The American dipper (Cinclus mexicanus), also known as a water ouzel, is a stocky dark grey bird with a head sometimes tinged with brown, and white feathers on the eyelids that cause the eyes to flash white as the bird blinks. It is 16.5 cm long and weighs on average 46 g. It has long legs, and bobs its whole body up and down during pauses as it feeds on the bottom of fast-moving, rocky streams. It inhabits the mountainous regions of Central America and western North America from Panama to Alaska.

This species, like other dippers, is equipped with an extra eyelid called a "nictitating membrane" that allows it to see underwater, and scales that close its nostrils when submerged. Dippers also produce more oil than most birds, which may help keep them warmer when seeking food underwater.

In most of its habits, it closely resembles its European counterpart, the white-throated dipper, Cinclus cinclus, which is also sometimes known as a Water Ouzel. It feeds on aquatic insects and their larvae, including dragonfly nymphs, small crayfish, and caddisfly larvae. It may also take tiny fish or tadpoles.

The song consists of high whistles or trills peee peee pijur pijur repeated a few times. Both sexes of this bird sing year round. It defends a linear territory along streams. Its habit of diving underwater in search of food can infrequently make it the prey of large salmonids like bull or Dolly Varden trout.

The American dipper's nest is a globe-shaped structure with a side entrance, close to water, on a rock ledge, river bank, behind a waterfall or under a bridge. The normal clutch is 2-4 white eggs, incubated solely by the female, which hatch after about 15–17 days, with another 20–25 days to fledging. The male helps to feed the young.

It is usually a permanent resident, moving slightly south or to lower elevations if necessary to find food or unfrozen water. The presence of this indicator species shows good water quality; it has vanished from some locations due to pollution or increased silt load in streams.

American Dipper
Date Location Count
2021-01-16 08:08Fountain Creek Regional Park1
2021-01-09 11:15Fountain Creek Regional Park--Nature Center/Cattail Marsh area1
2021-01-10 12:39Fountain Creek Regional Park--Area 51
2021-01-08 13:24Fountain Creek Regional Park--Area 41
2021-01-09 09:25Fountain Creek Regional Park--Area 31
2021-01-19 08:39Fountain Creek Regional Park--Willow Spring Rd. area1
2021-01-04 07:20Monument Valley Park1
2021-01-11 08:40Bear Creek Park East (El Paso)1
2021-01-18 10:58Clear Creek Trail--Lowell Blvd to Federal Blvd1
2021-01-17 13:51South Platte Park--C470 area1
2021-01-18 09:08Blackrock Lake1
2021-01-18 10:46Chatfield SP--below the dam1
2020-12-28 12:49South Platte Park--South Platte Reservoir--Southwest Bay area (Jefferson Co)1
2021-01-07 15:42Bear Creek Greenbelt--S Wadsworth Blvd to S Sheridan Blvd1
2021-01-09 08:15Chatfield SP (Jefferson Co)1
2021-01-09 08:10Chatfield SP--Downstream from Kingfisher Bridge (W)1
2021-01-07 10:36Chatfield SP--S Platte River delta (Jefferson Co)1
2021-01-03 07:37Chatfield SP--Audubon Center & Trails1
2020-12-24 12:15Rampart Range Rd at Hwy 672
2021-01-02 13:00Bear Creek Greenbelt--S Kipling Pkwy to S Wadsworth Blvd1
2021-01-18 15:07Manitou Lake1
2020-12-30 10:50Reserva Ecológica Pancho Poza2
2021-01-14 15:35Waterton Canyon--from Waterton Rd to overhead pipes2
2020-12-27 16:13Udall Natural Area1
2021-01-16 12:54St. Vrain Greenway1
