The peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus), also known as the peregrine, and historically as the duck hawk in North America, is a widespread bird of prey in the family Falconidae. A large, crow-sized falcon, it has a blue-grey back, barred white underparts, and a black head. As is typical of bird-eating raptors, peregrine falcons are sexually dimorphic, females being considerably larger than males. The peregrine is renowned for its speed, reaching over 320 km/h (200 mph) during its characteristic hunting stoop (high speed dive), making it the fastest member of the animal kingdom. According to a National Geographic TV programme, the highest measured speed of a peregrine falcon is 389 km/h (242 mph).

The peregrine's breeding range includes land regions from the Arctic tundra to the tropics. It can be found nearly everywhere on Earth, except extreme polar regions, very high mountains, and most tropical rainforests; the only major ice-free landmass from which it is entirely absent is New Zealand. This makes it the world's most widespread raptor and one of the most widely found bird species. In fact, the only land-based bird species found over a larger geographic area is not always naturally occurring but one widely introduced by humans, the rock pigeon, which in turn now supports many peregrine populations as a prey species. Both the English and scientific names of this species mean "wandering falcon", referring to the migratory habits of many northern populations. Experts recognize 17 to 19 subspecies which vary in appearance and range; there is disagreement over whether the distinctive Barbary falcon is represented by two subspecies of Falco peregrinus, or is a separate species, F. pelegrinoides. The two species' divergence is relatively recent, during the time of the last ice age, therefore the genetic differential between them (and also the difference in their appearance) is relatively small. It has been determined that they are only approximately 0.6–0.8% genetically differentiated.

While its diet consists almost exclusively of medium-sized birds, the peregrine will occasionally hunt small mammals, small reptiles, or even insects. Reaching sexual maturity at one year, it mates for life and nests in a scrape, normally on cliff edges or, in recent times, on tall human-made structures. The peregrine falcon became an endangered species in many areas because of the widespread use of certain pesticides, especially DDT. Since the ban on DDT from the early 1970s, populations have recovered, supported by large-scale protection of nesting places and releases to the wild.

The peregrine falcon is a well respected falconry bird due to its strong hunting ability, high trainability, versatility, and in recent years availability via captive breeding. It is effective on most game bird species from small to large.
Peregrine Falcon
Date Location Count
2019-10-17 06:57C&O Canal--Violette's Lock1
2019-10-17 07:10Riverbend Park1
2019-10-09 18:03C&O Canal--Fletcher's Cove (Fletcher's Boathouse)1
2019-10-21 14:00Ballston Beaver Pond1
2019-10-19 08:36Rock Creek Park--Dog Run1
2019-10-19 09:42Rock Creek Park--Nature Center area1
2019-10-10 09:47Lower Senate Park1
2019-10-13 08:18East Potomac Park--Hains Pt.1
2019-10-19 09:57Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve1
2019-10-19 07:25Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens1
2019-10-13 07:11Occoquan Bay NWR1
2019-10-19 07:55Piscataway Park--Boardwalk1
2019-10-12 12:02Toms Creek Church Rd. pond1
2019-10-10 07:00Western Run Park2
2019-10-12 07:45Loch Raven Reservoir--Northampton Furnace Trail1
2019-10-15 07:19Terrapin Nature Park2
2019-10-22 07:30Poplar Island1
2019-10-14 08:55Lake Redman boardwalk1
2019-10-12 11:00Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons1
2019-10-09 15:29Chester River Field Research Center (Chino Farms) (private)1
2019-10-10 16:34Cumberland--Terminus1
2019-10-20 07:42Conejohela Flats (IBA)1
2019-10-19 12:56Waggoner's Gap Hawk Watch (IBA)1
2019-10-11 13:30Belmont Park1
2019-10-14 07:21Susquehanna River--from West Fairview (Dauphin Co.)1
2019-10-19 08:20Silver Lake1
2019-10-19 11:00Allegheny Front Hawk Watch1
2019-10-13 07:30Phillips Park, Newark1
2019-10-17 07:39Rockfish Gap Hawk Watch1
2019-10-14 09:15Stone Mtn. Hawkwatch (Huntingdon Co.)2
2019-10-18 10:22Bombay Hook NWR--Shearness Pool1
2019-10-11 17:05Bombay Hook NWR--Bear Swamp1
2019-10-19 10:08Bombay Hook NWR--Refuge Headquarters1
2019-10-17 13:12Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge1
2019-10-19 11:43Bombay Hook NWR--Raymond Pool1
2019-10-10 13:40Little Creek Wildlife Area--Main Tract1
2019-10-23 08:01Dutch Gap Conservation Area/Henricus Historical Park1
2019-10-21 16:05Sharptown-Auburn Rd1
2019-10-18 16:00Prime Hook NWR--Dike Trail (formerly Observation Point Trail)1
2019-10-10 08:05Schuylkill River Trail--Cromby/Phoenixville1
2019-10-15 08:04Cape Henlopen SP--Nature Center area1
2019-10-18 08:00John Heinz NWR--wetlands (Delaware Co.)1
2019-10-21 09:00Cape Henlopen Hawk Watch1
2019-10-13 10:09Cape Henlopen State Park1
2019-10-14 12:47Cape Henlopen SP--Gordon's Pond1
2019-10-14 13:24Cape Henlopen SP--Herring Point1
2019-10-22 15:45Mainland Farm/Drummond's Field1
2019-10-13 10:27Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve1
2019-10-21 10:30John Heinz NWR--impoundment (Philadelphia Co.)1
2019-10-22 17:35Delaware Seashore SP--Burton Island1
2019-10-22 12:05Norristown/Bridgeport Dam1
2019-10-20 14:27Cape Island--The Rips1
2019-10-14 17:28Cape Island--CMP--Brainard Ave. dune crossing1
2019-10-15 08:50Hawk Mountain Sanctuary--South Lookout1
2019-10-21 09:15Hawk Mountain Sanctuary--North Lookout1
2019-10-21 08:06Cape Island--CMP--Coral Ave. dune crossing1
2019-10-21 08:15Cape Island--Higbee Beach WMA1
2019-10-23 09:15Cape Island--CMPSP--Hawkwatch Platform1
2019-10-21 15:07Cape Island--Cape May Point SP (CMPSP)1
2019-10-18 09:00Cape Island--Higbee Beach WMA--Hidden Valley1
2019-10-21 07:21Cape Island--South Cape May Meadows (SCMM)1
2019-10-21 13:32Cape Island--The Beanery/Rea Farm1
2019-10-16 07:47Norbury's Landing1
2019-10-14 11:14Chincoteague Island Nature Trail1
2019-10-22 11:08Cape Island--Cape May (city)1
2019-10-22 12:05Cape Island--Cape May--Convention Hall1
