The jungle owlet, or barred jungle owlet, (Glaucidium radiatum) is found in the Indian Subcontinent. The species is often found singly, in pairs or small groups and are usually detected by their calls at dawn and dusk. There are two subspecies with the form found in the Western Ghats sometimes considered a full species.

Jungle Owlet
Date Location Count
2021-07-01 05:47Gujarat Forest Research & Training Institute2
2021-07-19 19:06GEB Ash Pond, Pethapur1
2021-07-01 07:45Sanjay Gandhi NP--Shilondha Trail2
2021-07-10 10:38BNHS Conservation Education Centre1
2021-06-27 08:15Nagla trail, Sanjay Gandhi NP1
2021-07-05 15:00Dadra and Nagar Haveli WLS1
2021-07-03 06:49Sanjay Gandhi NP--Tikujiniwadi1
2021-07-06 09:01Samadhan Pawar Birding Spot1
2021-06-30 09:14Palu Village, Murbad2
2021-07-24 14:24Aldona fields3
2021-07-05 08:11Kudremukha NP--Bhagavathi Nature Camp1
2021-06-28 06:00Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Solan1
2021-07-04 20:29Thachiru Mala, Koliyar1
2021-06-28 05:50Karippal para1
2021-07-20 15:11Wildlife Institute of India Campus1
2021-06-28 18:15Walterre Resort2
2021-07-14 09:42Jhilmil Jheel Conservation Reserve1
2021-07-06 08:16Kuvakkunnu1
2021-07-08 06:11Thiruvaly1
2021-07-24 08:00Komangalam wetland and adjacent woody zone, Koottanad1
2021-07-17 18:10Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS)2
2021-07-17 07:30North Paravur--Santhivanam1
2021-07-02 13:35Amaramkavu Vanadurga Temple--Thodupuzha1
2021-07-12 06:25Chengannur Railway Station, Platform 31
2021-07-18 06:22Karingali Puncha, Pandalam5
2021-07-09 13:00Valparai--Varattuparai2
2021-07-05 10:46Kattadikunnu2
2021-07-03 08:36Periyar Tiger Reserve--Thekkady1
2021-07-10 14:43Pench Tiger Reserve--saleghat1
2021-07-25 07:30Uma Maheswaram1
2021-07-17 11:00Jyoti Kshetram2
2021-07-18 09:00Narrai Reserve Forest3
2021-07-16 10:01Kopenala, Chaukitola2
2021-07-25 06:11Banjar River, Chaukitola1
2021-07-21 07:38Flame of the Forest Safari Lodge1
2021-06-29 05:14Kanha Kiskindha Resort1
2021-07-09 06:11Gove Nature Trail from inside Khatia Gate to back of Tuli Resort1
2021-06-30 08:45Kanha NP--Kisli Zone1
2021-07-07 08:12Singinawa Jungle Lodge1
2021-06-29 05:54Kanha Tiger Reserve1
2021-07-09 11:42Kanha NP Outskirts--Mukki to Baihar2
2021-06-30 07:49Kanha NP--Kanha Zone1
2021-07-11 18:34Bhimodi Talab1
2021-07-07 08:30Kanha Jungle Lodge1
2021-06-30 11:01Kanha NP--Mukki Zone1
2021-07-20 08:41Kanha Tiger Reserve--Mukki Gate1
2021-07-15 17:30Harish-Chandra Research Institute3
2021-07-08 05:51Nilgala, Gal Oya National Park2
2021-07-18 10:00Chitwan National Park - Headquarters2
2021-07-15 17:54Chitwan National Park - Sauraha Rapti River Dike1
2021-07-16 06:25Sitakund1
2021-07-13 05:13Kosi Bird Observatory1
2021-06-27 09:44Deul Forest1