The white-necked raven (Corvus albicollis) is somewhat smaller (50–54 cm in length) than the common raven or indeed its nearest relative, the thick-billed raven C. crassirostris. Like the Common raven, Thick-billed raven and Brown-necked raven, it is one of the larger raven species. The smaller raven species are the Australian raven, Forest raven, Little raven, Fan-tailed raven and Chihuahuan raven with the Thick-billed raven being the world's largest raven species and the Chihuahuan raven being the smallest.
White-necked Raven
Date Location Count
2021-07-21 14:10Bwindi-Impenetrable Forest NP--Buhoma2
2021-07-02 12:07Lake Karago1
2021-06-30 07:20Nyungwe NP--Uwinka4
2021-06-27 11:39Rangiro Road1
2021-07-21 07:40Mgahinga NP1
2021-07-18 09:00Bwindi-Impenetrable NP--Mubwindi Swamp2
2021-07-14 09:19Bwindi-Impenetrable NP--Ruhija1
2021-07-06 07:14Mount Elgon NP--Research Centre2
2021-06-29 11:50Kundalila Falls
2021-06-29 16:39Mutinondo Wilderness
2021-07-04 10:00Ngorongoro Conservation Area--Olduvai Gorge
2021-06-26 14:00Klaasenbosch Trail1
2021-06-26 13:15Table Mountain NP--Silvermine3
2021-07-15 07:33Tygerberg Nature Reserve2
2021-07-18 13:43Elsie's Peak Trail Area2
2021-07-03 06:30Ngorongoro Conservation Area--Ngorongoro Crater
2021-06-26 10:02Strandfontein WTP2
2021-07-02 15:53Table Mountain NP--Buffels Bay1
2021-07-02 12:55Table Mountain NP--Cape Point (immediate area)1
2021-06-27 09:00Stellenboschberg--Lower Trail2
2021-07-18 12:55Steenbras Lookout Point1
2021-07-18 07:51Steenbras NR--Klipspringer Trail1
2021-07-18 10:26Rooi-Els2
2021-07-15 09:18Engikaret Lark Plains--Acacia Scrub to South2
2021-07-09 07:36Mt Meru Forest Reserve3
2021-07-05 08:31Airport Planet Lodge2
2021-07-13 07:30Mount Kilimanjaro National Park2
2021-07-09 13:10Magamba Nature Forest Reserve--Sekomu Trail1
2021-07-10 16:08Goukamma Nature Reserve--dune trail and beach1
2021-07-07 10:26Knysna--Belvidere Estate2
2021-07-02 10:30Maloti-Drakensberg Park--Royal Natal NP1
2021-07-14 09:18Kwandwe Private Game Reserve2
2021-07-11 15:22Hogsback Inn2
2021-07-24 13:46Maloti-Drakensberg Park--Giant's Castle2
2021-06-27 08:19Bushmans Nek2
2021-06-28 10:17Sani Pass (ZA)--low elevation (First 15km +-Sani Backpackers to ZA Border Post)3
2021-06-26 15:56Oribi Gorge NR11
2021-07-11 10:48Palmiet NR2