The noisy miner (Manorina melanocephala) is a bird in the honeyeater family, Meliphagidae, and is endemic to eastern and south-eastern Australia. This miner is a grey bird, with a black head, orange-yellow beak and feet, a distinctive yellow patch behind the eye and white tips on the tail feathers. The Tasmanian race has a more intense yellow panel in the wing, and a broader white tip to the tail. Males, females and juveniles are similar in appearance, though young birds are a brownish-grey. As the common name suggests, the noisy miner is a vocal species with a large range of songs, calls, scoldings and alarms, and almost constant vocalizations particularly from young birds. One of four species in the genus Manorina, the noisy miner itself is divided into four subspecies. The separation of the Tasmanian M. m. leachi is of long standing, and the mainland birds were further split in 1999.

Found in a broad arc from Far North Queensland through New South Wales and Victoria to Tasmania and southeastern South Australia, the noisy miner primarily inhabits dry, open eucalypt forests that lack understory shrubs. These include forests dominated by spotted gum, box and ironbark, as well as in degraded woodland where the understory has been cleared, such as recently burned areas, farming and grazing areas, roadside reserves, and suburban parks and gardens with trees and grass but without dense shrubbery. The density of noisy miner populations has significantly increased in many locations across its range, particularly human-dominated habitats. The popularity of nectar-producing garden plants such as the large-flowered grevilleas was thought to play a role in its proliferation, but studies now show that the noisy miner has benefited primarily from landscaping practices that create open areas dominated by eucalypts.

Noisy miners are gregarious and territorial; they forage, bathe, roost, breed and defend territory communally, forming colonies that can contain several hundred birds. Each bird has an 'activity space' and birds with overlapping activity spaces form associations called 'coteries', the most stable units within the colony. The birds also form temporary flocks called 'coalitions' for specific activities such as mobbing a predator. Group cohesion is facilitated not only by vocalizations, but also through ritualised displays which have been categorised as flight displays, postural displays, and facial displays. The noisy miner is a notably aggressive bird, and chasing, pecking, fighting, scolding, and mobbing occur throughout the day, targeted at both intruders and colony members.

Foraging in the canopy of trees and on trunks and branches and on the ground, the noisy miner mainly eats nectar, fruit and insects. Most time is spent gleaning the foliage of eucalypts, and it can meet most of its nutritional needs from manna, honeydew and lerp gathered from the foliage. The noisy miner does not use a stereotyped courtship display, but copulation is a frenzied communal event. It breeds all year long, building a deep cup-shaped nest and laying two to four eggs. Incubation is by the female only, although up to twenty male helpers take care of the nestlings and fledglings. Noisy miners have a range of strategies to increase their breeding success including multiple broods and group mobbing of predators. The noisy miner's population increase has been correlated with the reduction of avian diversity in human-affected landscapes. Its territoriality means that translocation is unlikely to be a solution to its overabundance, and culling has been proposed, although the noisy miner is currently a protected species across Australia.
Noisy Miner
Date Location Count
2019-10-19 07:00Undara Experience6
2019-10-13 11:35Irvinebank2
2019-10-09 10:00Springvale Road, Wondecla State Forest11
2019-10-11 17:00White Mountains National Park
2019-10-19 09:10Clare Valley Cabins1
2019-10-19 12:16Melrose Reserve (Clare)2
2019-10-10 10:54Semaphore South Beach2
2019-10-10 10:23Port River Causeway2
2019-10-11 07:30Scullers Reserve (West Lakes)20
2019-10-11 14:52Grange1
2019-10-10 09:43Whites Road Wetland (Bolivar)4
