The chestnut-breasted mannikin (Lonchura castaneothorax), also known as the chestnut-breasted munia or bully bird (in Australia), is a small brown-backed munia with a black face and greyish crown and nape. It has a broad ferruginous breast bar above a white belly. The species is found in Australia, New Caledonia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. This species has also been introduced to French Polynesia and France.
Chestnut-breasted Munia
Date Location Count
2019-10-18 15:43Papanoo Valley, Tahiti10
2019-10-20 17:23Pipeline approach (S of Leanyer Ponds)5
2019-10-12 15:30Marlow Lagoon11
2019-10-11 09:00Upper Daintree Rd60
2019-10-16 06:07Daintree Village Boat Cruise6
2019-10-13 08:05Burke Developmental Rd at Eureka Creek Crossing100
2019-10-21 06:09Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge28
2019-10-18 07:35McDougall Road, Julatten - Lagoon 12
2019-10-11 13:00Julatten11
2019-10-21 07:50Euluma Creek Rd, Julatten at -16.56237, 145.38771 (restricted access)27
2019-10-20 17:15Ferrero Road wetland (Port Douglas)2
2019-10-11 07:30Mareeba Wetland Reserve. Jabiru Section50
2019-10-11 06:40Mareeba Wetlands Reserve
2019-10-14 14:04Pickford Rd between Mulligan Hwy and Mareeba Wetlands gate12
2019-10-21 12:07Pickford Rd at Two Mile Creek2
2019-10-15 06:40Cassowary House (Kuranda)11
2019-10-18 13:07Hasties Swamp National Park25
2019-10-19 06:00Cattana Wetlands
2019-10-21 10:14Redford Rd, Caravonica1
2019-10-21 09:59Walkers Rd, Cairns8
2019-10-15 07:00Pinnacle Pocket Rd, Yungaburra24
2019-10-18 08:11Cairns Esplanade--Northern End4
2019-10-10 06:05Lucinda12
2019-10-20 06:09Taylors Beach50
2019-10-19 17:00Mt Louisa2
2019-10-19 16:48Pacton, Majors Creek (restricted access)50
2019-10-14 15:00Eungella village and Pine Grove Walk8
2019-10-08 06:20Sandfly Creek, Mackay3
2019-10-15 17:41Port Alma Rd--Eight Mile Ck freshwater wetland12
2019-10-15 15:28Atkinsons Dam2
2019-10-20 08:49Black Snake Creek, Marburg7
2019-10-21 07:24Old Creamtruck Rd, Dayboro2
2019-10-19 06:08Lake Samsonvale--Postmans Track3
2019-10-19 06:45Lake Samsonvale--Golds Scrub Lane (some areas restricted access)25
2019-10-18 02:19Colleges Crossing2
2019-10-18 08:29Bunya Crossing Reserve
2019-10-17 15:07Pinnaroo Cemetery Swamp10
2019-10-19 13:27Nathan Road Wetlands Reserve35
2019-10-18 06:22Cabbage Tree Creek (Aspley)30
2019-10-12 13:35Priors Pocket (Moggill)160
2019-10-20 06:00Oxley Creek Common8
2019-10-10 06:52Kedron Brook Wetlands Reserve7
2019-10-12 15:53Kedron Brook Bikeway (near Nudgee Golf Club)15
2019-10-21 16:30Sandy Camp Road Wetlands
2019-10-19 11:33Port of Brisbane Shorebird Roost2
2019-10-16 06:00Eagleby--Eagleby Rd, south lake5
2019-10-20 15:28Eagleby Wetlands100
2019-10-19 05:51Tea Trees Wetland (Arundel)3
2019-10-12 06:45Bushells Lagoon2
2019-10-19 15:35Seabreeze Boulevard Wetland, Pottsville2
2019-10-20 09:05Spring Farm5
2019-10-20 05:45Campbells Common, Cumbalum10
2019-10-13 07:20Bicentennial Gardens (Ballina Heights)1
2019-10-18 07:25La Foa1