The red-knobbed coot or crested coot, (Fulica cristata), is a member of the rail and crake bird family, the Rallidae.

It is a resident breeder across much of Africa and in southernmost Spain on freshwater lakes and ponds. It builds a nest of dead reeds near the water's edge or more commonly afloat, laying about 8 eggs (or more in good conditions). However, its behaviour towards its own young is so aggressive that only a few are likely to survive to adulthood.
Red-knobbed Coot
Date Location Count
2020-09-12 11:58Lagunas de Camino Colorado1
2020-09-09 19:00Charca de Suárez—Motril3
2020-09-17 10:40Bezas--Laguna de Bezas1
2020-09-12 18:00El Hondo PNat--Centro de Visitantes3
2020-09-05 19:15El Hondo PNat--Observatorio El Saladar3
2020-08-24 09:55El Hondo PNat--El Rincón/Observatorio CAM2
2020-09-14 12:36El Hondo PNat--Área General5
2020-08-29 08:30El Hondo PNat--Ruta Roja1
2020-08-30 12:40El Hondo PNat--Torre Poniente Vertedero Central5
2020-09-01 13:00Reserva Natural de l'Albufereta3
2020-09-14 08:51Parc Natural de s'Albufera de Mallorca1
2020-09-03 02:25Berg River Estuary
2020-09-15 12:34Kuifkopvisvanger Farm21
2020-09-04 09:25West Coast NP--Abrahamskraal hide4
2020-09-03 16:32Blouberg--Dolphin Beach5
2020-08-30 15:36Malmesbury3
2020-09-15 10:57Rietvlei Wetlands Reserve200
2020-09-13 10:48Wildevoelvlei1
2020-09-08 17:08Raapenberg Bird Sanctuary11
2020-08-24 11:37Intaka Island20
2020-08-30 12:06Riebeek-Kasteel (general area)1
2020-08-23 12:06Tygerberg Nature Reserve1
2020-09-07 10:48Rondevlei Nature Reserve40
2020-09-10 10:59Strandfontein WTP50
2020-09-12 09:00Paarl Bird Sanctuary10
2020-09-06 16:30Blaauwklippen Wine Estate (restricted access)1
2020-09-06 11:29Klein Cedarberg Private Nature Reserve40
2020-08-22 12:23Stellenboschberg--Upper trail1
2020-09-09 12:21Paardevlei1
2020-08-23 16:01Elandskloof1
2020-09-13 08:33Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve8
2020-09-01 07:32De Hoop Nature Reserve
2020-08-23 08:00Barina Swamp, Sawaiti Wetlands
2020-08-23 13:58Majani Mingi Swamp
2020-08-30 08:30Barberspan Bird Sanctuary30
2020-08-22 15:27Lake Nakuru NP
2020-08-22 13:26Sululta Plain30
2020-08-22 07:55Manguo Swamp
2020-09-03 07:34Wilderness NP--Half-collared Kingfisher trail2
2020-09-05 07:08Borakalalo NP23
2020-09-15 09:26Little Falls Nature Reserve2
2020-09-16 07:10Eagle Canyon Golf Estate12
2020-09-18 10:33Golden Harvest Park1
2020-08-22 10:45Florida Lake
2020-08-31 17:11Delta Park1
2020-08-23 09:12Modderfontein Reserve3
2020-08-21 07:14Roodeplaat Dam Nature Reserve2
2020-09-17 15:07Rietvlei Nature Reserve2
2020-09-05 13:05Bonaero Pan2
2020-09-13 17:06Bullfrog Dam
2020-09-13 14:27Korsman Bird Sanctuary
2020-09-11 05:30Detweedespruit--Eastern side1
2020-09-02 07:27Vaal Dam grasslands1
2020-09-13 06:01Marievale Bird Sanctuary20
2020-08-27 07:24Marievale Bird Sanctuary--Hadeda Hide2
2020-09-09 15:20Tsavo West NP--Lake Jipe1
2020-09-17Debegeni Falls
2020-09-06 07:00Leeupan (Mpumalanga Province)200
2020-08-22 13:23Ladysmith - Malandeni SW20
2020-09-02 09:25Hawane Reservoir3
2020-09-08 13:15Matsapha Sewage Ponds3