The black-and-white mannikin or black-and-white munia (Lonchura bicolor) is a species of estrildid finch found in western and central Africa. It has an estimated global extent of occurrence of 4,200,000 km2. It is found in moist savanna and subtropical/tropical lowland moist forest habitat. The status of the species is evaluated as least concern. They are seedeaters, but are known to feed on algae.
Black-and-white Mannikin
Date Location Count
2021-02-05 06:51Abrafo-Gyaware road6
2021-02-15 06:24Atewa Range--upland forest & ridge4
2021-02-14 14:54Atewa--farm scrub and degraded forest2
2021-02-27 09:01Mbam Minkoum
2021-02-21 08:17Forêt du Zoo de Brazzaville
2021-03-05 08:49Gisakura Park Reception-- Ndambarare Trail1
2021-02-20 11:26Ndali Lodge2
2021-02-25 06:07Rangiro Road2
2021-02-15 08:40Bwindi-Impenetrable NP--Bamboo Zone8
2021-03-03 08:34Kibale Forest NP6
2021-02-22 10:03Bigodi Swamp3
2021-02-22 09:36Bigodi Community Walk9
2021-02-20 07:49Nyabarongo River @ RN15
2021-02-26 10:30Murchison Falls NP--Woodland savannah2
2021-02-05 14:00Lake Mburo NP5
2021-02-20 16:28Entebbe Botanical Garden2
2021-02-21 15:29Aberdare Country Club1
2021-03-03 08:45Nairobi Arboretum, Chiromo1
2021-02-21 07:00Kfeet, Wetlands & Lily Lake, Karura Forest
2021-02-07 07:38Mt. Kenya NP--Castle Forest and Lodge12
2021-02-26 08:00Magongo Hills10
2021-02-22 06:23Wamba Marsh5
2021-02-05 09:45Chwaka Bay2
2021-02-06 14:55Hilton--Mondi Forests3
2021-02-17 16:35Hilton--Doreen Clark NR2
2021-02-20 17:02Pietermaritzburg--Waltdorf Estate6
2021-03-02 09:00Dunes de Dovela6