The African fish eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer) or – to distinguish it from the true fish eagles (Ichthyophaga), the African sea eagle – is a large species of eagle that is found throughout sub-Saharan Africa wherever large bodies of open water occur that have an abundant food supply. It is the national bird of Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Sudan. As a result of its large range, it is known in many languages. Examples of names include: visarend in Afrikaans, nkwazi in Chewa, aigle pêcheur in French, hungwe in Shona, and inkwazi in isiZulu. This species may resemble the bald eagle in appearance; though related, each species occurs on different continents, with the bald eagle being resident in North America.
African Fish-Eagle
Date Location Count
2020-12-24 12:32PNOD--Marigot de Djoudj et nichoir des Pélicans
2021-01-04 10:00PN du Djoudj--Station biologique et environs
2020-12-28 08:14Campement de Wassadou1
2021-01-02 09:00PN du Niokolo-Koba--Route Dar Salam-Simenti1
2021-01-16 06:23Sunt Forest2
2020-12-27 16:15Queen Elizabeth II NP--Mweya8
2020-12-26 17:30Queen Elizabeth II NP--Channel Track5
2021-01-07 08:39Akagera NP--Mutumba Hills Campsite1
2021-01-11 12:02Entebbe Botanical Garden1
2021-01-23 08:04Uganda Wildlife Education Centre2
2021-01-05 06:30Kipling Lodge2
2021-01-08 10:20Katavi NP1
2020-12-24 16:41Lake Victoria--Mfangano Island1
2021-01-16 08:11Nsobe Camp
2020-12-28 16:06Maasai Mara NR--Mara Triangle1
2020-12-28 08:00Serengeti NP--Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge2
2020-12-30 07:44Kanyemba Island (Zambezi River/Kafue River Confluence)3
2021-01-02 08:12West Coast NP1
2020-12-29 06:28Lake Baringo (general)4
2020-12-30 06:08Chiawa GMA2
2021-01-14 07:10Royal Zambezi Lodge2
2020-12-27 07:16Lake Bogoria NR1
2021-01-06 14:30Mana Pools NP--Nyamepi Camp1
2021-01-02 08:27Mana Pools NP2
2020-12-27 08:11Abidjatta-Shalla NP1
2021-01-21 18:07Haile Resort1
2021-01-01 13:30Hora Lake1
2020-12-25 08:23Lake Sonachi/Crater Lake4
2021-01-23 10:57Wildevoelvlei2
2020-12-24 17:42Manera Farm, Naivasha2
2021-01-14 09:00Rondevlei Nature Reserve2
2020-12-24 15:22Lake Naivasha Country Club6
2021-01-17 06:45Ngorongoro Conservation Area--Ngorongoro Crater1
2020-12-30 08:00Lake Manyara NP (Arusha)1
2021-01-20 06:33Flatdogs Camp1
2021-01-21 06:05South Luangwa NP--Mfuwe Lodge
2021-01-07 14:55Karen Blixen Museum2
2021-01-13 11:30Lake Manyara NP (Manyara)2
2021-01-17 08:00Nairobi NP--Nagolomon Dam1
2021-01-16 11:37Nairobi NP1
2020-12-25 08:00Tarangire NP1
2020-12-28 06:00Mt. Kenya NP--Castle Forest and Lodge1
2021-01-10 08:55Thika Wastewater Treatment Plant1
2021-01-11 06:30Tarangire NP--Kuro Tarangire Camp6
2020-12-28 11:12Hermanus1
2021-01-19 07:24Lake Duluti1
2021-01-01 06:45Amboseli NP1
2021-01-20 10:01Bontebok NP1
2021-01-22 10:13Cleveland Dam/Haka Game Park1
2021-01-02 06:49Crocodile Camp1
2021-01-03 08:06Kgomo-Kgomo1
2021-01-18 07:33Wolfhuiskraal Farm (restricted access)1
2020-12-26 05:28Zaagkuildrift Rd (Please be more specific)1
2021-01-12 05:52Dinokeng Game Reserve (Please be more precise)1
2020-12-24 10:27Rietvlei Nature Reserve1
2020-12-24 10:11Goukamma Nature Reserve1
2020-12-31 12:12Bitou River Valley1
2020-12-28 07:10Marievale Bird Sanctuary--Otter Hide1
2020-12-26 04:34Loskop Dam Nature Reserve1
2021-01-15 11:00Haller Park--Bamburi Nature Trail1
2021-01-22 15:00Mida Creek1
2021-01-02 06:04Gonarezhou NP--Chipinda Pools1
2021-01-04 10:00Sabaki River Estuary2
2021-01-02 01:54Chilojo Cliffs1
2021-01-01 10:37Kruger NP--Mphongolo Loop1
2021-01-16 10:49Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve1
2021-01-02 11:20Kruger NP--Shingwedzi Camp
2020-12-27 11:41Kruger NP-- Tropic of Capricorn Loop1
2021-01-02 05:17Kruger NP--Nyawutsi Hide
2021-01-06 16:15Motswari Private Game Reserve1
2021-01-18 16:24Sabi River Sun Resort3
2021-01-01 05:40Manyeleti Game Reserve1
2021-01-02 06:12Kruger NP--H7/Orpen-Satara Road2
2021-01-05 14:31Mala-Mala Game Reserve
2021-01-04 07:00Kruger NP--Phabeni to Skukuza1
2021-01-14 09:00Kruger NP--Satara-Tshokwane Road1
2020-12-31 10:01Tugela River Lodge1
2021-01-17 05:44Kruger NP--Malelane Gate (Crocodile River Bridge)
2021-01-05 06:13Kruger NP--Lower Sabie-Nkuhlu Road (H4-1)5
2021-01-10 06:00Kruger NP--Biyamiti Bushveld Camp (Residents only)1
2021-01-06 18:49Kruger NP--Lower Sabie to Crocodile Bridge (Gomodwane Rd, H4-2)3
2020-12-31 11:56Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary1
2021-01-03 07:15Komatidraai Dam
2021-01-16 17:06Hlane Royal National Park1
2021-01-09 09:22Midmar Dam - North Shore (Main Gate)2
2021-01-22 11:11Midmar Dam - South Shore (Thurlow Gate)4
2021-01-09 12:06Cumberland NR1
2021-01-02 06:01Pongola NR1
2021-01-10 08:45Maputo Elephant Game Reserve1
2020-12-27 07:04Umtamvuna NR2
2020-12-28 04:42Mdloti Lagoon2
2020-12-24 15:24Umhlanga Lagoon NR1
2021-01-03 06:17iSimangaliso WP - False Bay NR1
2021-01-02 12:57St. Lucia--general area (please be more specific)1
2021-01-18 15:00St Lucia - iMfolozi River mouth2