The yellow-bellied eremomela (Eremomela icteropygialis) is an Old World warbler. However, the taxonomy of the "African warblers", an assemblage of usually species-poor and apparently rather ancient "odd warblers" from Africa is currently in a state of flux. Today, most taxonomists consider members in this genus members of the Cisticolidae family.

The yellow-bellied eremomela is a common breeding species in Africa south of the Sahara in its habitat of open woodland, savannah, and dry scrub.
Yellow-bellied Eremomela
Date Location Count
2020-02-01 09:58RN de Popenguine1
2020-01-21 07:10Brousses de Toddé1
2020-02-15 09:54Richard Toll--zone aéroport2
2020-02-13 12:25Richard Toll--east and south-east1
2020-01-20 07:40Kidepo Valley NP1
2020-01-22 06:00Elephant Hills Golf Course1
2020-02-01 07:15Hawassa Lake Promenade1
2020-02-16 07:51Nairobi NP2
2020-02-01 07:40Swara Plains Conservancy and Acacia Camp (formerly Hopcraft Ranch/Game Ranching Ltd.)2
2020-02-11 12:18Engikaret Lark Plains1
2020-01-25 16:00Ndarakwai Ranch1
2020-01-20 06:49Amboseli NP3
2020-02-08 13:05Shambarai Plateau2
2020-01-23 07:21Tsavo West NP (general)4
2020-02-08 07:31Soetdoring Nature Reserve1