The white-bellied sea eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster), also known as the white-breasted sea eagle, is a large diurnal bird of prey in the family Accipitridae. Originally described by Johann Friedrich Gmelin in 1788, it is closely related to Sanford's sea eagle of the Solomon Islands, and the two are considered a superspecies. A distinctive bird, the adult white-bellied sea eagle has a white head, breast, under-wing coverts and tail. The upper parts are grey and the black under-wing flight feathers contrast with the white coverts. The tail is short and wedge-shaped as in all Haliaeetus species. Like many raptors, the female is slightly larger than the male, and can measure up to 90 cm (35 in) long with a wingspan of up to 2.2 m (7.2 ft), and weigh 4.5 kg (9.9 lb). Immature birds have brown plumage, which is gradually replaced by white until the age of five or six years. The call is a loud goose-like honking.

Resident from India and Sri Lanka through Southeast Asia to Australia on coasts and major waterways, the white-bellied sea eagle breeds and hunts near water, and fish form around half of its diet. Opportunistic, it consumes carrion and a wide variety of animals. Although rated of Least Concern globally, it has declined in parts of southeast Asia such as Thailand, and southeastern Australia. It is ranked as Threatened in Victoria and Vulnerable in South Australia and Tasmania. Human disturbance to its habitat is the main threat, both from direct human activity near nests which impacts on breeding success, and from removal of suitable trees for nesting. The white-bellied sea eagle is revered by indigenous people in many parts of Australia, and is the subject of various folk tales throughout its range.
White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Date Location Count
2020-05-21 09:00Arambol2
2020-05-15 07:34Kodi bengre-Kemmannu , Udupi, Karnataka2
2020-05-10 11:34Kidoor1
2020-05-27 06:54Udinur Vayal1
2020-05-27 06:20Kattampally1
2020-05-24 17:46Hare Island1
2020-05-08 07:49Thalagama Lake (and surrounding wetlands)1
2020-05-09 18:04Wetland opposite Coromandel fertilizers1
2020-05-17 07:26Matara--Kirala Kele Sanctuary1
2020-05-20 07:13Jorakaan- Sippighat wetlands2
2020-05-21 14:45Chidiyatapu1
2020-05-26 15:00Ban Khlong Ta Bak1
2020-05-26 16:15Sungai Burung, Pulau Pinang1
2020-05-09 13:15Kuala Muda1
2020-05-09 16:20Pulau Jerejak Ferry Terminal, Pulau Pinang3
2020-05-23 13:15Teluk Air Tawar - Kuala Muda IBA1
2020-05-25 08:00Pulau Burung Landfill1
2020-05-18 07:15Mersing Beach1
2020-05-17 08:43Kranji Marsh3
2020-05-09 17:21Hindhede Park1
2020-05-13 18:20MacRitchie Reservoir Park3
2020-05-09 17:15The Pinnacle Duxton1
2020-05-09 17:21East Coast Park1
2020-04-29 05:15Tai Tong1
2020-05-05 10:15Po Toi Island2
2020-05-23 09:07Nusa Dua WTP1
2020-05-08 14:00Lake Richmond1
2020-04-30 10:34The Chimneys (Erskine)1
2020-05-11Canning River Regional Park1
2020-05-22 08:30Alcoa Wellard Wetlands1
2020-05-25 15:16Guang-guang Mangrove Park and Nursery, Mati1
2020-05-09 08:09James Price Point2
2020-05-09 10:30Barred Creek1
