The brown-headed barbet or large green barbet (Psilopogon zeylanicus) is an Asian barbet. Barbets and toucans are a group of near passerine birds with a worldwide tropical distribution. The barbets get their name from the bristles which fringe their heavy bills.

The brown-headed barbet is a resident breeder in the Indian subcontinent, widespread in India and also seen in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It is an arboreal species of gardens and wooded country which eats fruit and insects. Nonetheless, it is fairly tolerant of humans and is often seen in cities, in greenery. It nests in a tree hole, laying 2-4 eggs. The bird is largely frugivorous on mangos, ripe jack, papaya, banana, figs and similar cultivated fruit trees. Its habitat includes urban and country gardens though it tends to eschew heavy forest. It nests in a suitable hole in a tree that it will often excavate out, not unlike a woodpecker. A pair will take it in turns to incubate the eggs and they often communicate with each other using their Kura, kura calls.

This is a relatively large barbet at 27 cm. It is a plump bird, with a short neck, large head and short tail.

The adult has a streaked brown head, neck and breast, with a yellow eye patch. The rest of the plumage is green. The bill is thick and red. Sexes are similar.

The white-cheeked barbet largely replaces this species in the Western Ghats and hilly parts of southern peninsular India although both species may occur in many places. The calls of this species is similar but the white cheek patch is distinctive.

