The northern grey-headed sparrow (Passer griseus), also known as the grey-headed or common grey-headed sparrow, is a species of bird in the sparrow family Passeridae, which is resident in much of tropical Africa. It occurs in a wide range of open habitats, including open woodlands and human habitation, often occupying the same niche as the house sparrow does in Eurasia.

The adult northern grey-headed sparrow has a pale grey head with a white moustache stripe, pale brown upperparts, whitish underparts and chestnut wings with a small white shoulder patch. The sexes are similar, but young birds are slightly duller and lack the white wing patch. There are three subspecies, differing in plumage tone, especially with regard to the darkness of the head.

This sparrow is mainly resident in its range, but there is some seasonal movement, and flocks of up to 50 birds form outside the breeding season. It builds a cup nest in trees, thatch, or old nests of other birds; 2–4 eggs are laid.

This species feeds principally on seeds and grain, like other sparrows, but will readily take insects including termites, especially when feeding young.

The calls include cheeps and chirps, and the typical sparrow churring alarm call.

The northern grey-headed sparrow is replaced in eastern and southern Africa by very similar birds that are sometimes considered races of this species: Swainson's sparrow, the parrot-billed sparrow, the Swahili sparrow, and the southern grey-headed sparrow. According to phylogenetic studies by Arnaiz-Villena et al., this species is indeed related to the other grey-headed sparrows, and these species together are most closely related within genus Passer to the house sparrow and allies.
Northern Gray-headed Sparrow
Date Location Count
2021-02-02 07:18Parque de N´Batonha (Lagoa do PNUD)2
2021-02-11 06:28Mole NP--Mole Hotel & waterhole2
2021-02-23 08:30Manso Domeabra2
2021-03-02 06:30Nsuta Forest
2021-02-04 06:43Antwikwaa--forest edge & farm scrub2
2021-02-07 07:37Densu Delta 8
2021-02-07 06:20Densu Delta Protected Area2
2021-02-05 10:42Lefini Reserve--Lefini River / Mbouambé
2021-02-21 08:17Forêt du Zoo de Brazzaville
2021-02-23 08:00Semuliki NP2
2021-02-01 15:57Queen Elizabeth II NP--Ishasha and Katobi loop5
2021-02-18 10:30Queen Elizabeth II NP--Ishasha sector 220
2021-02-12 08:13Bwindi-Impenetrable Forest NP--Waterfall Walk1
2021-02-17 08:58Kinunu Kivu Lodge2
2021-02-17 08:00Bwindi-Impenetrable Forest NP--Buhoma4
2021-02-26 08:59Gisakura Tea Factory & Forest2
2021-02-01 12:01Queen Elizabeth II NP--Maramagambo Forest2
2021-02-01 10:19Queen Elizabeth NP--Ishasha Rd2
2021-02-20 08:00Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge20
2021-02-14 09:05Ndali Lodge1
2021-02-07 07:54Amajambere Iwacu Community Camp2
2021-02-14 09:35Top of the World Trail1
2021-02-25 06:07Rangiro Road2
2021-02-19 07:15Queen Elizabeth II NP--Lake Bunyampaka20
2021-02-20 16:30Chimpanzee Guesthouse9
2021-02-13 17:30Ruhengeri--general area2
2021-03-02 08:10Kibale Forest NP--Primate Lodge2
2021-02-21 07:00Kibale Forest NP3
2021-02-23 08:03Bigodi Swamp1
2021-02-22 09:36Bigodi Community Walk3
2021-02-12 08:37Kibale Forest Camp2
2021-02-26 10:30Murchison Falls NP--Woodland savannah2
2021-02-09 16:00Lake Mburo NP--Entrance Road2
2021-02-10 07:43Rwakobo Rock Lodge1
2021-02-21 09:01Akagera Np -- Mohana Plain and Lake Rwanyakazinga Picnic Site3
2021-02-28 16:49Lake Mburo NP10
2021-02-07 06:20Magashi Peninsula2
2021-02-23 08:23Nyaruhuru River @ Akagera Rd
2021-02-08 08:30Mabamba Swamp--Main channel2
2021-02-14 09:35Entebbe Botanical Garden3
2021-02-26 14:05Uganda Wildlife Education Centre14
2021-02-28 07:42Lutembe Bay Ramsar Site1
2021-02-17 06:29Lake Victoria--Mfangano Island4
2021-02-24 17:28Gembe Hills (west)1
2021-02-04 07:05Kisumu Waterfront (incl. Ndunga Swamp, Hippo Pt. and Impala Park)
2021-02-20 07:40Lilayi Lodge
2021-02-09 07:47Eldoret (general)
2021-02-26 05:59Angama Lodge (Ol Kurruk)2
2021-02-14 06:30Maasai Mara NR* general (pls. use more precise loc.)2
2021-02-25 16:15Tarangire NP--Tarangire Safari Lodge6
2021-02-14 09:07Mandegee farm1