The sedge wren (Cistothorus platensis) is a small songbird of the wren family. It was formerly known as the short-billed marsh wren, and in South America is often known as the grass wren. There are about 20 different subspecies which are found across most of the Americas. Some of these forms may be separate species that could be split in the future.

Adults have brown upperparts with a light brown belly and flanks and a white throat and breast. The back has pale streaks. They have a dark cap with pale streaks, a faint line over the eye and a short thin bill. They are one of the smallest species of wren at 10–12 cm (4–4.5 in) and 10–12 g (0.35–0.42 oz).

In North America, their breeding habitat is wet meadows and marsh edges of eastern North America and central Canada. The nest is a round lump attached to low vegetation, entered from the side; it is usually well-hidden. The male often builds several unused nests in his territory; he may puncture the eggs of other birds nesting nearby. In South America, they are associated with very different habitats, principally páramo at very high elevations (3000 meters and above).

North American populations migrate to coastal areas in the Southeastern United States, and the entire Gulf Coast south through eastern Mexico.

These birds forage low in vegetation, sometimes flying up to catch insects in flight. They mainly eat insects, also spiders.

The song of the male in North American populations is a rattling trill. The song of Central and South American forms is far more variable.

This bird's numbers are declining, possibly due to habitat loss.
Sedge Wren
Date Location Count
2020-11-06 06:38Waples Mill Meadow Park1
2020-11-08 08:18Riverbend Park1
2020-11-10 08:06Burtonsville Park1
2020-11-21 10:11Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve1
2020-11-27 06:30Milford Neck Wildlife Area--Big Stone Beach Rd.1
2020-11-21 14:45Prime Hook NWR--Fowler Beach Rd.2
2020-11-14 09:17Brownsville Preserve1
2020-11-08 07:00The Island House Restaurant & Marina1
2020-11-14 07:23Grandview Nature Preserve3
2020-11-15 09:43Box Tree Marsh2
2020-11-07 09:07E.A. Vaughn WMA--Central1
2020-11-14 11:52Indiantown Park1
2020-11-22 06:53Cape Henlopen SP--Walking Dunes1
2020-11-25 15:18Chincoteague NWR--Wildlife Loop2
2020-11-27 09:51**CHINCOTEAGUE NWR1
2020-11-19 15:05Magotha Road1
2020-11-13 11:10Chincoteague NWR--Beach1
2020-11-07 06:31Magothy Bay Natural Area Preserve1
2020-10-30 19:15Cape Island--CMPSP--Hawkwatch Platform1
2020-11-23 06:50**BACK BAY NWR1
2020-11-14 05:50Swan Bay WMA2
2020-11-10 06:12Alligator River NWR1
2020-11-20 11:51Coastal Studies Institute1
2020-11-21 09:25Bodie Island Lighthouse & Pond1
2020-11-15 09:21Bonner Bridge (South Rock Jetty)1
2020-11-27 08:37Pea Island NWR--Salt Flats Wildlife Trail1
2020-11-27 10:40Pea Island NWR--North Pond1
2020-10-31 11:30Pea Island NWR--New Field Pond1
2020-11-21 08:15Pea Island NWR--South Pond1
2020-11-25 07:32Pea Island NWR--New Inlet1
2020-11-14 07:02Pea Island NWR1
2020-11-15 06:20North River Farms (permission required)6
2020-11-21 13:04Kenneth D. Batts Family Park2
2020-11-03 07:00Mason Inlet Waterbird Management Area1
2020-11-14 13:42Carolina Beach State Park3
2020-11-26 06:52Fort Fisher State Historic Site2
2020-11-17 08:00Fort Fisher SRA--Basin Trail and Aquarium Pond1
2020-11-16 14:13Fort Fisher--Federal Point/The Rocks1
2020-11-14 07:10Fort Fisher SRA4
2020-11-12 13:48Jacob's Nature Park on Sinking Creek1
2020-11-24 11:05Santee NWR--Cuddo Unit1
2020-11-08 11:25Santee Coastal Reserve (fall and winter restricted access)1