2020-05-19 11:44Crescent Lake (Willie Creek) (restricted access)1
2020-05-23 08:55Simpsons Beach (Broome)1
2020-05-24 14:46Broome South Wastewater Treatment Plant1
2020-05-23 08:30Quarry Beach (Roebuck Bay)1
2020-04-30 15:00Wader Spit (Roebuck Bay)1
2020-05-06 16:10Broome Bird Observatory3
2020-04-30Northern Shores (Roebuck Bay)
2020-05-09 07:45Crab Creek Mangroves (Roebuck Bay)2
2020-05-09 13:40Lake Eda (restricted access)2
2020-05-05 10:16Ocean Beach--Beach1
2020-05-16 08:36Dundee Beach1
2020-05-23 09:00Lake Alexander1
2020-05-25 08:43Casuarina Nature Park1
2020-05-25 14:15Casuarina Coastal Reserve--Sandy Creek near Hospital1
2020-05-13 17:07Buffalo Creek1
2020-05-05 09:10Djukbinj National Park1
2020-05-23 14:23Djukbinj National Park--Scott Creek Crossing1
2020-05-02 08:43Pine Creek1
2020-05-25 09:47Thursday Island1
2020-05-08 09:14Keatings Lagoon Conservation Park (Cooktown)1
2020-05-14 08:45Cooktown Botanic Gardens and Finchs Bay1
2020-05-15 12:20Julatten1
2020-05-17 13:58Newell Beach1
2020-05-15 07:00Port Douglas1
2020-05-09 14:41Yule Point--beach and reef1
2020-05-16 13:06Nardellos Lagoon (Walkamin)1
2020-05-22 14:15Hasties Swamp Bird Hide1
2020-05-13 15:30Yorkeys Lagoon and golf course1
2020-05-25 16:25Barron River Mouth1
2020-05-16 09:28Eubenangee Swamp National Park1
2020-05-09 14:04Bushland Beach1
2020-05-20 06:45Carlyle Gardens Retirement Resort, Townsville1
2020-05-24 08:00Townsville Town Common Conservation Park2
2020-05-09 14:38Laudham Rd at Round Mountain Rd, Kelso1
2020-05-04 13:01Kelso1
2020-05-01 13:17Ross Park and Lower Spillway2
2020-05-01 07:50Rowes Bay Sustainability Centre Wetlands1
2020-05-03 08:00Palmetum Botanical Garden (Townsville)2
2020-05-08 07:20Belgian Gardens1
2020-05-16 06:55Ross River Bush Gardens1
2020-05-16 13:50Nelly Bay, Magnetic island2
2020-05-07 17:05Gunnado Rd, Woodstock2
2020-05-15 15:27Cromarty Rd at Reed Beds Rd1
2020-05-15 15:23Reed Beds Rd birding route1
2020-05-22 12:03Peter Faust Dam--Lake Proserpine1
2020-05-12 08:05Dunach State Forest--Northeast Block1
2020-05-04 15:24Finlaysons Pt, Seaforth2
2020-05-05 16:49Pioneer Lakes (Mirani)2
2020-05-26 10:45Kinchant Dam1
2020-05-05 13:25De Moleyns Lagoon1
2020-05-25 14:35McCreadys Creek Estuary1
2020-05-11 16:22Slade Pt, North Mackay1
2020-05-12 15:19Sandringham Reserve1
2020-05-07 07:35Lake Eppalock--Moorabbee Bluff1
2020-05-17 10:15Greens Lake, Corop2
2020-05-27 16:24Hospital Swamp--Baenschs Lane1
2020-04-28 15:00Sparrovale Wetlands--Conservation Area1
2020-04-28 09:25Reedy Lake (Geelong)1
2020-05-28 09:43Lake Connewarre South Shore1
2020-05-15 08:50The Spit Wildlife Reserve (restricted access)2
2020-05-26 07:51Western Treatment Plant--Western Lagoons1
2020-05-27 14:00Waranga Basin2
2020-05-23 08:48Western Treatment Plant1
2020-05-22 10:46St Lawrence--wetland2
2020-05-10 11:32Edwards Point Wildlife Reserve--Cliff Street Swale1
2020-04-30 10:45Edwards Point Wildlife Reserve2
2020-05-16 09:30Eastern Treatment Plant--Boundary Rd Wetlands1
2020-05-24 13:07Devilbend Reservoir1
2020-05-16 18:25Oswin Roberts Reserve1
2020-05-12 06:44Rhyll1
2020-05-23 10:35Stockyard Point1
