The black-fronted dotterel (Elseyornis melanops) is a small, slender plover that is widespread throughout most of Australia, to which it is native, and New Zealand, where it self-introduced in the 1950s.

It is common in freshwater wetlands, around the edges of lakes and billabongs, and in shallow, temporary claypan pools. It is also found occupying saline mudflats and estuaries, but rarely. They are generally sedentary, with a single bird, a pair, or a family group occupying a stretch of habitat on a more or less permanent basis. However, some individuals appear to travel considerable distances, and flocks will sometimes congregate in food-rich areas.

Unlike many other wading birds, black-fronted dotterels retain the same plumage all year round, which makes identification easier. They forage in a series of short running motions, holding the body horizontal, stopping to peck from time to time with a rapid bobbing motion. Their diet consists of mostly insects and other small creatures, supplemented by a few seeds.
Black-fronted Dotterel
Date Location Count
2020-05-10 09:00Lake Gwelup Reserve20
2020-05-10 11:05Gnangara Road Wetland4
2020-05-14 07:47Gnangara Lake1
2020-05-10 09:57Lake Monger Reserve1
2020-05-23 16:51Bibra Lake18
2020-05-11 14:25Bibra Lake--old hide20
2020-05-01 13:14Little Rush Lake1
2020-05-16 08:18Beeliar Regional Park--Yangebup Lake2
2020-05-14 16:39Lake Brearley and Lake Bungana (Maylands)1
2020-05-22 08:30Alcoa Wellard Wetlands
2020-05-12 14:35Oak Park Road Reserve and Gnamma Holes Loop Walk (Walyormouring)1
2020-05-19 11:44Crescent Lake (Willie Creek) (restricted access)2
2020-05-19 08:59Nimalaica Wetland (restricted access)2
2020-05-26 09:30Broome South Wastewater Treatment Plant2
2020-05-13 08:25Broome North Wastewater Treatment Plant (restricted access)2
2020-05-19 08:30Lake Eda (restricted access)45
2020-05-09 10:55Lake Campion (restricted access)4
2020-05-09 08:30Taylors Lagoon (restricted access)9
2020-05-24 09:10Halls Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant2
2020-05-17 11:00Adelaide River Sewage Treatment Plant15
2020-05-02 10:05Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant4
2020-05-24 16:55Katherine Wastewater Treatment Plant19
2020-05-17 06:30Normanton-Floraville Rd, Bynoe River crossing3
2020-05-17 15:00Normanton26
2020-05-22 11:05Whicker Road Wetland2
2020-05-05 12:26Greenfields Wetlands, Dry Creek2
2020-05-05 08:57Hart Rd Wetland, Aldinga2
2020-05-22 09:50Lake Tinaroo, Education Centre, Black Gully Rd2
2020-05-10 07:50Cattana Wetlands2
2020-05-20 09:08Tingira St, Portsmith1
2020-05-16 13:04Lake McIntyre2
2020-05-10 07:15Yankabilly Island1
2020-05-25 08:45Carlyle Gardens Retirement Resort, Townsville1
2020-05-25 08:45Townsville Town Common Conservation Park3
2020-05-04 13:01Kelso1
2020-05-10 08:14Townsville Town Common (Forest Walk)1
2020-05-26 16:50Ross River Dam Borrow Pits6
2020-05-24 11:10Rowes Bay Sustainability Centre Wetlands8
2020-04-29 16:42Mundy Creek Grasslands (Garbutt)3
2020-05-02 06:37Old Flinders Hwy, Woodstock to Ross River Dam1
2020-05-25 13:05Natimuk Sewage Storage Dams1
2020-05-14 08:00Natimuk, 6 Jory Street5
2020-05-22 12:03Peter Faust Dam--Lake Proserpine1
2020-04-30 17:28Mattie O'Neill Bridge (Gargett)2
2020-05-26 11:30Fairbairn Dam Recreation Area & Lake Maraboon Holiday Village2
2020-05-05 13:25De Moleyns Lagoon6
2020-05-10 13:30Crusoe Reservoir and No. 7 Park1
2020-05-14 06:45Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens2
2020-05-26 16:57Karngun Bridges Swamp2
2020-05-16 10:52Lake Cooper--Boat Ramp1
2020-05-08 14:48Argyle State Forest--Hirds Road2
2020-05-10 14:59Woolscour Lane Wetlands1
2020-05-26 07:51Western Treatment Plant--Western Lagoons1
2020-05-27 14:00Waranga Basin2
2020-05-23 15:00Kilmore Sewage Ponds3
2020-05-14 15:00Kororoit Creek Mouth2
2020-05-26 11:00Bababi Marning (Cooper Street Grassland Nature Conservation Reserve), Somerton1
2020-05-25 12:21Eastern Treatment Plant2
