The rufous fantail (Rhipidura rufifrons) is a small Passerine bird, most commonly known also as the black-breasted rufous-fantail or rufous-fronted fantail, which can be found in Australia, Indonesia, New guinea and the Solomon Islands. In these countries they inhabit rainforests, wet forests, swamp woodlands and mangroves.

Characteristic of species that have a large range, the rufous fantail has many subspecies. However the taxonomic treatment of its subspecies and other relatives is still debated. The rufous fantail is easily distinguished by their orange-reddish-brown back, rump and base of tail. They have a black and white breast that grades into a white colour on the chin and throat.

They are migratory, travelling to south-eastern Australia in the spring to breed, and then north in the autumn.

The rufous fantail tends to feed on small insects in the lower parts of the canopy. They are very active birds making short, frequent flights. They may also hop between foliage or on the ground, during foraging.

Although their population is thought to be declining, their relatively large range and abundance make them a species of least concern according to the IUCN.
Rufous Fantail
Date Location Count
2020-02-09 06:32Bukit Lemba1
2020-02-03 15:00Mt Lewis at -16.59769, 145.27335, clearing to dam track
2020-02-23 07:31Mt Lewis2
2020-01-28 15:38Sweetwater Lodge (Julatten) (restricted access)2
2020-01-30 13:10Wongabel State Forest1
2020-01-28 07:35Davies Creek National Park--Upper Davies Creek camping area1
2020-02-18 14:00Ringtail Crossing Nature Refuge (restricted access)1
2020-01-31 14:42Crater Lakes National Park--Lake Barrine1
2020-01-26 15:34Crater Lakes Rainforest Cottages1
2020-01-30 16:25Edmonds Close Park1
2020-02-25 06:47Djiru National Park--Licuala Day-Use Area2
2020-02-22 06:00Paluma Range National Park--Paluma dam1
2020-02-01 06:45Townsville Town Common Conservation Park1
2020-02-02 15:00Grampians National Park--Silverband Falls2
2020-02-04 11:49Ralph Illidge Sanctuary
2020-02-01 09:08Port Campbell National Park1
2020-02-01 15:00Eungella National Park--Diggings Rd1
2020-02-17 06:23Chelmans Rd, Eungella at -21.03944, 148.570832
2020-02-16 06:20Dalrymple Rd at -21.06390, 148.570305
2020-02-04 08:01Crediton Hall1
2020-02-16 17:50Gellibrand River, Princetown2
2020-02-02 06:53Finch Hatton Gorge1
2020-02-07 19:40Melba Gully State Park2
2020-01-29 14:14Great Otway National Park--Triplet Falls2
2020-02-14 10:00Nerrina Bushland4
2020-02-08 07:00Great Otway National Park--Beauchamp Falls Reserve Camp1
2020-02-02 12:47Great Otway National Park--Beauchamp Falls1
2020-02-01 11:30Stevensons Falls (Barramunga)
2020-01-26Paradise Picnic Area (Apollo Bay)1
2020-02-15 16:49Lake Elizabeth, Forrest2
2020-02-22 12:20Lerderderg River (1km north of New Sultan Rd)3
2020-02-01 08:30Great Otway National Park--Kalimna Falls1
2020-02-16 14:00Lerderderg State Park5
2020-02-20 12:55Macedon Regional Park1
2020-01-26 09:12Edwards Point Wildlife Reserve1
2020-02-20 12:02University of Melbourne1
2020-02-20 07:33Royal Botanic Gardens (Melbourne)1
2020-02-01 15:00Gresswell Forest Nature Conservation Reserve2
2020-01-26 08:38Kinglake National Park--Masons Falls1
2020-02-20 12:30Mornington Peninsula National Park--Greens Bush1
2020-02-11 08:59Woods Reserve Tuerong2
2020-02-15 15:09Devilbend Reservoir1
2020-02-20 10:13Upper Ferntree Gully2