2020-05-04 13:02Woolwash Lagoon, Rockhampton1
2020-05-13 13:30Venus Bay Boat Ramp1
2020-04-30 07:00Kinka Wetlands, Kinka Beach2
2020-04-29 14:47Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens1
2020-05-28 09:25Wynyard Shoreline1
2020-05-09 06:15Police Creek, Gladstone2
2020-05-09 15:03View Road Reserve1
2020-04-28 12:19Manns Beach1
2020-05-15 08:03Horse Head Creek1
2020-05-10 07:37Warrawee Forest Reserve1
2020-05-15 10:30Long Point, Macquarie River1
2020-05-15 14:31Eagle Point Gippsland Lakes Reserve1
2020-05-21 14:23Agnes Waters1
2020-05-22 10:20Narawntapu National Park at -41.14143, 146.600181
2020-05-17 10:47Narawntapu National Park1
2020-05-18 11:45Putta Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee1
2020-05-20 16:51Swan Reach1
2020-05-22 08:50Lakes Entrance Wastewater Treatment Plant1
2020-05-02 08:30Sherwood Forest1
2020-04-28 07:00Uriarra East Reserve1
2020-05-21 08:13Lake Tyers Beach1
2020-05-19 11:30Cotter Reserve--Honyong-Cotter walking track1
2020-05-10 10:45Smiths Crossing Rd at Kolan River (Avondale)2
2020-05-06 08:12Bowenville Reserve (Wainui)1
2020-05-14 15:04Gengers Rd, Moore Park1
2020-05-19 10:27Lake Gregory (Elliott)3
2020-05-15 15:20Jerrabomberra Wetlands Nature Reserve1
2020-05-25 07:15Rosewood Place, Bundaberg North1
2020-05-14 05:51Bundaberg Botanical Gardens1
2020-05-22 11:49Jan McDonald Bicentennial Park (Burnett Heads)1
2020-05-19 06:50Russo Nature Park2
2020-04-29 14:45Keongs Lagoon, Oakey (restricted access)1
2020-05-25 12:29Barolin Environmental Area1
2020-05-08 06:18Elliot Heads2
2020-05-10 09:27Barayamal National Park--Lake Inverell Reserve1
2020-05-22 06:30Lake Wallace2
2020-05-16 14:49Goulburn Maturation Ponds (restricted access, Council key required)1
2020-04-28 08:44Lockyer Siding Rd at -27.50735, 152.080671
2020-05-27 07:22Arkarra Lagoons1
2020-05-16 13:14Lake Leslie--north side2
2020-05-24 15:09Riverside Drive Trail (Bridgewater)1
2020-05-22 12:29Pecheys Lagoon, Lower Tenthill1
2020-05-22 12:07Colquhoun Dam1
2020-05-22 12:05Lake Clarendon2
2020-05-03 11:24Green Swamp East Wetland1
2020-05-26 09:04Lake Dyer, Bill Gunn Dam, Laidley1
2020-05-27 08:39Atkinsons Dam1
2020-05-16Staatz Quarry Rd Dam, Brightview (restricted access)1
2020-05-24 13:47Adventure Bay--Barkers Beach1
2020-05-19 12:32Five Mile Beach1
2020-05-23 13:43Adventure Bay1
2020-05-09 12:47Hine Rd--Bryden Rd, Dundas2
2020-05-02 15:55Inskip Point2
2020-05-21 06:49Inskip Point Recreation Area1
2020-05-17 09:50Richmond Lowlands1
2020-05-04 08:36Lake MacDonald Noosa Botanical Gardens2
2020-05-27 15:05Bushells Lagoon2
2020-05-27 16:23Wilberforce Lagoon1
2020-05-27 16:29Argyle Reach Rd Lagoon, Wilberforce1
2020-05-27 16:48Pitt Town Lagoon1
2020-05-26 07:30Sapling Pocket Reserve--Road Loop (restricted access)1
2020-05-08 10:22Shelley Road Park1
2020-05-16 13:19Lake Manchester1
2020-05-17 11:31Congo1
2020-05-02 07:00Wetlands (Quanda Rd, Coolum Beach)1
2020-05-28 07:00Yandina Creek Wetlands (restricted access)2
2020-05-09 10:30Ewen Maddock Dam--Kowald Road2
2020-05-09 09:17Lake Samsonvale--Kobble Creek BBQ Area2