2019-10-10 12:49Torrens Weir10
2019-10-21 12:31Adelaide Zoo8
2019-10-15 10:05Cobbler Creek Recreation Park14
2019-10-15 14:49Adelaide Botanic Garden12
2019-10-15 07:56Kurangga (Adelaide)15
2019-10-08 09:30Rymill Lake9
2019-10-15 08:36O'Halloran Hill Recreation Park3
2019-10-21 11:35Kingfisher Reserve7
2019-10-16 11:58Drumminor Reserve7
2019-10-21 08:54Byards Wetland (Reynella East)6
2019-10-18 10:00Wittunga Botanic Garden4
2019-10-19 17:48Tangari Regional Park5
2019-10-17 08:15Anstey Hill Recreation Park3
2019-10-12 16:00Blackwood Forest Recreation Park10
2019-10-18 08:00Belair National Park2
2019-10-19 16:00Horsnell Gully Conservation Park--west2
2019-10-12 14:58NPEC Nuriootpa Waste Water Treatment Plant8
2019-10-20 15:45Laratinga Wetlands
2019-10-11 08:30Macclesfield Cemetery
2019-10-08 06:20Scott's Creek Cell (restricted access)3
2019-10-09 12:19Monarto Safari Park--Wild Africa Precinct (restricted access)3
2019-10-19 07:30Blanchetown2
2019-10-19 08:00Waterworks Reserve (Dynnyrne/Ridgeway)3
2019-10-19 06:47Kinchina Conservation Park5
2019-10-09 13:26Sturt Reserve (Murray Bridge)5
2019-10-18 08:12Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (Hobart)2
2019-10-19 17:13Waikerie Holiday Park4
2019-10-21 11:30Goulds Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary12
2019-10-21 13:19Pittwater Rd, Llanherne2
2019-10-17 11:57Five Mile Beach2
2019-10-19Curringa Farm, Hamilton (restricted access)4
2019-10-19 10:31Pitt Water Causeway - Pitt Water Bluff to Midway Pt1
2019-10-15 17:21Stephens Creek X Silver City Highway1
2019-10-19 16:20Orielton Lagoon--Greenshank Bay1
2019-10-21 12:30Orielton Lagoon15
2019-10-13Orielton Lagoon--Cemetery Point2
2019-10-13 06:28Renmark Golf Resort15
2019-10-09 09:55Loxton7
2019-10-09 10:10Murray-Sunset National Park--Lindsay Island4
2019-10-10 09:55Murray-Sunset National Park--Mulcra Island3
2019-10-20 17:43Lake Dulverton Conservation Area (Oatlands)3
2019-10-13 12:13Lock 9, Murray River4
2019-10-14 12:48Lake Cullulleraine10
2019-10-10 12:11Horseshoe Lagooon, Wallpolla Island2
2019-10-19 14:26Wentworth4
2019-10-11 09:32Padthaway Conservation Park5
2019-10-14 13:00Eungella National Park--Diggings Rd1
2019-10-07 18:24Lake Hawthorn5
2019-10-12 10:45Airport State Forest (Mildura)3
2019-10-10 10:43Mildura3
2019-10-19 17:42Kings Billabong Wildlife Reserve12
2019-10-17 17:47Rock Pool (Charleville)2
2019-10-16 15:13Hattah-Kulkyne National Park--Lake Mournpall campground5
2019-10-20 09:30Hattah-Kulkyne National Park--Lake Mournpall18
2019-10-19 08:07Hattah-Kulkyne National Park7
2019-10-17 11:20Hattah-Kulkyne National Park--Day use area5
2019-10-08 14:25Hattah-Kulkyne National Park--Lake Hattah5
2019-10-20 13:23Hattah-Kulkyne National Park--Hattah Nature Drive6
2019-10-17 20:04Ouyen Caravan Park5
2019-10-12 08:15Lake Hindmarsh1
2019-10-10 12:00Euston2
2019-10-14 14:03Lake Lascelles, Hopetoun10
2019-10-11 15:33Mount Arapiles-Tooan State Park--Centenary Park Camping Area2
2019-10-08 16:31Green Lake, south of Sea Lake12
2019-10-20 13:05Swan Hill Sewage Treatment Plant6
2019-10-20 07:35Goschen Bushland Reserve1
2019-10-17 11:51Federation Park Wetlands--Stawell West
2019-10-21 08:51Middle Lake Ibis Rookery3
2019-10-19 09:00Dalyenong Nature Conservation Reserve
2019-10-20 09:00Gunbower Island at -35.64657, 144.140283
2019-10-11 09:00Mount Korong Nature Conservation Reserve2
2019-10-13 14:17Hay River Reserve3
2019-10-21 16:05Rockhampton Botanic Gardens18
2019-10-14 07:06Duck Pond Environmental Reserve2
2019-10-14 14:30Terrick Terrick National Park
2019-10-13 05:56Kinka Wetlands, Kinka Beach4
2019-10-12 14:00Barrs Rd, Mingay (restricted access)14
2019-10-19 16:45Lake Kajarabie--E. J Beardmore Dam4
2019-10-20 09:57Greater Bendigo National Park--Kamarooka--Mulga Dam10
2019-10-19 08:35Greater Bendigo National Park--Kamarooka4
2019-10-17 09:00Crusoe Reservoir and No.7 Park (Bendigo)20
2019-10-18 09:00Bendigo Sewage Ponds
2019-10-20 07:24Bendigo Sewage Ponds--Wallenjoe Road Ponds20
2019-10-15 07:13Deniliquin Environs5
2019-10-09 15:15White Hills Chinese Diggings Historic Area2
2019-10-13 08:10Flora Hill, Bendigo
2019-10-19 07:06Muckleford3
2019-10-14 09:10Kennington Reservoir