2019-10-13 10:03Cape Island--Spicers Creek Boat Access1
2019-10-17 08:51Chincoteague NWR--Woodland Trail1
2019-10-12 08:05Chincoteague NWR--Entrance/Beach Access Road1
2019-10-18 10:00Cape May Harbor1
2019-10-11 13:09Dixon Meadow Preserve1
2019-10-19 14:15Ocean Drive--Bree-Zee-Lee Marsh1
2019-10-15 07:12Chincoteague NWR--Fisherman's Point2
2019-10-13 08:00Chincoteague NWR--Toms Cove Visitor Center1
2019-10-18 10:05Ocean Drive--Middle Thorofare Bridge & fish docks1
2019-10-21 11:07Assateague Island1
2019-10-14 09:50Chincoteague NWR--Tom's Cove1
2019-10-13 10:00Jarvis Sound1
2019-10-13 13:59Ocean Drive--Two Mile Landing1
2019-10-20 13:52Cold Spring Inlet (Cape May Harbor mouth)2
2019-10-20 07:46Cape May NWR--Two Mile Unit4
2019-10-15 17:45Jake's Landing1
2019-10-18 16:46Nummy Island2
2019-10-22 08:55Palmyra Cove Nature Park1
2019-10-19 14:04Stone Harbor Point1
2019-10-10 07:55Stone Harbor Blvd--The Wetlands Institute1
2019-10-19 13:48Stone Harbor--Bird Sanctuary2
2019-10-12 06:01Trexler Nature Preserve--Covered Bridge Trail1
2019-10-12 06:01Taylor's Wildlife Preserve1
2019-10-15 07:05Avalon--7th St. Seawall (Avalon Seawatch 1993-2014)1
2019-10-20 19:44Avalon--8th St. Jetty (Avalon Seawatch 2015-present)1
2019-10-18 10:45Bake Oven Knob1
2019-10-19 06:39Grandview Nature Preserve1
2019-10-22 15:46Kiptopeke SP--Hawk Platform1
2019-10-19 16:51Williamsport Dam1
2019-10-22 11:07Eastern Shore of Virginia NWR--Visitors' Center1
2019-10-13 10:09Eastern Shore of Virginia NWR--Ramp Road1
2019-10-17 10:16Susquehanna Riverlands (IBA)1
2019-10-20 10:45Silver Crest Rd. Ponds1
2019-10-18 05:58Budd's Bogs (restricted access)2
2019-10-10 07:00Craney Island Disposal Area (restricted access)1
2019-10-11 11:45Peaks of Otter Recreation Area1
2019-10-14 16:00Schenley Park1
2019-10-17 15:50Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens1
2019-10-22 09:52Nazareth Quarry2
2019-10-20 14:18Edwin B. Forsythe NWR--Visitor Center1
2019-10-22 11:44Edwin B. Forsythe NWR (Brigantine Unit)3
2019-10-21 10:15Blue Ridge Parkway--Harveys Knob Overlook (Bedford side)1
2019-10-22 12:45Forks of the Delaware2
2019-10-21 12:30Edwin B. Forsythe NWR1
2019-10-22 15:00Edwin B. Forsythe NWR--Wildlife Drive1
2019-10-17 17:45McKees Rocks Bridge1
2019-10-14 16:23Plymouth Flats (restricted access)1
2019-10-19 09:00Merrill Creek Reservoir--Scotts Mountain Hawk Watch/Inlet-Outlet Tower1
2019-10-13 10:10Tuckerton--Great Bay Bvld. WMA1
2019-10-21 09:45Edwin B. Forsythe NWR--Holgate (Long Beach Island)1
2019-10-15 08:00Spruce Run Reservoir1
2019-10-22 11:49Edwin B. Forsythe NWR--Cedar Bonnet Island2
2019-10-14 16:24Leonard Harrison SP1
2019-10-19 08:10**BACK BAY NWR1
2019-10-14 07:18Fairview Farm Wildlife Preserve1
2019-10-12 15:12Chimney Rock Hawk Watch3
2019-10-12 11:45Island Beach SP--South Beach to Inlet1
2019-10-20 08:13Island Beach SP1
2019-10-16 09:53Donaldson Park1
2019-10-23 07:29Highland Park Meadows1
2019-10-12 13:00Great Swamp NWR1
2019-10-13 15:45Ernest L. Oros Wildlife Preserve1
2019-10-12 15:38Brookfield Park1
2019-10-19 09:43Sandy Hook1
2019-10-16 12:45Fort Wadsworth1
2019-10-13 15:15Coney Island Beach--35th St. Overlook1
2019-10-19 07:09Coney Island Creek Park1
2019-10-19 07:00Calvert Vaux Park (Dreier-Offerman Park)2
2019-10-16 15:29Coney Island Beach1
2019-10-23 09:56Breezy Point Tip1
2019-10-13 08:15Riverside County Park (Lyndhurst)1
2019-10-22 15:05Richard W. DeKorte Park1
2019-10-20 09:00Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn1
2019-10-18 07:47Williamstown Wetlands1
2019-10-13 10:17Clay Ave. Wetland (Tessie McNamara Park)1
2019-10-11 09:38Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary (restricted access)1
2019-10-15 16:16Prospect Park1
2019-10-18 15:00Brooklyn Bridge Park2
2019-10-19 07:15Fort Tilden1
2019-10-15 17:18Fort Greene Park1
2019-10-23 08:57Meadowlands IBA--Mill Creek Marsh1
2019-10-17 10:42Floyd Bennett Field1
2019-10-16 13:41Jacob Riis Park1
2019-10-18 16:15Hudson Yards (30th-41st St.; 8th-11th Ave.)1
2019-10-14 12:21Empire State Building2
2019-10-20 08:44Jamaica Bay, Ruffle Bar1
2019-10-18 11:09Central Park1
2019-10-18 07:13Central Park--Turtle Pond1
2019-10-21 15:00Roosevelt Is.1
2019-10-17 10:25Duck Park Boardwalk1
2019-10-17 12:38Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge--West Pond1
2019-10-22 07:18Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge1
2019-10-16 12:04Central Park--Compost Area1
2019-10-17 12:45Jamaica Bay, North Channel Bridge1
2019-10-11 17:00Brick Pond Wetland Preserve1
2019-10-10 08:00Overpeck County Park--Stables/Wildlife Refuge1
2019-10-21 09:43Overpeck County Park1
2019-10-12 10:53Randalls Island--Waters Edge Garden (103rd St. Brg.-Little Hell Gate)1
2019-10-10 10:45Randalls Island1
2019-10-19 13:03Randalls Island--NE fields and shoreline1
2019-10-19 09:06Inwood Hill Park1
2019-10-19 08:00Mount Peter Hawk Watch1
2019-10-17 11:30Downtown, Binghamton1
2019-10-16 07:16Glenmere Lake1
2019-10-23 05:00Hillview Reservoir (restricted access)1
2019-10-11 08:52Alley Pond Park--Restoration Area1
2019-10-12 07:02Pelham Bay Park1
2019-10-21 15:36Palisades Park IBA--State Line Lookout2
2019-10-21 11:20Lido Beach Passive Nature Area1
2019-10-19 11:10Jones Beach SP--median strip1
2019-10-18 10:08Jones Beach SP--Coast Guard Station1
2019-10-19 06:28Jones Beach SP--West End1
2019-10-21 11:15Piermont Pier1
2019-10-19 07:45Sands Point Preserve1
2019-10-19 14:29Jones Beach SP2
2019-10-13 09:21Hook Mountain1
2019-10-15 13:59Alligator River NWR--River Rd.1
2019-10-17 08:59Jockey's Ridge State Park1
2019-10-19 15:53Pymatuning SP--Spillway1
2019-10-12 10:37Pymatuning SP--Fish Hatchery1
2019-10-20 11:13Bowline Point Park1
2019-10-13 11:30Alligator River NWR1
2019-10-19 15:35Croton Point Park1
2019-10-20 06:38Tobay Beach Park1
2019-10-20 09:00Edith G. Read Wildlife Sanctuary--HQ1
2019-10-16 11:07Nags Head--Jennette's Pier1
2019-10-20 07:52Prendergast Point, Chautauqua Lake1
2019-10-19 11:26Gilgo Beach1
2019-10-15 12:00Kensico Reservoir (Kensico & Rye Lakes)1
2019-10-18 13:03Cornell University--Libe Slope1
2019-10-10 15:20Sapsucker Woods--Lab Building Area1
2019-10-20 10:00Robert Moses SP--Democrat Point1
2019-10-22 13:21Taughannock Falls SP--Overlook1