2020-02-07 10:00Dandenong Ranges National Park--Ferntree Gully
2020-02-14 17:32Belgrave Lake Park1
2020-01-26 09:10Dandenong Ranges National Park--Olinda Forest1
2020-01-29 10:30Dandenong Ranges National Park--Grants Picnic Ground
2020-02-22 07:20Dandenong Ranges National Park--Sherbrooke Forest1
2020-01-26 10:15Murrindindi Scenic Reserve
2020-02-16 14:47Toolangi State Forest--Wirrawilla Rainforest1
2020-02-24 10:20Toolangi State Forest1
2020-02-05 13:00Toolangi State Forest--The Tanglefoot Trails1
2020-02-14 08:45Echidna Park, Emerald (restricted access)1
2020-02-22 13:35Yarra Ranges National Park--Badger Weir Park1
2020-02-16 12:54Kurth Kiln Regional Park--Kurth Kiln1
2020-02-22 15:00Blue Lotus Water Garden1
2020-02-09 08:19Camp Eureka2
2020-02-20 14:25Kurth Kiln Regional Park1
2020-02-04 10:17Bunyip State Park--Mortimer Picnic Ground1
2020-02-06 08:15Bunyip State Park--Ferres Track2
2020-01-26 14:20O'Shannessy Aqueduct Trail1
2020-02-24 08:30Bunyip State Park1
2020-01-26 11:21Tarago State Forest1
2020-02-05 11:39Byfield National Park--Sandy Point1
2020-02-11 07:10Cape Liptrap Coastal Park--South Walkerville Turnoff1
2020-02-02 14:20Lyrebird Walk (Mirboo North)1
2020-02-08 08:38Wirilda Environment Park2
2020-02-24 10:48Morwell National Park3
2020-02-20 10:00Upper Bakers Gully1
2020-02-17 10:33Wilsons Promontory National Park--Lilly Pilly Gully1
2020-02-11 10:34Wilsons Promontory National Park--Telegraph Carpark to Sealers Cove1
2020-02-24 15:21Tarra-Bulga National Park2
2020-02-02 12:03Tondoon Botanic Gardens, Gladstone1
2020-01-28 10:12Burtons Well and Mt Kiangarow Track1
2020-01-29 08:55Bunya Mountains National Park1
2020-01-26 07:00Marlo1
2020-02-08 09:58Prince Henry Heights Park, Toowoomba1
2020-01-28 09:28Redwood Park (Redwood)1
2020-02-22 10:00Mount Victoria Cemetery1
2020-02-20 05:52Teddington Weir, Maryborough2
2020-02-01 06:32Ravensbourne National Park--Blackbean Day Use Area1
2020-02-21 06:19Popes Glen Reserve, Blackheath1
2020-01-31 07:45Gatakers Bay1
2020-02-04 15:00Blue Mountains National Park--Evans Lookout1
2020-01-26 10:53Prince Henry Cliff Walk (Katoomba)4
2020-02-24 09:11Gordon Falls Reserve, Leura1
2020-02-16 14:30Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens1
2020-02-24 08:16Blue Mountains National Park--Wentworth Falls1
2020-02-15 15:42Pir'ri Reserve (Booral)1
2020-02-02 09:39Blue Mountains National Park--Dantes Glen1
2020-02-16 08:10Blue Mountains National Park--North Lawson Swamp1
2020-02-10 07:11Woodford Dam1
2020-02-12 08:55Transit of Venus track, Woodford3
2020-01-27 07:42Wilsons Glen, Woodford2
2020-02-17 08:09Blue Mountains National Park--Murphys Glen3
2020-02-17 08:50Blue Mountains National Park--Murphy's Creek4
2020-02-10 16:30Bellbird Hollow, Brooloo (restricted access)1
2020-01-31 07:36Fairy Dell Reserve / Magdala Creek area, Springwood3
2020-01-26 08:45Douglas Farm Rd, Kurrajong Hills1
2020-02-03 05:55Maleny National Park -- Banyo Road1
2020-02-15 06:30Bellthorpe Stays (restricted area)1
2020-02-01 09:35Neurum Creek Conservation Park1
2020-02-07 16:15West Cooroy State Forest1
2020-02-02 05:45Kempwood Cottage (restricted access)1
2020-02-23 08:00Mulgoa Nature Reserve1
2020-02-23 08:05Berganns Lane, Witta1
2020-02-01 06:35Commissioners Flat Rd at Ferris Lane, Commissioners Flat2
2020-02-23 12:05Lake Baroon--south shore trail1
2020-01-31 17:00The Precinct Walk, Maleny1