2021-01-01 14:11Waterton Canyon (please use one or both of the two more specific locations)4
2021-01-09 10:16Waterton Canyon--upstream from overhead pipes5
2021-01-09 14:14River's Edge Natural Area1
2021-01-17 15:17Big Thompson River Bike Trail1
2021-01-14 14:20Wheat Ridge Greenbelt1
2021-01-16 15:18Rogers Grove Park1
2021-01-03 08:55Bear Creek Lake Park1
2021-01-17 12:05Clear Creek Trail--Golden to I-701
2020-12-25 15:31Golden Ponds Park and Nature Area1
2021-01-09 10:40Oxbow Natural Area1
2021-01-18 15:31Boulder Creek--75th St.1
2020-12-24 15:23Pella Crossing Open Space1
2021-01-16 11:30San Miguel Ixtahuacán2
2021-01-02 07:18Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat--Sawhill Ponds only1
2021-01-17 06:37Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat--Walden & Sawhill Ponds all together2
2021-01-03 08:40Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat--Boulder Creek/Heatherwood Trail2
2021-01-18 12:22Morrison Park1
2021-01-17 10:33Cañon City Riverwalk--Sell Lake to S Raynolds Ave1
2021-01-17 12:40Boulder Creek--61st St.1
2021-01-03 15:57St. Vrain River Crossing at 63rd St.1
2021-01-01 14:22Tucker Gulch1
2021-01-17 09:05Clear Creek Trail--Indian Gulch to Clear Creek History Park1
2021-01-14 13:01University of Colorado campus--Confluence Ponds and Skunk Creek1
2021-01-16 08:38Lair O' the Bear Park5
2020-12-25 16:47Boulder Creek--CU East Campus1
2021-01-16 11:26Tunnel Drive area and Water Treatment Ponds2
2021-01-13 09:32Boulder Creek--University of Colorado campus2
2021-01-12 12:30Bohn Park1
2021-01-13 10:30Lyons (town)1
2021-01-01 10:58Gateway Natural Area6
2021-01-14 08:13Eben G. Fine Park2
2021-01-17 11:50Apple Valley Rd.1
2021-01-01 13:16Eleven Mile Canyon3
2021-01-17 08:24Lake Estes1
2020-12-26 14:36Matthews-Reeser Bird Sanctuary1
2020-12-24 11:00Estes Park (town)1
2021-01-11 14:00Cotopaxi KOA
2021-01-15 14:34Red River Fish Hatchery1
2021-01-02 10:45Cowles Ponds1
2020-12-27 13:49Grand Lake complex--channel1
2020-12-26 09:30Tererro General Store area3
2021-01-02 08:40Pecos NHP1
2021-01-04 06:30Sands Lake State Wildlife Area1
2021-01-02 12:20Mount Ouray State Wildlife Area1
2021-01-12 13:58Browns Canyon National Monument--Hecla Junction area1
2021-01-11 21:25Blue River bridge at Summit CR 18702
2021-01-12 15:16Arkansas River Trail (Buena Vista)2
2021-01-17 09:33River Trail between Red Dot Trail and Water Canyon1
2021-01-17 08:03Red Dot Trail1
2021-01-17 12:29River Trail Between Water Canyon and Ancho Canyon1
2021-01-09 10:30Ancho Spring1
2021-01-13 09:20River Trail Between Ancho Canyon and Chaquehui Canyon1
2020-12-28 10:41River Trail Between Chaquehui Canyon and Frijoles Canyon2
2021-01-12 14:19Lake Creek Village Wetlands2
2021-01-15 10:10Santa Fe NF--Las Conchas Trailhead1
2021-01-18 12:00Angostura/Algodones Diversion Dam1
2021-01-12 14:02Eagle River--Hwy 70 to Bearden Rd2
2021-01-11 09:36Aspen Center for Environmental Studies4
2021-01-11 13:44Lower Brush Creek1
2021-01-03 13:31Yampa River Core Trail1
2021-01-17 12:33Wilton Jaffee Sr Park3
2021-01-15 16:19Veterans Island Park1
2021-01-19 12:04East Brush Creek Nature Trail and Ponds1
2021-01-17 14:13Rio Grande Trail--Gerbaz Way Bridge to Snowmass2
2020-12-26 10:18Gunnison (town)1
2021-01-16 14:06Gypsum Ponds3
2021-01-14 13:55Basalt River Park4
2021-01-18 13:55Pagosa Springs--San Juan River Walk3
2021-01-13 09:35Pagosa Springs--hot springs area1
2021-01-06 14:26Dotsero Ponds1
2021-01-03 10:44El Tigre Waterfalls2