2019-10-19 07:32Bodie Island Lighthouse & Pond1
2019-10-11 17:39Taughannock Falls SP--Gorge Trail1
2019-10-21 09:00Chestnut Ridge Hawk Watch2
2019-10-19 08:39Robert Moses SP1
2019-10-19 08:14Oregon Inlet Fishing Center1
2019-10-19 15:58Fire Island--Hawk Watch1
2019-10-13 10:15Fire Island--Lighthouse1
2019-10-13 17:47Western Reserve Greenway Trail--Rock Creek1
2019-10-14 10:46Mohonk Preserve Hawk Watch1
2019-10-13 16:05Herrick Fen (TNC)1
2019-10-18 13:30Pea Island NWR--Salt Flats Wildlife Trail1
2019-10-16 11:14Dobbins Landing1
2019-10-19 07:18Presque Isle SP--Gull Pt.2
2019-10-21 14:01Heckscher SP, East Islip1
2019-10-18 10:16Presque Isle SP (IBA)1
2019-10-18 07:40Presque Isle SP--Sunset Pt.1
2019-10-12 08:38Hocking Woods Nature Center1
2019-10-19 10:29Pea Island NWR--South Pond1
2019-10-22 07:37Sampson SP1
2019-10-12 09:30Conneaut Sandspit1
2019-10-15 08:06Pea Island NWR3
2019-10-19 14:21Roosevelt Estate County Park1
2019-10-10 09:00Sherwood Island State Park1
2019-10-12 05:05Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Force Rd. West1
2019-10-11 17:12Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Messner Rd.1
2019-10-12 11:29Port Jefferson Harbor, Port Jefferson1
2019-10-21 07:52Cape Hatteras NS--Salvo Day Use Area1
2019-10-18 10:21Sherburne railroad grade marsh1
2019-10-21 12:20Sleightsburg Spit1
2019-10-20 07:45Smith Point County Park1
2019-10-20 07:00Long Beach1
2019-10-11 15:00North Chagrin Nature Center Trails1
2019-10-12 10:01Botanical Gardens, South Park1
2019-10-14 13:35Milford Pt. (CT Audubon)1
2019-10-17 09:48Mentor Marsh State Nature Preserve2
2019-10-12 10:25Gallagher Beach1
2019-10-20 09:30Mentor Marsh State Nature Preserve--Wake Robin1
2019-10-12 12:22Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserve1
2019-10-22 16:20Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve1
2019-10-21 13:20Montezuma NWR--Visitor Center area1
2019-10-16 07:55Times Beach Nature Preserve1
2019-10-22 15:15Erie Basin Marina1
2019-10-20 09:10Batavia Wastewater Treatment Plant1
2019-10-20 14:20Long Point--Tip1
2019-10-10 10:00Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve1
2019-10-17 16:50Buffalo State GL Field Station1
2019-10-20 15:51Montezuma NWR--Knox-Marsellus Marsh1
2019-10-12 11:43Bird Island Pier1
2019-10-15 07:47Cleveland Public Library Eastman Garden1
2019-10-11 13:19Wendy Park, Whiskey Island1
2019-10-17 15:04Montezuma (NMWMA)--Sandhill Crane Unit1
2019-10-12 13:42Port Colborne--HH Knoll Lakeview Park1
2019-10-22 07:00Lighthouse Point Park2
2019-10-16 16:40Yale Medical School & YNNH2
2019-10-19 08:00Cape Hatteras1
2019-10-17 09:42Cape Hatteras NS--Old Cape Point beach road/walkway2
2019-10-19 09:38Cape Hatteras NS--Ramp 43-44 (Ponds & Beach)1
2019-10-19 09:39Cape Hatteras NS--Salt Pond1
2019-10-17 07:45Cape Hatteras NS--Cape Point2
2019-10-19 07:57Long Point--'New' Provincial Park1
2019-10-20 10:05Long Point--LPBO Old Cut Field Station1
2019-10-18 07:02Ecology Park, Branford3
2019-10-13 11:42Sandy Ridge Reservation1
2019-10-21 12:50Pickerington Ponds--Wood Duck Picnic Area1
2019-10-11 13:30Long Point--Turkey Point-beach1
2019-10-18 10:30Niagara Falls SP--Goat Island1
2019-10-19 15:12Gerber Top Soil1
2019-10-20 16:05Braddock Bay--East Spit1
2019-10-18 13:00Braddock Bay1
2019-10-11 09:45Lorain Impoundment Lakeside Landing1
2019-10-22 10:10Hammonasset Beach SP1
2019-10-17 08:28Townsend Sewage Lagoons1
2019-10-14 08:32Hamlin Beach SP--Parking Lot No. 4 (Primary Lakewatch site)1
2019-10-22 12:45Ohio State University--Mirror Lake and Browning Amphitheatre2
2019-10-17 10:30Ohio State University--Drake Center at Olentangy River1
2019-10-22 17:00Ohio State University--Kottman Hall Sports Fields2
2019-10-17 08:01Sherod Park1
2019-10-12 08:41St. Catharines--Port Weller west pier1
2019-10-11 12:08Utica Marsh WMA1
2019-10-11 14:30Ruth Oliva Preserve at Dam Pond1
2019-10-17 13:57Oswego Harbor2
2019-10-17 10:00Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park1
2019-10-12 10:45Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Wet Prairie Teal and Harrier Trails1
2019-10-17 11:30Hawk Cliff1
2019-10-19 15:00Hamilton--Van Wagner's Beach (Lakeland Centre)1
2019-10-19 13:20Rondeau Provincial Park (general location for observations within the park)1
2019-10-10 09:20Millstone Point2
2019-10-19 16:19Keith McLean CA1
2019-10-11 10:05Big Island Wildlife Area--Herr Rd.1
2019-10-10 16:52Cohoes Flats1
2019-10-22 08:00Fannie Stebbins Wildlife Refuge1
2019-10-20 11:45Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area (Marion Co.)1
2019-10-11 08:58Point Pelee NP--Tip1
2019-10-20 11:54Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area1
2019-10-19 17:00Mississauga--Rattray Marsh1
2019-10-20 11:24Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area--Harold Roe Wetland1
2019-10-19 08:39Point Pelee National Park (general location for observations within the park)1
2019-10-22 13:30Mississauga--Tall Oaks Park2
2019-10-15 17:59Point Pelee NP--Marsh Boardwalk1
2019-10-21 10:25Tommy Thompson Park2
2019-10-12 15:02Toronto--Colonel Samuel Smith Park1
2019-10-17 08:07Mississauga--Marie Curtis Park1
2019-10-13 14:15Leamington--onion fields between Hillman Marsh and Point Pelee1
2019-10-12 07:53South Charleston Bike Trail1
2019-10-18 12:45Toronto--Sackville Park1
2019-10-15 08:00Toronto--Sunnyside Beach1
2019-10-14 08:37Mason Inlet Waterbird Management Area1
2019-10-18 14:47Scarborough--Rosetta McClain Gardens2
2019-10-17 09:35Toronto--Seton Park (feeders by pond behind OSC)2
2019-10-17 14:41East Meadows, Northampton1
2019-10-22 07:24Honey Pot, Hadley2
2019-10-13 11:30Tilbury--Sewage Lagoons1
2019-10-19 08:50Whitby--Cranberry Marsh1
2019-10-13 12:39Oshawa--Second Marsh/McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve1
2019-10-13 05:00Plainfield -- Quinebaug Valley Fish Hatchery1
2019-10-11 15:24Ninigret NWR--Grassy Point Trail1
2019-10-13 08:15Presqu'ile Provincial Park (general location)1
2019-10-21 17:15UMass Amherst--campus pond1
2019-10-14 12:00Waterloo--Laurel Creek CA (general location)1
2019-10-10 11:00Carolina Beach State Park1
2019-10-21 09:45Clay WMA, Mariette Booth Tract1
2019-10-13 07:06Canalside Rail Trail Bridge1
2019-10-09 13:40Howard Marsh Metropark1
2019-10-12 07:05Camp Cronin1
2019-10-20 16:04Kure Beach Pier1
