The willow warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus) is a very common and widespread leaf warbler which breeds throughout northern and temperate Europe and Asia, from Ireland east to the Anadyr River basin in eastern Siberia. It is strongly migratory, with almost all of the population wintering in sub-Saharan Africa.

It is a bird of open woodlands with trees and ground cover for nesting, including most importantly birch, alder, and willow habitats. The nest is usually built in close contact with the ground, often in low vegetation. Like most Old World warblers (Sylviidae), this small passerine is insectivorous. In northern Europe, it is one of the first warblers to return in the spring though is later than the closely related chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita.

Willow Warbler
Date Location Count
2020-02-02 08:09Kotu Creek--Bridge and Mouth1
2020-02-14 07:45Farasuto Forest Community Nature Reserve1
2020-02-03 08:06Forêt de Djibelor (Eaux et Forêts)5
2020-02-06 16:42Campement de Wassadou1
2020-01-31 06:15Kakum NP--Canopy Walkway & vicinity2
2020-01-31 16:04Kalakpa Resources Reserve1
2020-01-31 16:13Amurum Forest Reserve (APLORI)1
2020-01-26 08:21PN Pico Basile--El Pico1
2020-01-26 10:28Parque Nacional del Pico Basilé--Bosque de 2000m1
2020-02-10 16:25Grand Hotel Djibloho2
2020-02-16 11:43Goanikontes Oasis1
2020-02-02 10:00El Gouna1
2020-01-25 08:00Waterberg Plateau NP2
2020-02-03 07:15Chimpanzee Guesthouse2
2020-02-20 08:58Mahango Game Reserve1
2020-02-14 14:51Bigodi Swamp1
2020-02-02 08:40Rusizi Delta Nature Reserve6
2020-02-06 16:00Murchison Falls NP--north side (Paraa to Albert Nile swamps)2
2020-02-06 07:15Murchison Falls NP--Boat trip Paraa to Victoria Nile Delta2
2020-02-05 07:21Nyabarongo River
2020-01-27 07:15Lake Mburo NP3
2020-02-13 10:35Nkima Forest Lodge3
2020-02-22 10:27Gorilla Africa Guest House1
2020-01-28 16:50Entebbe Botanical Garden1
2020-01-25 06:22Cresta Mowana Lodge1
2020-02-17 05:45Zambezi NP2
2020-02-01 06:15Elephant Hills Golf Course1
2020-02-11 06:12Hwange NP--Deteema6
2020-02-02 08:40Lazy J Ranch (Restricted Access - Permit Required)2
2020-02-19 06:02Hwange National Park--Hwange Main Camp2
2020-02-04 12:00Maasai Mara NR--Mara River Bridge & Hippo Pond2
2020-02-11 07:30Ngorongoro Conservation Area--Ndutu (general area)1
2020-01-31 07:20Abidjatta-Shalla NP1
2020-02-19 09:33Lake Awassa Fish Market1
2020-02-01 07:15Hawassa Lake Promenade1
2020-02-07 06:00Mutinondo Wilderness1
2020-02-16 06:30Ngorongoro Conservation Area--Ngorongoro Crater2
2020-02-17 11:45Ngorongoro Conservation Area--SW Crater Rim Highlands1
2020-02-15 15:00Lake Manyara NP (Arusha)2
2020-02-22 07:01Brackenhurst1
2020-01-27 07:40Paradise Lost3
2020-02-13 07:21Kfeet, Wetlands & Lily Lake, Karura Forest1
2020-02-22 11:30Nairobi NP2
2020-02-05 17:00Doho Lodge
2020-02-19 07:15Tarangire NP--Lemiyon Circuit Grasslands1
2020-02-18 07:45Tarangire NP4
2020-02-01 07:40Swara Plains Conservancy and Acacia Camp (formerly Hopcraft Ranch/Game Ranching Ltd.)1
2020-02-13 06:00Ruaha NP2
2020-02-16 08:30Magongo Hills2
2020-02-02 14:30Zambian Rest House1
2020-02-16 08:04Arusha NP1
2020-01-25 08:02Kilimanjaro Golf & Wildlife Estate1
2020-02-10 16:24Simba Farm1
2020-02-10 06:12Kilimanjaro NP--Mweka Camp1
2020-01-26 13:50Borakalalo NP2
2020-02-09 10:11Kgomo-Kgomo1
2020-02-09 09:10Zaagkuilsdrift Lodge1
2020-02-21 15:10Sagala Lodge/Ndara Ranch1
2020-02-09 06:04Zaagkuildrift Rd (Please be more specific)
2020-02-08 07:31Soetdoring Nature Reserve1
2020-02-02 07:00Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden1
2020-02-02 10:34Rooiwal WTP1
2020-02-19 09:01Golden Harvest Park1
2020-02-18 08:38Jukskei River1
2020-02-01 13:45Rust de Winter NR1
2020-02-01 07:30Uitvlugt Road
2020-02-03 09:34President Ridge Bird Sanctuary1
2020-01-25 08:37Free State Botanical Gardens3
2020-02-18 07:41Rietvlei Nature Reserve2
2020-02-22 08:16Wilge River Valley (MP)1
2020-01-25 02:50Loskop Dam Nature Reserve3
2020-01-25 21:15Kruger NP--Pafuri Gate to Luvuvhu River/H1-91
2020-01-25 23:15Kruger NP--Crooks Corner1
2020-01-25 14:30Liwonde National Park--Mvuu3
2020-02-08 06:26Kruger NP--Babalala Picnic Spot1
2020-02-16 04:00Kruger NP--Voortrekker Rd/H2-23
2020-02-18 17:20Wakkerstroom Wetlands--Clive Beck Hide1
2020-01-26 11:18Kruger NP--H1-2 @ Sand River2