The pygmy falcon, or African pygmy falcon (Polihierax semitorquatus), is a falcon that lives in eastern and southern Africa and is the smallest raptor on the continent. As a small falcon, only 19 to 20 cm long, it preys on insects, small reptiles, and small mammals.
Pygmy Falcon
Date Location Count
2020-03-13 09:33Yabello Sanctuary1
2020-03-18 09:40El Sod Crater Rim1
2020-03-10 09:05Awash NP--southern section2
2020-03-06 16:20Tarangire NP--Tarangire Sopa Lodge1
2020-03-06 08:45Tarangire NP--Silale Swamp1
2020-03-17 07:02Mokala NP1