2019-10-20 08:47Davey Track, Mandurang1
2019-10-09 09:17Nindigully Hotel3
2019-10-20 11:19Elmore-Raywood Road (Elmore)4
2019-10-14 17:45Murray Valley National Park--Gulpa Creek Reed Beds5
2019-10-19 14:00Pilchers Bridge Nature Conservation Reserve1
2019-10-18 06:14Lake Cargelligo Wastewater Treatment Plant2
2019-10-14 07:41O'Keefe Rail Line, Axedale1
2019-10-17 12:29Curlew Waters (Lake Cargelligo)3
2019-10-17 10:07Eight Mile Tank Rd Rankin Springs4
2019-10-19 17:11Lake Eppalock—Murrowood Lane and Teal Bay20
2019-10-13 09:25Lake Wyangan6
2019-10-08 10:15James Bridge Road (Picola)
2019-10-20 12:45Greens Lake (Corop)8
2019-10-19 15:14Lake Eppalock--Old Bendigo Road1
2019-10-19 08:25Tondoon Botanic Gardens, Gladstone1
2019-10-19 14:51Tuscan Court (Heathcote)2
2019-10-17 06:00Possum Park Camp3
2019-10-10 08:00Cania Gorge National Park3
2019-10-18 07:00Chinamans Lagoon (Miles)3
2019-10-18 10:20Caliguel Reserve and Lagoon (Condamine)6
2019-10-19 14:45Wunghnu8
2019-10-14 12:03Thompson Creek at Pettavel Road, Freshwater Creek2
2019-10-09 14:15Shepparton wastewater treatment plant (restricted access)1
2019-10-18 13:45Lower Goulburn National Park--Reedy Swamp1
2019-10-14 10:23Anglesea Rd at Blackgate Rd, Mt Duneed12
2019-10-13 09:00Gemmill Swamp Nature Conservation Reserve9
2019-10-20 11:07Eynesbury Forest and Grasslands3
2019-10-16 16:00Balaclava Rd b/w Goulburn Valley Hwy and The Boulevard, Shepparton4
2019-10-18 07:03Victoria Park Lake (Shepparton)4
2019-10-18 16:06Thompsons Beach4
2019-10-14 09:40Fivebough Wetlands3
2019-10-19 08:38Moolap Station Rd at Townsend Rd, Moolap1
2019-10-11 09:25Hospital Swamp--Baenschs Lane2
2019-10-15 09:10Princes Freeway at Little River Rd4
2019-10-14 11:38Mangalore Nature Conservation Reserve2
2019-10-11 11:00Lake Connewarre--Tait Point2
2019-10-13 10:07Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)1
2019-10-21 13:20Woodlands Historic Park2
2019-10-19 14:02Lake Lorne (Drysdale)6
2019-10-11 07:00Yellow Gums Estate (Ocean Grove)10
2019-10-13 10:34Ocean Grove Nature Reserve2
2019-10-09 09:00Begola Wetlands (Ocean Grove)2
2019-10-20 13:07Keilor Botanic Gardens12
2019-10-10 13:06Craigieburn6
2019-10-10 08:00Truganina Swamp, Altona1
2019-10-08 08:30Afton Street Conservation Park (Aberfeldie)3
2019-10-08 17:04Northern Golf Course, Glenroy (restricted access)21
2019-10-07 18:08Travancore4
2019-10-08 14:06Epping North Conservation Reserve7
2019-10-21 10:05Perc White Reserve8
2019-10-20 09:16Royal Park, Parkville7
2019-10-12 11:30Joe's Market Garden (CERES)2
2019-10-12 13:30Merri Creek--Harding St to Moreland Rd, E Coburg3
2019-10-09 11:32Quarry Hills Bushland Park3
2019-10-09 16:58Carlton Gardens2
2019-10-18 08:40Flinders Walk
2019-10-20 08:45Seven Creeks Walking Track3
2019-10-19 10:51Alexandra Gardens (Melbourne)5
2019-10-14 12:24Peter Hopper Lake and Red Leap Reserve2
2019-10-14 09:30Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens4
2019-10-21 07:49Royal Botanic Gardens (Melbourne)4
2019-10-09 10:20Yan Yean Reservoir
2019-10-14 19:01Plenty Gorge Park--South Morang Wetlands3
2019-10-12 12:05Fawkner Park, South Yarra
2019-10-20 10:30La Trobe University Bundoora--Wildlife Sanctuary
2019-10-17 08:33South Yarra Railway Station1
2019-10-18 18:16Alphington6
2019-10-18 18:34Alphington Wetlands10
2019-10-20 16:15Pridmore Park (Hawthorn)4
2019-10-19 17:37Chris Gahan Reserve3
2019-10-20 16:46Burnley Park6
2019-10-15 16:39Wilson Reserve5
2019-10-13 13:15Chelsworth Park (Ivanhoe)4
2019-10-12 13:24Kew Golf Club Billabong1
2019-10-11 12:04Warringal Park3
2019-10-09 07:04Currawong Lane Footbridge, Greensborough5
2019-10-11 10:09Yarra Flats3
2019-10-19 11:11Banyule Flats Reserve8
2019-10-16 12:55Honeysuckle Creek, Violet Town7
2019-10-16 10:15Shadforth Reserve15
2019-10-17 01:20West Wyalong STW and Rotary Park Wetlands4
2019-10-20 16:37Diamond Creek - Eltham trail18
2019-10-21 16:43Dellas Ave, Templestowe9
2019-10-19 14:27Glen Iris Park2
2019-10-18 07:00Patterson Station
2019-10-19 10:44Tikalara Park, Templestowe7
2019-10-13 10:05Ricketts Pt, Beaumaris7
2019-10-09 13:14Mullum Mullum Linear Park, Doncaster East16
2019-10-15 13:09Scotchmans Creek, Oakleigh
2019-10-21 13:26Huntingdale Wetlands