2020-11-02 06:55Saluda Shoals Park1
2020-10-31 11:00Santee NWR--Bluff Unit (fall and winter restricted access)2
2020-10-29 08:21Santee NWR -- Pine Island Unit (fall and winter restricted access)2
2020-11-25 10:00Ft. Moultrie National Monument1
2020-11-27 07:05N. Folly Island--Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve7
2020-11-22 11:08Caw Caw Interpretive Center1
2020-11-20 06:30Kiawah Island Banding Station - Restricted Access1
2020-11-14 08:58Donnelley WMA (partial fall and winter restricted access)2
2020-10-31 08:15Bear Island WMA (fall and winter restricted access)2
2020-11-23 12:30Phinizy Swamp Nature Park2
2020-11-05 06:41Parc agricole du Bois-de-la-Roche (accès restreint)1
2020-11-03 09:15Fish Haul Beach Park2
2020-11-27 14:32Fort Pulaski NM1
2020-11-26 11:03Matt Community Park1
2020-11-12 08:22Harris Neck NWR (please consider using more specific locations)2
2020-11-15 09:18Rogers Bridge Trail1
2020-11-14 07:57Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge1
2020-11-24 11:17McDonald Cemetery Road and Surrounding Fields1
2020-11-15 06:47Panola Mountain SP--Power of Flight Area1
2020-11-15 10:15Panola Mountain SP1
2020-11-03 09:50Little Saint Simons Island--Myrtle Pond South Dike2
2020-11-06 09:06Chattahoochee River NRA--Cochran Shoals Unit1
2020-11-13 06:45Little Saint Simons Island--Main Beach5
2020-11-27 09:56Paulks Pasture WMA1
2020-11-07 08:50Clayton Co. Water Authority--Natural Treatment Systems Sites (limited access)1
2020-11-12 15:58Baylor School Nature Trail1
2020-11-15 08:39Andrews Island Spoil Site (no public access)1
2020-10-31 13:17Jekyll Island--South Beach1
2020-11-08 08:05Huguenot Memorial City Park1
2020-10-31 08:23Goose Pond FWA--Beehunter Marsh BH5S/5E1
2020-11-10 08:20GTM NERR--North Beach Access1
2020-11-08 12:28GTM NERR--Middle Beach Access1
2020-11-01 07:37Crosby Sanctuary (access restricted)1
2020-11-16 10:31Fort Mose Historic SP1
2020-11-15 09:15Dr. Robert Hayling Freedom Park1
2020-11-02 13:35Oxbow Meadows1
2020-11-02 08:05Faver-Dykes SP2
2020-11-11 06:45Camp Blanding Joint Training Center (access restricted)1
2020-11-14 09:40Masters Tract Stormwater Treatment3
2020-11-23 08:38Rice Creek Conservation Area2
2020-11-26 13:45Wheeler NWR--Beaverdam Swamp Boardwalk (NABT 25)1
2020-11-14 15:58Haw Creek Preserve--Russell Landing1
2020-11-23 06:20Eufaula NWR--Kennedy Unit1
2020-11-08 06:42Rainbow Beach, Chicago1
2020-11-27 13:00Wheeler NWR--White Springs Dike (NABT 20)1
2020-10-30 12:30Swan Creek WMA1
2020-11-20 15:37Hague Dairy1
2020-11-22 07:41Gilbert Road1
2020-11-11 09:02Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail--North1
2020-11-11 08:00Boulware Springs Park1
2020-11-21 07:55Prairie Creek Preserve--Lodge Trail1
2020-11-07 09:39Paynes Prairie Preserve SP--La Chua Trail1
2020-11-27 12:24Sweetwater Wetlands Park3
2020-11-26 14:17Paynes Prairie Preserve SP--Cones Dike Trail1
2020-11-11 10:30Chapmans Pond1
2020-11-27 09:50Orange Creek Restoration Area--Marion Co.2
2020-11-13 16:30Paynes Prairie Preserve SP--VC (Wacahoota Trail)1
2020-11-18 08:00Paynes Prairie Preserve SP--Bolen Bluff Trail2
2020-11-24 17:13CR-348 Field and Ponds1
2020-11-13 16:35Lake Woodruff NWR2
2020-11-07 16:02Barr Hammock Preserve--Levy Loop Trail6
2020-11-01 10:58Watermelon Pond WEA1
2020-11-10 07:56Merritt Island NWR--Shiloh Marsh Rd. (Volusia Co.)1
2020-11-13 17:09Goethe SF--Watermelon Pond Tract4
2020-11-21 16:13Walker Spring Road4
2020-11-02 13:31Miccosukee Greenway1
2020-11-20 13:50Merritt Island NWR--Black Point Wildlife Drive1
2020-11-11 09:20Ocala Wetland Recharge Park1
