The jungle nightjar (Caprimulgus indicus) is a species of nightjar found in India and Sri Lanka. It is found mainly on the edge of forests where it is seen or heard at dusk. The taxonomy of this and related nightjars is complex and a range of treatments have been followed that cover this and several other nightjars in the Asian region. It was formerly called the grey nightjar or Indian jungle nightjar and sometimes included the East Asian grey nightjar (C. jotaka) as a subspecies.
Jungle Nightjar
Date Location Count
2021-07-23 17:05Kot Baandh1
2021-06-29 18:04Kiraksal Biodiversity Region-- Kuran Forest Range2
2021-07-10 06:30Bhigwan -- Agneepankh birding area1
2021-07-20 07:54Jhalana Safari Park2
2021-07-18 07:19Ranthambore NP--Zone 61
2021-07-18 12:05Ranthambore NP--Ranthambore Fort4
2021-07-21 07:11Mangar Bani1
2021-06-29 06:30Panna National Park1
2021-06-27 16:53Kanha NP--Kisli Zone1
2021-06-28 14:00Harish-Chandra Research Institute1