2019-10-16 09:54Warrandyte State Park--Pound Bend4
2019-10-14 16:45Blackburn Lake22
2019-10-20 15:59Valley Reserve (Mount Waverley)
2019-10-20 16:42Melbourne Water Retarding Basin Mount Waverley
2019-10-13 11:45Madden Rd, Heatherton
2019-10-18 09:00Monash University Clayton Campus12
2019-10-13 10:48Warrandyte State Park--Jumping Creek Reserve2
2019-10-15 09:15Yarran Dheran Reserve--Mullum Mullum Park18
2019-10-10 14:19Spring Valley Golf Club (restricted access)
2019-10-21 12:08Glen Waverley5
2019-10-12 10:00Sugarloaf Reservoir Park8
2019-10-20 14:07Bushy Park Wetlands9
2019-10-15 16:37Morack Golf Course13
2019-10-21 16:50Shepherds Bush8
2019-10-13 14:14Koomba Park1
2019-10-20 11:55Braeside Park12
2019-10-15 09:59Glen Waverley Golf Course24
2019-10-11 13:00Heritage Wetlands, Wonga Park
2019-10-20 08:36Yarrunga Reserve, Croydon Hills6
2019-10-21 12:25Waterways Estate12
2019-10-14 12:00The Keys Wetlands, Keysborough28
2019-10-20 14:26Dandenong Valley Wetland10
2019-10-11 11:27Tarralla Creek Trail16
2019-10-18 10:19Chirnside Park
2019-10-14 10:34Barngeong Reserve (Croydon)9
2019-10-11 17:30Lakewood Reserve, Knoxfield3
2019-10-19 07:51Mornington Peninsula National Park--Greens Bush3
2019-10-11 15:22Corhanwarrabul and Ferny Creek, Knoxfield3
2019-10-18 13:32Tirhatuan Wetlands Conservation Reserve
2019-10-08 11:15Rowville1
2019-10-19 17:05Bungalook Conservation Reserve
2019-10-13 07:34Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve12
2019-10-11 17:30Liverpool Road Retarding Basin
2019-10-11 16:11Ferntree Gully4
2019-10-18 13:13Churchill National Park8
2019-10-20 10:00Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve6
2019-10-19 09:44Lysterfield2
2019-10-21 14:10Goondiwindi Botanic Gardens4
2019-10-10 09:00Woods Reserve Tuerong6
2019-10-20 12:20Lysterfield Park
2019-10-09 10:01Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens1
2019-10-14 22:11Dandenong Ranges National Park--O'Donohues Picnic Ground6
2019-10-13 11:41Birdsland Reserve
2019-10-14 16:40Seville1
2019-10-14 09:45Merricks Beach4
2019-10-11 17:26Balbirooroo Wetlands6
2019-10-20 12:40Royal Botanic Gardens (Cranbourne)2
2019-10-14 08:30Hastings
2019-10-14 09:30Somers
2019-10-10 16:16Beaconsfield Flora and Fauna Reserve
2019-10-14 09:10Crib Point
2019-10-18 17:49Westview St Dubbo2
2019-10-11 08:49McKenzie Rd, Upper Beaconsfield3
2019-10-20 16:15Gum Swamp TSR (Forbes)1
2019-10-15 06:30Warneet
2019-10-19 13:53Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo15
2019-10-17 15:10Lake Broadwater Conservation Park--Wilga Bush Camping Area3
2019-10-18 05:15Lake Broadwater Conservation Park6
2019-10-12 15:00Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park--Chiltern
2019-10-13 08:35Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park-Andersons Track6
2019-10-21 08:30Bimbi State Forest4
2019-10-16 17:50Weddin Mountains National Park--Ben Halls Cave Campground and Basin Gully3
2019-10-19 15:38River road, Gobbagombalin (roadside birding)2
2019-10-10 16:06Burley Griffin Way at Combanning N Rd1
2019-10-12 13:23Stockyard Point10
2019-10-15 08:45Bunyip6
2019-10-21 16:00Lake Albert, Wagga Wagga5
2019-10-12 10:04Wuchatsch Reserve1
2019-10-16 14:10Harmers Haven Coastal Reserve--Mouth of the Powlett River
2019-10-11 09:15Baxters Wetland12
2019-10-19 06:40Burrum Heads1
2019-10-11 15:29Doctor's Creek Reserve3
2019-10-12 06:32Pioneer Park, Nanango
2019-10-09 15:33Inverloch Foreshore Camping1
2019-10-21 07:56Arkarra Lagoons1
2019-10-13 05:30Lake Burrendong State Park
2019-10-13 14:00Burrendong Botanic Garden and Arboretum7
2019-10-17 08:00Bingara3
2019-10-13 07:35Golden Valley Travelling Stock Route (Cowra)8
2019-10-10 15:55Point Vernon15
2019-10-21 11:32Eli Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant and Storage Dams (restricted access)6
2019-10-20 12:00Teddington Weir, Maryborough3
2019-10-19 11:00Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve6
2019-10-10 10:25Hervey Bay Botanical Gardens5
2019-10-17 17:34Fishermans Park (Hervey Bay)6
2019-10-18 05:24Urangan, Hervey Bay15
2019-10-15 07:15Coolah2
2019-10-17 14:28Loveday Cove (Lake Cooby)1
2019-10-21 14:12Cowra Japanese Garden2
