The white-backed vulture (Gyps africanus) is an Old World vulture in the family Accipitridae, which also includes eagles, kites, buzzards and hawks. It is closely related to the European griffon vulture, G. fulvus. Sometimes it is called African white-backed vulture to distinguish it from the Oriental white-backed vulture — nowadays usually called white-rumped vulture — to which it was formerly believed to be closely related.

The white-backed vulture is a typical vulture, with only down feathers on the head and neck, very broad wings and short tail feathers. It has a white neck ruff. The adult’s whitish back contrasts with the otherwise dark plumage. Juveniles are largely dark. This is a medium-sized vulture; its body mass is 4.2 to 7.2 kilograms (9.3–15.9 lb), it is 78 to 98 cm (31 to 39 in) long and has a 1.96 to 2.25 m (6 to 7 ft) wingspan.

Like other vultures it is a scavenger, feeding mostly from carcasses of animals which it finds by soaring over savannah. It also takes scraps from human habitations. It often moves in flocks. It breeds in trees on the savannah of west and east Africa, laying one egg. The population is mostly resident.
White-backed Vulture
Date Location Count
2021-04-24 10:02Etosha NP--Okaukuejo Camp40
2021-04-19 10:39Windhoek National Botanical Gardens1
2021-05-03 10:03Arebbusch Lodge1
2021-05-02 10:00Sde Eliyahu Reservoir מאגר שדה אליהו1
2021-05-01 09:32Be'et Shean Valley--general area עמק בית שאן אזור כללי1
2021-04-20 14:04Queen Elizabeth II NP--Kazinga Channel Boat Trip1
2021-05-15 07:00Queen Elizabeth II NP6
2021-04-21 10:39Queen Elizabeth II NP--Kasenyi Track15
2021-04-20 07:45Kyambura Gorge2
2021-05-01 06:39Murchison Falls NP--Paraa Safari Lodge to Tangi Gate30
2021-05-05 06:26Nkasa Lupala NP3
2021-04-27 07:41Kidepo Valley NP--Narus River1
2021-04-28 15:32Kidepo Valley NP--Karenga Gate to Apoka2
2021-05-09 10:19Kafue NP--McBrides Camp1
2021-05-08 14:29Kgalagadi TFCA--Nossob Camp3
2021-05-08 15:22andBeyond Matetsi River Lodge1
2021-05-08 06:40Victoria Falls Sewerage Ponds
2021-05-05 08:00Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve--Mbale-Moroto Rd1
2021-05-08 06:24Blue Lagoon NP1
2021-05-08 05:49Lochinvar NP3
2021-05-01 13:00Sankabar1
2021-05-08 11:00Hwange NP--Sinamatella7
2021-05-08 07:34Kalimba Reptile Park2
2021-05-16 07:12Maasai Mara NR--Mara Triangle
2021-05-02 06:15Serengeti NP--Seronera3
2021-05-08 11:59Hwange NP--Makalolo Plains Camp2
2021-04-28 06:40Maasai Mara NR--Aruba Mara Camp & Talek Gate1
2021-05-10 06:01Naboisho Conservancy
2021-04-29 13:53Serengeti NP--Naabi Hill Gate1
2021-05-09 08:58Royal Zambezi Lodge1
2021-05-08 06:37Lower Zambezi NP1
2021-04-24 15:29Lake Nakuru NP3
2021-05-08 06:38Soysambu Conservency1
2021-05-13 07:24Wondo Genet6
2021-04-26 12:13Hells Gate NP2
2021-05-08 06:42KWS Hippo Camp, Lake Naivasha1
2021-05-08Ngorongoro Conservation Area--Ngorongoro Crater
2021-04-21 06:09South Luangwa NP
2021-05-08 05:31South Luangwa NP--Mfuwe Lodge
2021-05-08 08:16Nairobi NP--Nagolomon Dam4
2021-05-14 09:09Nairobi NP4
2021-04-23 07:11Samburu NR6
2021-05-08 11:31Hillside Dams6
2021-05-08 16:09Amboseli NP6
2021-04-25 06:27Amboseli NP--Ol Tukai Lodge1
2021-05-08 13:38Kimana Sanctuary7
2021-05-08 11:31Mbirikani Group Ranch5
2021-05-08 13:07Mokala NP--Kameeldoring Pan1
2021-05-15 11:00Tsavo West NP--southern section2
2021-05-16 06:13Boons Road1
2021-05-07 09:30Tsavo East NP--southern section1
2021-05-15 06:04Kruger NP--Banyini Pan (ltd access)2
2021-05-15 15:12Kruger NP--Sandpit (Limited Access)2
2021-05-14 14:30Kruger NP--Lanner Gorge (ltd access)4
2021-04-18 06:38Kruger NP--Pafuri Camp (Camp Guests Only)5
2021-05-09 13:37Majete Game Reserve5
2021-05-14 06:07Kruger NP--Reedbuckvlei (restricted access)8
2021-05-04 14:39Gonarezhou NP--Chipinda Pools1
2021-04-17 11:45Mansoor Hotel1
2021-05-08 09:00Kruger NP--Sable Dam/S51 Loop1
2021-05-08 15:13Ngala Private Game Reserve
2021-04-24 07:36Gorongosa NP10
2021-04-30 08:37Kruger NP--S39 (H1-4 to Timbavati)8
2021-05-01 15:08Kruger NP--Talamati Bushveld Camp20
2021-05-11 08:34Singita Ebony Lodge
2021-05-14 15:04Londolozi Game Reserve1
2021-05-01 08:22Kruger NP--Sweni Rd (S126)18
2021-04-25 06:51Kruger NP--Phabeni to Skukuza6
2021-04-27 07:20Kruger NP--S43
2021-05-01 09:04Lake Panic Bird Hide14
2021-04-27 09:06Kruger NP--Transport Dam7
2021-04-27 13:33Kruger NP--Skukuza Golf Club4
2021-04-25 06:54Kruger NP--Napi Rd to Skukuza/H1-1
2021-05-02 11:32Kruger NP--Malelane Gate (Crocodile River Bridge)6
2021-05-03 06:12Kruger NP--Biyamiti Bushveld Camp (Residents only)7
2021-04-30 15:31Kruger NP--Lower Sabie Rest Camp4
2021-05-02 15:57Kruger NP--Lower Sabie to Crocodile Bridge (Gomodwane Rd, H4-2)3
2021-05-08 09:59Mkhuze GR--Nsumo Pan4
2021-04-29 06:00Phinda GR