2020-11-05 06:02Tennessee NWR--Duck River Unit2
2020-11-04 09:10Lafayette Heritage Trail Park2
2020-11-08 09:00Faulk Drive Landing3
2020-11-20 11:20Sunnyhill Restoration Area2
2020-11-11 09:00Limestone Park1
2020-11-26 06:57Canal St. (Oviedo)1
2020-11-17 08:30Lake Henrietta2
2020-11-19 17:51Harley Dr. Pond1
2020-11-25 07:36Orlando Wetlands Park1
2020-10-29 08:00Rainbow Springs SP1
2020-11-27 16:18St. Marks NWR5
2020-11-24 07:54St. Marks NWR--Helipad1
2020-11-14 14:22St. Marks NWR--Stoney Bayou 1 & Twin Dikes1
2020-11-25 07:00Lake Apopka North Shore--Orange County section (Please consider using more specific locations)3
2020-11-27 07:30Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive1
2020-11-27 06:20Lake Apopka North Shore--Lust Rd. Gate Area Only (Not for entire wildlife drive)1
2020-11-24 11:50St. Marks NWR--Mounds Pool No. 32
2020-11-27 07:49Lake Apopka North Shore (Lake County ONLY)--General (Please Consider Using More Exact Hotspots)1
2020-11-24 08:06Lake Apopka North Shore--McDonald Canal Boat Ramp (Ramp Area Only)1
2020-11-08 08:05St. Marks NWR--Mounds Pool 21
2020-11-16 12:08Key Cave NWR (NABT 9)1
2020-11-14 08:53Lake Apopka North Shore--Pump House Area1
2020-11-25 07:39Lake Apopka Loop Trail--northeast section1
2020-11-24 10:14St. Marks NWR--Mounds Trail & Tower Pond2
2020-11-14 09:13St. Marks NWR--Headquarters Pond1
2020-11-14 16:26St Marks NWR--Picnic Pond1
2020-11-24 13:21St. Marks NWR--Lighthouse Pool & Flats1
2020-11-14 06:56Lake Apopka North Shore--Clay Island Loop Trail2
2020-11-03 11:45River Lakes Conservation Area--Moccasin Island2
2020-11-12 17:15Bald Point SP1
2020-11-21 07:21The Pasture Reserve1
2020-11-16 08:22Alligator Point--Phipps Preserve2
2020-11-06 08:25Chinsegut Wildlife and Environmental Area--Headquarters Tract1
2020-11-05 05:50Bull Creek WMA1
2020-11-14 12:40Colt Creek SP2
2020-11-18 14:00Oliver Lock & Dam2
2020-11-17 13:00McKissack Beach Wildlife Area1
2020-11-24 12:01Apalachicola NF--Wright Lake and rd.1
2020-11-23 06:20Weekiwachee Preserve, east of Shoal Line Boulevard1
2020-11-20 06:50Conner Preserve4
2020-11-08 07:54Lake Gwyn Park1
2020-11-18 07:06Circle B Bar Reserve1
2020-10-30 09:44Itchepackesassa Creek Wetland2
2020-11-27 10:06Fort Drum Conservation Area3
2020-11-26 14:55Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve--Unit 42
2020-11-27 13:27Hwy 17 Wetland, Millport1
2020-11-15 09:20Platt's Creek Preserve1
2020-11-10 06:50Jefferson Equestrian Area2
2020-11-14 11:36Brooker Creek Preserve & surrounding areas1
2020-11-21 06:28Tyndall Beach2
2020-11-20 07:48Double Branch Bay Preserve1
2020-11-15 06:28Conservation Park Trails3
2020-11-13 07:15Pam Callahan Nature Preserve1
2020-11-22 11:11Tupelo Water Treatment Facility1
2020-11-02 09:33Cape San Blas1
2020-11-27 07:00Lakeside Ranch Stormwater Treatment Area2
2020-11-26 07:32Largo Central Park Nature Preserve2
2020-11-25 08:35Okaloosa Holding Ponds (RESTRICTED ACCESS AREA)1
2020-11-05 06:55Holy Wisdom Monastery1
2020-11-26 11:43Noxubee NWR--Morgan Hill Overlook8
2020-11-16 10:47Noxubee NWR (Noxubee Co.)9
2020-11-21 07:30The Celery Fields2
2020-11-04 07:20Myakka River SP1
2020-11-19 15:38Navarre Beach Park2
2020-11-27 06:49Siesta Key--Beach Access 51
2020-11-20 07:17Loxahatchee NWR--Marsh Trail1
2020-10-31 16:31Garcon Point WMD Trail16
2020-11-25 14:21Garcon Point WMD--South Trailhead4
2020-11-27 14:26Big Sabine Point1
2020-11-20 06:38Shelby Farms Park--Conservancy/Penal Farm1
2020-11-27 06:45Shelby Farms--Gardner Rd (Gardens)1
2020-11-10 06:55Garden Terrace Park1
2020-11-03 06:21Estero Bay Preserve SP--Winkler Point2
