The black-shouldered kite (Elanus axillaris), Australian black-shouldered kite, or simply Australian kite, is a small raptor found in open habitat throughout Australia. It resembles similar species found in Africa, Eurasia and North America, including the black-winged kite, a species that has in the past also been called "black-shouldered kite".

Measuring 35–38 cm (14–15 in) in length with a wingspan of 80–95 cm (31–37 in), the adult black-shouldered kite is a small and graceful raptor with red eyes. Their primary call is a clear whistle, uttered in flight and while hovering.

Black-shouldered kites form monogamous pairs, breeding between August and January. The birds engage in aerial courtship displays which involve high circling flight and ritualised feeding mid-air. Three or four eggs are laid and incubated for around thirty days. Chicks are fully fledged within five weeks of hatching and can hunt for mice within a week of leaving the nest. Juveniles disperse widely from the home territory.
Australian Kite
Date Location Count
2019-05-10 10:02Sibosado Park (Broome)1
2019-05-09 12:30Broome South Wastewater Treatment Plant1
2019-05-11 09:13Herdsman Lake1
2019-05-09 13:08Lake Claremont1
2019-05-10 09:49Lake Monger Reserve1
2019-05-11 09:23Baigup Wetlands (Bayswater)2
2019-05-16 15:25Ashfield Flats1
2019-05-07 08:10Victoria Dam--Access road, track and picnic area1
2019-05-09 07:10Lake McLarty1
2019-05-06 09:00Knuckey Lagoons CR--Snipe Swamp1
2019-05-15 16:20Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve1
2019-05-09 11:15Cumberland Dam1
2019-05-14 17:42Mount Carbine
2019-05-13 17:00Maryfarms
2019-05-06 08:00East Mary Road, Maryfarms1
2019-05-11 07:40Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge--Morning Walk2
2019-05-10 15:00Euluma Creek Rd, Julatten at -16.56237, 145.38771 (restricted access)2
2019-05-13 10:29Willie Pye Memorial Park1
2019-05-14 14:00Pickford Rd at Two Mile Creek
2019-05-05 15:24Bladensburg National Park4
2019-05-15 16:00Kairi district
2019-05-13 15:11Cape Pallarenda Conservation Park1
2019-05-07 12:15Horsham Sewage Water Storage Dam1
2019-05-18 16:14Port Fairy1
2019-05-18 15:04Lake Elingamite1
2019-05-09 15:50Lake Colac Bird Sanctuary2
2019-05-13 11:15Cnr Clark St and Flaxmill Rd, Colac2
2019-05-08 11:11Lake Modewarre--Buckley School Road1
2019-05-08 11:51Lake Modewarre--Lewis Road1
2019-05-08 07:27Princes Fwy at Creamery Rd, Batesford1
2019-05-19 15:26Limeburners Lagoon State Nature Reserve2
2019-05-19 12:44Dandos Road, Avalon5
2019-05-19 12:56Pousties Rd, Avalon2
2019-05-17 11:21Reedy Lake (Geelong)--Moolap Station Rd1
2019-05-15 08:57Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)-- Point Wilson Road / Beach Road1
2019-05-08 09:15Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--Western Lagoons1
2019-05-17 09:36Reedy Lake (Geelong)--Fitzgerald Rd2
2019-05-05 15:33Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--Paradise Road
2019-05-18 09:15Breamlea Flora and Fauna Reserve--Bancoora Saltmarsh2
2019-05-16 12:02Lake Connewarre--South shore2
2019-05-19 13:39Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)1
2019-05-19 08:23Lake Connewarre--East Shore (restricted access)2
2019-05-08 06:58Werribee River at K Rd1
2019-05-09 16:15Coastal scrub behind Ocean Grove Beach1
2019-05-06 10:52Skeleton Creek Boardwalk (Sanctuary Lakes)
2019-05-19 10:21Freshwater Lake (Point Lonsdale)1
2019-05-15 13:41St Leonards1
2019-05-19 08:26Royal Park, Parkville1
2019-05-07 16:46Point Gellibrand Coastal Heritage Park1
2019-05-07 15:55Whittlesea1
2019-05-15 12:00Karkarook Park1
2019-05-05 16:15Rosebud Pier1
2019-05-06 15:30Bushy Park Wetlands1
2019-05-19 15:30Braeside Park2
2019-05-18 15:13Braeside Park Wetlands1
2019-05-18 08:25Waterways Estate5
2019-05-16 13:29Dandenong Valley Wetland1