2019-10-16 14:36Farm Dams on Morwell-Thorpdale Rd at Ten Mile Creek Rd3
2019-10-19 11:30Williams Reserve, Highfields8
2019-10-18 07:39Highfields Falls2
2019-10-14 17:19Maaroom2
2019-10-20 08:41Chatsworth Rest Area1
2019-10-21 07:00West Creek Reserve, Toowoomba3
2019-10-17 06:41Highgate Rd, Preston7
2019-10-12 07:34Charles Sturt University, Orange7
2019-10-13 07:09Redwood Park (Redwood)1
2019-10-12 11:10J E Duggan Park2
2019-10-19 08:40Bloomfield Park, Orange4
2019-10-13 08:49Crinigan Bushland Reserve2
2019-10-15 15:29Lake Alford Park (Gympie)2
2019-10-20 14:12Putta Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee2
2019-10-09 18:46Redbank Creek Rest Area, Mudgee8
2019-10-10 14:08Traralgon Railway Reservoir Conservation Reserve
2019-10-09 06:45Mudgee Cemetery6
2019-10-21 08:40Durridgere State Forest1
2019-10-21 13:44Conondale National Park--Charlie Moreland Park2
2019-10-13 15:45Bellbird Hollow, Brooloo (restricted access)3
2019-10-19 14:06Boorowa1
2019-10-18 07:45Sundown National Park--Permanents Waterhole Track5
2019-10-21 09:25Smedes Road (Hunter Valley)5
2019-10-08 18:01Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve--Moolarben Picnic Area5
2019-10-08 09:15Lake Apex Park (Gatton)10
2019-10-08 13:00Tarra-Bulga National Park2
2019-10-07 17:46Television Drive, Passchendaele6
2019-10-08 10:30Lake Galletly (University of Queensland - Gatton campus)2
2019-10-14 09:49Greyfriars Rd, Forest Hill10
2019-10-19 14:31Lake MacDonald Noosa Botanical Gardens12
2019-10-16 08:04Elanda Point Education Centre10
2019-10-14 15:19Atkinsons Dam11
2019-10-19 17:00Joseph Wills Park, Elsmore1
2019-10-14 08:14Lake Dyer, Bill Gunn Dam, Laidley5
2019-10-14 08:30Berganns Lane, Witta2
2019-10-09 07:00Kureelpa Falls Track3
2019-10-20 15:00Danthonia6
2019-10-20 10:09Lake Baroon--south shore trail5
2019-10-13 12:15Obi Obi Creek and Boardwalk, Maleny6
2019-10-14 15:52Old Cove Road, dam at -26.9304326, 152.7723008, Woodford4
2019-10-08 08:02Maleny Golf Course1
2019-10-19 14:43Five Mile Creek, Rugby3
2019-10-19 08:01Jensen's Swamp Environmental Reserve2
2019-10-14 14:56Cove Rd dam near 930 (restricted access)2
2019-10-13 08:20Brooke Moore Park (West Bathurst)12
2019-10-14 16:45Boundary Rd Reserve, Bathurst9
2019-10-18 16:28Charles Sturt University (Bathurst campus)4
2019-10-20 06:55Mcphillamy Park14
2019-10-17 07:45Ozcare Aged Care and Environs (Noosa Heads)17
2019-10-18 13:00Girraween National Park5
2019-10-20 08:49Black Snake Creek, Marburg2
2019-10-12 12:55Adams Rd, Glamorganvale2
2019-10-08 10:30Australia Zoo5
2019-10-09 07:49Maroochy Botanic Gardens1
2019-10-15 04:52Morris St, Dayboro2
2019-10-21 07:24Old Creamtruck Rd, Dayboro2
2019-10-15 06:14Riverside Park, Tamworth2
2019-10-14 16:47Strong Rd, Dayboro at -27.20868, 152.837032
2019-10-17 08:59Flinders Property (Restricted Access)4
2019-10-20 07:30Brisbane Valley Rail Trail--Desbrow St to Walter Zimmerman Park3
2019-10-14 07:04Rush Creek Rd, Dayboro (permit and farmer's permission required)12
2019-10-15 05:37Lake Manchester7
2019-10-13 07:19Walter Zimmerman Park, Pine Mountain
2019-10-08 10:25Boombana Pitta Circuit including fig with boardwalk
2019-10-19 07:14D'Aguilar National Park--Boombana5
2019-10-19 08:55Beacon Lighthouse Reserve12
2019-10-21 07:10Cumberland Rd, Wights Mountain (restricted access)12
2019-10-10 12:30Bulcock Beach (Caloundra)7
2019-10-14 09:06Samford Lagoon7
2019-10-14 09:15Capertee National Park2
2019-10-20 07:10Dip Road Recreational Trail6
2019-10-18 16:00Wickham Point (Kings Beach)4
2019-10-08 11:58Capertee Valley--Olinda Bridge4
2019-10-18 02:19Colleges Crossing10
2019-10-20 08:25Upper Four Mile Creek, Cashmere6
2019-10-15 06:30Four Mile Creek Reserve (Cashmere)4
2019-10-14 15:44Samford Conservation Park--Mailman's Track4
2019-10-19 06:30Bundamba Creek, Brisbane Rd to Gledson St
2019-10-18 14:45Old Rail track (Lanita Road, Ferny Grove)10
2019-10-14 08:17Gold Creek Reservoir6
2019-10-20 06:45Brisbane Forest Park--Bellbird Grove5
2019-10-20 06:45Moggill Regional Park--Mill Rd2
2019-10-21 06:01Ross Road Parkland (Upper Kedron)6
2019-10-09 14:55Capertee Valley--Dunville Loop South6
2019-10-10 15:51Bunya Crossing Reserve1