2020-11-05 07:07Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary1
2020-11-27 06:53Blakeley Island--Mud Lakes (permit required)3
2020-11-05 06:57Riverview Turf Sod Fields1
2020-11-09 06:18Coldwater River NWR (Quitman Co.)1
2020-11-01 07:00Muddy Creek WMA1
2020-11-08 09:07Collier-Seminole SP--Border Path1
2020-11-09 09:01Fort Morgan--Stables2
2020-11-14 09:34Fort Morgan State Historic Site1
2020-11-19 09:43Grand Bay Savanna--Boardwalk2
2020-11-21 07:48Grand Bay NWR/NERR--Coastal Resources Center10
2020-11-01 08:26Pipeline Road--Madison Co.1
2020-11-01 05:37Turcotte Education and Shooting Center1
2020-11-23 15:21Mississippi Sandhill Crane NWR--Gautier Unit1
2020-11-08 08:49Duncan Lake1
2020-11-01 09:16De Soto NF--Ashe Tree Nursery2
2020-11-24 07:17Seaman Rd Sewage Lagoons (restricted access)1
2020-11-08 07:30Bethel Bike Trails 1
2020-11-23 08:23Bald Knob NWR4
2020-11-22 09:30Bradford Farm1
2020-11-26stakeout Fork-tailed Flycatcher, AR-4 (2020)1
2020-11-22 15:05Stuttgart Municipal Airport2
2020-11-12 08:00Abita Creek Flatwoods Preserve5
2020-11-24 15:00Howze Beach1
2020-11-20 15:31Big Branch Marsh NWR--Boy Scout Rd.2
2020-11-26 06:31Bayou Sauvage NWR--South Point6
2020-11-21 08:48Bayou Sauvage NWR--lake levee3
2020-11-05 08:45Bayou Sauvage NWR--Joe Madere Marsh Overlook4
2020-11-21 14:25Bayou Sauvage NWR--Recovery One Rd.2
2020-11-10 08:00Camp Robinson Special Use Area8
2020-11-21 06:54Sankofa Wetland Park1
2020-11-27 14:00Bayou Bienvenue Triangle Overlook2
2020-10-31 08:15Bell Slough WMA9
2020-10-31 10:00City Park--Big Lake, New Orleans Museum of Art1
2020-11-15 07:26West Ravenna Rd.2
2020-11-21 06:04Grand Isle--Exxon fields1
2020-11-22 08:00Grand Isle--woods--Lafitte Woods Preserve--Grilletta Tract1
2020-11-16 08:59St Catherine Creek NWR2
2020-11-08 10:03St. Catherine Creek NWR--Sibley Unit2
2020-11-03 16:20BREC Perkins Road Community Park2
2020-11-05 07:53Baton Rouge--Dawson Creek greenbelt1
2020-11-21 09:39Baton Rouge--Ben Hur Rd.1
2020-11-15 06:00Richfield Riversilt (restricted access)1
2020-11-09 06:30Linscomb WA2
2020-11-07 06:30Wah'Kon-Tah Prairie (Cedar Co.)10
2020-11-06 08:33Niawathe Prairie CA1
2020-11-12 06:32Wah'kon-tah Prairie4
2020-11-06 09:33Penn-Sylvania Prairie1
2020-11-06 07:19Stony Point Prairie CA3
2020-11-16 11:32Fort Osage County Park1
2020-11-14 10:31Lake Hiawatha Park1
2020-11-26 09:20Blue Springs Lake--Fleming Park Wetland2
2020-11-16 07:07ULL Experimental Farm (restricted access)5
2020-10-31 09:00Presson-Oglesby Preserve3
2020-11-27 06:53Acadiana Park Nature Station1
2020-11-06 06:46Woolsey Wet Prairie3
2020-11-16 07:45Kisatchie NF--Kincaid Reservoir1
2020-11-04 07:51Sharp Chapel Rd. (Crawford Co.)1
2020-10-29 13:23Roe Park1
2020-11-08 07:30Hillsdale Lake1
2020-11-03 07:56Lafosse Rd2
2020-11-11 09:44Jefferson Davis Par. Landfill environs1
2020-11-13 06:49Neosho WA1
2020-10-29 09:30Baker Wetlands (general)1
2020-11-01 06:49Thornwell--rice fields2
2020-11-02 08:04Clinton Lake--Model Airport & Marsh2
2020-11-03 07:09Lacassine NWR (General Location)1
2020-11-14 09:00Red Slough WMA1
2020-11-01 13:00Osage SFL3
2020-11-14 08:25Fabacher Rd.2
2020-11-14 07:42Calcasieu Ship Channel1
2020-11-19 10:19Lake Gilmer1
2020-11-27 10:17Peveto Woods - Baton Rouge Audubon Society Sanctuary1
2020-11-20 06:17Lower Neches WMA--Bessie Heights Marsh2
2020-11-01 08:15Pleasure Island (UTC 022)1
2020-11-08 08:21LNVA Saltwater Barrier2
2020-11-27 14:56Texas Point NWR (UTC 025)1
2020-11-07 08:44Sabine Woods (UTC 026)2
2020-11-08 09:10Tyrrell Park--Cattail Marsh3
2020-11-27 15:53Sea Rim SP (UTC 027)1