2020-02-17 16:15Wappa Dam, Kiamba1
2020-02-16 16:10Mary Cairncross Reserve1
2020-01-26 12:56Fairhill Nursery and Botanical Gardens2
2020-01-26 04:58D'Aguilar National Park--Lawton Rd1
2020-02-09 09:00Ferntree Creek National Park1
2020-02-22 17:04Water Garden Town Park, Batemans Bay4
2020-01-28 13:45D'Aguilar National Park--Westside Track1
2020-02-15 09:30D'Aguilar National Park--Joyners Ridge Rd3
2020-02-09 07:45Sewerage Plant Rd, Nambour1
2020-02-22 15:20Cullendulla Nature Reserve1
2020-02-10 07:30Kobble Creek--private Property, near Dayboro (restricted access)2
2020-02-16 06:41Old Creamtruck Rd, Dayboro2
2020-02-25 06:17Emerys Road, Illaroo at -34.83729, 150.4943031
2020-01-29 06:40160 Emerys Rd, Tapitallee (restricted access)3
2020-02-15 06:20Kholo Enviroplan Reserve (Cameron's Scrub) (restricted access)1
2020-01-27 05:13Parklakes Wetlands (Bli Bli)1
2020-02-14 10:05Mount Annan Botanic Gardens--Connections Garden1
2020-02-25 08:15Mount Annan Botanic Gardens1
2020-02-20 07:49D'Aguilar National Park--Thylogale Track1
2020-02-16 09:07Lake Samsonvale--Postmans Track1
2020-02-10 15:30Varroville5
2020-01-26 06:15Lake Samsonvale--Golds Scrub Lane (some areas restricted access)1
2020-02-23 14:01Laughtondale Gully2
2020-02-08 17:38Bermagui State Forest--LilliPilli Rainforest Loop1
2020-02-17 07:30Buderim Forest Park1
2020-02-01 05:30Flinders Conservation Estate--Hardings Paddock1
2020-02-15 07:10Lothlorien, Bellawongarah (Restricted Access)1
2020-02-06 08:05Smiths Creek Reserve1
2020-02-14 06:29Samford Eco Corridor1
2020-02-03 08:30Mt Creek Recreation Reserve, Mt Creek1
2020-02-04 06:40Riverside Park, Karalee1
2020-02-23 08:04Bendthualaly, Bellawongarah (private property)2
2020-01-27 07:44Garrad Reserve (Narrawallee)1
2020-02-04 09:22Narrawallee Inlet2
2020-02-24 16:15Gold Creek Reservoir1
2020-02-08 05:10Nature Refuge Hawkesbury Road2
2020-02-20 05:48Brisbane Forest Park--Bellbird Grove2
2020-01-26 08:00Budderoo National Park--Budderoo Fire Trail1
2020-01-27 14:00South Pacific Heathland Reserve, Ulladulla1
2020-02-12 07:08Kumbartcho Sanctuary1
2020-02-09 10:57White Rock Conservation Park3
2020-02-06 08:28Mallacoota2
2020-02-24 06:19D'Aguilar National Park--Araucaria Circuit (Enoggera Reservoir)1
2020-02-16 18:00Barren Grounds Nature Reserve2
2020-02-15 06:30Bunya Crossing Reserve1
2020-02-15 06:32Bunyaville Forest Reserve--GT Track1
2020-02-18 08:00Bendalong1
2020-02-08 08:15Lake Parramatta Reserve, Parramatta1
2020-02-20 09:36Mount Kembla Ring Track1
2020-02-22 07:23Integral Park, West Dapto1
2020-02-09 16:15John Oxley Reserve (Murrumba Downs)2
2020-02-04 17:40Mount Kembla Coal History Walking Trail1
2020-01-30 15:51Robertson's Lookout Track, Harry Graham Drive Mt Keira1
2020-02-06 07:25Coachwood Park1
2020-02-05 09:10Croajingalong National Park--Howe Flat4
2020-02-25 07:52Mount Keira Reserve6
2020-02-14 07:45Tallawarra Original Ash Ponds Yallah2
2020-01-29 09:15Mt Coot-tha Reserve--JC Slaughter Falls1
2020-02-18 10:30Westleigh1
2020-02-16 07:30Mount Keira3
2020-01-26 16:40Dog Pound Creek, Westleigh2
2020-02-15 16:14Georges River National Park--Yeramba Lagoon2
2020-02-23 05:38Banks Street Reserve2
2020-02-23 11:00Bribie Island National Park--Whitepatch1
2020-02-06 12:30Wollongong Botanic Garden1
2020-02-23 11:20Terrys Creek Parklands--Lucknow Park1
2020-02-05 10:05Terrys Creek Parklands1
2020-02-16 07:03Oxley Creek Common2
