The tufted titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor) is a small songbird from North America, a species in the tit and chickadee family (Paridae). The black-crested titmouse, found from central and southern Texas southwards, was included as a subspecies but is now considered a separate species B. atricristatus.

These birds have grey upperparts and white underparts with a white face, a grey crest, a dark forehead and a short stout bill; they have rufous-coloured flanks. The song is usually described as a whistled peter-peter-peter. They make a variety of different sounds, most having a similar tone quality.

The habitat is deciduous and mixed woods as well as gardens, parks and shrubland in the eastern United States; they barely range into southeastern Canada in the Great Lakes region. They are all-year residents in the area effectively circumscribed by the Great Plains, the Great Lakes, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. The range is expanding northwards, possibly due to increased availability of winter food at bird feeders. The birds are nowadays resident all year even in rural Ohio where there are few bird feeders, while it was noted around 1905 that many birds from these areas migrated south in winter.

They forage actively on branches, sometimes on the ground, mainly eating insects, especially caterpillars, but also seeds, nuts and berries. They will store food for later use. They tend to be curious about their human neighbors and can sometimes be spotted on window ledges peering into the windows to watch what's going on inside. They are more shy when seen at bird feeders; their normal pattern there is to scout the feeder from the cover of trees or bushes, fly to the feeder, take a seed, and fly back to cover to eat it.

Tufted titmice nest in a hole in a tree, either a natural cavity, a man-made nest box, or sometimes an old woodpecker nest. They line the nest with soft materials, sometimes plucking hair from a live animal such as a dog. If they find shed snake skin, they will try to incorporate pieces of it in their nest. Their eggs are under an inch long and are white or cream-colored with brownish or purplish spots. Sometimes, a bird born the year before remains to help its parents raise the next year's young. The pair may remain together and defend their territory year-round. These birds are permanent residents and often join small mixed flocks in winter.
Tufted Titmouse
Date Location Count
2019-11-06 13:39C&O Canal--Edwards Ferry8
2019-11-10 14:55Beaverdam Creek Reservoir1
2019-11-17 09:36Hughes Hollow - McKee Beshers WMA1
2019-11-10 08:57Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional Park4
2019-11-17 08:00Algonkian Regional Park2
2019-11-10 06:30Algonkian Nature Preserve--Sanctuary Trail2
2019-11-10 10:51Ball's Bluff Battlefield Regional Park3
2019-11-09 07:49Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve1
2019-11-16 08:23C&O Canal--Riley's Lock2
2019-11-16 11:00Runnymede Park2
2019-11-17 07:49C&O Canal--Violette's Lock2
2019-11-08 08:31Stratton Woods Park1
2019-11-11 09:33Gilbert's Corner Regional Park3
2019-11-16 16:37C&O Canal--Pennyfield Lock2
2019-11-17 14:30Lake Fairfax Park2
2019-11-11 16:10Walker Nature Center--Reston1
2019-11-17 07:37Twin Branches Trail4
2019-11-11 08:20The Turquoise Trail2
2019-11-14 11:35Glenstone Museum (restricted access)1
2019-11-17 07:11Great Falls Park10
2019-11-10 14:20Tamarack Bog1
2019-11-14 10:10Serpentine Barrens Conservation Park1
2019-11-16 14:48Difficult Run Stream Valley Park (Georgetown Pike)3
2019-11-15 10:00Darnestown Rd. ponds1