2021-01-03 15:23Catarata la Paz--Bridge1
2020-12-30 14:27Mountain Plains Heritage Park1
2020-12-26 12:15Yampa River--along CR 70 N of US 401
2021-01-15 08:36Eco-Retreat Canto del Río1
2021-01-05 08:15Glenwood Canyon--Grizzly Creek Rest Area2
2021-01-17 12:45No Name2
2021-01-15 13:11Veltus Park in Glenwood Springs2
2021-01-18 08:45PN Tapanti--Sector Tapanti1
2021-01-03 11:38Story Fish Hatchery1
2021-01-14 11:43Piedra Trail1
2021-01-17 11:15Bradford Brinton Memorial and Museum1
2021-01-13 09:20San Gerardo de Dota2
2021-01-06 15:29La Piedra de Providencia2
2021-01-01 05:13San Gerardo de Rivas1
2020-12-29 15:19Navajo Lake SP1
2020-12-31 13:39Rifle Falls SP2
2021-01-04 10:59Ridgway SP--Dallas Creek area1
2021-01-07 10:20Ridgway River Walk3
2020-12-29 12:10Ridgway Reservoir--below the dam1
2021-01-10 10:45Dayton--Scott Bicentennial Park1
2021-01-17 11:43Telluride (town)2
2021-01-10 13:35Telluride Valley Floor1
2021-01-09 09:00Ute Indian Museum area2
2021-01-19 09:10Baldridge & Ute Parks1
2021-01-15 13:26Animas River--US 160 "High Bridge" to River Rd1
2021-01-04 15:56Animas River--Rivergate area1
2021-01-19 10:30Animas River--Huck Finn Pond & Hatchery area2
2021-01-10 08:15Meeker (town)1
2021-01-15 10:15Animas River--Santa Rita Park area4
2021-01-15 16:20Animas River--Roosa Ave area4
2021-01-06 10:48Medicine Lodge SP2
2021-01-10 17:40ZP Las Tablas--Sitio Coto Brus1
2021-01-09 14:00Grand Mesa--Skyway and Mesa Lakes area
2021-01-01 07:58Jerry Creek Reservoirs State Wildlife Area1
2021-01-10 08:46Red Canyon1
2021-01-15 15:39Lander (city)1
2021-01-19 16:27Lander--City Park and McManus Park1
2021-01-06 08:57Sinks Canyon SP1
2021-01-11 10:07Bull Lake Dam and Creek above Hwy 261
2020-12-31 12:41Catwalk National Recreation Trail1
2020-12-24 10:47Greer--West Fork of the Little Colorado River1
2021-01-18 13:37Petes Pond1
2021-01-18 13:18Dubois--Town Park1
2021-01-02 15:45Big Springs Trout Hatchery1
2021-01-08 12:15Yellowstone NP--Ice Box Canyon1
2021-01-10 13:41Yellowstone NP--Lamar Valley River Trail1
2020-12-25 13:00Yellowstone NP--Lamar Valley (please use more precise locations)8
2020-12-24 12:58Yellowstone NP--Yellowstone River Picnic Area Trail6
2020-12-30 09:30Grand Teton NP--Gros Ventre CG1
2021-01-05 09:37Currant Creek Canyon1
2021-01-10 13:15Flat Creek on Saddle Butte1
2021-01-04 08:45Karns Meadow Park1
2021-01-08 11:00Yellowstone NP--Blacktail Ponds4
2021-01-12 13:04Emily Stevens Park2
2021-01-01 16:18Canyon Creek Fish Hatchery1
2021-01-09 12:20Fish Creek Rd1
2021-01-01 14:06Yellowstone NP--Lava Creek Trail1
2021-01-17 16:35Yellowstone NP--N. Entrance Road (MT)3
2021-01-01 08:26Old Yellowstone Trail Slough1
2020-12-22 11:59Rock Cliffs SP1
2021-01-09 08:21Tonto Creek--Highline Trail2
2021-01-02 16:50Diamond Fork Canyon -- Diamond Fork CG3
2021-01-03 08:00Rockport Reservoir & SP1
2021-01-06 13:52Boulder Mountain--Garkane Power Plant Access Rd.2
2021-01-09 10:01Diamond Fork Canyon2
2021-01-04 12:35South Fork Canyon1
2021-01-16 17:00South Fork Canyon--South Fork Park1
2021-01-01 16:00Lost Creek -- Croydon1
2021-01-15 11:02Sundance2
2021-01-17 13:45Upper Falls Park2
2021-01-01 11:30Bridal Veil Falls Overlook4
2021-01-18 13:30Canyon Glen Park2
2021-01-07 13:00Provo Canyon (Utah Co.)1
2020-12-22 10:15East Bay Golf Course1
2021-01-19 13:13Provo Canyon -- Timpanogos & Canyon View Parks1
2021-01-09 10:50Story Mill Community Park1
2021-01-02 11:00Salem Pond1
2021-01-17 12:13Glen Lake Rotary Park1
