamu
2020-05-21 05:57Mwamba Field Study Centre
2020-05-22 06:32Sabaki River Estuary2
2020-05-20 07:00Witbank Nature Reserve
2020-05-19 16:07Alzu Rest Stop
2020-05-19 14:36Milly's Trout Farm (Star Stop)1
2020-05-09 06:31Klaserie Private Nature Reserve1
2020-05-09 07:00Krom River Estuary2
2020-05-18 06:30Jeffreys Bay15
2020-05-23 07:08Kaapschehoop/Blue Swallow Reserve1
2020-05-18 08:47Nelspruit--Mataffin4
2020-05-24 07:26Nelspruit Nature Reserve4
2020-05-17 07:14Steiltes Nature Reserve
2020-05-09 06:39Shamwari Private Game Reserve
2020-05-24 11:39Hilton - Gwen's Spruit Dam2
2020-05-09 06:17Hilton - Garlington Estate
2020-05-13 07:17Hilton - Hilton Gardens8
2020-05-09 08:48Kranskloof NR1
2020-05-24 06:15Kuleni Conservancy2
2020-05-14 10:05Dunes de Dovela3