The baglafecht weaver (Ploceus baglafecht), also known as Reichenow's weaver is a species of weaver bird from the family Ploceidae which is found in eastern and central Africa. The origin of the word baglafecht is something of a mystery and was coined by Buffon, probably from a local name in an Abyssinian language.

Baglafecht Weaver
Date Location Count
2021-02-08 16:00Bwindi-Impenetrable Forest NP--Entrance Road1
2021-02-12 08:13Bwindi-Impenetrable Forest NP--Waterfall Walk2
2021-02-17 08:00Bwindi-Impenetrable Forest NP--Buhoma2
2021-02-26 08:59Gisakura Tea Factory & Forest3
2021-01-31 13:20Queen Elizabeth II NP--Kazinga Channel Boat Trip1
2021-02-20 11:26Ndali Lodge1
2021-02-07 07:54Amajambere Iwacu Community Camp5
2021-02-25 06:07Rangiro Road1
2021-02-12 04:00Mgahinga NP2
2021-02-04 12:33Bwindi-Impenetrable NP--Mubwindi Swamp1
2021-02-03 14:36Bwindi-Impenetrable NP--Ruhija Community Rest Camp3
2021-02-03 14:43Bwindi-Impenetrable NP--Ruhija2
2021-02-24 09:05Kibale Forest NP--North end1
2021-02-15 08:40Bwindi-Impenetrable NP--Bamboo Zone2
2021-02-22 10:03Bigodi Swamp2
2021-02-27 07:57Bigodi Community Walk1
2021-02-05 07:29Kibale Forest Camp1
2021-02-13 10:00Echuya Forest Reserve2
2021-02-10 07:43Rwakobo Rock Lodge1
2021-02-05 14:00Lake Mburo NP10
2021-02-23 08:23Nyaruhuru River @ Akagera Rd
2021-02-21 08:18Moroto (Village)3
2021-02-17 06:29Lake Victoria--Mfangano Island2
2021-02-16 16:48Eastern Gwassi Foothills
2021-02-13 16:30Kakamega Forest NR--Rondo Retreat Lodge
2021-02-09 07:47Eldoret (general)7
2021-02-26 05:59Angama Lodge (Ol Kurruk)2
2021-02-21 07:22Konso--Kanta Lodge1
2021-02-26 16:58St Andrews Turi, KE (-0.279, 35.764)10
2021-02-08 15:03Lake Awassa--United Africa Shebelle Hotel area1
2021-02-06 14:22Lake Ol Bolossat, Nyahururu2
2021-02-05 16:11Lake Naivasha--Lake Oloidon4
2021-02-27 09:05Gibbs Farm3
2021-02-21 15:29Aberdare Country Club5
2021-02-21Lake Manyara NP--Lake Manyara Tree Lodge
2021-01-31 09:51U of N Kabete Campus & Field Station (incl. Loresho Swamp)
2021-02-20 13:05Karen Country Club2
2021-02-07 14:48Kabete Dam (Gatara River)
2021-02-24 07:56Nairobi River @ National Museums of Kenya (incl. Boulevard Hotel)2
2021-02-21 07:06Nairobi NP
2021-02-28 06:55Mt. Kenya NP--Castle Forest and Lodge3
2021-02-26 08:00Magongo Hills14
2021-02-14 09:07Mandegee farm1