2021-01-09 10:44Warm River Campground2
2021-01-02 12:03Little Mill Campground and Trail2
2021-01-05Utah Lake SP2
2021-01-11 08:38Rio de Flag--Picture Canyon1
2021-01-14 15:11Big Cottonwood Canyon--Storm Mountain Picnic Area1
2021-01-16 14:30Logan Canyon--Third Dam/Spring Hollow CG1
2021-01-01 12:50Logan Canyon--Stokes Nature Center1
2021-01-02 13:52Sixteenmile Creek Road, Maudlow1
2021-01-17 10:59City Creek Canyon--Above Bonneville Blvd1
2020-12-26 09:50Ogden Canyon1
2021-01-18 14:00Oak Creek Canyon--Cave Springs CG1
2021-01-17 13:44Birdsong Trail2
2021-01-10 17:04Ogden Botanical Gardens (incl. Parkway)1
2021-01-15 15:56Fort Buenaventura1
2021-01-16 12:25Mayor's Pond2
2021-01-17 10:09Blackbird FAS1
2020-12-31 13:10Lower South Boulder River1
2021-01-16 14:09York Bridge Pullout2
2021-01-14 10:11Hauser Dam2
2021-01-07 09:30Yankee Meadows Reservoir & Yankee Road1
2021-01-02 10:13Grizzly Gulch1
2021-01-14 13:13Zion NP--Riverside Walk4
2021-01-13 14:12Zion NP--Emerald Pools Trail3
2021-01-13 12:13Zion NP--Court of the Patriarchs1
2021-01-19 16:15Zion NP1
2021-01-05 15:00Butte--Blacktail Creek Trail1
2021-01-04 13:49Lost Creek SP1
2021-01-03 11:00Sacajawea Center1
2020-12-29 14:27Hot Springs Island2
2021-01-18 14:16Draper Wood River Preserve1
2021-01-17 11:46Croy Creek Wetlands1
2020-12-24 12:51River Run Ski Lodge1
2020-12-27 10:10Big Wood River--Ketchum1
2020-12-25 16:28Rattlesnake NRA--Main Rattlesnake Creek Trails1
2021-01-04 16:06Tom Green Park1
2021-01-16 09:22Greenough Park1
2020-12-28 14:20Chief Looking Glass FAS1
2021-01-16 10:00Lee Metcalf NWR2
2020-12-22 11:36Lee Metcalf NWR--Stevi Cutoff Rd.-Hwy 203-Wildfowl Ln.1
2021-01-10 10:22Travelers Rest SP1
2021-01-11 09:00Kelly Island Trails1
2021-01-03 14:00Glacier NP--Upper McDonald Creek4
2021-01-19 11:50Creston Fish Hatchery1
2021-01-14 11:52Waterton Lakes National Park2
2021-01-10 13:59Waterton Lakes NP--McNally Picnic Area1
2021-01-09 13:23Lamoille Canyon--Glacier Overlook1
2021-01-04 16:19Lundbreck Falls1
2020-12-30 14:00Okotoks--Sheep River Ridge1
2021-01-14 11:35Chain Lakes Provincial Park2
2021-01-17 11:31Frank Lake1
2021-01-14 14:29Calgary--Lindsay Park1
2021-01-06 14:17Fish Creek PP--Bebo Grove1
2021-01-12 11:32Calgary--Sandy Beach Park1
2020-12-25 14:12Calgary--River Park1
2021-01-19 15:27Calgary--Queen's Park Cemetery1
2021-01-11 09:44Calgary--Griffith Woods Park1
2020-12-30 12:18Lucky Peak SP--Sandy Point1
2021-01-19 17:07Lucky Peak SP--Discovery Unit1
2021-01-16 10:56Diversion Dam1
2021-01-16 09:51Boise State Intermountain Bird Observatory Riverside Study Site2
2021-01-16 09:02Boise River Greenbelt at Mile NE 2.51
2021-01-10 14:00Parnell Beach1
2020-12-21 12:00Elbow River PRA--Allen Bill Pond1
2020-12-28 14:52Elbow Falls PRA1
2021-01-09 13:13Kootenay Fish Hatchery1
2020-12-28 10:16Bow Valley Provincial Park1
2021-01-02 08:46Kananaskis--Sundance Lodges/Beaver Ponds Day Use2
2021-01-04 10:17Orofino City Park1
2020-12-27 14:30Bow Valley PP--Heart Mountain Trail1
2021-01-01 13:30Nez Perce National Historic Park--Lewis and Clark Canoe Camp1
2020-12-26 09:17Cranbrook6
2021-01-16 13:45St Eugene Mission1
2020-12-26 09:27Moyie Lake Provincial Park6
2021-01-09 13:52Canmore (town)1
2021-01-17 10:30Cranbrook, Palmer Bar Creek5
2021-01-14 09:22Spray Valley PP--Goat Creek Day Use Area1
2021-01-14 15:10Wycliffe4
2021-01-10 12:01Ed Corkill River Trail--North End1
2021-01-03 08:35Marysville, BC, CA2
2020-12-29 10:30Kootenai NWR2
2021-01-15 15:34McArthur Lake WMA1