2019-10-08 06:33Flinders Conservation Estate--Hardings Paddock
2019-10-16 06:25Nature Refuge Hawkesbury Road6
2019-10-13 07:30Anstead SES Depot (Hawkesbury Rd)4
2019-10-19 11:02Deception Bay, Webster Rd13
2019-10-21 14:06Lake Eden2
2019-10-19 06:30Capertee Valley25
2019-10-17 07:48Moggill District Sports Park2
2019-10-20 13:40Wrights Creek6
2019-10-18 13:05Kakadu Beach (Bribie Island)2
2019-10-13 14:25McDowall Reserve, McDowall5
2019-10-21 11:30Redcliffe Aerodrome1
2019-10-21 16:10Nathan Road Wetlands Reserve2
2019-10-20 10:22Goldberg Place Park (Bridgeman Downs)8
2019-10-18 14:08Chermside Hills Reserve8
2019-10-20 08:56Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve7
2019-10-21 06:08Little Cabbage Tree Creek (Aspley)10
2019-10-18 16:08Kingfisher Park (Kenmore) (NOT JULATTEN)2
2019-10-18 14:34Mt Coot-tha Reserve--JC Slaughter Falls8
2019-10-13 06:55150 Albany Creek Rd, Aspley (restricted access)2
2019-10-19 08:49Clontarf Environment Reserve (Frost Street, Clontarf)2
2019-10-10 07:45Ric Nattrass Environmental Park1
2019-10-11 11:49Deagon Wetland and Third Lagoon Reserve5
2019-10-20 16:26Banks Street Reserve40
2019-10-20 07:00Buckleys Hole (Bongaree)20
2019-10-20 06:40Dowse Lagoon (Sandgate)
2019-10-20 08:05Buckleys Hole Conservation Park--Red Beach Rd4
2019-10-21 17:27Bradbury Park (Kedron)7
2019-10-21 16:50Lutwyche Cemetery5
2019-10-14 09:30Rocks Riverside Park2
2019-10-21 06:57Sherwood Arboretum12
2019-10-16 17:30Robertson Park (Taringa)5
2019-10-20 08:25Capertee Valley--Birdwatching Site #103
2019-10-18 07:00Tarcoola Track (St Lucia)5
2019-10-16 15:30Shorncliffe Headland4
2019-10-16 06:05Kalinga Park (Wooloowin)13
2019-10-21 15:25Oxley Creek Common11
2019-10-09 16:24Casey Wetlands2
2019-10-15 13:35Lake Ginninderra2
2019-10-20 07:12University of Queensland--UQ Lakes9
2019-10-19 08:15City Botanic Gardens (Brisbane)20
2019-10-13 09:29Tabbil-ban dhagun Boardwalk2
2019-10-18 05:40Fairfield area (including Brisbane Corso)10
2019-10-19 14:56Lake Ginninderra--John Knight Memorial Park2
2019-10-13 13:23Laggan Travelling Stock Reserve4
2019-10-12 10:47Chaffey Dam2
2019-10-20 08:25Kedron Brook Wetlands Reserve3
2019-10-17 08:04Nudgee Waterhole Reserve12
2019-10-20 15:34Dumaresq Dam5
2019-10-20 16:11Kookaburra Park (Rocklea)4
2019-10-20 10:00Arnwood Place Park10
2019-10-15 15:53Kedron Brook Bikeway (near Nudgee Golf Club)1
2019-10-19 08:00Yerrabi Pond1
2019-10-18 18:30Lake Wallace2
2019-10-11 08:47Woollaman Creek (Undullah)2
2019-10-14 07:40North Mulligans2
2019-10-13 12:12Acacia Inlet2
2019-10-13 09:52Colmslie Beach Reserve20
2019-10-10 08:02CSIRO (Crace)30
2019-10-19 16:58Weston Park (Yarralumla)3
2019-10-20 15:16Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve6
2019-10-21 14:19Black Mountain Peninsula1
2019-10-17 07:50Whites Hill Reserve1
2019-10-21 14:45Clarrie Hermes Park2
2019-10-16 07:36Mt Gravatt Summit Trail9
2019-10-20 08:40Whatmore St Park (Carina Heights)7
2019-10-17 17:57North Watson Wetlands4
2019-10-11 08:25Watson7
2019-10-21 14:10Flynn Drive1
2019-10-21 14:49Garran Oval3
2019-10-15 12:55University of New England (Armidale)10
2019-10-13 08:09Mount Majura Nature Reserve--Clancys Walking Track1
2019-10-21 15:36Sandy Camp Road Wetlands8
2019-10-20 11:46Port of Brisbane Island including visitor centre
2019-10-18 15:00Mount Ainslie Nature Reserve2
2019-10-15 15:30Lytton Wader Roost and Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk1
2019-10-08 08:55Isabella Pond2
2019-10-10 06:20Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk5
2019-10-13 07:33Jerrabomberra Wetlands NR--Peninsula (restricted access)2
2019-10-21 17:38Majura Pine Plantation4
2019-10-20 07:20Karawatha Forest6
2019-10-20 08:37Mt Ainslie Nature Reserve--Campbell Park6
2019-10-13 16:05Wynnum to Manly foreshore, Bayside Parklands Hide and Boardwalk1
2019-10-19 18:41Jerrabomberra Wetlands NR--paddocks (east)1
2019-10-21 08:10Callum Brae Nature Reserve33
2019-10-12 15:10Berrinba Wetlands2
2019-10-21 10:06Mugga Farm Dam (restricted access)2
2019-10-14 13:45Raymond Island20
2019-10-13 06:00Brisbane Koala Bushlands--Prout Rd section2
2019-10-20 07:10Namadgi National Park--Visitor Centre1
2019-10-13 14:52Commissioners Creek Travelling Stock Reserve3
