The red-billed quelea (Quelea quelea), also known as the red-billed weaver or red-billed dioch, is the world's most abundant wild bird species, with an estimated adult breeding population of 1.5 billion pairs. Some estimates of the overall population have been as large as 10 billion. The entire population is found in sub-Saharan Africa and is generally absent from thickly forested regions and the southern reaches of South Africa. It is a small passerine bird of the weaver family, Ploceidae.
Red-billed Quelea
Date Location Count
2020-02-13 08:05Ngor--Hotel Le Calao (seawatch)1
2020-02-16 10:25Technopole
2020-02-16 07:05Lac Mbeubeusse300
2020-02-20 09:15Lac Retba (Lac Rose)--Bas-fond Deni Guedji
2020-02-20 08:00Deni Biram Ndao (dunes)
2020-02-01 09:58RN de Popenguine19
2020-02-01 08:44RN de Somone--Lodge de Dalaal Diam3
2020-01-30 08:30PN des Oiseaux du Djoudj
2020-01-31 10:28Les Trois Marigots6
2020-02-13 12:25Richard Toll--east and south-east20
2020-02-05 12:40Lamin Lodge2
2020-02-06 08:35Farasuto Forest Community Nature Reserve1
2020-02-04 15:32Kagnout--Marais30
2020-02-13 12:45Tendaba Mangroves50
2020-02-11 12:45Njauri Reservoir
2020-02-12 11:45Bird Safari Camp50
2020-02-06 16:42Campement de Wassadou100
2020-02-04 06:15Mole NP--general (use more specific hot spot if possible)50
2020-02-12 16:40Tono Dam & vicinity200
2020-02-06 07:45White Volta River at Daboya30
2020-02-11 16:30Tongo Hills300
2020-02-17 06:01Achimota Forest and Accra Zoo2
2020-02-12 07:06Queen Elizabeth II NP3
2020-02-05 07:05Murchison Falls NP--north side (Paraa to Albert Nile swamps)30
2020-02-06 17:00Lake Mburo NP--Entrance Road2
2020-02-04 06:35Mabamba Swamp--Main channel15
2020-01-24 15:06Muchenje Safari Lodge20
2020-02-21 16:38Imbabala Safari Camp25
2020-01-24 07:13Victoria Falls (Zambia side)4
2020-02-03 09:15Ahero Rice Fields4
2020-01-26 07:39Ngorongoro Conservation Area--Ndutu (general area)2
2020-02-18 09:47Lake Cheleleka--NE viewpoint1
2020-02-08 09:00Lake Manyara NP (Manyara)6
2020-02-03 16:00Doho Lodge20
2020-02-17 07:00Awash NP--Lodge and Falls40
2020-01-26 06:38Awash NP (Please use more specific hotspot)20
2020-02-04 16:10Awash NP--southern section1
2020-02-05 08:30Tarangire NP3
2020-02-13 06:00Ruaha NP2
2020-01-27 14:00Arusha Airport9
2020-01-30 07:32Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve1
2020-01-24 07:02Tsavo West NP (general)
2020-01-26 13:50Borakalalo NP11
2020-02-09 10:11Kgomo-Kgomo15
2020-02-04 08:31Wolfhuiskraal to Kgomo-Kgomo30
2020-02-22 11:10Tsavo East NP--southern section
2020-02-15 08:12Zaagkuildrift Rd (Please be more specific)4
2020-02-02 10:34Rooiwal WTP168
2020-02-18 07:41Rietvlei Nature Reserve25
2020-02-22 07:27Bronkhorstspruit Dam1
2020-02-15 14:02Marievale Bird Sanctuary40
2020-01-26 08:20Marievale Bird Sanctuary--Otter Hide300
2020-02-03 07:43Selous Game Reserve--Lake Manze400
2020-01-25 02:50Loskop Dam Nature Reserve500
2020-02-21 05:34Kruger NP--Mahonie Loop/S99250
2020-02-07 08:25Sabaki River Estuary
2020-01-25 15:22Kruger NP--Crooks Corner2
2020-02-15 10:01Kruger NP--Timbavati Rd/S39100
2020-02-15 15:49Kruger NP--Olifants to Balule/S9220
2020-02-16 05:31Kruger NP--S44175
2020-02-14 09:44Kruger NP--H7/Orpen-Satara Road40
2020-02-15 08:06Kruger NP--S40400
2020-02-11 05:43Kruger NP--Albasini to Mestel Dam Rd/S315
2020-02-14 05:33Kruger NP--S14550
2020-02-12 05:35Kruger NP--Phabeni to Skukuza30
2020-02-14 07:30Kruger NP--S36130
2020-02-12 10:27Kruger NP--Waterhole Rd/S6530
2020-01-29 16:30Lake Panic Bird Hide17
2020-02-13 09:21Kruger NP--H1-2 @ Sand River30
2020-02-13 05:27Kruger NP--S112100
2020-02-12 16:31Kruger NP--Skukuza-Nkuhlu Road/H4-150
2020-01-27 19:29Kruger NP--Trichardt Rd30
2020-02-09 14:50Kruger NP--Matiulu loop/S110100
2020-01-30 12:30Kruger NP--Salitje Rd/S3075
2020-02-09 10:56Kruger NP--Timfenheni Loop/S12130
2020-01-26 14:00Midmar Dam - South Shore (Thurlow Gate)2
2020-01-23 16:39Mkhuze - Ghost Mountain Inn--Boardwalk20