The red-throated wryneck (Jynx ruficollis) is a species of wryneck in the woodpecker family. It is also known as the rufous-necked wryneck, red-breasted wryneck, African wryneck or rufous-throated wryneck.[1]

This species is resident in sub-Saharan Africa, and is the non-migratory counterpart of the Eurasian Eurasian wryneck. This is a savannah bird, which requires trees with old woodpecker or barbet holes for nesting.

It has cryptic plumage, with intricate patterning of greys and browns. The voice is a nasal woodpecker-like call.
Rufous-necked Wryneck
Date Location Count
2020-04-30 07:56Kibale Forest NP1
2020-05-09 03:47Angama Lodge (Ol Kurruk)1
2020-05-09 07:37Malu Farm1
2020-05-13 09:13Karen Country Club1
2020-05-09 06:39Shamwari Private Game Reserve
2020-05-09 06:17Hilton - Garlington Estate