The black-throated canary (Crithagra atrogularis), also known as the Black-throated seedeater, is a species of finch in the Fringillidae family.
Black-throated Canary
Date Location Count
2020-10-29 10:58Etosha NP--Rietfontein1
2020-10-29 12:41Etosha NP--Halali Camp18
2020-10-25 18:34Pofadder (Please be more specific)1
2020-10-25 05:14Botsalano Game Reserve2
2020-11-19 06:53Roodekopjes Dam Nature Reserve2
2020-11-22 06:06Breedtsnek Pass2
2020-11-08 15:50Walkhaven Dog Park3
2020-11-15 07:20Diepsloot Nature Reserve1
2020-11-20 13:44Rietvlei Nature Reserve2
2020-11-23 18:03Norkem Park3
2020-11-15 06:49Mkhombo Nature Reserve
2020-11-15 05:40Thokoza Wetland3
2020-11-14 06:08Old Verena Spa road1
2020-11-23 11:48Marievale Bird Sanctuary6
2020-11-13 08:16Devon Grasslands IBA (Gauteng Province)10
2020-11-14 11:55Wakkerstroom area--Zaaihoek Dam to Groenvlei4
2020-11-14 15:34Dirkiesdorp Plain4
2020-11-14 05:05Wakkerstroom - Yellow-breasted Pipit Fields (KZN)4