2020-11-21 08:00Jefferson Co.--NW (S China, Gilbert, Johnson rd area)1
2020-11-23 15:00Hardin Co.--Old Sour Lake rd.3
2020-11-17 07:52Anahuac NWR--Skillern Tract (E.Bay)(UTC 050)1
2020-11-26 12:17High Island--Boy Scout Woods (UTC 055)1
2020-11-04 13:45Chambers Co.--Fairview rd.2
2020-11-02 06:17Chambers Co.--S. Pear Orchard Rd1
2020-11-12 14:00Bolivar--b/w Rollover Pass & High Island
2020-11-25 06:52Anahuac NWR (UTC 049)39
2020-11-04 12:17Anahuac NWR--Jackson Prairie Woodlot1
2020-11-18 06:50Anahuac NWR--Hackberry Trail11
2020-11-23 12:45Anahuac NWR--Willows Trail1
2020-11-22 10:23Anahuac NWR--Shoveler Pond Loop1
2020-11-07 16:30Anahuac NWR--East Bay Boat Ramp1
2020-10-29 17:28Bolivar--Tuna Rd2
2020-11-26 07:05Wallisville Lake Project--JJ Mayes Wildlife Trace1
2020-11-02 12:48Wallisville Lake Project--Hugo Point Park2
2020-11-10 06:50Smith Point--Candy Abshier WMA (UTC 048)(GCBO Hawk Watch loc.)3
2020-11-12 10:47Bolivar Flats Shorebird Sanctuary--Rettilon Rd2
2020-11-11 07:03Bolivar Flats Shorebird Survey Start1
2020-11-23 10:00Bolivar Flats Shorebird Sanctuary (UTC 058)10
2020-11-26 09:17Highlands Reservoir1
2020-11-14 07:29East End Park2
2020-11-10 07:04Galveston--Apffel Park Rd2
2020-11-22 10:08Baytown Nature Center (UTC 039)3
2020-10-30 07:34Alexander Deussen Park1
2020-11-25 16:18San Jacinto Battleground (UTC 041)4
2020-11-16 13:24Moses Lake / Dollar Bay3
2020-11-09 06:56Seabrook Wildlife Park2
2020-11-24 06:35Sheldon Lake SP (UTC 033)3
2020-11-19 11:57Bayside Regional Park, Bacliff2
2020-11-02 06:15Galveston--Moody Gardens2
2020-11-03 06:56Sweetwater Nature Preserve, Galveston2
2020-11-07 07:39Jesse H. Jones County Park (UTC 038)1
2020-11-21 10:10Armand Bayou Nature Ctr. (UTC 081)6
2020-11-20 06:52Galveston--8 Mile Rd./Sportsman's Rd (UTC 066)1
2020-11-07 06:15Galveston--8 mile Beach/Sunny Beach area1
2020-11-14 06:33Village Grove Park (on Armand Bayou)2
2020-11-26 10:40Clear Creek Nature Park (League City)3
2020-11-07 09:00Oppenheimer Bird Observatory1
2020-11-27 09:08Artist Boat Coastal Heritage Preserve1
2020-11-10 06:52Exploration Green--Phase 1 (S. of Reseda)2
2020-11-07 08:00Sylvan Rodriguez Park4
2020-11-20 08:35Galveston Island SP (UTC 070)2
2020-11-26 15:30Galveston Island SP--Observation tower3
2020-11-21 08:53John Bunker Sands Wetlands Ctr2
2020-11-15 13:43Houston Botanic Garden, Sims Bayou1
2020-11-06 09:10Dixie Farm Road Park1
2020-11-23 06:55Connemara Meadow Nature Preserve1
2020-11-21 15:39El Franco Lee Park7
2020-11-12 09:00Mitchell Nature Preserve--Creekside West Trailhead (Harris Co.)3
2020-11-23 10:30Galveston--Dos Vacas Muertas1
2020-11-26 06:56F.M. Law Park2
2020-10-31 07:34Rice U. Campus1
2020-10-30 15:44Brunswick Lakes, Houston1
2020-11-22 09:38Hollister & Little York rds. Retention Basin1
2020-11-04 06:26White Rock Lake & Old Fish Hatchery (PPW-W 086)1
2020-11-26 11:33Loop 12 Boat Launch / wetlands area1
2020-11-09 10:03Kelly Hamby Nature Trail2
2020-11-09 14:10Jersey Village Jogging Trail Wetland1
2020-11-27 07:10Rochester Park--Texas Buckeye Trail, Dallas1
2020-11-27 06:25Shadow Creek Ranch Nature Park, Pearland4
2020-10-31 08:10Willow Waterhole Greenspace3
2020-11-01 07:06Longwood Retention Pond1
2020-11-25 08:29Kleb Woods Nature Preserve (UTC 098)1
2020-11-22 07:53Addicks Reservoir--S. Levee area1
2020-11-23 10:01Bear Creek Park (UTC 097)1
2020-11-04 16:00McInnish Park1
2020-11-19 14:14Brazoria NWR--Auto Tour Loop and Discovery Center2
2020-11-09 16:35Sam Houston Trail Park (Dallas Co.)1
2020-11-07 09:15MacArthur Park and Starleaf Street seasonal wetlands1