2019-10-20 08:04Jerrabomberra Grasslands Nature Reserve5
2019-10-14 09:10Capalaba Regional Park30
2019-10-20 08:25Glendale Depot2
2019-10-15 06:00Jenolan Caves1
2019-10-16 10:16Daisy Hill Conservation Park2
2019-10-12 14:49Wellington Point4
2019-10-14 15:00E G W Wood Sportsground (Wellington Point)20
2019-10-18 05:30Tarradarrapin Wetlands5
2019-10-09 10:23Lions Park, Beaudesert6
2019-10-11 09:35Doug Tiller Reserve25
2019-10-15 08:20Scribbly Gum Reserve (Alexandra Hills)20
2019-10-21 09:31Molonglo Gorge1
2019-10-11 09:02Hilliards Creek Park, Ormiston2
2019-10-14 07:44Hilliards Creek Reserve (Redlands Track Park)
2019-10-14 10:20Crystal Waters, Thornlands13
2019-10-15 06:55Sandy Creek Conservation Area
2019-10-20 10:20Eddie Santaguiliana Way (H. Ziegenfusz Pk to South St Foreshore)7
2019-10-16 06:00Eagleby--Eagleby Rd, south lake2
2019-10-13 17:17Nindooinba Estate Rd at Albert River4
2019-10-08 10:00Googong Dam--Western Foreshores1
2019-10-17 06:00Mt Cotton Village Community Park5
2019-10-20 08:00Cooney Cottage (Restricted access)1
2019-10-21 05:40Beveridge Road Creek Corridor, Eprapah Creek (Thornlands)
2019-10-13 05:50Eagleby Wetlands5
2019-10-15 09:30Buchan Caves Reserve2
2019-10-13 08:55K2C Karool (Restricted Access)3
2019-10-21 16:30Orchard Rd dam near Scenic Rd (Redland Bay)2
2019-10-21 16:01Victoria Park and Seiffert Oval, Goulburn2
2019-10-13 12:55Mount Tamborine National Park--Lepidozamia Grove4
2019-10-21 16:15Canungra2
2019-10-12 11:22Mt Tamborine1
2019-10-15 15:54Luke O'Reilly Farm1
2019-10-13 11:19Gungoandra TSR9
2019-10-20 15:00O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat1
2019-10-20 11:00Point Lookout (North Stradbroke Island)12
2019-10-20 16:06Tea Trees Wetland (Arundel)6
2019-10-13 16:14Swift Park (Nerang)1
2019-10-19 14:27Emerald Lakes Wetland--Golf Course Pond2
2019-10-20 12:51Emerald Lakes Wetland, S pond (Carrara)1
2019-10-14 10:30Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens
2019-10-19 12:31Broadwater Shoreline South-west Wall6
2019-10-13 12:45Doug Jennings Park3
2019-10-13 11:22Macintosh Island Park, Gold Coast2
2019-10-10 13:13Surfers Paradise2
2019-10-20 07:05Douglas Farm Rd, Kurrajong Hills2
2019-10-13 10:59The Esplanade - Gold Coast3
2019-10-18 13:07Sandy Point TSR (Budjong Creek Chain of Ponds Landcare Project)1
2019-10-09 11:41Sun Valley Reserve2
2019-10-10 08:47Rosenthal Lane, Sun Valley1
2019-10-14 13:10Schuster Park15
2019-10-19 12:30Yarramundi Reserve10
2019-10-08 10:20Knapsack Reserve Glenbrook6
2019-10-19 08:00Pughs Lagoon4
2019-10-20 08:30Richmond Lowlands2
2019-10-10 13:00Onus Lane, Richmond Lowlands2
2019-10-20 08:55Birds Bay Oyster Farm
2019-10-07 16:41Philp St, Tweed Heads South1
2019-10-07 16:18Terranora1
2019-10-19 07:07Castlereagh Nature Reserve8
2019-10-21 13:00Bushells Lagoon1
2019-10-10 13:15Bents Basin Recreation Reserve6
2019-10-19 06:45McGraths Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant1
2019-10-09 10:32Marine Pde Parkland, Fingal Head4
2019-10-19 09:30Pitt Town Lagoon3
2019-10-19 08:31Scheyville National Park1
2019-10-18 08:06Cecil Hoskins Nature Reserve1
2019-10-21 10:34Cabarita1
2019-10-21 10:48Pottsville Environmental Park2
2019-10-20 12:15Westbrook Road, Bickley Vale1
2019-10-14 08:01Pottsville Wetland--Environmental Drive Bird Survey Site2
2019-10-19 07:30Nepean River Cycleway, Camden4
2019-10-11 14:51Nurragingy Reserve10
2019-10-17 09:08Pinegrove Memorial Park, Minchinbury4
2019-10-13 08:45Bargo River Gorge Track2
2019-10-15Shoplands Road, Annangrove
2019-10-19 06:22Castlebrook Memorial Park, Rouse Hill2
2019-10-13 07:10Mockingbird Road, Pheasants Nest2
2019-10-21 15:35Mount Annan Botanic Gardens--Banksia Garden5
2019-10-09 09:30Mount Annan Botanic Gardens--Connections Garden8
2019-10-18 12:05Mount Annan Botanic Gardens--Lake Nadungamba5
2019-10-14 08:30Mount Annan Botanic Gardens
2019-10-16 13:39Wilton Recreation ground10
2019-10-11 06:17Hunter Economic Zone (restricted access)3
2019-10-16 12:24Lisa Road, Wilton2
2019-10-15 16:00Bow Bowing Park, Minto5
2019-10-18 16:49Seapeace (restricted access)2
2019-10-19 11:50Lake Parramatta Reserve, Parramatta4
