The village weaver (Ploceus cucullatus), also known as the spotted-backed weaver or black-headed weaver (the latter leading to easy confusion with P. melanocephalus), is a species of bird found in much of sub-Saharan Africa. It has also been introduced to Hispaniola, Mauritius and Réunion.

This often abundant species occurs in a wide range of open or semi-open habitats, including woodlands and human habitation, and frequently forms large noisy colonies in towns, villages and hotel grounds.

This weaver builds a large coarsely woven nest made of grass and leaf strips with a downward facing entrance which is suspended from a branch in a tree. 2-3 eggs are laid. This is a colonial breeder, so many nests may hang from one tree.

The village weaver is a stocky 15–17 cm bird with a strong conical bill and dark reddish eyes. In the northern part of its range, the breeding male has a black head edged by chestnut (typically most distinct on the nape and chest). Towards the southern part of its range, the amount of black and chestnut diminish, and the breeding males of the southernmost subspecies only have a black face and throat, while the nape and crown are yellow. In all subspecies the breeding male has a black bill, black and yellow upperparts and wings, and yellow underparts.

The non-breeding male has a yellow head with an olive crown, grey upperparts and whitish underparts. The wings remain yellow and black.

The adult female has streaked olive upperparts, yellow and black wings, and pale yellow underparts. Young birds are like the female but browner on the back.

Village weaver feeds principally on seeds and grain, and can be a crop pest, but it will readily take insects, especially when feeding young, which partially redresses the damage to agriculture.

The calls of this bird include harsh buzzes and chattering.
Village Weaver
Date Location Count
2020-03-06 07:05Paraíso Caño Hondo16
2020-03-10 15:55Puerto Escondido1
2020-03-10 08:31Las Salinas8
2020-03-07 09:05Peaje Guacara (Carabobo)3
2020-03-27 07:45Embalse de Taiguayguay13
2020-03-08 07:50Technopole1
2020-03-11 01:00Cape Point
2020-03-06 09:00Jardin Botanique de Bingerville3
2020-03-13 09:43Hotel Sarakawa32
2020-03-14 07:42Auberge du Lac3
2020-03-06 16:35Punta Europa (Acceso Restringido)35
2020-03-12 17:06Bwindi (Town)10
2020-03-09 10:25Mahango Game Reserve8
2020-03-29 09:30Kibale Forest NP10
2020-03-18 16:00Ruhondo wetland
2020-03-06 07:10Murchison Falls NP--Boat trip Paraa to Victoria Nile Delta8
2020-03-09 15:06Nyarutarama Lake and Golf Course10
2020-03-10 08:14Bugesera Lodge5
2020-03-07 19:46Akagera NP--Pls if possible, use more specific locations.30
2020-03-07 07:54Akagera NP--Visitor Centre6
2020-03-08 06:17Akagera NP--Akagera Lodge50
2020-03-11 07:27Akagera NP (southern area)50
2020-03-08 08:08Akagera NP--Lac Ihema20
2020-03-15 10:03Entebbe Botanical Garden15
2020-03-15 14:48Uganda Wildlife Education Centre5
2020-03-07 12:39Lutembe Bay Ramsar Site40
2020-03-17 17:00Sitatunga Camp2
2020-03-11 06:00Imbabala Safari Camp1
2020-03-08 08:05Gwassi Hills (Ringa Hill)3
2020-03-07 08:17Ruma NP7
2020-03-07 13:15Ruma River Lodge10
2020-03-15 15:16Stephanie Wildlife Sanctuary150
2020-03-23 06:22Maasai Mara NR--Mara Triangle10
2020-03-12 11:36Maasai Mara NR--Naibor Camp1
2020-03-07 10:30Lalibela2
2020-03-06 16:00Arba Minch -- Haile Resort
2020-03-10 09:05Awash NP--southern section1
2020-03-11 08:00Awash Town--Genet Hotel1
2020-03-14 07:00Goba Wabe Shebelle Hotel5
2020-04-03 08:16Buffelsdrift Conservancy
2020-03-19 11:10Zoo Lake1
2020-03-13 14:04Mamabolo Plains20
2020-03-29 06:33Mikimba Swamp
2020-04-01 14:15Haller Park--Bamburi Nature Trail
2020-03-20 14:20Mida Creek1
2020-03-28 06:17Temple Point & Mida Creek Mouth, Watamu1
2020-03-10 07:17Sabaki River Estuary
2020-03-29 09:39Nelspruit Nature Reserve3
2020-03-12 10:21Wakkerstroom Wetlands--Flufftail Hide2
2020-03-16 13:30Wakkerstroom Wetland Reserve10
2020-03-10 05:40Kruger NP--Tshokwane Road1
2020-03-18 09:40Karkloof - Upper1
2020-03-18 11:09Karkloof - Benvie Farm1
2020-03-18 06:00Hilton Bush Lodge1
2020-03-14 14:43Mondi Forests10
2020-03-13 13:40Hilton - Garlington Estate6
2020-03-17 16:25Zulu Nyala Heritage Safari Lodge
2020-03-20 06:06St Lucia - iGwalagwala Trail2
2020-03-14 16:19Dunes de Dovela25