2020-05-15 05:55Yandina Creek Wetland--public trail2
2020-05-03 06:20Lake Samsonvale--Postmans Track1
2020-05-06 06:36Rush Creek Rd, Dayboro (permit and farmer's permission required)1
2020-05-24 13:48Lake Samsonvale--Golds Scrub Lane (some areas restricted access)1
2020-05-24 14:58Second Ponds Creek Wetland1
2020-05-04 16:12Potato Point1
2020-05-21 13:36Eurobodalla National Park--Lake Brou1
2020-05-17 14:58Cumberland Rd, Wights Mountain (restricted access)1
2020-05-16 10:15Mount Crosby Weir1
2020-05-17 16:25Finland Rd at -26.613,153.067, Pacific Paradise1
2020-05-15 14:42Finland Road, Paradise Waters1
2020-05-27 09:00Colleges Crossing2
2020-05-17 12:04Murramarang National Park--South Durras1
2020-04-28 08:00Wilfords Lane wetlands, Lake Burrill (restricted access)2
2020-05-11 14:43Mystery Bay village and beach1
2020-05-09 11:30Bada Dam1
2020-05-24 09:37Gold Creek Reservoir1
2020-05-25 07:08Narangba Township1
2020-04-30 10:20Karbeethong1
2020-05-02 12:10Kurwongbah Park1
2020-05-09 11:21Lake Kurwongbah1
2020-05-23 15:30Betka River Mouth and Beach1
2020-05-12 09:52Multi-use Trail--Seq Water Off Knehr Rd1
2020-05-19 15:37Birtinya Environmental Park2
2020-05-07 15:25D'Aguilar National Park--Araucaria Circuit (Enoggera Reservoir)1
2020-05-07 15:15Warden Head, Ulladulla1
2020-05-17 10:14John Sprent Reserve (Bellbowrie)2
2020-05-18 15:45Bastion Point2
2020-05-27 13:25Croajingolong National Park--Big Beach1
2020-05-10 14:07Farm Dam at -27.59053, 152.89436 (Priors Pocket Rd)2
2020-05-02 11:31Donnybrook Esplanande4
2020-05-24 12:20Priors Pocket (Moggill)1
2020-05-21 06:41Bunyaville Conservation Park--Dam Rd1
2020-05-13 11:15Priors Pocket Road Park (Moggill)1
2020-05-24 09:10John Oxley Reserve (Murrumba Downs)2
2020-05-08 10:27Port Arthur1
2020-05-15 09:20Berowra Valley National Park--Crosslands Reserve1
2020-05-07 10:34Dohles Rocks Rd Pond at -27.27641, 153.040541
2020-05-09 13:30Toorbul Sandfly Bay2
2020-05-13 06:37Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve1
2020-05-08 08:05Toorbul High Tide Roost4
2020-05-05 11:58Georges River National Park--Picnic Point1
2020-05-04 09:34Nathan Road Wetlands Reserve1
2020-05-17 16:00Newington Nature Reserve2
2020-05-24 15:29Archer Park2
2020-05-17 08:10Rookwood Cemetery1
2020-05-27 16:15Sydney Olympic Park--Woo-la-ra1
2020-05-20 10:30Sydney Olympic Park1
2020-05-22 11:03Shoalhaven Heads Inlet1
2020-05-10 11:00Greenwell Point1
2020-05-18 07:40Tully Rd, New Beith, Logan1
2020-05-21 06:33Oxley Creek Common2
2020-05-23 10:10Kakadu Beach (Bribie Island)1
2020-05-11 08:16Puckeys Estate (Fairy Meadow)1
2020-05-24 06:19Archerfield Wetlands (Oxley)1
2020-05-26 09:14Flinders Pde, Brighton1
2020-05-26 13:05Dowse Lagoon (Sandgate)1
2020-05-11 06:56Endeavour Esplanade, Newport1
2020-05-07 15:10University of Queensland--UQ Lakes1
2020-05-14 15:45Lake Illawarra estuary (Windang)1
2020-05-22 13:45Settlers Park, Putney2
2020-05-25 11:29Fairfield area (including Brisbane Corso)1
2020-05-23 09:55Sandstone Point Hotel1
2020-05-01 09:44Kur-Ring-Gai Chase National Park--Berowra Track2
2020-05-09 15:33Jamieson and Tingira Parks, Scarborough1
