The spectacled weaver (Ploceus ocularis) is a species of bird in the Ploceidae family. It is found widely in woodland, forest edge and gardens of East, Middle and Southern Africa, but is absent from the most arid regions (such as the Karoo) and dense, primary rainforest. This common species breeds in solitary pairs, and both sexes are bright yellow, have an olive-yellow back, black "spectacles" and pale eyes. The male has a black throat.
Spectacled Weaver
Date Location Count
2021-02-18 10:30Queen Elizabeth II NP--Ishasha sector 22
2021-02-10 13:00Queen Elizabeth II NP--Mweya5
2021-02-20 08:00Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge4
2021-02-14 09:35Top of the World Trail1
2021-02-19 07:15Queen Elizabeth II NP--Lake Bunyampaka2
2021-02-20 16:30Chimpanzee Guesthouse2
2021-02-11 08:20Kibale Forest NP2
2021-02-23 08:03Bigodi Swamp2
2021-02-04 08:26Kibale Forest Camp2
2021-02-20 07:49Nyabarongo River @ RN12
2021-02-15 08:18Lake Mburo NP--Nyarutegura River Mouth2
2021-02-09 16:00Lake Mburo NP--Entrance Road2
2021-02-08 16:21Akagera Np -- Mohana Plain and Lake Rwanyakazinga Picnic Site1
2021-02-10 07:00Lake Mburo NP2
2021-01-31 20:23Nkima Forest Lodge2
2021-02-11 07:35Mabamba Swamp1
2021-02-14 09:35Entebbe Botanical Garden2
2021-02-17 06:29Lake Victoria--Mfangano Island4
2021-02-24 14:48Rusinga Island Lodge1
2021-01-29 09:00Maasai Mara NR--Talek Plains4
2021-01-29 10:55Lake Naivasha Country Club
2021-02-21 15:29Aberdare Country Club2
2021-01-30 06:00South Luangwa NP--Mfuwe Lodge
2021-02-08 18:00Corner Baridi (Magadi Rd)
2021-01-31 09:51U of N Kabete Campus & Field Station (incl. Loresho Swamp)
2021-02-07 14:48Kabete Dam (Gatara River)
2021-01-30 06:15Kfeet, Wetlands & Lily Lake, Karura Forest1
2021-02-17 07:43Nairobi River @ National Museums of Kenya (incl. Boulevard Hotel)1
2021-02-21 07:06Nairobi NP
2021-02-07 07:38Mt. Kenya NP--Castle Forest and Lodge2
2021-02-21 09:00Magongo Hills1
2021-02-14 09:07Mandegee farm1
2021-02-22 06:23Wamba Marsh2
2021-02-18 08:22Ebenezer Dam1
2021-02-11 07:15Tiwi Swamp
2021-02-09 16:26Kruger NP--Pafuri Picnic Site1
2021-02-20 10:05Kruger NP--Pafuri/S63 area1
2021-02-14 07:39Lower Tana River Delta
2021-02-11 06:27Hazyview--Kruger Park Lodge3
2021-02-13 17:42Nelspruit Nature Reserve2
2021-02-11 05:13Singita Ebony Lodge3
2021-02-09 16:10Mala-Mala Game Reserve1
2021-02-08 09:14Kruger NP--Skukuza Golf Club1
2021-02-06 21:06Kruger NP--Skukuza Camp1
2021-01-31 05:35Hamburg Estuary1
2021-02-21 14:19Midmar Dam--North Shore (Main Gate)2
2021-01-31 05:45Karkloof--Mbona Mountain Estate2
2021-01-31 07:43Hilton--Hilton Bush Lodge1
2021-02-11 20:02Hilton--Mondi Forests1
2021-02-13 08:13Hilton--Doreen Clark NR2
2021-02-20 17:02Pietermaritzburg--Waltdorf Estate2
2021-02-16 13:01Pietermaritzburg--Wylie Park1
2021-02-13 05:59Pietermaritzburg--Bisley Road1
2021-02-13 07:08Pietermaritzburg--Bisley Valley NR2
2021-02-13 07:05Hole in the Wall2
2021-02-07 05:34Manyoni GR (please be more specific)4
2021-02-19 07:02KwaDukuza--Sappi Stanger hide
2021-02-03 11:29Mdloti Lagoon2
2021-02-21 06:20Sibaya Coastal Forest Reserve3
2021-02-06 05:08Umhlanga Lagoon NR2
2021-02-05 10:30Phinda GR
2021-02-14 16:00Dunes de Dovela4