The Cape longclaw or orange-throated longclaw (Macronyx capensis) is a passerine bird in the family Motacillidae, which comprises the longclaws, pipits and wagtails. It occurs in Southern Africa in Zimbabwe and southern and eastern South Africa. This species is found in coastal and mountain grassland, often near water.

The Cape longclaw is a 19–20 cm long. The adult male has a grey head with a buff supercilium and a streaked blackish back. It has a bright orange gorget, black breast band and otherwise yellow underparts. The female is duller, having a yellow throat and much weaker breast band. The juvenile has a dirty yellow throat, indistinct breast band, and yellowish white underparts.

The Cape longclaw is usually found in pairs throughout the year. It feeds on the ground on insects and some seeds. The song is a musical cheewit cheewit, the contact call is tsweet, and there is also a mewling alarm call.

This species has a striking resemblance to the unrelated icterid meadowlarks, grassland birds of the Americas. This is presumably due to convergent evolution.
Orange-throated Longclaw
Date Location Count
2021-05-08 08:37Tienie Versveld Nature Reserve3
2021-05-08 14:00Strandfontein WTP
2021-04-17 12:00Boons Road -- northern section (thornveld)2
2021-05-16 06:13Boons Road2
2021-04-17 08:30Pantiki Road2
2021-05-02 10:02Diepsloot Nature Reserve1
2021-05-08 07:08Glen Austin Bird Sanctuary2
2021-05-08 06:30Naturena10
2021-05-02 08:00Rietvlei Nature Reserve1
2021-04-27 07:21Rietvlei Nature Reserve--Otter Bridge1
2021-05-08 10:30Eikenhof3
2021-05-08 16:30Thokoza Wetland3
2021-04-23 08:15Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve--Ridge Top Drive7
2021-05-09 10:45Marievale Bird Sanctuary1
2021-05-01 06:21Devon Grasslands IBA (Gauteng Province)8
2021-04-23 07:41Bankplaas Road1
2021-04-23 07:30Leeupan (Mpumalanga Province)2
2021-05-08 09:14Nooitgedacht Dam1
2021-05-08 08:15Seekoeivlei Nature Reserve1
2021-05-06 07:14Addo Elephant NP--Main Rest Camp
2021-05-08 07:23Memel2
2021-05-08 07:00Wakkerstroom Lark Loop--Final 14 Km
2021-05-08 07:48Klipfontein Bird Sanctuary2
2021-05-08 13:49Midmar Dam--South Shore (Thurlow Gate)4
2021-05-08 10:19Albert Falls NR4