2021-01-01 14:00Saint Mary Lake1
2021-01-14 09:25Wallowa Lake2
2021-01-15 13:29Wallowa Lake SP2
2020-12-27 10:55Joseph (town)1
2021-01-12 09:15Lake Coeur d'Alene--Mica Bay1
2021-01-01 15:15Creston--Goat River Road South1
2020-12-27 09:00Creston--Leach Lake2
2021-01-10 08:19Icehouse Canyon1
2021-01-17 10:32Lostine (town)2
2021-01-02 08:18Barrett-Stoddard Truck Trail (LA Co.)1
2020-12-31 08:47E Fork San Gabriel River--Bridge to Nowhere1
2021-01-02 09:34Canebrake Ecological Reserve2
2021-01-09 10:23Tinemaha Creek and Campground1
2021-01-09 14:10Riverfront Park3
2021-01-02 11:29Wentel Grant Park1
2020-12-27 09:51Division Creek1
2021-01-08 08:12Calispell Lake1
2021-01-15 09:03Yoho National Park--Field1
2021-01-08 14:21Sullivan Lake--Noisy Creek CG3
2021-01-05 10:40Riverside SP--Confluence of Spokane and Little Spokane Rivers1
2021-01-08 08:00Lardeau1
2020-12-29 09:30Argenta flats--Causeway--north of Kootenay Lake2
2021-01-16 11:02Kokanee Creek Provincial Park3
2020-12-22 10:25Plant 4, Bishop Creek1
2021-01-18 09:31Owens River Gorge--lower to central2
2021-01-04 15:07Johnsondale Bridge--incl. MTN 99 from Brush Cr. to MP 3.0 pullout2
2020-12-24 14:48Tyee Lakes Trail1
2021-01-16 15:13Keyesville--Slippery Rock Launch Site1
2021-01-16 09:20Nelson--waterfront1
2021-01-03 10:00Keyesville vicinity10
2020-12-26 09:39Lower Pine Creek Rd.1
2021-01-03 09:29Sequoia NF--Sandy Flat Campground2
2021-01-16 13:00Kooskooskie1
2021-01-10 10:11USFS--Delonegha Day Use Area1
2021-01-10 10:41New Denver1
2021-01-16 09:17Slocan--Walter Clough Bird Sanctuary1
2021-01-15 10:00Castlegar--Selkirk College Trails1
2021-01-03 10:11Castlegar--Zuckerberg Island2
2021-01-10 09:49Castlegar--Waldie Island2
2021-01-08 10:28Sherwin Creek Campground1
2021-01-02 14:30Lake Kaweah--Slick Rock Recreation Area1
2021-01-02 10:37Rossland - Centennial Trail and Reservoir1
2021-01-09 14:34Forest Conservation Area1
2021-01-03 14:07Lake Kaweah1
2021-01-15 10:13Los Padres NF--Santa Paula Canyon2
2020-12-27 08:24Nakusp - general1
2020-12-28 08:30Nakusp--waterfront1
2020-12-21 13:24Yosemite Valley--Swinging Bridge area2
2021-01-05 06:56Silver Saddle Ranch1
2021-01-17 13:20Greeley riparian area2
2021-01-08 11:14Wingfield Park2
2021-01-01 13:16Customs Road, Curlew2
2021-01-17 12:30Idlewild Park1
2021-01-16 10:29Dorostkar Park1
2021-01-18 08:00Mayberry Park2
2021-01-14 13:36Grand Coulee1
2021-01-16 09:10Revelstoke--Macpherson ski and bike trails1
2021-01-16 14:31Crystal Peak Park2
2020-12-26 10:51Pinecrest Lake1
2021-01-10 14:46I-80--Truckee River crossing at the large pullout4
2021-01-01 12:15Jasper National Park--Athabasca Falls2
2021-01-14 15:00Jasper National Park--Lac Beauvert2
2021-01-19 13:30Prosser Dam1
2021-01-14 10:18Horner Rd--Lumby1
2020-12-28 09:01Osoyoos--Road 22 and dykes (general)1
2021-01-17 14:52Osoyoos--Road 22--dykes north of bridge1
2020-12-27 11:39McIntyre Bluff1
2021-01-14 08:30Kelowna--Scenic Canyon1
2021-01-16 14:09Kelowna--Sutherland Hills Park1
2021-01-09 11:22Kelowna--Mission Creek Greenway @ Mayer Road1
2021-01-18 12:27Okanagan Falls (general)2
2021-01-15 10:55Okanagan Falls Provincial Park2
2021-01-04 09:03Kelowna--Mission Creek Greenway (Casorso Rd to K.L.O. Rd)2
2021-01-01 11:45Penticton--Okanagan Lake1
2021-01-01 12:12Penticton--SS Sicamous/Riverside Park1
2021-01-14 10:20Chelan Riverwalk Park1
2020-12-29 11:00Stevens Trail1
2021-01-11 18:21Gansner Park WTP1
2021-01-05 15:30Feather River College1
