The double-banded courser (Smutsornis africanus), also known as the two-banded courser, is a species of bird in the Glareolidae family. It is the only member of the genus Smutsornis.
Double-banded Courser
Date Location Count
2021-07-04 07:56Etosha NP--Gemsbokvlakte2
2021-07-01 16:51Etosha NP--Okevi Loop1
2021-07-02 15:33Etosha NP--Chudop4
2021-07-09 15:19Moremi Game Reserve--South Gate
2021-07-11 06:06Singita Sabora Tented Camp2
2021-06-30 06:30Maasai Mara NR* general (please use more precise location)1
2021-07-07 07:00Serengeti NP--Moru Kopjes
2021-07-06 07:00Serengeti NP--Seronera
2021-07-23 10:21Lokisale Rd.1
2021-07-25 16:06Amboseli NP1
2021-07-29 07:15Amboseli NP--Amboseli Serena Lodge2