The rock martin (Ptyonoprogne fuligula) is a small passerine bird in the swallow family that is resident in central and southern Africa. It breeds mainly in the mountains, but also at lower altitudes, especially in rocky areas and around towns, and, unlike most swallows, it is often found far from water. It is 12–15 cm (4.7–5.9 in) long, with mainly brown plumage, paler-toned on the upper breast and underwing coverts, and with white "windows" on the spread tail in flight. The sexes are similar in appearance, but juveniles have pale fringes to the upperparts and flight feathers. The former northern subspecies are smaller, paler, and whiter-throated than southern African forms, and are now usually split as a separate species, the pale crag martin. The rock martin hunts along cliff faces for flying insects using a slow flight with much gliding. Its call is a soft twitter.

This martin builds a deep bowl nest on a sheltered horizontal surface, or a neat quarter-sphere against a vertical rock face or wall. The nest is constructed with mud pellets and lined with grass or feathers, and may be built on natural sites under cliff overhangs or on man-made structures such as buildings, dam walls, culverts and bridges. It is often reused for subsequent broods or in later years. This species is a solitary breeder, and is not gregarious, but small groups may breed close together in suitable locations. The two or three eggs of a typical clutch are white with brown and grey blotches, and are incubated by both adults for 16–19 days prior to hatching. Both parents then feed the chicks. Fledging takes another 22–24 days, but the young birds will return to the nest to roost for a few days after the first flight.

This small martin is caught in flight by several fast, agile falcon species, such as hobbies, and it sometimes carries parasites, but it faces no major threats. Because of its range of nearly 10 million km2 (4 million sq mi) and large, apparently stable, population, it is not seen as vulnerable and is assessed as least concern on the IUCN Red List.
Rock Martin
Date Location Count
2019-12-02 06:42Shai Hills Resource Reserve2
2019-12-03 06:31Amurum Forest Reserve (APLORI)4
2019-12-07 11:00Salouga and Ghazal NR2
2019-12-14 08:56Revivim sewage ponds מט"ש רביבים2
2019-12-14 13:45Ein Avdat canyon==קניון עין עבדת15
2019-12-10 15:41Nafha Vineyards חוות נפחא2
2019-12-01 08:11Yeruham Lake פארק אגם ירוחם1
2019-12-14 10:00Hameishar south-west (military zone, beware) המישר דרום מערב8
2019-12-04 07:26HaMeishar Plains המישר אנדרטה5
2019-12-14 06:20Hameishar--Wadi Trashim נחל טרשים (restricted access / שטח בטחוני אין כניסה ללא תיאום)15
2019-12-04 13:15Wadi Gishron2
2019-12-12 06:15Mt. Herzl הר הרצל2
2019-12-09 10:07Uvda valley ביקעת עובדה4
2019-12-14 15:58Gazelle Valley עמק הצבאים2
2019-12-14 09:00Jerusalem Bird Observatory התחנה לחקר ציפורי ירושלים1
2019-12-03 11:00Eilat--Holland park פארק הולנד2
2019-12-10 07:00International Birding and Research Center Eilat (IBRCE) מרכז הצפרות הבינלאומי אילת15
2019-12-06 09:24Neot Smadar Sewage Ponds ביוב נאות סמדר2