2020-05-27 11:20Scarborough2
2020-05-27 07:30Boondall Wetlands Reserve1
2020-05-13 12:17Oatley Park1
2020-05-23 16:00Bonnet Bay1
2020-05-23 11:40Minnamurra Inlet3
2020-05-10 15:38Stanwell Park1
2020-05-25 07:00Gerroa1
2020-05-07 15:56Glades Bay Park, Gladesville1
2020-05-15 12:47Lake Wollumboola2
2020-05-05 08:00Gordon1
2020-05-10 16:00Black Head (Gerroa)1
2020-05-06 14:11Gladesville1
2020-05-27 06:32Kedron Brook Wetlands Reserve1
2020-05-09 10:00Tabbil-ban dhagun Boardwalk1
2020-05-08 07:28Royal National Park--Uloola Track2
2020-05-26 15:40Red Point, Port Kembla1
2020-05-19 13:12Kedron Brook Bikeway (near wetlands)1
2020-05-11 11:36Royal National Park--Willow Tree Flat1
2020-05-15 12:12Gordon Flying Fox Reserve1
2020-05-04 14:56Kedron Brook Bikeway (near Nudgee Golf Club)1
2020-05-09 15:53Grays Point3
2020-05-27 14:20Metroplex Avenue Park2
2020-05-12 06:30Royal National Park1
2020-05-09 07:58Royal National Park--Mt Bass2
2020-05-09 14:30Balmain1
2020-05-24 11:30Minnippi Parklands1
2020-05-09 12:10Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park--Salvation Loop Trail1
2020-05-21 16:30Ballast Point Park (Birchgrove)1
2020-05-17 12:35Walka Water Works1
2020-05-10 08:17Tones Road Park (Mansfield)1
2020-05-19 09:15Garigal National Park (East)2
2020-05-25 07:14Sandy Camp Road Wetlands2
2020-05-17 09:51Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park--Chiltern Trail1
2020-05-11 15:30H.C Press Park, Castle Cove1
2020-05-09 10:10Swan Lake (Port of Brisbane)1
2020-05-18 07:35Boys Walk (Avondale College, Cooranbong)1
2020-05-05Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park--West Head1
2020-05-22 12:30Lytton Wader Roost and Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk2
2020-05-09 14:32Woy Woy1
2020-05-08 13:44Royal National Park--Marley Beach1
2020-05-02 07:15Mill Stream Lookout (Botany)1
2020-05-03 10:00Sir Joseph Banks Park, Botany1
2020-05-10 07:09Eastlakes golf course1
2020-05-09 14:15Luderick Ave boat ramp, St Hubert's Island1
2020-05-09 08:20Irrawong Reserve1
2020-05-09 05:55Warriewood Wetlands1
2020-05-10 10:00Balmoral Beach2
2020-05-09 05:56Mookin-Bah Reserve (Ransome)1
2020-05-23 12:00Mosman1
2020-05-03Angophora Reserve (Bilgola Heights)1
2020-05-19 15:05Central Coast Wetlands - Pioneer Dairy1
2020-05-09 10:13Manly Wader Roost (restricted access)1
2020-05-07 08:01Boat Harbour (Kurnell)1
2020-05-26 09:20Tingalpa Creek Reserve including JC Trotter Memorial Park1
2020-05-03 09:01Queens Esplanade, Thorneside3
2020-05-13 13:11La Perouse1
2020-05-08 12:32Morpeth2
2020-05-14 08:15Sydney Harbour National Park--Q Station1
2020-05-16 08:04Kamay Botany Bay National Park--Cape Solander1
2020-05-07 13:21Shelly Beach and headland (Manly)1
2020-05-24 10:45Mistral Point, Maroubra1
2020-05-04 12:55Kamay Botany Bay National Park--Cape Banks1
2020-05-16 08:36Avoca Lagoon1
2020-05-09 14:18Avoca Beach1
2020-05-27 16:22Cockle Creek, Teralba1
2020-05-23 07:19Hilliards Creek Reserve (Redlands Track Park)1
2020-05-27 15:42Eagleby--Eagleby Rd, south lake1
2020-05-11 13:50Wyrrabalong National Park--Bateau Bay1
