The white-bellied bustard or white-bellied korhaan (Eupodotis senegalensis) is an African species of bustard. It is widespread in sub-Saharan Africa in grassland and open woodland habitats.

White-bellied Bustard
Date Location Count
2020-06-28 06:00Serengeti NP--Lahia Lodge4
2020-07-03 06:00Maasai Mara NR--Mara Triangle4
2020-06-30 06:20Serengeti NP--Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge2
2020-06-26 16:59Serengeti NP--Seronera3
2020-06-26 06:00Ngorongoro Conservation Area--Ndutu Safari Lodge4
2020-07-04 06:15Nairobi NP
2020-06-29 06:00Tsavo West NP--northern section
2020-07-02 06:00Lower Galana River, Tsavo East NP