2019-12-08 09:00Eilat--KM19 Sewage Ponds בריכות ביוב ק"מ 192
2019-12-02 06:32Arava Valley--KM 94 (Southern Wadi Hemda) (Restricted Access Firing Zone) נחל חמדה - שטח אש פעיל2
2019-12-10 07:00Chimpanzee Guesthouse4
2019-12-04 06:22Tandala Ridge1
2019-12-03 13:01Etosha NP--Okaukuejo Camp3
2019-12-09 06:27Brandberg White Lady Lodge2
2019-12-03 16:15Debre Libanos--Lodge and Portuguese Bridge2
2019-12-07 16:35Addis Ababa--Ghion Hotel4
2019-12-04 08:00Lake Cheleleka--NE viewpoint1
2019-12-03 06:14Babogaya Lake Viewpoint Lodge2
2019-12-02 08:08Bishoftu -- South Crater Lake4
2019-12-08 07:30Melka Ghebdu2
2019-12-07 06:39Lake Baringo--Inshore Cliffs and surrounds1
2019-12-08 07:46Lake Nakuru NP20
2019-12-07 08:17Mt. Kenya NP--Met Station Road1
2019-12-06 07:12Nairobi NP40
2019-12-10 06:22Tsavo West NP--Ngulia Lodge2
2019-12-14 06:30Al Ahsa National Park (منتزه الأحساء الوطني)2
2019-12-12 05:51Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve--Dedeben (restricted access)7
2019-12-05 07:40Al Mazyunah - Old Sewage Pond2
2019-12-02 10:27Mushrif Palace Gardens1
2019-12-12 10:46Mudday2
2019-12-01 17:15Shisr fields1
2019-12-09 11:29Zabeel Park--north3
2019-12-09 09:13Dubai Creek Park2
2019-12-03 08:10Al Mamzar Park1
2019-12-09 08:00Dubai Safari Park6
2019-12-05 16:45Al Mughsayl--wadi5
2019-12-08 19:57Al Mughsayl (general area)2
2019-12-01 15:02Thumrayt Waste Disposal Site5
2019-12-13 08:18Hamraniyah Fields--general area2
2019-12-13 16:00Al Tiwayyah fodder field12
2019-12-04 15:00Raysut Lagoon--shoreline20
2019-12-02 10:00Tower Links Golf Course--Khuzam Road3
2019-12-06 15:10Hamraniyah--Paddyfield grass farm1
2019-12-12 17:40Benfontein Nature Reserve2
2019-12-06 16:50Ain al-Fayda2
2019-12-14 06:30Private estate near Green Mubazzarah15
2019-12-03 07:20Green Mubazzarah2
2019-12-13 15:00Wadi Bih--general area45
2019-12-10 15:06Jebel Hafit4
2019-12-14 10:20Wadi Tarabat1
2019-12-09 16:00Danat Al Ain Resort3
2019-12-04 10:00East Khawr30
2019-12-02 16:00Sahnawt Farm1
2019-12-04 09:00Oman, Ayn Razat12
2019-12-02 07:09Karoo Desert National Botanical Garden1
2019-12-09 11:28stakeout--Rufous-bellied Heron, Centurion (2019)1
2019-12-06 08:15Al Jaroof village4
2019-12-08 07:17Ayn Hamran1
2019-12-04 10:10Ayn Tabraq Plains--Camel trough and pool4
2019-12-06 09:30Al Baseera Dam1
2019-12-06 10:05Wamm Farms2
2019-12-02 08:00Rooi-Els2
2019-12-07 08:54Wadi Darbat
2019-12-01 16:10Murbah beach and plantation2
2019-12-10 13:42Tawi Atayr12
2019-12-11 14:23Jabal Samhan6
2019-12-10 06:33Grotto Beach2
2019-12-02 10:40Abel Erasmus Pass/Strijdom Tunnel (Taita Falcon)2
2019-12-06 06:31Karoo NP--Main Rest Camp5
2019-12-02 10:00De Hoop Nature Reserve--Lakeside Walking Trail2
2019-12-01 08:00Jabal Shams
2019-12-04 16:00Al Jebel Al Akhdar1
2019-12-07 17:02Murayjat Farms1
2019-12-07 12:10Ras al Sawadi1
2019-12-06 13:30Al Ghubrah Bowl1
2019-12-11 12:50Golden Gate Highlands NP--Basotho Cultural Village2
2019-12-02 13:00Al-Qurm Park6
2019-12-01 05:14Wakkerstroom bridge/causeway4
2019-12-01 06:00Mountain Zebra NP--Restcamp1