2020-05-23 10:51Hexham Swamp Pipeline Track, agricultural land1
2020-05-10 09:46Macpherson Rd, Stapylton1
2020-05-25 09:07Eagleby Wetlands2
2020-05-10 10:36Quinns Hill Rd W, Stapylton1
2020-05-08 11:20Rotary Park Rd, Alberton2
2020-05-26 10:50Ash Island1
2020-05-26 12:53Beveridge Road Creek Corridor, Eprapah Creek (Thornlands)1
2020-05-09 12:10Stratheden Swamp3
2020-05-09 06:30Eprapah Creek via Sewage Treatment Plant2
2020-05-06 14:59Point Halloran Conservation Area1
2020-05-16 13:17Coon Island Nature Reserve2
2020-05-27 06:10Munmorah State Conservation Area1
2020-05-21 15:17Cold Tea Creek2
2020-05-19 09:00Belmont Swamp and Belmont Lagoon1
2020-05-14 10:10Masters Park, Victoria Point1
2020-05-10 12:23Marks Rd Boat Ramp (Woongoolba)2
2020-05-10 11:00Old Tamborine Rd Weir, Oxenford2
2020-05-12 14:00Stockton Sandspit2
2020-05-02 07:22Waterhen Lake (Oxenford)1
2020-05-13 11:45Horizon Shores Marina (Steiglitz)1
2020-05-04 06:45Pimpama Conservation Area2
2020-05-23 06:10Coleman Rd Boat Ramp, Coomera3
2020-05-16 09:04Tea Trees Wetland (Arundel)2
2020-05-03 12:25Riverside Reserve2
2020-05-17 08:48Arthur Earle Park (Nerang)1
2020-05-09 05:39Coombabah--trails E of Shelter Rd1
2020-05-24 09:24Coombabah Lake Nature Reserve--Rain Tree Glen1
2020-05-16 06:08Tallebudgera Creek Conservation Park--Boardwalk1
2020-05-17 10:37Taylors Beach (Port Stephens)4
2020-05-05 08:05Salamander Sports Complex, Salamander Bay1
2020-05-20 07:54Lismore Lake2
2020-05-09 10:41Mambo Wetlands, Salamander Bay1
2020-05-18 06:28Corlette1
2020-05-13 10:12Fingal Spit1
2020-05-09 08:02Vallances Rd, Mullumbimby2
2020-05-17 14:57Koala Beach Estate2
2020-05-17 06:45Old New Brighton Rd1
2020-05-28 12:25Watson home (restricted access)1
2020-05-13 08:47Brunswick Heads Nature Reserve at -28.53332, 153.552841
2020-05-24 14:20West Kempsey1
2020-05-23 21:18West Byron Wetlands (Restricted access - Council key required)1
2020-05-27 07:19Seapeace (restricted access)1
2020-05-12 10:30Urunga Boardwalk1
2020-05-23 12:30Saltwater National Park1
2020-05-24 10:28Teven Rd Swamp2
2020-05-23 10:51Dirawong Reserve--Chinamens Beach area1
2020-05-23 10:00Farquhar Inlet, Old Bar2
2020-05-26 16:07Old Sewage Ponds (Byron Bay)1
2020-05-10 07:27Booti Booti National Park--Booti Hill Track1
2020-05-09 11:10Meldrum Park, Ballina1
2020-05-20 12:20North Creek, Ballina1
2020-05-17 14:26Clybucca1
2020-05-26 13:20Flat Rock (Ballina)1
2020-05-10 13:22Queens Lake Sailing Club1
2020-05-09 10:50Partridge Creek (Port Macquarie)1
2020-05-16 08:06Macleay River Entrance2
2020-05-18 13:32Disused quarry track - New Entrance Rd, South West Rocks1
2020-05-15 09:55North Haven Bridge2
2020-05-19 11:01Dunbogan, Camden Haven River1
2020-05-20 15:08Crowdy Bay National Park--Diamond Head Campground2
2020-05-23 16:00Tallong Drive, Lake Cathie1
2020-05-25 15:43Cathie Creek Estuary1
2020-05-10 16:43Settlement Point Reserve1
2020-05-19 13:38Kattang Nature Reserve1
2020-05-09 13:39Pilot Beach1
2020-05-16 08:30Port Macquarie, North Shore1
2020-05-07 15:09Rosendahl Reservoir, Port Macquarie1
2020-05-10 13:33Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve--Big Hill Camp1