2019-10-15 14:22East Grounds1
2019-10-11 08:59Sunset Farm1
2019-10-20 16:12Fort Fisher State Historic Site2
2019-10-21 07:00Holiday Beach Conservation Area--Hawk Tower1
2019-10-17 11:46Fort Fisher SRA--Spit (New Hanover Co.)1
2019-10-19 10:25Warren Wilson College--Owen Park2
2019-10-19 10:20Chimney Rock SP1
2019-10-16 11:55LaSalle--Vollmer Centre Pond1
2019-10-22 22:27Ocean Isle Beach1
2019-10-14 13:45Kingston--Lake Ontario Park1
2019-10-12 14:25Peterborough Landfill Wetland Project ponds1
2019-10-23 08:06Sterling SP1
2019-10-19 08:13Belle Isle1
2019-10-18 08:20Sachuest Pt. NWR1
2019-10-15 10:01Side Cut Metropark1
2019-10-22 11:00University of Toledo Campus2
2019-10-15 04:45Ruedisale Point Park1
2019-10-18 08:45Ipperwash Beach1
2019-10-17 08:15The Bluff1
2019-10-18 11:30Putney Mountain1
2019-10-18 13:35Sarnia Bay2
2019-10-17 07:12Sarnia--Point Edward Lighthouse1
2019-10-15 13:37Luther Marsh--Monticello wetland1
2019-10-17 14:34Lighthouse Park1
2019-10-19 13:40York Regional Forest--Pefferlaw Tract1
2019-10-15 08:34Gooseberry Neck1
2019-10-19 14:03Detroit Zoo1
2019-10-11 09:05Cannington Lagoons1
2019-10-19 07:42Cuttyhunk Island1
2019-10-15 13:04Torrey Rd. hawk watch2
2019-10-15 11:00Allen Brothers Marsh1
2019-10-18 17:30Oak Top (Private)1
2019-10-20 17:50Fitchburg Riverfront Park1
2019-10-13 06:30Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard1
2019-10-19 09:34Myrtle Beach SP1
2019-10-16 13:40Lake Junaluska1
2019-10-14 08:50Barrie--Tyndale Park1
2019-10-12 12:45Hacker St. Marsh, Fairhaven1
2019-10-19 11:15Mercer Wildlife Area1
2019-10-20 17:11Lake Waban1
2019-10-19 11:45Grand Lake Saint Marys SP--West Bank Picnic Area1
2019-10-11 13:11Pisgah NF--Black Balsam Knob Rd.1
2019-10-19 15:08University of Michigan--Central Campus2
2019-10-22 12:38Huntington Beach SP--North Beach1
2019-10-13 09:00Nahanton Park 1
2019-10-19 13:43Millennium Park1
2019-10-16 11:43Huntington Beach SP1
2019-10-15 12:30Arnold Arboretum1
2019-10-17 12:13Fresh Pond2
2019-10-23 07:30Danehy Park, Cambridge2
2019-10-12 07:09Independence Lake County Park1
2019-10-10 16:34Fenway & Victory Gardens1
2019-10-13 06:34Passanageset Park at Broad Meadows Marsh1
2019-10-21 17:07Frances A. Crane WMA1
2019-10-13 17:31Meaford Sewage Lagoon1
2019-10-18 18:00Union Street Park1
2019-10-14 11:58Rose Kennedy Greenway1
2019-10-18 10:42Amelia Earhart Dam1
2019-10-21 13:00Collingwood Harbour trails1
2019-10-12 10:54BHI--Nut Island2
2019-10-13 08:28Fisherman's Bend Park1
2019-10-13 09:59Belle Isle Marsh Reservation1
2019-10-12 06:33BHI--Deer Island1
2019-10-20 11:34Dead Creek WMA IBA--Bird Observatory & banding station1
2019-10-20 08:20Dead Creek WMA IBA--Goose Viewing Area1
2019-10-13 09:30Bear Creek Sanctuary (Restricted Access)1
2019-10-14 07:56Manomet Inc.1
2019-10-09 12:54Third Cliff, Scituate1
2019-10-12 07:02Manomet Point1
2019-10-12 08:41Sandy Neck--Sandy Neck Beach1
2019-10-14 11:15Sandy Neck3
2019-10-14 12:18Johnson's Pond, Groveland1
2019-10-18 08:25Dennis Pond1
2019-10-11 11:00Horseshoe Pond, Concord1
2019-10-20 11:05Dennis Chapin Beach1
2019-10-15 16:30Stump Pond1
2019-10-14 14:54Corporation Beach1
2019-10-22 16:24Santee Coastal Reserve (fall and winter restricted access)1
2019-10-16 09:01Island Rd, Essex1
2019-10-15 13:22Harwich Community Gardens1
2019-10-13 15:15Wilson Hill WMA1
2019-10-17 09:18Conomo Point, Essex1
2019-10-11 16:45Monomoy NWR--Powder Hole1
2019-10-14 11:30Crane Beach and Trails1
2019-10-15 11:00Monomoy NWR--Lighthouse2
2019-10-19 13:40Joppa Flats Education Center (Mass Audubon)1
2019-10-22 09:30Parker River NWR2
2019-10-14 11:25Parker River NWR--Lot 11
2019-10-19 08:25Plum Island (please use more refined location)1
2019-10-13 12:40Monomoy NWR--South Beach, Chatham2
2019-10-15 10:00Nickerson SP1
2019-10-21 16:58Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve1
2019-10-19 10:48Monomoy NWR--Morris Island2
2019-10-13 10:02Lane's Farm (Restricted Access)1
2019-10-20 13:10Chatham Fish Pier1
2019-10-12 11:10Hampton Harbor--Hampton River Marina mudflats1
2019-10-20 11:20Cape Romain NWR--Cape Island2
2019-10-12 07:00First Encounter Beach1
2019-10-19 11:30Lone Rock Point / North Beach2
2019-10-10 08:55Church St. water tower parking lot, Hampton1
2019-10-17 11:30Fort Hill, Eastham1
2019-10-21 14:46Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)1
2019-10-15 07:45Lighthouse County Park1
2019-10-13 17:25Ottawa--Moodie Drive Quarry1
2019-10-13 11:12Spry Lake1
2019-10-20 13:05Great Bay NWR2
2019-10-12NH coast1
2019-10-13 13:50Little Harbor, New Castle/Rye1
2019-10-22 09:00The Avian Conservation Center2
2019-10-18 09:05Ottawa--Andrew Haydon Park1
2019-10-16 08:11Ottawa--Andrew Haydon Park east (formerly Ottawa Beach)1
2019-10-14 10:00Ottawa--Shirley's Bay1
2019-10-19 15:45Ottawa--Shirley's Bay (boat launch)1
2019-10-18 10:40Ottawa--Shirley's Bay (Dyke - restricted access)1
2019-10-11 07:17Ottawa--Britannia Conservation Area (general location)1
2019-10-17 09:42Rapides Deschênes (incluant Parc)1
2019-10-20 10:00Ottawa--Fletcher Wildlife Garden1
2019-10-18 13:36Ottawa--R.H. Coats Building1
2019-10-21 12:30Ashland Park (IN)2
2019-10-19 08:56Falls of the Ohio National Wildlife Conservation Area (KY)2
2019-10-16 09:00Ottawa--University of Ottawa Campus2
2019-10-19 10:57Geist Reservoir--Olio Rd. Bridge1
2019-10-13 10:00Parc de la Gatineau--Lac Black1
2019-10-16 07:35Ottawa--Rockcliffe Airport Woods1
2019-10-10 12:27Ogunquit Beach1
2019-10-21 15:47Sullivan's Island Nature Trail1
2019-10-20 11:28Ft. Moultrie National Monument1
2019-10-09 16:00Caw Caw Interpretive Center1
2019-10-12 08:08James Island County Park1
2019-10-20 12:35N. Folly Island--Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve1
2019-10-19 09:00Ile-du-Grand-Calumet (zone générale)1
2019-10-15 12:25Folly Beach Fishing Pier1
2019-10-19 11:36Chippewa Nature Center1
2019-10-22 06:55East Kiawah Island1
2019-10-12 08:46Kiawah East Beach2
2019-10-16 08:20Rachel Carson NWR--Timber Point Trail1
2019-10-15 08:21Tawas Point SP1
2019-10-20 07:22PN de Plaisance--Baie Noire (Est & Ouest)1
2019-10-12 09:00PN de Plaisance--Presqu'îles (Grande & Petite)1
2019-10-22 13:08Camping Domaine Florent (plage & route)1
2019-10-14 16:00Rosebank Farms1
2019-10-14 17:53Mingo Point1
