The sooty-capped bush tanager (Chlorospingus pileatus) is a small passerine bird traditionally placed in the family Thraupidae, but now viewed closer to Arremonops in the Emberizidae. This bird is an endemic resident breeder in the highlands of Costa Rica and western Panama.

The sooty-capped bush tanager is found in mossy mountain forests, second growth and adjacent bushy clearings, typically from 1600 m altitude to above the timberline. The bulky cup nest is built on bank, in a dense bush, or hidden amongst epiphytes up to 11 m high in a tree. The normal clutch is two pink-brown eggs marked with white.

The adult sooty-capped bush tanager is 13.5 cm long and weighs 20g. The adult has a blackish head with a white supercilium and a grey throat. It has olive upperparts and yellow underparts, becoming white on the belly. Some individuals in the Irazu-Turrialba area are greyer and lack yellow in the underparts. Immatures are browner-headed, duller below, and have a duller olive-tinged supercilium. This species is easily distinguished from common bush tanager by its blacker head and obvious supercilium.

Sooty-capped bush tanagers occur in small groups, or as part of a mixed-species feeding flock. This species feeds on insects, spiders and small fruits.

The sooty-capped bush tanager's call is a high tseet tseet, and the song is a scratchy seechur seechur see see seechur seechur with variations.

Sooty-capped Chlorospingus
Date Location Count
2020-08-02 09:33El Tigre Waterfalls1
2020-07-08 06:42NP Juan Castro Blanco--Albergue Pozo Verde3
2020-07-07 07:49Road to PN Volcán Poás1
2020-07-21 09:26Zona Protectora El Chayote4
2020-07-19 07:45Road Bajos del Volcan4
2020-07-31 06:00Monserrat de Coronado3
2020-08-02 12:27PN Volcán Irazú6
2020-07-25 08:23Reserva Robles Mimosos Ecolodge10
2020-07-24 08:39Paraiso Quetzal Lodge - Km 702
2020-07-30 10:59Cerro de La Muerte--km 70, Mirador de Quetzales6
2020-07-11 19:52Iyok Ami8
2020-07-30 07:24PN Los Quetzales8
2020-07-21 09:20PN Los Quetzales--KM 76, Providencia road2
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2020-07-31 09:09Villa Mills3
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