2019-11-12 12:02Seneca Creek SP--Clopper Lake3
2019-11-16 13:31Gunners Lake2
2019-11-09 15:39Suzanne R. Kane Nature Preserve and woods behind ODV2
2019-11-11 08:46Manassas National Battlefied Park--Van Pelt5
2019-11-11 15:37Scott's Run Nature Preserve2
2019-11-10 07:45Vienna Reservoir1
2019-11-10 16:40Occoquan Sewage Plant (UOSA)1
2019-11-14 09:40Watkins Ponds - King Farm Stream Park3
2019-11-14 12:57C&O Canal--Locks 10-121
2019-11-17 13:45Ashby Pond Conservancy Site1
2019-11-06 07:40Lily Pons Rd.2
2019-11-07 07:50Silver Lake Regional Park2
2019-11-17 15:00Crabbs Branch Pond1
2019-11-11 09:51Conway-Robinson State Forest2
2019-11-17 09:30Redgate Park2
2019-11-11 07:05Woodglen Lake1
2019-11-17 07:00Lake Needwood4
2019-11-16 12:19Lake Frank1
2019-11-15 07:50Royal Lake Park4
2019-11-11 09:45Aspen Hill4
2019-11-13 09:30Meadowside Nature Center1
2019-11-15 13:57American Bird Conservancy Office1
2019-11-10 09:45Snickers Gap Hawk Watch2
2019-11-17 14:35Ken-Gar Palisades Park1
2019-11-09 11:01Willard Avenue Neighborhood Park2
2019-11-09 10:08Somerset - Vinton Park2
2019-11-15 08:06Upton Hill Regional Park2
2019-11-10 09:25Potomac Overlook Regional Park7
2019-11-15 15:00Lake Accotink Park1
2019-11-17 12:30Burke Lake Park2
2019-11-16 07:45Monocacy National Battlefield--Ford Loop Trail2
2019-11-16 09:00Blue Mash Nature Trail2
2019-11-17 14:31Capital Crescent Trail at Rock Creek Trail1
2019-11-15 13:20Glover-Archbold Park--North end2
2019-11-09 08:19Fort C.F. Smith Park1
2019-11-11 10:59Brookfield Park2
2019-11-09 10:20South Run Stream Valley Trail--South Run Park to Burke Lake2
2019-11-17 06:57Brookside Gardens5
2019-11-11 07:00Rock Creek Park--Melvin C. Hazen Trail5
2019-11-16 14:26Rock Creek Park--Maintenance Yard2
2019-11-17 12:10Dora Kelley Nature Park6
2019-11-15 11:57Dumbarton Oaks Park1
2019-11-10 14:21Rock Creek Golf Course3
2019-11-16 11:44Rachel Carson Conservation Park1
2019-11-15 11:05National Zoological Park1
2019-11-16 12:08Winkler Botanical Preserve3
2019-11-13 06:46Barcroft Park1
2019-11-07 09:45Harpers Ferry NHP-- Schoolhouse Ridge -South2
2019-11-09 09:20Northwest Branch Trail--Burnt Mills6
2019-11-13 07:58Clifton Institute (Restricted Access)2
2019-11-11 14:07Beverley Park (aka "The Pit")1
2019-11-07 13:32MLK Rec. Park2
2019-11-16 07:00Laurel Hill Equestrian Center1
2019-11-05 15:00Maydale Nature Center, Cloverly1
2019-11-17 15:35Huntley Meadows Park--Hike and Bike Trail1
2019-11-15 07:38**HUNTLEY MEADOWS PARK3
2019-11-18 08:03National Arboretum3
2019-11-17 10:37National Arboretum--Valley Road1
2019-11-16 11:21Audrey Carroll Audubon Sanctuary3
2019-11-14 08:15Western Regional Park1
2019-11-17 11:15Lake Artemesia7
2019-11-09 14:17Burr Industrial Park ponds1
2019-11-11 07:40Accotink Bay Wildlife Refuge2
2019-11-10 10:18Pohick Bay Regional Park4
2019-11-14 08:37Occoquan Bay NWR1
2019-11-05 08:17Stockton Parkway3
2019-11-15 09:37Dale City Safety Rest Area (Northbound)4
2019-11-11 10:10Antietam National Battlefield--Final Attack Trail3
2019-11-17 12:33Greenbelt Lake - Buddy Attick Lake Park3
2019-11-16 08:14Julie J. Metz Wetland Bank--Neabsco Boardwalk1
2019-11-05 15:18Shepherdstown- Potomac River Boat Ramp1
2019-11-16 08:58Middle Patuxent Environmental Area2
2019-11-05 14:34Hamburg Rd. Pond1
2019-11-13 16:13C.M. Crockett Park2
2019-11-16 12:41Antietam National Battlefield1
2019-11-16 10:28Elizabeth Hartwell Mason Neck NWR--Great Marsh Trail4
2019-11-12 08:01Piscataway Park--Boardwalk2
2019-11-15 07:53Piscataway Park--Hard Bargain Farm4
2019-11-13 09:30Prince William Forest Park3
2019-11-05 10:50Piscataway Creek1