2019-10-15 08:10Biddeford Pool--Hills Beach Park1
2019-10-22 06:50Kiawah Island Banding Station - Restricted Access1
2019-10-14 11:38Biddeford Pool--East Point Sanctuary1
2019-10-20 09:56RN du Marécage-des-Chenaux-de-Vaudreuil1
2019-10-09 12:45Tuttle Marsh Wildlife Area1
2019-10-14 16:13Eagle Creek Park1
2019-10-14 16:22Eagle Creek Park--Coffer Dam1
2019-10-11 08:03Observatoire d'oiseaux McGill (accès restreint)1
2019-10-15 17:35Elkhart Environmental Center1
2019-10-13 08:43Voyageur Provincial Park1
2019-10-11 08:57Parc agricole du Bois-de-la-Roche (accès restreint)1
2019-10-11 14:15RF Marguerite-D'Youville1
2019-10-12 07:30Lake Lemon--Hengeveld's1
2019-10-13 08:25Edisto Beach SP--Environmental Learning Center1
2019-10-12 13:35Parc Summerlea1
2019-10-21 16:00Stroudwater Crossing, Fore River1
2019-10-15 10:05Parc Ste-Marie (cté Roussillon)1
2019-10-18 11:36Hinckley Park, South Portland1
2019-10-10 07:15Eastern Promenade1
2019-10-18 06:40River Point Conservation Area, Falmouth1
2019-10-18 07:45Sturgeon Point SP1
2019-10-16 17:00Square Victoria2
2019-10-18 12:15Vieux-Port de Montréal1
2019-10-10 13:13Parc Ahuntsic1
2019-10-18 10:40Machette Flats1
2019-10-22 07:42Jardin botanique de Montréal (accès restreint)1
2019-10-17 08:43Hunting Island SP1
2019-10-12 07:22Carters Lake--Hidden Pond Trail, Re-reg Dam, and Reservoir Rd.1
2019-10-15 16:20Chickamauga Dam1
2019-10-17 06:58Pinckney Island NWR1
2019-10-10 11:22Fort Andros1
2019-10-12 07:20Tiscornia Park2
2019-10-15 11:42Warren Dunes SP--Floral Lane1
2019-10-10 10:24Oval Beach1
2019-10-13 08:38New Buffalo1
2019-10-15 17:38Bloody Point Beach1
2019-10-18 08:29Kennesaw State University--Sports and Recreation Park1
2019-10-22 15:34Wiscasset Water Plant2
2019-10-16 16:02Fort Pulaski NM1
2019-10-17 09:05Goose Pond FWA (Please consider using a more specific location.)1
2019-10-14 09:45Monhegan Island2
2019-10-13 07:16Goose Pond FWA--Visitor Center1
2019-10-21 08:51Ottawa Sands County Park2
2019-10-17 10:10Indiana Dunes NP--Great Marsh Trail1
2019-10-13 15:31New Presque Isle Lighthouse1
2019-10-19 08:15Brandon Farm & Taff Rd.1
2019-10-17 08:16Indiana Dunes SP--Trails 8, 9, 101
2019-10-12 14:54Sentier Tolba1
2019-10-16 08:11Marquette Park, Gary2
2019-10-16 09:42Indiana Dunes NP--Miller Woods and Douglas Center1
2019-10-11 15:33Highland Rookery (Cline Ave. Marsh)1
2019-10-14 13:45Lakefront Park and Sanctuary, Hammond1
2019-10-10 16:15Harris Neck NWR--Thomas Loop Landing1
2019-10-10 12:27Park No. 5661
2019-10-20 07:38Rainbow Beach, Chicago2
2019-10-19 08:14Lake Calumet area--Big Marsh/Park #5641
2019-10-18 09:26Réseau de postes d'alimentation, Réservoir Beaudet1
2019-10-18 06:34Cane Ridge WMA1
2019-10-13 11:00University of Chicago1
2019-10-13 15:57Gibson Lake--SW Borrow Pits (View Only From Road)1
2019-10-19 08:30Burnham Park--McCormick Nature Area2
2019-10-18 16:09IIT Campus1
2019-10-16 08:36Grant Park, Chicago1
2019-10-21 07:24Grant Park, Chicago--Millenium Park1
2019-10-22 16:00Chicago River Walk, Chicago1
2019-10-18University Of Illinois At Chicago Campus1
2019-10-14 09:30Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago1
2019-10-12 08:00Lincoln Park, Chicago2
2019-10-23 07:00Lincoln Park, Chicago--North Pond1
2019-10-19 07:30Belfast Harbor--Footbridge Rd1
2019-10-23 07:50Montrose Point, Lincoln Park, Chicago1
2019-10-16 07:03Loyola University area, Chicago1
2019-10-13 10:00Clark Street Beach Bird Sanctuary, Evanston1
2019-10-13 09:13James Park/Mt Trashmore, Evanston2
2019-10-12 07:52Columbus Park, Chicago1
2019-10-12 13:13Sapelo Island1
2019-10-11 08:39Sapelo Island--Pond Circle Rd.1
2019-10-20 11:18Miller Meadows Forest Preserve1
2019-10-20 10:33Openlands Lakeshore Preserve1
2019-10-16 07:01Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve--Hawkwatch1
2019-10-16 12:26Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve1
2019-10-13 16:30Little Saint Simons Island--Sancho Panza Beach1
2019-10-09 14:50Little Saint Simons Island--River Beach1
2019-10-11 15:19Little Saint Simons Island--Myrtle Pond1
2019-10-12 07:41Little Saint Simons Island--Main Beach1
2019-10-16 17:14Little Saint Simons Island--Lodge Area1
2019-10-18 08:25Illinois Beach SP--South Unit1
2019-10-22 15:10Illinois Beach SP--Hawkwatch2
2019-10-15 11:41Little Saint Simons Island--South End1
2019-10-18 12:58Greene Valley Forest Preserve1
2019-10-20 12:50Acadia NP--Seawall Picnic Area1
2019-10-19 08:14Downtown Bangor2
2019-10-21 10:58Saint Simons Island--Goulds Inlet1
2019-10-19 15:02Saint Simons Island--Coast Guard Beach1
2019-10-11 18:29Saint Simons Island--Sea Island Golf Club1
2019-10-12 08:15Andrews Island Spoil Site (no public access)2
2019-10-12 13:00Lake Vista Park2
2019-10-13 14:45Jekyll Island--Welcome Center1
2019-10-12 11:47Nelson Lake Marsh Nature Preserve/Dick Young Forest Preserve1
2019-10-19 08:55Lake Park--general1
2019-10-12 06:58Raceway Woods Forest Preserve1
2019-10-19 17:35KY Lake Dam1
2019-10-13 14:30Pumpkin Point--Centennial Park1
2019-10-19 07:20Glacial Park Conservation Area2
2019-10-19 06:39Harrington Beach SP--WGLBBO waterbird count site2
2019-10-10Mequon Nature Preserve1
2019-10-14 08:00Cedar Grove Hawk Research Station SNA (restricted access)2
2019-10-12 11:30Sheboygan Indian Mound Park1
2019-10-14 13:45Illini State Park1
2019-10-21 09:00Parc nautique de Cap-Rouge1
2019-10-16 14:02Marina de La Chaudière1
2019-10-11 16:39Lake Decatur--Nelson Park3
2019-10-11 15:56Lake Decatur--Fisherman's Wharf1
2019-10-14 09:58Point Beach SF1
2019-10-12 10:39Cumberland Island National Seashore--South End1
2019-10-22 14:00Manitowoc Lakefront1
2019-10-15 08:20Domaine de Maizerets1
2019-10-12 10:00Coons Farms (restricted access)1
2019-10-22 08:40Rue Horatio Walker, Ste-Pétronille1
2019-10-13 10:30Egans Creek Greenway1
2019-10-15 14:50Parc Vincennes1
2019-10-14 10:29Kettle Moraine SF--Jersey Flats1
2019-10-21 11:55Big Talbot Island SP--Spoonbill Pond1
2019-10-19 11:17Little Talbot Island--South Beach2
2019-10-22 10:09Huguenot Memorial City Park1
2019-10-19 06:57Dixon Waterfowl Refuge at Hennepin & Hopper Lakes1
2019-10-13 08:20Dixon Waterfowl Refuge--Marquis Oak Ridge Trail1
2019-10-12 13:05Horicon Marsh SWA--International Education Center1
2019-10-15 13:59Eldon Hazlet State Park1
2019-10-19 10:45RNF du cap Tourmente1