The call is a repetitive kutroo…kutroo…kutroo. Others take up the call when one starts. Somewhat silent in the winter.
Brown-headed Barbet
Date Location Count
2020-11-12 06:30BNHS Conservation Education Centre1
2020-11-11 08:21Sanjay Gandhi NP--Tulsi lake Rd1
2020-11-28 07:53Tungareshwar NP4
2020-11-13 07:30Thakurli Wetlands1
2020-11-17 07:30Velas beach3
2020-11-08 09:00Prabalgad Foothills1
2020-11-16 10:48Kelshi Village, Ratnagiri
2020-11-26 07:57College of Forestry--Nursery, Dapoli2
2020-11-23 06:43Mangaon3
2020-11-17 08:01Garva Agro Tourism1
2020-11-05 16:30Mal Naka, Ratnagiri1
2020-11-11 14:22CSIR- Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine (CSIR-IIIM, Jammu2
2020-11-28 12:45Ganesh Visarjan Ghat, Devrukh
2020-11-22 08:00Dera Bhiana Sahib1
2020-11-09 08:00Socorro Plateau1
2020-11-09 19:29Panhala fort1
2020-11-28 06:00Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary3
2020-11-20 15:30Punjab Agricultural University1
2020-11-06 07:16Natures Nest & Surrounding1
2020-11-26 16:49Tambdi Surla- Mahadev Temple and Surroundings1
2020-11-28 07:28Mattewara Forest2
2020-11-12 07:45Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Mohali2
2020-11-12 07:01Sukhna Lake Reserve Forest2
2020-11-12 09:29Suketri, Chandigarh1
2020-11-28 15:16Cactus Garden Secor 5 Panchkula IN/HR1
2020-11-11 07:30Berwala Bird Sanctuary5
2020-11-29 08:05National Brain Research Centre Manesar IN-HR1
2020-11-22 07:35DDA Water Body sector 23 Dwarka DL/IN1
2020-11-29 20:00Bhondsi Nature Park1
2020-11-27 16:00Aravalli Biodiversity Park1
2020-11-28 08:04Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Campus2
2020-11-29 14:45Mangar Bani1
2020-11-22 15:31RK Puram--Sector 32
2020-11-28 15:00Sanjay Van1
2020-11-01 07:27Mangar mohit farm1
2020-11-29 09:29Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi1
2020-11-17 08:30Hauz Khas--Lake2
2020-11-27 16:54Lodhi Gardens3
2020-11-02 13:58India Gate1
2020-11-22 15:26Sunder Nursery, Nizamuddin5
2020-11-11 07:44Delhi Zoo1
2020-11-18 10:40Asola Wildlife Sanctuary1
2020-11-23 10:26GTB Hospital Campus,Dilshad Garden IN/DL
2020-11-08 09:24Karkardooma1
2020-11-30 08:01Okhla Bird Sanctuary2
2020-11-14 19:27Okhla Bird Sanctuary4
2020-11-09 08:43Bayana Cliffs1
2020-11-09 10:04Bund Baretha Wildlife Sanctuary1
2020-11-14 15:22Surajpur Wetlands2
2020-11-28 12:55Asan Conservation Reserve2
2020-11-11 09:29Bharatpur--Keoladeo Ghana NP2
2020-11-11 07:58Bagh Hotel1
2020-11-15 11:05Chandrabani-Karwapani Trail1
2020-11-15 11:05Sal Patch near WII, Dehradun1
2020-11-27 07:34Wildlife Institute of India Campus2
2020-11-23 11:25Wildlife Institute of India Campus--Nature Trail1
2020-11-08 07:50Jodhpur Jhal Bird Sanctuary1
2020-11-22 13:17Rajaji NP1
2020-11-27 15:29Forest Research Institute (FRI), New Forest Campus1
2020-11-30 08:21Outskirts of Doon University5
2020-11-07 09:55Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary1
2020-11-08 08:28Haiderpur Wetlands -- Muzaffarnagar Zone1
2020-11-30 08:18Indian Institute of Petroleum2
2020-11-08 08:28Haiderpur Wetlands and Ganga Barrage1
2020-11-13 08:09Sajanpur Pili1
2020-11-07 07:07Chilla Range--Ganga Bank3
2020-11-07 08:23Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary3
2020-11-19 14:46Rajaji National Park--Chilla Range2
2020-11-08 09:49Kaudiya/Gangabhogpur -- Talla2
2020-11-14 08:02Gujjar Basti Mazar Trail3
2020-11-30 16:34Gujjar Basti, Gaindikhata1
2020-11-14 15:23Gaindi Khata1
2020-11-15 10:24Kaudiya/Gangabhogpur -- Rajaji NP3
2020-11-07 14:45Rajaji National Park2
2020-11-10 09:13Chiriyapur -- Dipo4
2020-11-06 12:39Laldhang--Rasoolpur3
2020-11-21 08:18Maluaa1
2020-11-29 07:15Patna Pakshi Vihar (Pundhir Bird sanctuary) Etah1
2020-11-30 09:18Anardevi Rajaram Inter College, Pratappur road,Shikohabad1
2020-11-23 16:23Chambal Safari Lodge1
2020-11-09 07:01Bineka1
2020-11-11 07:57National Chambal Sanctuary -- Jaitpur1
2020-11-01 06:15Corbett NP--Jhirna Range2
2020-11-01 06:30Kilawali4
2020-11-22 07:10Narasipuram Forest Checkpost1
2020-11-27 07:01Forest Department Office, Mahadeo Road, Pachmarhi2
2020-11-26 07:03Golf View resort, Pachmarhi2
2020-11-27 07:12Pachmarhi Lake1
2020-11-10 06:57Narsinghpur Arera1
2020-11-21 06:59Kanjikode V.V. College Area2
2020-11-28 15:05Anuvavi Murugan Temple2
2020-11-22 15:40Kunjapannai Forest RF1
2020-11-28 06:50Ponnuthu1
2020-11-19 06:23Teda2
2020-11-16 16:20Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve--Germalam1
2020-11-29 07:21Cauvery WLS--Galibore1
2020-11-14 08:30Indian Veterinary Research Institute Bareilly2
2020-11-29 08:32St. Xavier's Primary School6
2020-11-11 14:47Kodaikanal Municipality- General area1
2020-11-29 16:35Palani-Kodaikanal Hill Road1
2020-11-15 09:00Sholai School1
2020-11-16 08:13Pench Tiger Reserve--Jamtara Wilderness Camp2
2020-11-12 11:35Pench Tiger Reserve, Sillari Gate, Maharashtra1
2020-11-08 15:50Kawal Tiger Reserve1
2020-11-18 06:29Pench Tiger Reserve--Turia Zone1
2020-11-29 06:45Uma Maheswaram4
2020-11-06 11:08Sandi Pakshi Vihar (Sandi Bird Sanctuary)3
2020-11-09 06:40Kurumbapatti Zoo to Danishpet via Karungali Village Road1
2020-11-12 07:001st HB--Yercaud1
2020-11-12 07:5040 Feet Bridge3
2020-11-15 06:00Kapputhi1
2020-11-16 07:38Jamboothumalai2
2020-11-01 12:01Jamboothumalai Area3
2020-11-28 15:30Dudhwa National Park1
2020-11-16 14:11Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary--Pitezari2
2020-11-01 08:35Nagzira WLS--Nagzira Lake4
2020-11-12 06:20Papavinasanam3
2020-11-06 06:49SGPGI Campus & Surroundings -- Campus Proper1
2020-11-08 11:28Kalli Paschim -- Kalpana Estate and Oxbow Lake2
2020-11-05 15:00Kanha NP--Kisli Zone1
2020-11-19 08:30Kukrail -- General Area1
2020-11-23 07:15Kanha NP--Kanha Zone2
2020-11-23 17:00Indira Dam -- North Bank near Aqueduct2
2020-11-24 07:00Kanha NP--Mukki Zone4
2020-11-29 06:15Pakkamalai RF--Mokka odai route1
2020-11-21 07:02Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Tirupati2
2020-11-22 09:35Kanha NP--Supkhar Range2
2020-11-08 12:12Mulapadu Forest1
2020-11-28 06:44Attidiya Bird Sanctuary
2020-11-15 16:19Beddegana Wetland Park6
2020-11-28 07:31Thalagama Lake (and surrounding wetlands)1
2020-11-10 09:03Batalagoda Tank3
2020-11-28 08:56Sinharaja NP--Rainforest Ecolodge4
2020-11-11 06:56Matara--Kirala Kele Sanctuary2
2020-11-22 06:30Uda Walawe NP
2020-11-05 07:39Wirawila1
2020-11-27 06:00Bundala NP (General)4
2020-11-12 07:56Chandaka--Jhumka Dam Road, Godibari, Odisha, India1
2020-11-21 08:00Ekamra Kanan, Bhubaneshwar8
2020-11-05 06:54Dhauligiri2
2020-11-13 07:40Sitakund4
2020-11-02 16:00North Odisha University1