2019-11-10 07:45Greenbrier State Park4
2019-11-15 14:30Wilde Lake1
2019-11-17 09:26National Conservation Training Center5
2019-11-17 10:35Lake Kittamaqundi1
2019-11-17 12:14Centennial Park4
2019-11-11 12:55Piney Run Park3
2019-11-11 08:20Frederick Municipal Watershed--Sand Flat3
2019-11-14 10:24Elkhorn Garden Plots2
2019-11-17 14:30David Force WMA3
2019-11-17 11:15Font Hill Wetland Park3
2019-11-11 14:00Sewell's Orchard Pond1
2019-11-06 14:25Guilford Downs2
2019-11-11 08:30Henryton Center1
2019-11-09 08:00Third Winchester Battlefield28
2019-11-18 06:45Lake Frederick4
2019-11-16 08:13Mount Pleasant Farm - Howard County Conservancy1
2019-11-15 10:40Meadowbrook Park (Howard Co.)4
2019-11-15 09:30Patuxent Research Refuge--North Tract1
2019-11-10 14:38Mt. Aetna Nature Center1
2019-11-17 09:31Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (restricted access)2
2019-11-15 10:04Morgan Run NEA--Jim Bowers Rd.3
2019-11-17 15:31Abrams Creek Wetlands Preserve2
2019-11-15 06:52Liberty Reservoir--Liberty Dam Road5
2019-11-11 20:19Patuxent Ponds Park2
2019-11-16 11:29Patapsco Valley SP--Daniels Area (Baltimore Co.)2
2019-11-05 09:25Liberty Watershed--Bollinger Mill Rd4
2019-11-11 12:24Mallows Bay Park4
2019-11-08 15:15Government Island1
2019-11-18 07:06Schoolhouse Pond1
2019-11-16 07:04Governor Bridge Natural Area2
2019-11-11 08:20C&O Canal--Cushwa Basin2
2019-11-14 06:39Soldiers Delight NEA2
2019-11-06 08:21DOT Bridge and BWI Amtrak Marsh2
2019-11-16 08:40Wakefield Valley Park1
2019-11-06 11:01Red Run Stream Valley Trail West3
2019-11-16 13:15Widewater State Park3
2019-11-13 08:42McDonogh Pond2
2019-11-13 13:37Gwynns Falls Leakin Park1
2019-11-17 09:00Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary6
2019-11-17 12:52Jug Bay Wetlands--Otter Point-Two Run Trail Loop
2019-11-11 14:04Patuxent River Park--Croom Airport1
2019-11-10 12:18Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary1
2019-11-17 07:57Irvine Nature Center2
2019-11-15 12:25Gwynnbrook WMA1
2019-11-17 14:12Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary--Critical Area Driving Tour1
2019-11-16 10:30Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve3
2019-11-09 13:08Kinder Farm Park1
2019-11-14 13:10Quarry Lake1
2019-11-13 08:30Druid Hill Park--Maryland Zoo3
2019-11-16 10:00Lake Holiday (gated community/restricted access)5
2019-11-17 10:00Fort Frederick SP--Big Pool2
2019-11-11 12:06Lake Mae1
2019-11-14 08:00Yowell Meadow Park3
2019-11-17 12:30Union Mills Wetland1
2019-11-05 08:18Lake Mooney Park1
2019-11-11 11:43Lake Kay1
2019-11-05 12:06Patuxent River Park--Clyde Watson Boat Ramp1
2019-11-16 10:30Herring Run Park--North4
2019-11-11 08:30George Washington's Ferry Farm1
2019-11-05 09:10Center for Maryland Agriculture and Farm Park2
2019-11-09 09:49Quiet Waters Park2
2019-11-15 08:04Weinberg Park11
2019-11-16 06:28Fort Smallwood Park2
2019-11-11 12:05Loch Raven Reservoir--Northampton Furnace Trail1
2019-11-06 06:32Cacapon Resort State Park4
2019-11-09 14:25Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail--Ashland4
2019-11-15 11:50Cedar Mountain Battlefield1
2019-11-15 11:39Thomas Point Park1
2019-11-14 15:00Loch Raven Reservoir--Paper Mill Flats2
2019-11-16 07:57Vulcan Materials ponds3
2019-11-16 08:19Cromwell Valley Park3
2019-11-15 10:55Downs Memorial Park1
2019-11-10 09:00Shenandoah NP--Ridge Trail (Old Rag Mountain)2
2019-11-06 13:44LaGrange Lane (Field is private-from road only)1
2019-11-16 15:05Loch Raven Reservoir--Secondary Dam2
2019-11-14 08:00Loch Raven Reservoir--Loch Raven Point3
2019-11-17 09:13Hallowing Point3
2019-11-17 13:55North Point State Park3
