The red-throated ant tanager (Habia fuscicauda) is a medium-sized passerine bird. This species is a resident breeder on the Caribbean slopes from southeastern Mexico to eastern Panama. It was usually considered an aberrant kind of tanager and placed in the Thraupidae, but is actually closer to the cardinals (Cardinalidae). Consequently, it can be argued that referring to the members of this genus as ant tanagers is misleading, but no other common name has gained usage.

Red-throated ant tanagers are 19 cm (7.5 in) long and weigh 40 g (1.4 oz). Adult males are dull dusky red, somewhat paler below, and with a bright red throat and central crown. The female is brownish olive, paler and greyer below, and with a yellow throat and small dull yellow crown stripe. Young birds are brown and lack the throat and crown patches.

Both sexes of this species are duller and darker than the related red-crowned ant tanager which occurs on the Pacific slope in its Central American range.

It occurs in thick undergrowth at the edge of forest, second growth or abandoned plantations at altitudes from sea level to 600 m (2,000 ft). The large but untidy cup nest is usually built 1–3 m (3.3–9.8 ft) high in the fork of a shrub or tree, and is often decorated with living ferns. The normal clutch is two or three white eggs laid from April to June.

These birds are found in pairs or small groups. They eat insects, arthropods and fruit like those of Cymbopetalum mayanum (Annonaceae), and less often Trophis racemosa (Moraceae), and will follow army ant columns especially in lowlands where antbirds are uncommon. The flock will give a defensive spread-wing-and-tail display to deter potential predators.

There are six known subspecies:

H. f. salvini – (von Berlepsch, 1883): found from eastern Mexico to El Salvador

H. f. insularis – (Salvin, 1888): found in the Yucatan Peninsula (southeastern Mexico) and northern Guatemala

H. f. discolor – (Ridgway, 1901): found in northeastern, central and eastern Nicaragua

H. f. fuscicauda – (Cabanis, 1861): nominate, found from southern Nicaragua to western Panama

H. f. willisi – Parkes, 1969: found in central Panama

H. f. erythrolaema – (Sclater, PL, 1862): found in northern Colombia
Red-throated Ant-Tanager
Date Location Count
2021-07-21 15:34Cenote Verde Lucero2
2021-07-15 06:28Reserva Toh1
2021-07-20 06:40Reserva Toh3
2021-06-28 07:48Ek Balam (pueblo)1
2021-07-11 06:23Camino Akumal a Uxuxubi al Natural10
2021-07-04 08:00Zona Arqueológica Cobá
2021-07-07 06:45Cobá (Pueblo)3
2021-07-02 18:40Sendero de Xocen2
2021-07-08 08:39Reserva Natural Amazili1
2021-07-19 09:41Zona Arqueológica Muyil (Chunyaxché)2
2021-07-13 07:13Señor (pueblo)2
2021-06-28 06:55Camino Vigia Chico3
2021-06-27 16:37Siijil Noh Ha4
2021-06-28 07:47Camino a The Explorean Kohunlich2
2021-06-28 08:54Zona Arqueológica Kohunlich3
2021-06-28 16:31Camino a Laguna Carolina2
2021-07-19 05:46Dawson Creek & Lamanai savanna4
2021-07-09 09:03Lamanai Maya site3
2021-07-07 05:32Lamanai Outpost Lodge & Indian Church4
2021-06-26 07:02Hill Bank Road--Irish Creek crossing2
2021-07-21 10:57Reserva de la Biosfera Calakmul--Zona Arqueológica de Calakmul1
2021-07-03 06:33Yalbac Lagoon Bank2
2021-07-04 07:46Sylvester Village4
2021-07-18 05:00Chan Chich Lodge1
2021-07-19 12:16Guanacaste NP2
2021-07-23 06:40River Wildlife Sanctuary1
2021-07-04 14:33Aguacate Ruins2
2021-07-24 05:19Aguacate Lagoon3
2021-06-29 09:11Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge1
2021-06-29 06:25Angel Falls zipline1
2021-07-11 09:30Mayflower-Bocawina NP--Antelope Falls1
2021-07-08 08:14Mayflower Bocawina NP1
2021-07-12 07:05Bocawina Rainforest Resort & Adventures1
2021-07-01 06:03Pook's Hill Lodge1
2021-07-02 10:16Actun Tunichiil Muknal Cave & trail1
2021-06-27 06:55Cahal Pech Maya site1
2021-07-16 07:09Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary--access road1
2021-07-09 06:34Mountain Pine Ridge--Forest Reserve Gate1
2021-07-12 09:10Mountain Pine Ridge--Blancaneaux Lodge1
2021-07-02 18:04Cockscomb Basin W.S.--Visitor Centre5
2021-07-23 15:55Black Rock Road1
2021-07-22 06:30Elijio Panti NP--Wildside Trail2
2021-07-23 07:56Black Rock Lodge2
2021-07-14 11:00Chiquibul Forest Reserve--Raspaculo Branch
2021-06-28 06:12PN Yaxhá-Nakúm-Naranjo--sitio arqueológico Yaxhá (garita)1
2021-07-01 07:32Chiquibul Forest Reserve--Las Cuevas Research Station2
2021-07-18 09:39BFREE2
2021-07-03 08:24PN Pico Bonito--Lodge at Pico Bonito3
2021-06-30 05:58Biotopo Protegido Cerro Cahuí3
2021-07-10 07:00PN Laguna del Tigre--Estación Biológica Las Guacamayas2
2021-07-09 07:28PN Laguna del Tigre--sibal/campamento IDAEH2
2021-07-02 15:35Tayasal2
2021-06-27 06:24Nim Li Punit Maya site1
2021-06-28 13:35The Lodge at Big Falls1
2021-07-15 10:38Finca San Francisco1
2021-07-13 15:29Parque Arqueológico Cuevas de Talgua4
2021-07-11 06:31San Jose Village2
2021-07-19 06:17The Farm Inn2
2021-06-27 10:35Blue Creek Village, Creek and Cave2
2021-07-18 07:23Sendero El Colibrí y Río Masca1
2021-07-20 06:44Monumentos Naturales Yaxchilán--Zona Arqueológica Yaxchilán2
2021-07-17 16:34Ecoparque Aluxes2
2021-06-29 09:43Reserva Protectora de Manantiales Cerro San Gil--Carboneras1
2021-07-19 16:36PN Palenque1
2021-06-30 06:27Lacanjá Chansayab (pueblo)
2021-07-04 07:00Finca La Trinidad (acceso Restringido)