2021-01-03 11:07West Kelowna--Mouth of Powers Creek1
2021-01-06 15:27West Kelowna--Glen Canyon Regional Park1
2021-01-17 10:00Canyon Crk Tr/Indian Valley Rd.6
2021-01-16 08:31Auburn SRA--Confluence Area1
2020-12-29 12:34Peachland--Mouth of Trepanier Creek1
2021-01-12 16:36Celestial Valley Rd.1
2020-12-29 08:00Peachland1
2021-01-01 10:33Lincoln Rock SP1
2021-01-14 08:30Umtanum Creek1
2021-01-16 11:09Colgate Powerhouse river access2
2021-01-08 09:02Rice's Crossing Rd.3
2021-01-12 14:30Tsútswecw Provincial Park (Roderick Haig-Brown)3
2021-01-10 08:02Winthrop1
2021-01-10 13:00Winthrop National Fish Hatchery1
2020-12-25 08:49Cashmere (town)4
2021-01-03 08:30Riverside Park, Cashmere1
2021-01-04 15:03Methow River--Edelweiss4
2020-12-31 10:30Methow Community Trail1
2021-01-14 11:43Deschutes River SP1
2021-01-19 14:29Dryden Dam Public Access2
2021-01-01 10:01Mazama1
2021-01-01 12:43Smith Rock SP1
2021-01-15 14:18Humboldt Rd--Colby Butte Confluence1
2021-01-18 14:59Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery1
2021-01-08 15:29Lassen NF--Cherry Hill Campground1
2021-01-15 11:29Concow Reservoir (includes campground)1
2021-01-19 09:55Butte Creek--skyway crossing1
2020-12-31 08:35Lassen Volcanic NP--Manzanita Lake1
2021-01-01 10:36First Street River Trail1
2021-01-17 08:36Deschutes River Trail--Old Mill (Mill A and Loggers Loops)1
2021-01-05 15:19Farewell Bend Park1
2021-01-15 09:15Columbia Park1
2021-01-19 16:05Deschutes River Trail--South Canyon Reach2
2021-01-05 14:58Deschutes River Trail--Big Eddy1
2020-12-21 15:24Deschutes River Trail--Aspen1
2020-12-21 10:08Upper Bidwell Park--10 Mile House Trail1
2021-01-01 11:00Princeton--general1
2020-12-31 14:59Lake McCumber1
2021-01-14 11:30Klickitat Trail--Fisher Hill Trailhead to MP 41
2021-01-15 13:45Fall River Trail1
2020-12-31 12:00Wyeth Campground1
2021-01-18 08:56Pfeiffer Big Sur SP1
2021-01-13 10:09Big Sur River--Hwy 1 bridge1
2021-01-17 10:10Metolius Conservation Area--Riverside Campground5
2020-12-29 09:00Camp Sherman1
2021-01-18 09:03Los Gatos Creek Trail--south of Main St.1
2021-01-04 14:17Spring Creek Fish Hatchery2
2021-01-03 11:48Nicola Cutoff Rd at Nicola River2
2020-12-24 08:38Putah Creek--Hwy 128 Bridge (YOL Co.)1
2021-01-07 09:00Mount Hermon--American Dipper spot (private)1
2020-12-29 13:42Colonial Creek Campground/Thunder Arm1
2021-01-16 08:28Gold Creek Trail1
2020-12-26 13:12Coleman Fish Hatchery ponds1
2020-12-26 14:09Odell Lake--East Access1
2021-01-17 08:05Frain Ranch Campground2
2020-12-28 13:20Clear Lake (Linn Co.)4
2020-12-23 13:02South Cascade Rd., Marblemount2
2021-01-09 11:33Eagle Creek Trail1
2021-01-15 08:55Sunshine Valley1
2021-01-05 10:12Eagle Creek Fish Hatchery Overlook1
2021-01-16 08:49Wildwood Recreation Area1
2020-12-23 13:24Marblemount boat launch1
2020-12-27 16:00Bonneville Fish Hatchery1
2021-01-09 08:38Strawberry Island2
2021-01-10 14:21Middle Fork Snoqualmie--Valley Camp1
2021-01-15 09:28Beacon Rock State Park1
2020-12-22 09:21Christmas Lake1
2021-01-09 10:02Silver Skagit Road1
2021-01-09 13:23Tanner Landing Park1
2021-01-14 11:05Rockport -- pullout over marsh1
2020-12-29 09:29Little Hyatt Reservoir1
2021-01-10 08:57Multnomah Falls1
2021-01-19 14:21Howard Miller Steelhead Park1
2021-01-15 10:20Silver Lake PP2
2021-01-14 12:00Kawkawa Lake, Hope1
2021-01-10 10:21Snoqualmie Falls1
2021-01-18 11:12Snoqualmie River--Tokul Cr. Confluence1
2021-01-11 14:06Hope--Sewage Lagoon1
2021-01-01 12:25Whiskeytown NRA--Tower House District1