2020-02-22 15:24Jerrara Dam1
2020-02-05 10:20Jack Gear Reserve, Yarramalong1
2020-02-15 09:00Blackbutt Forest Reserve, Blackbutt
2020-01-31 08:14Lane Cove National Park1
2020-01-29 12:56Hidden Valley, Palmgrove1
2020-02-15 09:29Lime Kiln Bay Reserve and Wetlands3
2020-02-14 07:27Stanwell Park1
2020-02-04 18:30Wanda, Yarramalong Valley (restricted access)1
2020-01-27 05:07Kedron Brook Wetlands Reserve1
2020-02-14 17:36Tabbil-ban dhagun Boardwalk2
2020-02-16 13:28Royal National Park--Wattle Forest1
2020-02-16 07:30Palm Grove Nature Reserve8
2020-02-23 14:09Royal National Park--Palm Jungle Loop Track1
2020-02-16 07:54Royal National Park2
2020-01-26 05:44Minnippi Parklands1
2020-02-20 14:39Beecroft Weapons Range1
2020-02-12 15:55Garigal National Park (East)1
2020-02-22 14:55Sandy Camp Road Wetlands1
2020-02-16 08:50Ourimbah RTA Reserve1
2020-02-14 16:40Ourimbah Rest Stop1
2020-02-22 09:00Royal National Park--Wattamolla4
2020-02-23 07:30Boys Walk (Avondale College, Cooranbong)1
2020-02-11 06:15Lytton Wader Roost and Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk1
2020-01-27 15:43Irrawong Reserve1
2020-02-03 11:24Central Coast Wetlands - Pioneer Dairy1
2020-01-27 05:53Tingalpa Creek Reserve including JC Trotter Memorial Park1
2020-01-27 15:34Ford Rd Conservation Area, Priestdale4
2020-02-02 17:12Hilliards Creek Reserve (Redlands Track Park)1
2020-02-11 06:07Stockyard Creek Rest Area2
2020-01-30 09:01The Gravel Pit and Track1
2020-02-04 09:10Tamborine National Park--Witches Falls trail3
2020-02-22 06:18Ash Island1
2020-01-27 06:00Eprapah Creek via Sewage Treatment Plant1
2020-02-17 09:40Lamington National Park--Python Rock track
2020-02-17 06:40Lamington National Park--Morans Falls Track
2020-02-16 15:19O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat
2020-01-29 11:41O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat--Boardwalk Treetop Walk circuit1
2020-02-14 14:52Glenrock State Conservation Area1
2020-02-18 07:20Awabakal Nature Reserve1
2020-02-03 12:00Border Ranges National Park--Falcorostrum Circuit2
2020-01-27 06:03Springbrook National Park--Purling Brook Falls1
2020-02-01 13:57Springbrook National Park--Twin Falls Circuit2
2020-01-27 11:01Springbrook National Park--Goomoolahra Picnic Area1
2020-02-22 06:00Rushes Creek property (restricted access)2
2020-02-02 08:38Dorrigo National Park--Satinbird Stroll & Boardwalk2
2020-02-05 11:48Dorrigo National Park--Visitors Centre1
2020-02-05 12:20Dorrigo National Park--Wonga Walk7
2020-02-01Mount Warning Holiday Park1
2020-02-16 09:38Boorganna Nature Reserve3
2020-01-26 06:31Salamander Sports Complex, Salamander Bay1
2020-02-16 08:48Ponsfords Rd, Comboyne1
2020-02-16 08:15Comboyne Village Park1
2020-01-31 15:52Booyong Flora Reserve1
2020-01-31 11:25Victoria Park Nature Reserve (Alstonville)2
2020-02-16 18:48Huntingdon2
2020-02-23 08:15Urunga Wetlands Boardwalk1
2020-01-26 07:45Haliday's Pt1
2020-01-31 07:00Flat Rock (Ballina)1
2020-02-02 11:10North Brother Mountain1
2020-01-30 13:53Boyters Lane, Jerseyville1
2020-02-08 15:45Jerseyville1
2020-02-20 08:58Lake Innes Ruins1
2020-01-27 08:29Lake Innes Nature Reserve--Googik Heritage Walking Track1
2020-02-08 17:18Port Macquarie Wastewater Treatment Plant1
2020-01-27 07:50Marks Trail, Port Maquarie3
2020-02-01 06:07Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve--Point Plomer3
2020-02-13 09:08Sea Acres Nature Reserve2