2019-10-20 09:50Refuge d'oiseaux de Montmagny1
2019-10-11 11:50Quai, Montmagny1
2019-10-15 07:56Whitefish Point2
2019-10-20 10:15Castaway Island Preserve1
2019-10-14 08:30Kent Island2
2019-10-11 08:34Chebogue Point1
2019-10-15 07:29Guana River WMA1
2019-10-18 10:12Pinkney's Point1
2019-10-19 08:30White Head--Langmaid Cove & Dump1
2019-10-13 06:30Brier Island1
2019-10-22 07:25Southeast Missouri State University--River Campus1
2019-10-15 10:04Reelfoot--Black Bayou Refuge--Phillipy Unit1
2019-10-15 10:04Reelfoot--Black Bayou Refuge (Main Unit)1
2019-10-20 08:21Anastasia SP--Salt Run1
2019-10-20 09:21Anastasia SP1
2019-10-20 09:00Cape Sable Island--Cape Sable1
2019-10-11 15:51St. Johns County Ocean Pier1
2019-10-13 09:20Cape Sable Island--The Hawk1
2019-10-14 17:10Bayshore Marina1
2019-10-17 12:32Baccaro Peninsula--Baccaro Point1
2019-10-17 15:05Baccaro Peninsula1
2019-10-20 16:30Fort Matanzas NM1
2019-10-14 10:15Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary1
2019-10-11 18:14Busch Stadium (Restricted Access)1
2019-10-13 17:01Waterfront Park (Flagler Co.)2
2019-10-13 12:30Quai, Kamouraska1
2019-10-14 14:03Battures, Kamouraska1
2019-10-22 08:27Cliff Cave County Park1
2019-10-23 07:53Sweetwater Wetlands Park1
2019-10-10 18:00Ormond Beach--Central Park1
2019-10-11 09:16Chapmans Pond1
2019-10-10 07:11Sun Splash Park15
2019-10-12 07:30Walther Park1
2019-10-17 10:00Lochloosa Lake--SW estuary 1
2019-10-10 07:30Fredericton--Carleton Park1
2019-10-10 15:15Port Orange Causeway Park7
2019-10-11 11:11Margaret Buschman Park2
2019-10-20 13:00St. Marks NWR1
2019-10-20 10:47Spruce Creek Park1
2019-10-19 10:48St. Marks NWR--Lighthouse Pool & Flats1
2019-10-10 08:34Indian River Lagoon Preserve1
2019-10-13 14:56Lake Woodruff NWR1
2019-10-12 08:55Meeman-Shelby Forest SP--Visitor Center area1
2019-10-18 10:09Canaveral National Seashore--Eldora Hammock1
2019-10-14 17:21Quai traversier, L'Isle-Verte1
2019-10-10 09:26Canaveral National Seashore--Apollo Beach7
2019-10-22 15:53Hontoon Island SP1
2019-10-18 16:29Blue Spring SP1
2019-10-12 08:15Bald Point SP2
2019-10-15 16:00Dewey O. Boster Park1
2019-10-12 16:44Merritt Island NWR--Shiloh Marsh Rd. (Volusia Co.)2
2019-10-16 16:31Audubon Park1
2019-10-17 16:11Gemini Springs Park1
2019-10-19 12:15Ensley Bottoms--Maxson Wastewater Lagoons (The Pits)/Earth Complex1
2019-10-10 08:36RN de l’Île-aux-Basques-et-des-Razades--Île aux Basques1
2019-10-18 08:35Merritt Island NWR--Scrub Trail1
2019-10-11 14:02Canaveral National Seashore--Eddy Creek1
2019-10-09 14:25Marais, Chemin Rioux1
2019-10-18 09:30Merritt Island NWR (Please consider using more specific locations)1
2019-10-15 07:38Canaveral National Seashore1
2019-10-20 10:30Merritt Island NWR--Black Point Wildlife Drive1
2019-10-22 11:38Merritt Island NWR--Oak & Palm Hammock Trails1
2019-10-14 14:06Chain of Lakes Park1
2019-10-13 18:00Veterans Memorial Fishing Pier5
2019-10-13 15:47Orlando Wetlands Park1
2019-10-20 10:22Lake Lotus Park1
2019-10-20 08:00Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive1
2019-10-11 09:55Lake Apopka NSRA--Lust Rd. gate area (not for wildlife drive)1
2019-10-11 10:53Cedar Keys NWR--Seahorse Key2
2019-10-12 12:20Clear Creek Trail1
2019-10-13 06:40Green Mountain Scenic Overlook and Trailhead (TRAILHEAD ONLY)1
2019-10-19 10:55Cherie Down Park1
2019-10-20 08:15St. George Island SP--Youth Camp Area1
2019-10-19 11:22Cocoa Beach Pier1
2019-10-11 07:40Lori Wilson Park1
2019-10-15 07:46St. Andrews SP--Gator Lake1
2019-10-21 13:30Maritime Hammock Preserve1
2019-10-11 07:22Apalachicola--Up the Creek1
2019-10-12 09:56Myrick Marsh (La Crosse)1
2019-10-14 10:16Grand Pré--general area1
2019-10-10 11:50Sentier du littoral1
2019-10-17 08:14"Viera" Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands1
2019-10-12 11:50Okaloosa Holding Ponds (RESTRICTED ACCESS AREA)2
2019-10-18 10:38Great River Bluffs SP1
2019-10-16 15:50Shingle Creek Regional Park--Babb Landing1
2019-10-16 06:45Quai, Pointe-au-Père1
2019-10-10 11:37Indiatlantic Beach1
2019-10-19 16:36Orlando Park1
2019-10-19 07:35Crystal Crescent Beach1
2019-10-20 14:28Johnson's Mills1
2019-10-15 11:35Turkey Creek Sanctuary1
2019-10-17 15:19Chebucto Head1
2019-10-13 07:57Indian River Lagoon Preserve State Park2
2019-10-12 11:29Rainbow Haven Provincial Park1
2019-10-19 08:57Gulf Islands National Seashore--Fort Pickens1
2019-10-19 08:40Big Lagoon SP1
2019-10-20 10:20South Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area1
2019-10-16 07:56John Chesnut Sr. Park1
2019-10-14 08:35Blakeley Island--Mud Lakes (permit required)1
2019-10-11 06:43Bayfront Park/Village Point (Daphne)1
2019-10-19 11:17Round Island Conservation Area2
2019-10-12 08:00Indrio Savannahs (St. Lucie)1
2019-10-12 14:00Honeymoon Island SP1
2019-10-21 10:18Fort Pierce Inlet SP1
2019-10-17 07:39Blind Creek Riverside North (Indian River side of A1A )2
2019-10-22 14:33Mayo Clinic Campus1
2019-10-21 07:33Ocean Bay Riverside Park3
2019-10-11Port Royal GC1
2019-10-20 16:10Ocean Bay Natural Area1
2019-10-19 18:07St. George's GC1
2019-10-12 16:26Savannahs Preserve SP--Hawk's Bluff Trail1
2019-10-17 10:00Great Head Park1
2019-10-17 09:10Cooper's Island2
2019-10-22 08:44Fort Morgan State Historic Site
2019-10-22 13:43Eckerd College1
2019-10-12 11:29Dauphin Island--Fort Gaines (East End)1
2019-10-20 09:15Dauphin Island--Audubon Bird Sanctuary1
2019-10-12 09:26Dauphin Island--Shell Mound Park1
2019-10-13 10:53Barn Bluff1
2019-10-22 11:30Dauphin Island--Airport1
2019-10-11 14:11Dauphin Island--Pier & Public Beach1
2019-10-14 06:58ACBS Surveys ONLY--Pelican Island1
2019-10-23 07:00Dauphin Island--Pelican Island1
2019-10-22 07:58Duck Ponds & Tierra Verde1
2019-10-10 15:27Miss/Alabama Welcome Center1
2019-10-10 13:42Seabranch Preserve SP1
2019-10-13 14:00Embouchure Rivière Godbout1
2019-10-22 09:00Fort De Soto Park1
2019-10-13 05:56Swan Lake NWR1
2019-10-19 09:36Jonathan Dickinson SP1
2019-10-14 11:01Riverbend Park1
2019-10-21 12:42Iowa State Capitol grounds1
2019-10-18 10:15Ackerman Park1
2019-10-13 08:09Frenchman's Forest Nature Preserve 1
2019-10-13 12:30John D. MacArthur Beach SP17
2019-10-13 11:20Saylorville Reservoir--dam pullouts1
2019-10-13 08:42Saylorville Reservoir--Lakeview Recreation Area1
2019-10-23 07:09Siesta Key--Beach Access 51