2021-01-18 14:21Stillwater Bog1
2021-01-07 13:15Fortson Mill Ponds2
2021-01-16 11:46Latourell Falls Loop1
2020-12-21 12:17Osprey Park1
2020-12-31 13:06Fall City Community Park1
2021-01-02 13:42Lake Scanewa (Lewis Co.)1
2021-01-19 11:46Leo T. Cronin Fish Viewing Area1
2021-01-02 09:00Flaming Geyser SP2
2020-12-27 16:40Cascadia SP2
2021-01-05 09:26Milo McIver SP1
2021-01-17 10:11North Mountain Park1
2021-01-02 11:17Fred V Habenicht Park1
2021-01-05 07:56Lewiston Fish Hatchery1
2021-01-15 12:24Lithia Park1
2020-12-27 12:43Lost Creek Lake--Rogue River Holy Waters and Fish Hatchery1
2020-12-24 16:36Round Lake - Lacamas Park1
2021-01-16 16:12Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park1
2021-01-09 11:06West Orting Farms1
2021-01-05 14:22Silver Falls SP1
2020-12-29 12:15100 Mile House Centennial Park1
2021-01-13 09:15Dexter Reservoir--West Dam1
2021-01-16 09:33Big Finn Hill Park1
2021-01-17 14:02Deschutes Falls County Park1
2021-01-02 10:40Vedder Rotary Trail - Lickman Rd1
2021-01-05 10:50Dorena Reservoir--East Wildlife Area1
2021-01-19 08:11Browne Creek Wetlands2
2021-01-14 16:09Vedder Rotary Trail - Hopedale Rd1
2021-01-05 09:35Harms Park1
2020-12-31 08:41Cantrall-Buckley Park1
2021-01-08 10:42Carkeek Park1
2020-12-24 10:58Nooksack River--Mosquito Lake Rd Bridge1
2021-01-11 13:21Kilgard--Mackay Creek Dyke trail1
2021-01-18 07:25So Lake Whatcom County Park2
2021-01-10 10:13Bloedel Reserve1
2021-01-10 09:00Horsefly1
2020-12-25 12:55Lillooet--Powerhouse1
2021-01-02 07:30Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park1
2021-01-15 12:45Seton River--lower spawning channel2
2020-12-28 12:00Seton River--upper spawning channel2
2021-01-08 14:53Whatcom Falls Park1
2021-01-15 08:45Lillooet--Seton Canal1
2020-12-26 13:38Lillooet--Seton Lake1
2021-01-17 09:26Chico Salmon Viewing Park2
2021-01-17 11:21Dickerson Creek1
2021-01-01 13:17Olympia--Capitol Lake North Pool1
2020-12-31 12:30Likely1
2021-01-05 10:10Hellgate Canyon Viewpoint area1
2021-01-09 11:13Henry Hagg Lake Park--Eagle Point Recreation Area1
2020-12-22 15:47Trinity River--Big Rock River Access1
2021-01-01 11:31Little Quilcene River mouth1
2021-01-08 11:15Henry Hagg Lake Park--Scoggins Creek2
2020-12-27 15:13Dosewallips State Park1
2021-01-18 14:00Maple Ridge Park2
2021-01-10 11:34Gardiner Beach3
2020-12-29 09:41Skokomish Delta--overlook from Hwy 1061
2020-12-28 12:30DeBoville Slough, Coquitlam2
2021-01-03 11:19Coquitlam--Westwood Park1
2020-12-30 15:16Port Moody--Shoreline Park1
2021-01-17 10:53Skokomish Valley Farms1
2021-01-17 12:52Dungeness Fish Hatchery1
2021-01-13 12:20Lake Cushman1
2021-01-18 13:30Railroad Bridge Park1
2021-01-08 13:35Birkenhead River along Hwy 994
2021-01-18 09:44Redwood NP--Tall Trees Trail1
2021-01-03 10:20Burnaby Lake--Avalon entrance1
2021-01-09 12:15King Range NCA--Lost Coast Trail-Black Sand Beach1
2021-01-03 15:16Deep Cove--Corner Beach1
2021-01-16 12:54Robin Hill Farm County Park2
2021-01-17 11:30Prairie Creek Redwoods SP--Fern Canyon area1
2021-01-17 12:14Bullmoose Marshes1
2020-12-25 09:30Golden and Silver Falls SP1
2021-01-07 14:05Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve--Rice Lake1
2021-01-15 11:20N. Fork Nehalem Fish Hatchery1
2021-01-07 09:30Whistler--Fitzsimmons Fan Park & Nicklaus North Golf Course1
2021-01-05 20:38Francis Street Park1
2021-01-17 09:56Squamish Golf Course and Spawning Channels1
2021-01-14 09:24Alice Lake Provincial Park1
