The black-shouldered kite (Elanus axillaris), Australian black-shouldered kite, or simply Australian kite, is a small raptor found in open habitat throughout Australia. It resembles similar species found in Africa, Eurasia and North America, including the black-winged kite, a species that has in the past also been called "black-shouldered kite".

Measuring 35–38 cm (14–15 in) in length with a wingspan of 80–95 cm (31–37 in), the adult black-shouldered kite is a small and graceful raptor with red eyes. Their primary call is a clear whistle, uttered in flight and while hovering.

Black-shouldered kites form monogamous pairs, breeding between August and January. The birds engage in aerial courtship displays which involve high circling flight and ritualised feeding mid-air. Three or four eggs are laid and incubated for around thirty days. Chicks are fully fledged within five weeks of hatching and can hunt for mice within a week of leaving the nest. Juveniles disperse widely from the home territory.
Australian Kite
Date Location Count
2018-12-02 07:44Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park, Wallal1
2018-12-03 17:10Broome South Wastewater Treatment Plant1
2018-12-08 06:00Jandabup Lake Nature Reserve1
2018-12-06 15:48Point Douro1
2018-12-04 05:47Cheyne Beach1
2018-12-11 12:02East Mary Road, Maryfarms2
2018-12-03 16:15Euluma Creek Rd, Julatten at -16.56237, 145.38771 (restricted access)1
2018-12-09 06:40St Kilda Beach1
2018-12-07 15:30Townsville Town Common Conservation Park1
2018-12-09 10:24Townsvile Town Common--Melaleuca viewing area1
2018-12-01 07:00Mt Louisa1
2018-11-30 05:40Clayton Bay1
2018-12-03Tolderol Game Reserve1
2018-12-08 06:30Pine Lake1
2018-12-04 11:15Lake Hamilton1
2018-12-04 08:15Caramut1
2018-12-09 07:30Terrick Terrick National Park1
2018-12-09 17:30Deniliquin--northern plains2
2018-12-02 08:58Lake Eppalock--Mount Ida Inlet1
2018-12-09 09:00Sheoak Hill Glenmore--Parwan Creek (Restricted Access)1
2018-12-12 16:54Old Coach Rd, Moggs Creek1
2018-12-05 06:20Princes Fwy at Barrabool Rd, Ceres1
2018-12-05 07:12Geelong Golf Club Residential (North Geelong)1
2018-12-05 10:30Princes Freeway at Anglesea Road, Waurn Ponds1
2018-12-04 11:15Limeburners Lagoon State Nature Reserve--Boardwalk1
2018-12-02 14:14Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)-- Point Wilson Rd b/w Paradise Rd and Beach Rd3
2018-12-09 08:15Bellarine Hwy at Hoares Lane, Leopold1
2018-12-12 06:18Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)1
2018-12-10 16:45Laverton Creek Mouth (Altona)1
2018-12-09 12:00Aurora Treatment Plant1
2018-12-02 18:00Mornington Peninsula National Park--Portsea Surf Beach1
2018-12-02 14:55Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands--Edithvale1
2018-12-11 06:55Lilydale Sewage Treatment Plant1
2018-12-01 07:06Cardinia Creek Parklands (North) (Berwick)1
2018-12-01 09:30Lake Anderson (Chiltern)1
2018-12-05 09:30Koo wee Rup Swamp Lookout Tower2
2018-12-01 16:47Stockyard Point1
2018-12-07 10:10Mullengandra1
2018-11-30 15:55Irongate Nature Conservation Reserve1
2018-12-07 09:40Kyeamba Travelling Stock Reserve1
2018-12-01 17:25Venus Bay1
2018-12-10 15:00Great Sandy National Park--Cooloola2
2018-12-11 05:30Cooloola Way--Thomas&Thomas site2
2018-12-08 14:30Atkinsons Dam2
2018-12-09 16:43Boyces Road, Mount Tarampa1
2018-12-04 05:53Black Snake Creek, Marburg1
2018-12-08 06:47Lake Samsonvale--Postmans Track1
2018-12-09 07:51Lake Samsonvale--Golds Scrub Lane2
2018-12-02 10:45Days Road Reserve (Samford)1
2018-12-11 06:00Bremerdale Park (Yamanto)3
2018-12-09 05:15Mount Crosby Weir1
2018-12-11 06:10Bundamba Creek (Brisbane Rd to Gledson St)1
2018-12-01 07:32Swanbank Power Station, Swanbank1
2018-12-07 17:15Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve--First Lagoon, Wyampa Rd1
2018-12-01 16:30Nathan Road Wetlands Reserve1
2018-12-05 14:01Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve1
2018-12-09 05:58Fitzgibbon Bushland1
2018-12-03 11:24Hollands Landing1
2018-12-12 17:38Oxley Creek Common1
2018-12-12 06:45Kedron Brook Wetlands Reserve3
2018-12-03 05:40Kedron Brook Wetlands (bike path)1
2018-12-06 15:45Sandy Camp Road Wetlands1
2018-11-28 11:33Port of Brisbane Shorebird Roost1
2018-12-07 16:19Jerrabomberra Wetlands Nature Reserve1
2018-12-06 08:40Pinegrove Memorial Park, Minchinbury1
2018-12-08 17:30West Byron Wetlands (Restricted access - Council key required)1
2018-12-09 08:45Teven Rd Swamp1
2018-12-06 08:00Morpeth1
2018-12-05 10:20Maddens Plains1
2018-12-07 18:00Newcastle Wetland Reserve1
2018-12-09 07:47Swamp Rd, Dunmore (south end)1
2018-12-10 15:30Swamp Road, Kiama Downs1
2018-12-10 11:30Eastlakes golf course1
2018-12-09 09:50Boorganna Nature Reserve1
2018-12-12 12:02Lake Wollumboola east1
2018-12-07 07:05Boyters Lane, Jerseyville1
2018-12-02 07:06Partridge Creek (Port Macquarie)1
2018-12-09 05:30Farquhar Inlet, Old Bar1
2018-12-07 10:00Port Macquarie Wastewater Treatment Plant Settling Ponds1