2019-05-13 08:10Safety Beach1
2019-05-12 09:00Eastern Treatment Plant3
2019-05-14 16:21Eastern Treatment Plant--Boundary Rd Wetlands3
2019-05-09 07:30The Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve1
2019-05-14 14:10Pakenham Bypass at -38.09027, 145.490001
2019-05-14 11:00Rifle Range Wetland, Wonthaggi1
2019-05-15 13:35Mahers Landing, Inverloch2
2019-05-14 14:10Putta Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee1
2019-05-18 13:00Elliot's Lookout1
2019-05-15 07:00Conondale National Park--Charlie Moreland Park
2019-05-08 09:01Lake Apex Park (Gatton)1
2019-05-07 17:05Gatton-Esk Rd at Warrego Hwy, Gatton1
2019-05-09 15:10Atkinsons Dam1
2019-05-06 14:30Vincenzos (Thulimbah)1
2019-05-16 06:56Cove Rd, Stanmore at -26.88793, 152.822222
2019-05-07 06:45Coolum Industrial Estate Eco-wetland1
2019-05-14 07:25Sapling Pocket Reserve--Road Loop (restricted access)2
2019-05-06 07:18Lake Samsonvale--Golds Scrub Lane1
2019-05-17 16:00Farm Dam at -27.71707, 152.743531
2019-05-09 07:45Ross Road Parkland (Upper Kedron)1
2019-05-18 07:00Flinders Conservation Estate--Hardings Paddock1
2019-05-12 06:30Anstead SES Depot (Hawkesbury Rd)1
2019-05-10 16:30Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve--First Lagoon1
2019-05-06 15:10Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve1
2019-05-17 15:12Dalys Lagoon (restricted access)1
2019-05-12 09:38Priors Pocket Road Park (Moggill)1
2019-05-10 10:38Dowse Lagoon (Sandgate)1
2019-05-06 14:36Ginninderra Creek--Melba1
2019-05-19 16:15Oxley Creek Common1
2019-05-19 14:30Kedron Brook Wetlands Reserve1
2019-05-13 10:30Nevertire Street parkland1
2019-05-12 07:25Capertee Valley--Birdwatching Site #7 Glen Davis/Glen Alice Roads T-junction3
2019-05-15 11:29Lake Wallace1
2019-05-09 09:40UNE--Lake Zot1
2019-05-11 10:55Sandy Camp Road Wetlands1
2019-05-15 08:42Jerrabomberra Wetlands NR--Woodland Loop1
2019-05-15 09:39Jerrabomberra Wetlands NR--Biyalagee Boardwalk2
2019-05-19 15:08Jerrabomberra Wetlands Nature Reserve3
2019-05-10 15:30Tingalpa Reserve (east end of Chadwell St)1
2019-05-16 08:47Tamrookum Hall1
2019-05-09 10:55Eagleby Wetlands1
2019-05-09 10:00Logan River Boat Ramp1
2019-05-17 07:00Tea Trees Wetland (Arundel)1
2019-05-17 07:30Emu Green, Emu Plains1
2019-05-12 10:00Nepean Weir, Penrith1
2019-05-19 14:04Bushells Lagoon2
2019-05-19 09:00Marlo
2019-05-19 11:34Pitt Town Lagoon2
2019-05-06 14:48Western Sydney Parklands, Glendenning1
2019-05-11 13:30Bungarribee Reserve1
2019-05-15 08:00William Howe Reserve, Mount Annan1
2019-05-12 09:33Mount Annan Botanic Gardens--Lake Nadungamba1
2019-05-18 08:58Mount Annan Botanic Gardens1
2019-05-11 16:53Liverpool Catholic Club grounds1
2019-05-11 12:30Vale of Ah Reserve (Milperra)1
2019-05-13 15:33Pambalong Nature Reserve1
2019-05-13 15:20Dam on Lenaghans Drive, Lenaghan1
2019-05-18 14:42Central Coast Wetlands - Pioneer Dairy1
2019-05-07 15:04Bomaderry Wastewater Treatment Plant1
2019-05-12 08:49Seaham Rd at Raymond Terrace Rd, Nelsons Plains1
2019-05-19 09:00Tallawarra Ash Pond 3, Yallah (Restricted Access)
2019-05-10 09:05Broughton Creek at Coolangatta Rd1
2019-05-19 08:10Barton Park South--Landing Lights Wetland1
2019-05-15 07:30Perkins Rd Reserve, Windang1
2019-05-09 14:38Rocklow Road, Dunmore1
2019-05-17 11:28Swamp Road, Kiama Downs1
2019-05-15 08:35Killalea State Park1
2019-05-18 15:30Greenhills Beach Estate Constructed Wetland2
2019-05-07 16:10Killalea State Park--Killalea Lagoon1
2019-05-19 15:04Quibray Bay Lookout2
2019-05-08 15:30Spring Creek Wetland, Kiama1
2019-05-17 16:09Newcastle Foreshore1
2019-05-13 09:30Frederickton2
2019-05-12 11:03Stuarts Point1
2019-05-17 13:41Boyters Lane, Jerseyville1
2019-05-05 14:40Partridge Creek (Port Macquarie)1
2019-05-10 16:50Town Beach (Port Macquarie)1
2019-05-05 15:50Tacking Point Lighthouse1