2020-11-27 10:50Brazoria NWR (UTC 108)1
2020-10-30 07:43Lewisville Lake--Westlake Park2
2020-11-16 08:47George Bush Park--NE Corner/I-10 Entrance2
2020-10-30 15:00Valley Ranch Canals and Trails2
2020-11-12 06:50Wetlands Park at Riverstone1
2020-11-23 07:50John Paul Landing Park1
2020-11-23 07:46Brazoria Co.—Levee Road/CR6901
2020-11-22 06:35Katy Prairie--Longenbaugh & Porter End rds.5
2020-11-25 07:47Cullinan Park, Sugar Land (UTC 095)2
2020-11-26 08:35John Paul Landing Park--Environmental Education Center3
2020-11-16 12:26Katy Prairie Conserv.--Warren Ranch Lake area (UTC 099)1
2020-11-23 06:22Fort Velasco / Surfside Bird & Butterfly Trail1
2020-11-21 07:30Katy Prairie--Paul Rushing/Chain of Lakes Park2
2020-11-04 08:50Quintana Xeriscape Park1
2020-11-13 14:00Katy Prairie--Warren Ranch (controlled access)8
2020-11-15 09:05Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge (Oklahoma Co.)1
2020-11-17 16:27Quintana Neotropical Bird Sanctuary (UTC 121)1
2020-11-22 06:42Katy Prairie--Sharp Rd area (Harris Co.)4
2020-11-07 13:01Katy Prairie Conserv.--Nelson Farms E. (Harris Co.)2
2020-11-24 09:41Katy Prairie--Hebert rd.--dirt rd. E. of Pattison (Waller Co.)(UTC 100)2
2020-11-23 14:07Katy Prairie Conserv.--Nelson Farms W. (Waller Co.)3
2020-11-23 09:39Brazos Bend SP (UTC 117)1
2020-10-30 10:18Katy Prairie Conserv.--Mary Manor6
2020-11-06 07:22Sea Center Texas (UTC 113)1
2020-11-23 16:18Katy Prairie Conserv.--Indiangrass Preserve2
2020-11-27 16:23Old Hebert House (private)4
2020-11-08 06:24Spring Creek Greenbelt, College Station1
2020-11-22 10:00Eagle Nest Lake area2
2020-11-11 06:41Veterans Park, College Station1
2020-11-14 06:58Village Creek Drying Beds (PPW-W 083)1
2020-11-26 05:30Ft. Bend Co.--Davis Estates rd. area1
2020-11-23 11:05Colleyville Nature Ctr. (PPW-W 082)1
2020-11-22 07:21Cross Creek Ranch wetlands3
2020-11-04 13:34Waller Co.- Stalknecht Rd/Neuman Rd area2
2020-11-25 06:40Seabourne Creek Pk (Rosenberg)2
2020-11-19 10:40Laas Farm (private)1
2020-11-18 13:15Waller Co.- Buller rd. area (rice fields)10
2020-11-17 17:04Texas A&M Univ.--Ecology & Natural Resource area2
2020-11-26 06:21Damon Area (incl CR 4 & CR10)1
2020-11-21 06:52Lake Bryan (PPW-W 012)1
2020-11-23 07:30San Bernard NWR--Moccasin Pond Loop1
2020-11-18 06:45San Bernard NWR (UTC 125)1
2020-11-03 07:00San Bernard NWR--Bobcat Woods Trail1
2020-11-21 10:17San Bernard NWR--Wolfweed Wetlands2
2020-11-06 10:18Brazos Co.--Sims Lane/Sims Lane Cutoff1
2020-11-09 06:38Darst / Ricefield roads area6
2020-11-07 12:53Cement Creek Lake1
2020-11-05 14:52Bailey Lake Park1
2020-11-26 16:42Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR (CTC 004)8
2020-11-11 10:36Quivira NWR--Migrant's Mile & Park Smith Lake1
2020-11-01 07:28Quivira NWR--Big Salt Marsh--NE 170th St.6
2020-11-05 07:40Lake Somerville SP- Birch Creek Unit (PPW-W 005) (Burleson Co.)3
2020-11-10 09:34Quivira NWR--Big Salt Marsh--Wildlife Drive1
2020-10-29 18:02Quivira NWR--Big Salt Marsh3
2020-11-26 06:47Lake Somerville SP (Lee Co.) (Nails Crk & Flag Pond)1
2020-11-06 06:21Lake Somerville SP--Newman Bottom2
2020-11-24 14:54Lake Waco Wetlands (PPW-W 028)1
2020-11-08 09:31Saha Fish Farm1
2020-11-27 08:12Matagorda Co.--Harter Rd./FM2853 area1
2020-11-05 09:54Granger Lake--Pecan Grove WMA1
2020-11-07 07:32Granger Lake--Friendship Park1
2020-11-18 07:22Carancahua Bay--Eastern shore area (Jackson Co.)1
2020-11-03 06:28Granger Lake Area (HOTE 031)1
2020-11-14 12:27Lake Texana--Navidad River Boat Ramp (US59)1
2020-11-17 17:37Lake Texana--Palmetto Bend Dam area (CTC 022)1
2020-11-08 06:18Stillhouse Hollow Lake- Union Grove WMA4