2019-10-20 07:52Siesta Key--Beach Access 71
2019-10-20 07:26Siesta Key Public Beach1
2019-10-19 09:05Île de Miscou1
2019-10-19 08:00Gooseberry Falls SP1
2019-10-10 07:17Oscar Scherer SP--Green Trail1
2019-10-19 12:22Freeport Pine Ridge Landfill1
2019-10-12 10:22Two Harbors--Lakeview Cemetery1
2019-10-13 14:18Lake Como1
2019-10-21 17:17Snook Islands Natural Area1
2019-10-17 11:00Cat Island1
2019-10-19 07:30Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve1
2019-10-13 10:45Lake Harriet1
2019-10-13 07:40Western Waterfront Trail1
2019-10-11 15:24Holla Bend NWR1
2019-10-21 09:23Green Cay Wetlands & Nature Center1
2019-10-15 15:30Wakodahatchee Wetlands1
2019-10-22 07:16Spanish River Park1
2019-10-09 16:30Florida Atlantic University1
2019-10-14 10:06Serenoa Glade Preserve1
2019-10-15 16:45Cap Mont Joli1
2019-10-10 07:53Dave and Tammy's House (Restricted Access)1
2019-10-12 08:12Rotary Park -- Environmental Center1
2019-10-10 15:45San Carlos Bay/Bunche Beach Preserve1
2019-10-23 08:07Hugh Taylor Birch SP2
2019-10-17 13:37Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary1
2019-10-09 13:00Sawgrass Recreation Park2
2019-10-22 13:37Blue Springs Lake--Fleming Park Wetland1
2019-10-20 08:50Evergreen Cemetery1
2019-10-12 08:05Plantation Preserve1
2019-10-17 07:02Bayou Sauvage NWR--South Point1
2019-10-21 18:06Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson SP1
2019-10-21 07:32HIghland Oaks Park2
2019-10-11 07:00Greynolds Park1
2019-10-21 12:21Kaw Point Riverfront Park1
2019-10-13 07:00City Park--Wisner Tract (Old East Golf Course)1
2019-10-19 10:50Pine tree park1
2019-10-18 11:48Audubon Park1
2019-10-10 12:47Flamingo Park, Miami Beach1
2019-10-19 16:35South Pointe Park2
2019-10-09 18:13Robert King High Park1
2019-10-19 07:15A. D. Barnes Park1
2019-10-20 14:07West Ravenna Rd.1
2019-10-12 07:37Lake Olathe Park1
2019-10-21 08:10Bill Baggs Cape Florida SP4
2019-10-12 07:45Kendall Indian Hammocks Park1
2019-10-15 14:45Charles Deering Estate3
2019-10-19 15:00Sparrow Fields - C-3571
2019-10-21 09:11Biscayne NP--Boca Chita Key1
2019-10-16 09:35Biscayne NP--Elliott Key3
2019-10-12 06:30Grand Isle--Grand Isle SP (East)1
2019-10-16 13:31Adams Key1
2019-10-13 06:59Frog Pond WMA--Area between SW 376th St and SR93361
2019-10-19 08:12Clinton Lake--Model Airport & Marsh1
2019-10-16 08:40L31W Canal (south of SR9336)1
2019-10-15 09:18Clinton SP--Marina1
2019-10-14 15:30Everglades NP--Research Road1
2019-10-19 06:45Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock Botanical SP1
2019-10-20 13:15Leech Lake--Pelican Island1
2019-10-19 08:30Key Largo Hammocks State Botanical Site2
2019-10-19 07:11South Beach Tidal Flats IBA2
2019-10-19 12:15Everglades NP--Flamingo1
2019-10-11 12:30PN Archipel-de-Mingan--Île Quarry1
2019-10-22 09:54Long Key SP7
2019-10-15 09:23Long Key SP--Campgound2
2019-10-12 17:26Grassy Key2
2019-10-22 09:00Curry Hammock SP--FL Keys Hawkwatch59
2019-10-21 08:10Fat Deer Key-- Cocoplum Beach1
2019-10-18 11:55Mohawk Park--Mary K. Oxley Nature Center1
2019-10-22 11:22Crane Point Museums & Nature Center2
2019-10-22 07:45Holmes Lake1
2019-10-13 09:12Marsh Wren Community Wetlands1
2019-10-10 18:39Little Duck Key--Veterans Memorial Park1
2019-10-16 15:39Big Pine Key--Blue Hole1
2019-10-20 11:46North Ottawa Impoundment1
2019-10-14 14:15Charles "Sonny" McCoy Indigenous Park1
2019-10-20 08:15Fort Zachary Taylor Historic SP2
2019-10-11 12:08Dry Tortugas NP--Bush Key1
2019-10-18 11:30Cameron Prairie NWR1
2019-10-13 15:43Conception Island IBA1
2019-10-19 09:35Broussard Beach (Willow Island entrance to W end)1
2019-10-18 14:00Holly Beach1
2019-10-20 15:30Sabine Woods (UTC 026)1
2019-10-20 13:05Sea Rim SP (UTC 027)1
2019-10-13 12:15McFaddin NWR (UTC 028)1
2019-10-11 12:02Bolivar East Shorebird Survey Start1
2019-10-13 11:17Kate Barr Ross Park1
2019-10-18 09:58Smith Point--Candy Abshier WMA (UTC 048)(GCBO Hawk Watch loc.)1
2019-10-12 09:05San Jacinto Battleground (UTC 041)1
2019-10-21 17:59Galveston--Harborside at 51st Wetlands (UTC 064)1
2019-10-12 08:30Galveston--Moody Gardens1
2019-10-13 08:45Patricia Beach PP1
2019-10-18 12:51Sweetwater Nature Preserve, Galveston1
2019-10-11 16:27Randolph Park (Harris Co.)1
2019-10-13 10:00Galveston--Settegast Rd. (UTC 067)1
2019-10-20 07:00Artist Boat Coastal Heritage Preserve1
2019-10-12 16:50Galveston--Lafitte's Cove (UTC 068)1
2019-10-11 09:22Benbrook Lake--North Holiday Park (day use area)1
2019-10-20 10:13Addicks Reservoir--S. Levee area1
2019-10-16 17:53Cox Cemetery1
2019-10-13 09:23Katy Prairie--Longenbaugh & Porter End rds.1
2019-10-14 12:21Brazos Co.--Sims Lane/Sims Lane Cutoff1
2019-10-11 13:50Brazoria NWR (UTC 108)2
2019-10-15 09:30Granger Lake Area (HOTE 031)1
2019-10-19 08:20Stillhouse Hollow Lake- Union Grove WMA1
2019-10-12 07:44Lake Creek Trail (Williamson Co.)1
2019-10-22 11:00Mueller Airport Control Tower (former) area1
2019-10-19 12:07Maroon Hill1
2019-10-19 11:14NL--Pouch Cove1
2019-10-19 16:00NL--Klondike Trail--Spillar's Cove1
2019-10-19 08:18Port Aransas Community Park
2019-10-19 07:59Port Aransas Nature Preserve at Charlie's Pasture1
2019-10-16 15:30The Alamo area1
2019-10-18 10:00Mustang Isl.- TX361 area S. of Port A. & N. of State Park1
2019-10-19 08:32Medina River Natural Area1
2019-10-11 12:16Corpus Christi--Pollywog Pond (CTC 077)1
2019-10-20 13:00Padre Isl. NS (Kleberg Co.) (CTC 063)1
2019-10-19 07:51Corpus Christi--Hazel Bazemore Park (CTC 078)3
2019-10-22 09:05Corpus Christi--Hazel Bazemore Park Hawkwatch Platform1
2019-10-14 14:09Reserva de la Biosfera Ría Lagartos--Río Lagartos1
2019-10-19 06:30Reserva de la Biosfera Ría Lagartos--Aguada y Paseo Marítimo1
2019-10-19 15:00Area de Protección de Flora y Fauna Manglares de Nichupte1
2019-10-14 10:19Camino San Felipe1
2019-10-11 14:53Neenoshe Reservoir1
2019-10-11 10:55Playa at 103rd & Slide, Lubbock1
2019-10-14 12:40McAlister Park, Lubbock1
2019-10-19 13:04South Padre Is.--Bay Access mudflats N. of Conv Ctr.1
2019-10-13 15:54South Padre Is.--WBC/Conv. Center/Laguna Madre Trail (LTC 035)1
2019-10-19 09:48South Padre Is.--Birding and Nature Center1
2019-10-19 09:56Boca Chica LRGV-NWR (LTC 043)1
2019-10-12 18:00TX48--Shrimp Basin Bridge / Zapata Memorial Boat Ramp/ San Martin Lake outlet1
