Jameson's firefinch (Lagonosticta rhodopareia) is a common species of estrildid finch found in Southern Africa. It has an estimated global extent of occurrence of 2,600,000 km2.

It is found in Angola, Botswana, Chad, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, South Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The IUCN has classified the species as being of least concern.

Jameson's Firefinch
Date Location Count
2021-07-03 14:58Caprivi Houseboat Lodge2
2021-07-11 11:50Island View Lodge8
2021-07-09 15:19Moremi Game Reserve--South Gate
2021-07-20 06:36Mushingashi Conservancy
2021-06-26 08:30Elephant Hills Golf Course4
2021-07-07 13:30Hillside Dams
2021-07-04 16:55Ruaha River Lodge7
2021-07-10 07:50Tungamalenga (village)2
2021-07-05 11:42Marataba Lodge
2021-07-11 07:40Sanje Falls1
2021-07-11 16:39Mikumi NP3
2021-07-13 07:02Sagala Lodge/Ndara Ranch1
2021-07-03 07:57Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden2
2021-07-16 10:19Golden Harvest Park4
2021-07-17 06:20Dinokeng Game Reserve (Please be more precise)3
2021-07-11 07:30Eikenhof5
2021-07-11 11:07Meyer's Farm
2021-07-11 06:46Wilge River Valley (upper)4
2021-07-09 07:20Kruger NP--Banyini Pan (ltd access)
2021-07-10 07:16Kruger NP--Lanner Gorge (ltd access)
2021-07-02 07:16Diani/Ukunda (general)2
2021-07-06 10:35Kruger NP--Bridge over Luvuvhu River
2021-07-12 07:46Kruger NP--Crooks Corner
2021-07-14 13:37Dulini Private Game Reserve
2021-07-24 07:52Kruger NP--Waterhole Rd/S652
2021-07-21 07:42Rhino Post Safari Lodge1
2021-07-04 06:35Kruger NP--Berg-en-Dal Camp2