2020-11-27 06:47Jackson Co.--CR1274
2020-11-23 11:44Soil Conservation Site 13a Reservoir2
2020-11-13 06:51Southeast Greenway, Mueller1
2020-11-07 06:00Guadalupe Delta WMA--Calhoun Co. (CTC 036)3
2020-11-17 07:30Guadalupe River Rd. (Refugio Co.)4
2020-11-06 08:34Guadalupe Delta WMA--Refugio Co. (CTC 036)21
2020-11-25 09:20Devine Lake Pk1
2020-11-08 08:00Aransas NWR (CTC 037) (Aransas Co.)1
2020-11-27 09:16Aransas NWR--Heron Flats Trail (Aransas Co.)3
2020-11-27 11:05Aransas NWR--Wildlife Tower (Calhoun Co.)1
2020-11-27 10:25Aransas NWR--Jones Lake (Calhoun Co.)1
2020-11-16 10:45Refugio Co.--Fields b/w TX35 & FM7743
2020-10-30 12:21Barton Creek at Loop 3601
2020-11-20 09:20Aransas NWR--Wildlife Dr.2
2020-10-31 07:30Lake Travis--Bob Wentz Windy Point Pk1
2020-11-23 06:37Victoria Co.--McFaddin area1
2020-11-26 07:00Commons Ford Ranch Metro Park1
2020-11-23 06:42Aransas Bay--Rockport/Fulton to Aransas NWR by boat3
2020-11-27 08:30Goose Island SP--Big Tree/Lamar Beach rd area1
2020-11-27 08:00Goose Island SP (CTC 048)1
2020-11-17 16:22Aransas Woods (CTC 047)1
2020-11-01 06:30Port Aransas--Holt Paradise Pond1
2020-11-07 09:05Port Aransas--Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Ctr. (CTC 057)1
2020-11-03 08:25Ingleside--Live Oak Park (CTC 055)1
2020-11-26 06:50Mustang Island SP (CTC 060)1
2020-11-16 12:30Suter Wildlife Refuge (CTC 069)1
2020-10-31 14:10Legacy Point area, Corpus Christi1
2020-11-07 11:24Stone Oak Park, San Antonio1
2020-11-03 06:30Pollywog Pond (CTC 077)1
2020-11-16 13:14Chapman Ranch1
2020-11-06 12:57Hazel Bazemore Park (CTC 078)4
2020-11-01 08:19Cibolo Nature Ctr. (HOTE 078)1
2020-11-12 17:06South Padre Is.--Bay Access mudflats N. of Conv Ctr.1
2020-11-24 17:13South Padre Is.--WBC/Conv. Center/Laguna Madre Trail (LTC 035)1
2020-11-24 07:53South Padre Is.--Birding and Nature Center1
2020-10-30 14:43Laguna Atascosa NWR--Osprey Overlook1
2020-11-22 07:35Old Port Isabel Rd3
2020-10-30 08:52Santa Ana NWR (LTC 059)1
2020-11-07 06:43Max A Mandel Golf Course1
2020-11-08 06:05Carretera hacia Laguna El Pedregal1
2020-11-08 08:23Laguna El Pedregal2
2020-11-15 06:14Rincón de Dolores1
2020-11-15 15:39Cima de Cerro de Hula--Área de las antenas1
2020-10-29 13:22Plaster Reservoir1
2020-11-07 10:06Comprensorio Xochimilco1
2020-11-07 07:52Parque Las Maravillas1
2020-10-29 06:47Parque Estatal Sierra Morelos4
2020-11-18 05:42Coris-Bermejo2
2020-11-07 07:00Hacienda El Bosque1
2020-10-31 07:40Laguna Negra, Nevado Del Ruiz1
2020-10-31 12:10Carretera Termales del Ruíz--Casa Teja1
2020-11-05 06:12Hotel Termales del Ruíz1
2020-11-22 12:08Cerro El Tablazo3
2020-10-31 10:00PNN Los Nevados (Dept. Caldas)1
2020-11-04 07:30Cerro del Zuque3
2020-10-30 06:55Giles Fuertesi Proaves Reserve4
2020-11-01 06:30PNN Sumapaz--Laguna Chisacá
2020-11-16 07:40Mirador de Tenerife1
2020-11-07 08:04Nueva América2
2020-11-26 06:16Laguna de Mojanda (Provincia Imbabura)7
2020-11-24 14:52Papallacta--Camino viejo a Pifo (old road west of pass)2
2020-11-07 06:22Reserva Ecológica Cayambe-Coca4
2020-11-15 06:00Papallacta--La Virgen y alrededores inmediatos (Pass and immediate vicinity)3
2020-11-06 13:00Papallacta--hot springs and road to Cayambe-Coca2
2020-11-08 07:10Laguna Papallacta2
2020-11-24 07:13Reserva Antisana, provincia de Pichincha (flujo de lava, mirador del cóndor, etc.)4
2020-11-22 15:20Reserva Ecológica Antisana--general area (*Please consider using a more precise hotspot or personal location when possible)2
2020-10-30 08:30PN Cotopaxi--Laguna Limpiopungo y alrededores4