2019-10-14 08:36Estero Llano Grande SP WBC (LTC 054)1
2019-10-13 14:46Santa Ana NWR (LTC 059)1
2019-10-22 10:06Timnath Reservoir1
2019-10-16 06:36Camino Vigia Chico1
2019-10-21 06:25Parottee Pond1
2019-10-10 11:15Lagerman Agricultural Preserve--Lagerman Reservoir1
2019-10-19 07:48Monumento Natural Bahía de las Calderas (Salinas de Bani)1
2019-10-12 11:09Balmorhea Lake1
2019-10-22 12:38Yeguada2
2019-10-15Christmas Mountains Oasis1
2019-10-11 12:47Davis Mountains Preserve--Mt. Livermore Trail1
2019-10-11 10:35Big Bend NP--Cottonwood Campground (FWTX 40)1
2019-10-19 07:04Cabo Rojo NWR1
2019-10-20 09:15Bosque Nacional El Yunque--Mt. Britton1
2019-10-16 11:00Eagle River--Gypsum to Dotsero1
2019-10-21 04:31Caye Caulker1
2019-10-13 12:48Caye Caulker--South Point1
2019-10-10 09:25Manzano HawkWatch Site1
2019-10-20 11:30Tularosa Sewage Ponds1
2019-10-19 13:15Captain Hook's Restaurant & Shrimp Farm1
2019-10-19 01:49Belize City--Regent Street1
2019-10-17 10:00Lighthouse Reef--Half Moon Caye1
2019-10-19 05:45Freetown Sibun1
2019-10-19 05:47Butcher Burns1
2019-10-19 09:05Tropical Education Center & Belize Zoo Jungle Lodge1
2019-10-10 10:57NM- 1 - San Antonio to Bosque del Apache Boundary1
2019-10-12 01:00Bosque del Apache NWR1
2019-10-14 14:14Spanish Lookout rice fields1
2019-10-22 12:29Guanaja--Camino a North-East Bight1
2019-10-19 05:50Belmopan1
2019-10-21 15:03Guanaja--Roland's Garden Guesthouse1
2019-10-18 11:04Guanaja--Aeropuerto2
2019-10-10 16:10Rio Maya Lodge1
2019-10-10 16:10Rio Maya Road1
2019-10-18 07:01Ascarate Park/Lake1
2019-10-22 12:37Chaa Creek1
2019-10-11 07:30Hopkins Village--wet meadow west of town1
2019-10-12 12:18Black Rock Lodge2
2019-10-21 12:02Roatán--Anthony's Key Resort1
2019-10-11 07:28Caballo Lake SP -- Percha Flats2
2019-10-21 07:15Parque 18 de Marzo1
2019-10-18 14:10Laguna El Llano1
2019-10-18 08:00Centro de Investigaciones Costeras La Mancha1
2019-10-16 15:45Laguna La Mancha2
2019-10-21 08:39Reserva Cansaburro6
2019-10-18 08:18Camino a Cansaburro12
2019-10-16 07:52Playa Juan Angel--Desembocadura Río San Isidro2
2019-10-20 12:14Playa Chachalacas--Dunas1
2019-10-20 10:26Playa Chachalacas--Desembocadura Río Actopan2
2019-10-10 10:10Wilson Landing Road2
2019-10-22 08:54Hotel Bienvenido2
2019-10-20 13:02Cattle Landing--waterfront2
2019-10-10 08:42Hopeville3
2019-10-19 07:56Parque El Encino1
2019-10-12 10:47Río Santiago Nature Resort1
2019-10-15 07:25Hotel Mocambo2
2019-10-20 16:20Chichicaxtle--Observatorio de Aves Rapaces Dr. Mario A. Ramos2
2019-10-19 18:06Humedales por la Boticaria1
2019-10-11 07:47RN Estatal Arroyo Moreno1
2019-10-13 09:40Laguna El Bayo1
2019-10-14 07:46Laguna Mandinga Grande1
2019-10-19 07:11Camino a Las Barrancas--Km 0-54
2019-10-13 14:00Puente Tlacotalpan1
2019-10-13 08:20Centro Ecoturístico Tekilatlakpan1
2019-10-19 08:49Laguna de Acuitlapilco1
2019-10-12 08:54Laguna de Zumpango2
2019-10-20 09:00Jardín Botánico El Charco del Ingenio2
2019-10-17 08:29Snowflake--Cottonwood Wash/Silver Creek confluence1
2019-10-19 13:05Ciénagas Los Álamos1
2019-10-20 06:12UNAH campus central--Jardín Botánico1
2019-10-10 07:38Zamorano Univ.--Finca Agroecológica Santa Inés1
2019-10-11 07:01Whitewater Draw WA1
2019-10-11 12:00Camino San Juan Tlacotenco-Coajomulco1
2019-10-13 10:30MPG Ranch--Hawk Count (restricted access)1
2019-10-16 12:13Jordan River Parkway -- 10600 S to 11400 S (incl. Jordan River Front Park)1
2019-10-22 09:18Ojo de Agua Tolistoque1
2019-10-21 09:58Playa Santa Maria Xadani1
2019-10-20 06:15Sierra Vista EOP1
2019-10-14 17:45Miller Canyon Rd--paved/residential portion1
2019-10-15 12:00Roosevelt Lake--Schoolhouse Point1
2019-10-15 16:53Centro Campestre El Potrillo1
2019-10-19 06:45Embalse Cerrón Grande--Sector Agua Caliente1
2019-10-19 07:46Bosque Cinquera1
2019-10-20 08:35Mt. Lemmon--upper1
2019-10-14 13:35Laguna Cuscachapa1
2019-10-11 06:54Fort Lowell Park and Pantano Wash1
2019-10-18 06:41Reid Park1
2019-10-21 10:20Sam Lena Park and KERP1
2019-10-15 07:02Santa Cruz River--Congress St. to Silverlake Rd.1
2019-10-19 16:25PN El Boquerón1
2019-10-17 08:00Sweetwater Wetlands1
2019-10-13 07:49Humboldt Canyon1
2019-10-13 05:50Christopher Columbus Park1
2019-10-19 15:32Laguna de Alegría1
2019-10-19 15:19Ecoparque El Espino1
2019-10-19 08:43Green Valley WRF (controlled access; sign in FIRST at office after entry)1
2019-10-13 08:15Reserva El Jicarito--Entrada principal1
2019-10-14 06:44Green Valley--Desert Meadows Park1
2019-10-13 14:00Grand Canyon Lodge--North Rim/Visitor Center2
2019-10-15 15:11Grand Canyon NP--North Rim1
2019-10-22 06:20Canoa Ranch Conservation Park1
2019-10-15 13:30Grand Canyon NP--Yaki Point1
2019-10-15 09:38Grand Canyon NP--Mather Point1
2019-10-20 08:40Sedona Wetlands Preserve1
2019-10-14 05:08Page Springs Fish Hatchery1
2019-10-11 09:00Grand Canyon NP--Mather CG1
2019-10-21 08:05Bubali Bird Sanctuary1
2019-10-12 16:09Bahía Jiquilisco--Salinera Handal1
2019-10-20 16:17Spaans Lagoon1
2019-10-20 08:03Riparian Preserve at Gilbert Water Ranch1
2019-10-19 06:22Higley and Ocotillo Rds. ponds1
2019-10-11 14:19Evergreen Turf Sod Farm--Tweedy/Pretzer (bird from perimeter roads only)1
2019-10-17 07:00Rousseau Sod Farm (restricted access)1
2019-10-20 08:57Jackson Flat Reservoir1
2019-10-19 06:50McCormick Ranch--Camelback Lake (Chart House)1
2019-10-17 07:00Friendship Village1
2019-10-17 16:37ASU Main Campus1
2019-10-11 11:04Papago Park1
2019-10-16 17:03Minersville Reservoir -- North Side1
2019-10-20 07:39Rio Salado Project2
2019-10-21 11:30Phoenix South Mountain Park1
2019-10-20 15:22Santa Marta Bay1
2019-10-22 15:16Glendale Recharge Ponds1
2019-10-19 08:09Tres Rios Overbank Wetlands (permit required)1
2019-10-22 06:21Aeropuerto Internacional de Tepic1
2019-10-19 05:47Reserva Isla Juan Venado--Desembocadura San Juan Venado2
2019-10-19 05:41Reserva Isla de Juan Venado--Sector Las Peñitas2
2019-10-13 10:00Laguna de Tisma1
2019-10-18 15:00Wendover--Toana Vista Golf Course1
2019-10-11 14:10Hotel Barceló Managua1
2019-10-21 09:47Hidden Lake (private; for access see
2019-10-14 10:42Universidad de Sonora1
2019-10-19 05:58Isletas de Granada--Puerto de las Piedras Pintadas y costa1
2019-10-10 07:00Bonaire--Southwest Shore1
2019-10-19 06:09Departamento de Agricultura y Ganaderia1
2019-10-19 07:00Ciénaga de Mallorquín1