2020-05-27 09:57Eastern Treatment Plant--Boundary Rd Wetlands1
2020-05-17 08:42Swan Lake4
2020-04-28 13:59Fishers Wetland2
2020-05-08 17:00Hamilton Park1
2020-05-17 14:43Trafalgar Wastewater Treatment Ponds (restricted access)2
2020-05-10 08:30Wonga Wetlands4
2020-04-30 07:00Kinka Wetlands, Kinka Beach3
2020-05-17 16:12Moe Wastewater Treatment Plant (restricted access)7
2020-05-12 10:49Pilliga State Conservation Area1
2020-05-25 09:30Pilliga National Park--Gilgai Flora Reserve
2020-05-17 10:47Narawntapu National Park2
2020-05-04 10:11Uriarra Rd at Mountain Creek Rd1
2020-05-21 08:13Lake Tyers Beach2
2020-05-09 07:59National Arboretum--main dam2
2020-05-14 15:04Gengers Rd, Moore Park2
2020-05-16 10:55Flemington Road Ponds (Kenny)2
2020-05-21 13:00Woowoonga National Park1
2020-05-27 07:33Jerrabomberra Wetlands Nature Reserve10
2020-05-06 14:55Rosewood Place, Bundaberg North2
2020-05-27 09:55Fyshwick Sewage Treatment Plant (no access)11
2020-05-22 11:02Rubyanna Rd1
2020-05-16 06:09Pilot Station Reserve (Burnett Heads)1
2020-05-09 07:30Loveday Cove (Lake Cooby)10
2020-05-17 06:30Ashlands Drive, Helidon1
2020-05-24 12:45Colquhouns Rd at Cross Rd, Lower Tenthill1
2020-05-28 07:30Pecheys Lagoon, Lower Tenthill8
2020-05-22 12:07Colquhoun Dam5
2020-05-26 09:04Lake Dyer, Bill Gunn Dam, Laidley4
2020-05-27 08:39Atkinsons Dam2
2020-05-05 15:41Saleyard Ponds, Berrima Rd, Moss Vale1
2020-05-20 12:30Orielton Lagoon1
2020-05-09 08:53Plain Creek at Jendra Rd, Tarampa2
2020-05-17 09:50Richmond Lowlands11
2020-05-27 15:05Bushells Lagoon2
2020-05-19 08:00Pitt Town Lagoon1
2020-05-04 06:05Shelley Road Park1
2020-05-27 16:20Noosa Spit Recreation Reserve1
2020-05-11 08:54Parklakes Wetlands (Bli Bli)2
2020-05-26 11:13Colleges Crossing1
2020-05-13 10:42Moggill Wetlands1
2020-05-16 07:05Farm Dam at -27.59053, 152.89436 (Priors Pocket Rd)2
2020-05-17 13:58Priors Pocket (Moggill)1
2020-05-09 16:00Freeman Rd ponds (Toorbul)3
2020-05-07 10:34Dohles Rocks Rd Pond at -27.27641, 153.040541
2020-05-17 07:30Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve6
2020-05-04 11:38AFL Grounds Wetlands (Nathan Rd, Rothwell)2
2020-05-20 10:30Sydney Olympic Park1
2020-05-25 08:30Oxley Creek Common2
2020-05-21 16:34Bicentennial Park (Sydney Olympic Park)--Waterbird Refuge4
2020-05-09 07:28Clontarf Environment Reserve4
2020-05-11 14:39Bicentennial Park (Sydney)1
2020-05-10 08:41Bellambi Beach2
2020-05-27 07:30Boondall Wetlands Reserve12
2020-05-27 06:32Kedron Brook Wetlands Reserve3
2020-05-19 13:12Kedron Brook Bikeway (near wetlands)6
2020-05-23 08:04Boondall Wetlands Bikeway (near Nudgee Rd)1
2020-05-16 06:30Minnippi Parklands1
2020-05-20 07:45Barton Park South--Landing Lights Wetland2
2020-05-17 12:35Walka Water Works2
2020-05-18 10:10Kianawah Road Wetland (Hemmant)2
2020-05-16 13:26GJ Fuller Oval Lagoons12
2020-05-09 08:40Sandy Camp Road Wetlands2
2020-05-22 12:30Lytton Wader Roost and Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk4
2020-05-21 07:20Eastlakes golf course2
2020-05-24 07:51Nindooinbah Dam1
2020-05-26 12:40Kamay Botany Bay National Park--Cape Banks1
2020-05-17 12:05Schmidt Rd--Centre, Eagleby11
2020-05-26 10:50Ash Island18
2020-05-07 09:20Gainsborough Environmental Reserve3
2020-05-27 09:39Tea Trees Wetland (Arundel)3
2020-05-26 15:40Airforce Beach at Salty Lagoon, Evans Head2
2020-05-20 09:28Coopernook Road Wetlands24
2020-05-23 10:12West Byron Wetlands (Restricted access - Council key required)1
2020-05-17 11:03Freemans Road, Rawdon Island9
2020-05-08 15:01Suez Rd, Rainbow Reach2
2020-05-23 07:18Boyters Lane, Jerseyville8
2020-05-18 08:40Washdyke Lagoon, South Canterbury8
2020-05-28 09:42Timaru--Otipua Wetland1
2020-05-09 13:10Mangere WTP--main holding pond1
2020-05-24 14:09Mangere WTP--Puketutu Canal2
2020-05-14 11:05Otaki River estuary1
2020-05-19 09:20Otaki WTP4
2020-05-19 12:00Lake Horowhenua2
2020-05-09 09:30Napier--Ahuriri Estuary (general)2
2020-05-09 14:23East Clive Wetlands--Muddy Creek area3