2019-10-15 09:30Berowra Valley National Park--Crosslands Reserve3
2019-10-19 17:05Dog Pound Creek, Westleigh3
2019-10-09 13:07Devlin's Creek Reserve, Beecroft5
2019-10-19 10:18Gloucester Cemetery3
2019-10-21 07:204 Goodhugh St, East Maitland (restricted access)2
2019-10-11 10:20Lennox Head2
2019-10-18 07:21Derby St, Silverwater1
2019-10-16 15:24Maluga Passive Park14
2019-10-21 08:00Morpeth4
2019-10-19 13:37Blaxland Riverside Park (Newington)
2019-10-18 06:20Ourimbah State Forest
2019-10-21 10:05Terrys Creek Parklands4
2019-10-14 18:00Lane Cove National Park--Browns Waterhole10
2019-10-15 18:03Stewart Park (Marsfield)8
2019-10-07 17:53Lane Cove National Park--Busaco Track1
2019-10-17 06:59Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park--Bobbin Head Rd8
2019-10-11 13:00Rookwood Cemetery4
2019-10-19 06:35Georges River National Park--Yeramba Lagoon2
2019-10-17 16:24Sydney Bicentennial Park--Lake Belvedere4
2019-10-18 17:56Iluka Riverside Tourist Park2
2019-10-20 12:54Iluka5
2019-10-18 15:45Bundjalung National Park--Woody Head1
2019-10-18 13:15ANSTO Lucas Heights (restricted access)8
2019-10-19 06:39Iluka Nature Reserve2
2019-10-20 09:45Blackbutt Creek Reserve, Gordon2
2019-10-19 08:35Palmdale5
2019-10-16 09:45Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden7
2019-10-08 10:30Gordon Flying Fox Reserve4
2019-10-20 07:15Lane Cove River Tourist Park30
2019-10-09 18:44Warnervale Airfield
2019-10-21 12:45Lane Cove National Park--Riverside Drive10
2019-10-19 07:30Rotary Athletics Field, Lane Cove4
2019-10-10 10:14Lane Cove National Park--Fairyland1
2019-10-11 14:52Stockton Borehole Swamp5
2019-10-11 17:49Oatley Park
2019-10-19 11:36Lime Kiln Bay Reserve and Wetlands4
2019-10-21 16:00Freeman Avenue Reserve (Oatley)15
2019-10-21 17:55Bonnet Bay8
2019-10-19 08:03William Beach Memorial Park10
2019-10-12 13:40Ashfield
2019-10-19 10:47Myles Dunphy Reserve (Oatley)10
2019-10-18 12:23Cordeaux Heights12
2019-10-19 08:21Tallawarra Ash Pond 3, Yallah (Restricted Access)4
2019-10-21 08:00Maddens Plains2
2019-10-16 17:55Hawthorne Canal Reserve4
2019-10-19 10:13Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park--Chiltern Trail2
2019-10-21 13:51Wollongong Botanic Gardens12
2019-10-20 13:30Chiltern Rd, Ingleside3
2019-10-20 06:55Royal National Park--Reids Flat10
2019-10-15 05:41Royal National Park--Wattle Forest4
2019-10-13 13:35Hunter Wetlands Centre (Newcastle)1
2019-10-10 09:30Bulli Beach Reserve3
2019-10-20 17:23Stanwell Park2
2019-10-13 14:37Kogarah Bay2
2019-10-20Carss Park10
2019-10-21 08:12Dover Park East1
2019-10-21 06:32Bunzl Swamp (Sandgate)2
2019-10-12 12:30Souter St. Reserve, Kogarah Bay2
2019-10-14 18:13Claydon Reserve Playground, Kogarah Bay2
2019-10-19 17:39Jamberoo1
2019-10-21 11:20Royal National Park12
2019-10-19 10:00Warriewood Wetlands2
2019-10-15 17:35Barangaroo5
2019-10-20 06:34Narrabeen Lakes
2019-10-19 10:00Sydney Park25
2019-10-20 15:39Chinese Garden of Friendship5
2019-10-21 12:08Avoca Lagoon1
2019-10-21 10:20Wire Lane, Berry2
2019-10-15 12:45Taronga Zoological Park (Sydney)2
2019-10-12 07:29Dee Why Lagoon9
2019-10-21 07:30Lakes Beach Reserve, Budgewoi
2019-10-15 16:09Curl Curl Lagoon9
2019-10-21 17:49Deeban Spit, Port Hacking3
2019-10-12 15:37Kensington Ponds4
2019-10-21 07:53Centennial Park (Sydney)25
2019-10-21 18:55Royal National Park--Bonnie Vale Campground
2019-10-20 13:00Darook Park6
2019-10-16 07:26Lyne Park (Rose Bay)2
2019-10-17 12:02Bundeena3
2019-10-16 11:49Sydney Harbour National Park--North Head1
2019-10-20 06:10Shoalhaven Heads Inlet1
2019-10-19 09:30Coogee Beach12
2019-10-21 10:30Marton Park (Kurnell)6
2019-10-19 17:34Urunga Boardwalk4
2019-10-11 13:16La Perouse1
2019-10-18 13:44Kamay Botany Bay National Park--Yena Gap Lookout and Picnic Area8
2019-10-19 08:29Kingsworth Lake (restricted access)5
2019-10-13 08:48Hillville Road pond2
2019-10-13 07:19Huntingdon6
2019-10-17 14:30Quarry Street Track, South West Rocks Creek2
2019-10-13 10:42Boyters Lane, Jerseyville1
2019-10-17 06:30Jerseyville1
2019-10-11 14:53Lake Innes Nature Reserve--Googik Heritage Walking Track1
2019-10-20 07:58Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park3
2019-10-10 07:00Blair Reserve, Port Macquarie5