2021-01-11 10:15Cypress Provincial Park--Yew Lake trail1
2021-01-19 12:30West Vancouver--Stearman Beach/Cypress Creek mouth1
2021-01-11 13:40Brackendale- general area1
2021-01-08 11:00Devils Elbow SP (Heceta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Area)1
2021-01-18 13:00Brackendale--Cheakamus Centre2
2021-01-18 13:01Ecola Creek Forest Reserve1
2021-01-09 15:20Elwha River mouth1
2021-01-09 15:24Elwha River Mouth -- west access1
2021-01-18 09:30Goldstream Provincial Park1
2020-12-26 13:09Storm King Ranger station1
2021-01-16 14:05Hoh Rain Forest--Spruce Nature Trail1
2021-01-16 13:52Roberts Creek Jetty1
2021-01-08 16:05Porpoise Bay Provincial Park1
2021-01-17 09:09Nanaimo--Nanaimo Hatchery1
2021-01-18 11:10Clallam Bay County Park1
2020-12-28 11:40Head of Oyster Bay1
2021-01-17 09:54Bear Lake--Crooked River south bridge1
2020-12-31 12:09Englishman River Regional Park2
2021-01-19 08:45Englishman River Estuary--Shelly St side1
2021-01-03 12:05Englishman River Estuary (general)1
2021-01-13 12:29Brew Bay1
2021-01-16 10:04Little Qualicum fish hatchery2
2020-12-27 08:58Powell River--Wildwood Bluffs1
2021-01-05 15:55Powell River--Sliammon Point1
2021-01-05 13:30Stamp River Provincial Park1
2021-01-19 16:32Nymph Falls Nature Park3
2020-12-22 14:30Kitimat--Methanex Oxbow1
2021-01-03 11:10Ketchikan--Herring Cove/Bay1
2021-01-10 09:05Ketchikan (town)1
2021-01-02 13:00Atlin--Palmer Lake2
2021-01-10 13:30Atlin--MacDonald Lake1
2021-01-01 14:00Juneau (town)2
2021-01-04 11:50Mendenhall Wetlands SGR--Salmon Creek Delta1
2021-01-06 09:45Mendenhall Wetlands SGR--Fish Creek Delta1
2020-12-27 12:19Sitka--Nat. His. Pk.-Totem Trail1
2021-01-02 08:38Sitka Nat. Historical Park1
2021-01-02 12:00Sitka (town)1
2020-12-25 13:06Starrigavan Estuary Recreation Area1
2021-01-18 14:00Whitehorse--Yukon River--Rotary Centennial Bridge (Millennium Trail) & dam4
2021-01-10 13:44Whitehorse--Yukon River Trail--Riverdale side2
2021-01-13 16:45Whitehorse--downtown1
2021-01-08 10:00Glacier Bay NP--Bartlett Cove1
2021-01-01 12:12Whitehorse--McIntyre Creek--middle1
2020-12-26 12:34Whitehorse--Copper Haul Road--Ponds (CWS #609)2
2021-01-07 15:27Whitehorse--McIntyre Creek wetland (CWS #608)1
2021-01-15 15:00Fish Creek1
2020-12-26 13:11Whitehorse--Louise Lake1
2021-01-18 13:46Haines Junction--Pine Creek1
2021-01-05 11:00Whittier (town)1
2020-12-31 14:15Jim Lake (Jim Creek IBA/Maud Rd-Butte)2
2021-01-15 10:53Girdwood Junction1
2021-01-03 13:15Seward--Airport Mudflats1
2020-12-23 12:27Seward--Tonsina Creek/Caines Head Trail2
2021-01-04 11:28Seward--Lagoon and Benny Benson Mem. Park1
2021-01-02 10:32Quartz Creek Campground (MP A97.9 Sterling Hwy)1
2021-01-09 13:30Wasilla--Cottonwood Creek Park1
2021-01-10 10:01Arctic Valley Road1
2021-01-17 11:33Cooper Landing (MP A101.4 Sterling Hwy)2
2021-01-15 11:11Otter Lake (Joint Base Elmendorf-Richarson [Restricted])1
2021-01-15 14:55Potter Marsh--Boardwalk (MP A9.5 Seward Hwy)1
2021-01-16 11:37Elmendorf Fish Hatchery1
2021-01-01 10:25Hillstrand Pond (Chester Creek Watershed)1
2021-01-01 10:40Chester Creek Trail1
2021-01-17 09:53Ship Creek Trail3
2020-12-23 11:57Ship Creek1
2021-01-16 11:11Ship Creek--Overlook Park3
2021-01-07 10:00Tolovana Hot Springs1
2021-01-17 10:30Soldotna--Centennial Park2
2021-01-06 15:45Seldovia (town)1
2021-01-03 15:30Ninilchik (town)1
2021-01-02 15:00Kodiak Is.--Lake Rose Tead and Pasagshak River1
2021-01-15 11:15Kodiak Is.--Buskin River SRS1
2020-12-30 15:09Kodiak Is.--Womens Bay-Head1