2021-07-22 06:31Area de Protección de Flora y Fauna Nahá2
2021-07-08 17:39Reserva Natural Privada Luna del Puente2
2021-07-04 08:26Lago de Yojoa--Parque Los Naranjos4
2021-07-11 08:59PN Azul Meámbar--PANACAM Lodge3
2021-07-01 08:45PN Azul Meambar--Sendero Sinai (PANACAM Lodge)1
2021-07-22 07:35Finca Las Nubes (acceso restringido)2
2021-06-27 15:30Sitio Arqueológico Ruinas de Copán1
2021-06-30 14:30Estación de Biología Tropical Los Tuxtlas1
2021-07-01 07:29Reserva de la Biosfera Los Tuxtlas--Carretera San Andrés Tuxtla-Ruiz Cortines1
2021-06-27 06:35Camino del Ejido Juárez (desvío km 21 +600 carretera Tuxtla-Chicoasén)8
2021-07-18 06:45Camino a Ejido Armando Zebadua7
2021-07-03 07:01Laguna Mandinga Grande1
2021-07-18 08:45Cerro de Tepeapulco5
2021-07-20 15:46RNP Los Tarrales--sector Vesubio2
2021-07-21 07:47RNP Los Tarrales--La Isla2
2021-07-16 06:28RNP Los Tarrales--sendero La Rinconada2
2021-07-02 10:20Finca La Gracia1
2021-07-01 15:52Reserva Natural Chocoyero El Brujo2
2021-07-02 08:55Camino Plan de las Flores1
2021-07-20 09:16Jardín Botánico Guillermo Piñeres3
2021-06-27 17:55Refugio mixto Caño Negro1
2021-06-27 13:03Maquenque Eco-Lodge3
2021-07-11 07:45Hotel Blue River Resort2
2021-07-01 09:39Las Bromelias Lodge4
2021-07-02 13:19PN Volcan Tenorio--Rio Celeste Trail1
2021-07-16 15:26Refugio de Vida Silvestre Lapa Verde -- Sector Chilamate (Localidad General)4
2021-07-02 05:36Chilamate Rainforest Eco Retreat1
2021-07-24 05:48Selva Verde Lodge3
2021-07-17 16:16La Selva (OTS Reserve)--Sendero Zompopa2
2021-06-27 05:58La Selva (OTS Reserve)--Dining hall area3
2021-07-12 13:00La Selva (OTS Reserve)1
2021-07-14 05:35SarapiquiS Rainforest Lodge1
2021-07-24 05:49Tirimbina Rainforest Center4
2021-07-10 06:28Hotel Arenal Paraiso3
2021-07-14 07:19Eco Centro Danaus3
2021-06-26 05:35Arenal--Volcano Lodge and Gardens1
2021-06-28 12:06Reserva Natural Pacuare1
2021-07-13 06:05Sendero Bogarín2
2021-07-20 14:18Arenal Misticopark (Hanging Bridges)2
2021-07-20 14:21Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge1
2021-07-15 06:41Rainforest Chocolate Tour3
2021-07-15 15:58Arenal--Peninsula road (shortcut to dam)4
2021-07-20 06:10PN Arenal--Península Trail2
2021-07-17 05:24Colonia Trinidad-Invu4
2021-06-30 14:38Arenal Observatory Lodge--Sendero Catarata1
2021-07-09 05:30Chachagua Rainforest Eco Lodge4
2021-07-03 05:30Suerre2
2021-07-09 15:07Virgen del Socorro (general)2
2021-07-11 07:56Centro Manú2
2021-06-29 05:41Pacuare Lodge4
2021-07-11 14:23Torre Alta Lodge y Eco Refugio Los Pavones2
2021-06-27 07:26Cocobolo Nature Reserve2
2021-07-22 06:01Rancho Naturalista2
2021-07-09 14:17Playa Negra (Puerto Viejo)1
2021-07-03 08:13Cerro Azul--Río Mono Trail1
2021-07-16 06:56Refugio de Vida Silvestre La Marta (Pejibaye)1
2021-07-11 11:17San San Pond Sak--California2
2021-07-02 08:02Pipeline Road2
2021-07-19 09:30Panama Rainforest Discovery Center1
2021-07-20 15:55Gamboa--Goethals Blvd2
2021-07-20 08:26Gamboa (town)1
2021-07-15 07:28Changuinola Canal2
2021-07-11 15:34Summit Ponds2
2021-06-26 12:14Charagre2
2021-07-20 08:41PN Camino de Cruces--Sede2
2021-06-27 15:39Clayton--Gun Hill3
2021-07-18 11:26Parque Natural Metropolitano4
2021-07-18 15:57Parque Natural Metropolitano--Centro de Visitantes1
2021-07-23 14:10Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge2
2021-07-24 10:35Rinconcito de Macca Bite (original)1
2021-06-26 06:15PN Altos de Campana--Sendero La Cruz2
2021-07-23 10:16Camino Mata Ahogados - Altos del María1
2021-07-23 07:28Finca Candelario (Private Property)1
2021-07-05 07:25Cerro Gaital3