The white-bellied sunbird (Cinnyris talatala), also known as the white-breasted sunbird, is a species of bird in the Nectariniidae family. It is found in Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Distribution and habitat Occurs from Angola to southern Tanzania south to southern Africa, where it is common to locally abundant across northern Namibia, northern and south-eastern Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland and north-eastern South Africa. It generally prefers semi-arid savanna woodland, such as Acacia, bushwillow (Combretum) and riparian thickets, Zambezi teak (Baikiaea plurijuga) and mixed miombo (Brachystegia) woodland.

Predators and parasites It has been recorded as prey of the following mammals: Felis cattus (Domestic cat) Galerella sanguinea (Slender mongoose)

Brood parasites It has been recorded as host of the Klaas's cuckoo.

Food It mainly eats nectar supplemented with arthropods, often joining mixed-species foraging flocks in the day, along with other sunbirds at large sources of nectar. In the late afternoon it regularly hawks insects aerially and gleans invertebrates from foliage.

The following food items have been recorded in its diet:

* Nectar

* Arthropods




grasshoppers (Orthoptera)

moths (Lepidoptera)


Breeding The nest (see image) is built solely by the female in about 5–8 days, consisting of an untidy oval-shaped structure made of dry material such as grass and leaves, bound together with spider web. The outside is decorated with bits of leaves and bark, while the interior is thickly lined with plant down, sometimes along with feathers and wool. It is typically attached to the branches or thorns of a plant, such as a Queen-of-the-night cactus (Cereus jamacaru), prickly-pear cactus (Opuntia) or a tree, sometimes alongside active paper wasp (Belanogaster) nests. Egg-laying season is from June–March, peaking from September–December. It lays 1-3 eggs, which are incubated solely by the female for 13–14 days. The chicks are brooded solely by the female but fed by both parents, leaving the nest after about 14–15 days, after which they continue to roost at the nest for about 4-14 more days.

Threats Not threatened, in fact it seems to have benefited from the fragmentation and disturbance of miombo (Bracystegia) woodland in Zimbabwe.
White-breasted Sunbird
Date Location Count
2020-11-06 06:36Onguma Bush Camp1
2020-11-21 09:26Marakele NP
2020-11-16 05:35Pilanesberg NP--Kwa Maritane1
2020-10-31 13:17Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp3
2020-11-28 07:47Kgaswane Nature Reserve1
2020-11-06 13:16Welgevonden Game Reserve2
2020-11-19 06:53Roodekopjes Dam Nature Reserve6
2020-11-22 06:06Breedtsnek Pass1
2020-11-27 09:54Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden4
2020-11-29 07:12Diepsloot Nature Reserve1
2020-11-20 05:36Kwalata Lodge1
2020-11-07 07:40Bishop Bird Park
2020-11-26 06:37Norkem Park3
2020-11-15 06:49Mkhombo Nature Reserve
2020-11-28 13:18Mabusa Nature Reserve1
2020-11-26 12:00Loskop Dam Nature Reserve2
2020-11-22 05:38Kruger NP--Mahonie Loop/S992
2020-11-17 15:11Blyde River Canyon Resort
2020-11-18 15:52Ohrigstad Dam
2020-11-24 09:38Umbabat NR--Ingwelala1
2020-11-04 08:21Kruger NP--Engelhard Dam1
2020-11-19 05:30Hazyview--Kruger Park Lodge1
2020-11-05 07:48Kruger NP--S441
2020-11-14 06:44Nelspruit--Mataffin2
2020-11-08 18:24Lowveld National Botanical Gardens1
2020-11-30 10:07Nelspruit Nature Reserve1
2020-11-16 10:00Kruger NP--Talamati Bushveld Camp1
2020-11-16 08:30Kruger NP--Pretoriuskop Rest Camp1
2020-11-04 06:42Lion Sands Game Reserve6
2020-11-06 09:41Lake Panic Bird Hide1
2020-11-18 08:08Kruger NP--Skukuza Camp1
2020-11-19 12:07Kruger NP--Timfenheni Loop/S1211
2020-11-06 04:30Kruger NP--Lower Sabie Rest Camp2
2020-11-28 09:44Sand River Reservoir4
2020-11-28 09:46Macaneta-- Wetland, dune forests and coast2
2020-11-01 06:31Mkhuze GR - KuMahalala Hide1
2020-11-03 07:16Mkhuze GR (please be more specific)2
2020-11-02 08:22Mkhuze GR - Nsumo Pan1
2020-11-15 05:24Mount Moreland IBA1
2020-11-06 12:45Durban - Bayhead
2020-11-12 09:00Phinda GR
2020-11-08 07:30Mpempe Pan1
2020-11-04 06:16Lagoa Nhassive2