2020-11-06 12:15Reserva Ecológica Los Illinizas y alrededores IBA2
2020-11-01 06:46Chapada dos Veadeiros--Fazenda dos Anões1
2020-11-05 05:49Floresta Nacional de Brasília1
2020-11-07 05:40Altiplano Leste1
2020-11-02 08:11Pista da Calçada - Moeda
2020-11-24 19:05Río Elqui--Ruta 5 Norte1
2020-11-20 17:11Estero El Culebrón--Desembocadura2
2020-11-07 15:30Santa Rita de Ibitipoca--área geral2
2020-10-30 14:00Mar Chiquita (AICA CO07)--Península de Mare1
2020-11-15 07:00Copina
2020-11-27 11:45PN Quebrada del Condorito y Reserva Hídrica Provincial Pampa de Achala (AICA CO04)5
2020-11-07 14:00Uspallata2
2020-11-09 10:00Laguna de Soria3
2020-11-21 09:25Laguna La Paloma3
2020-11-21 11:30Reserva Natural Laguna del Viborón1
2020-11-14 16:20Tranque La Cadellada1
2020-11-07 08:41Tranque La Cadellada--Laguna poniente1
2020-11-15 07:28Rosario do Sul--APA do Ibirapuitã1
2020-11-27 09:30SN Humedal Río Maipo--Desembocadura1
2020-11-17 07:15SN Humedal Río Maipo--Matorral dunario2
2020-11-14 07:30Pichilemu--Laguna Petrel1
2020-11-01 17:25Humedal de Putú1
2020-10-31 08:00Laguna Melincué y lagunas adyacentes (AICA SF06)-- Costa RN 901
2020-11-15 08:00Laguna Melincué y lagunas adyacentes (AICA SF06)
2020-11-21 08:00Laguna Melincué y lagunas adyacentes (AICA SF06)--Costa ex RN 932
2020-11-16 10:50Laguna La Ragusa3
2020-11-16 07:35Laguna La Picasa1
2020-11-18 10:26Paso Centurión1
2020-11-09 07:30Sierra de los Rios2
2020-10-29 09:43Complejo Humedal Rocuant-Andalién4
2020-10-30 17:00SN Península de Hualpén--Humedal Lenga2
2020-11-10 10:58Reserva Natural Urbana Delfín Pérez
2020-11-24 06:45SN Humedal Los Batros y Laguna Grande--Parque San Pedro del Valle1
2020-10-30 18:00SN Humedal Los Batros y Laguna Grande--Laguna Grande San Pedro1
2020-11-04 13:41Río Carampangue--Desembocadura5
2020-11-07 18:50Ea. La Porteña (Las Lajas Neuquén)3
2020-11-25 18:30Labranza3
2020-11-08 16:02Punta Rasa (AICA BA07)--Termas Marinas6
2020-10-31 07:00Allen6
2020-11-06 18:40Calfuco1
2020-11-12 17:01Cabo Blanco--Pastizales1
2020-11-27 10:31Centro de Humedales Río Cruces4
2020-10-31 08:29Lagunas de Ea. San Juan1
2020-11-23 16:04Desembocadura del Canal 72
2020-10-31 15:22CELPA-Mar Chiquita (AICA BA11)
2020-11-06 09:08Sierra de los difuntos (pdo de General Pueyrredón)2
2020-11-23 07:06Reserva Natural Paititi--Sierra de los Padres1
2020-11-26 16:53Estero La Poza1
2020-11-26 11:48Las Quemas Altas1
2020-10-30 09:24Reserva Natural Municipal Claromecó1
2020-11-01 17:45Pedro Luro--Marahué1
2020-11-01 06:24Los Relinchos1
2020-11-15 18:14Llanquihue--Pantano Teodosio Sarao1
2020-11-15 19:16Humedal Las Ranas2
2020-11-07 14:43RP80 x Rio Pichileufu3
2020-11-27 18:06Vertedero Lagunitas--Laguna5
2020-11-22 14:00Lagunas de Valle Volcanes1
2020-11-22 14:23Puntilla Quenuir Bajo1
2020-11-22 09:43Playa Pichicuyen1
2020-11-02 15:50Humedal Pudeto--norte1
2020-11-12 17:15Putemún--Humedal5
2020-11-16 18:31Laguna Los Coipos4
2020-11-22 17:00Ruta 240--Sector La Gruta1
2020-11-12 16:30PN Patagonia--Humedal km 302
2020-11-12 15:00PN Patagonia--Laguna Flamencos2
2020-11-18 14:00Reserva Natural Municipal Laguna Nimez (AICA SC12)1
2020-11-18 07:49Estancia Vega Castillo4
2020-11-10 12:25Río Gallegos (AICA SC04)-- RN Laguna Ortiz sector 11
2020-11-06 17:13Reserva Costera Urbana (AICA SC04)--Centro de Visitantes1
2020-10-31 15:00Steeple Jason Island
2020-10-31 15:36Río Seco--Laguna1
2020-11-25 11:37Humedal Tres Puentes2
2020-10-31 08:05Punta Arenas--Costanera norte1
2020-11-16 12:00Hawk's Nest Ponds1
2020-11-12 10:40Río Tres Brazos--Desembocadura1
2020-11-25 11:45Surf Bay and Hookers Point1
2020-11-26 20:15Sea Lion Island