2019-11-13 14:45Black Marsh6
2019-11-05 13:46Codorus SP--Mary Ann Furnace Trail2
2019-11-14 07:30Shenandoah NP--Skyland1
2019-11-14 08:22Shenandoah NP--Limberlost Trail1
2019-11-15 08:40Codorus SP (IBA)8
2019-11-05 09:50Codorus SP--Bald Eagle Viewing Station2
2019-11-13 11:56Codorus SP--Bird Viewing Station6
2019-11-11 13:10American Chestnut Land Trust--North2
2019-11-16 09:04Bee Tree Mill Preserve3
2019-11-11 08:55American Chestnut Land Trust16
2019-11-13 13:00Shenandoah NP--Story Of The Forest Nature Trail1
2019-11-16 08:39Rapidan WMA2
2019-11-10 14:51Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center (Horsehead)2
2019-11-07 07:29Billmeyer WMA5
2019-11-07 07:38Harford Glen Envir. Educ. Center (seasonal access restrictions)2
2019-11-17 08:48Cabin Creek1
2019-11-06 07:50Madonna Landfill2
2019-11-07 09:05Spring Valley County Park2
2019-11-06 06:50Ma and Pa Trail--Blake's Venture Park2
2019-11-13 14:40Eden Mill Park1
2019-11-11 09:26Bennetts Point Landing3
2019-11-12 09:15Richard M. Nixon County Park2
2019-11-11 09:57Lake Redman boardwalk1
2019-11-05 08:21William H. Kain County Park--Lake Williams2
2019-11-14 13:00Rocks SP—Falling Branch/Kilgore Falls1
2019-11-09 08:48Club House Road pond1
2019-11-14 07:43Myrtle Point Park2
2019-11-11 09:44Harford Community College4
2019-11-12 16:03Pickering Creek Audubon Center1
2019-11-16 10:00South Middleton Twp. Park1
2019-11-18 08:55Rocky Gap SP2
2019-11-16 08:00State Game Lands 169--Propagation Area (closed Mar 1-Jun 15)1
2019-11-05 10:08Rocky Ridge County Park3
2019-11-15 11:45Swan Harbor Farm Park3
2019-11-16 14:31Chris Greene Lake1
2019-11-08 07:38Susquehanna State Park1
2019-11-06 10:56Susquehanna SP--Deer Creek Picnic Area1
2019-11-11 10:18North Park1
2019-11-10 07:45Susquehannock SP1
2019-11-17 14:02Perryville Town Dock1
2019-11-15 15:31Opossum Lake2
2019-11-17 11:57Lake Hollymead2
2019-11-11 13:14Chestnut Grove Natural Area1
2019-11-14 12:59Perryville Community Park1
2019-11-17 09:26Riverfront Park2
2019-11-08 10:22Dan's Rock4
2019-11-09 13:01Blackwater NWR--Woods Trail1
2019-11-17 10:55Woodlawn Wildlife Area2
2019-11-13 09:28Rivanna Trail Belvedere2
2019-11-17 14:15Blackwater NWR--Wildlife Drive3
2019-11-17 14:09Blackwater NWR--Marsh Edge Trail2
2019-11-10 08:56Wolfpit Mountain4
2019-11-17 11:18Burning Mines Rd. - Mountainview Landfill2
2019-11-09 09:26Appalachian Trail--Scott Farm/Conodoguinet Creek Area7
2019-11-17 14:28Belle Babb Lane3
2019-11-11 07:38Lake Shenandoah1
2019-11-18 07:50Greenbriar Park4
2019-11-09 09:51Vincent DiFilippo Nature Preserve2
2019-11-17 11:38Allegheny Highlands Trail--Frostburg depot trailhead1
2019-11-10 07:15Riverview Park3
2019-11-17 09:56Acri Meadow Park1
2019-11-11 08:38Pine Hill Arboretum1
2019-11-17 09:40West Fairview Park/Boat Launch (Cumberland Co.)1
2019-11-06 13:15Finzel Swamp--Field and Pond1
2019-11-16 07:30Secluded Farm1
2019-11-11 07:42Finzel Swamp1
2019-11-17 10:44Lamb's Gap1
2019-11-05 09:36Azalea Park1
2019-11-05 08:40Ragged Mountain Natural Area1
2019-11-17 12:45Noel Dorwart Park2
2019-11-17 10:18Octoraro Reservoir (IBA) (Lancaster Co.)1
2019-11-17 14:30Spalding Conservancy1
2019-11-17 11:25Wildwood Lake Park2
2019-11-08 10:45Hummel Nature Trail1
2019-11-11 12:22Piney Reservoir4
2019-11-06 11:48Octoraro Reservoir--Mt. Eden Rd. (Lancaster Co.)1
2019-11-15 10:38Elk River Park1
2019-11-17 12:06Mt. Storm Lake--Grassy Ridge Road2
2019-11-15 08:25Kirk Rd. floodplain2
2019-11-11 08:04J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College--Goochland Campus2
2019-11-04 15:05Cherry Hill County Parkland South1
2019-11-15 09:00State Game Lands 145--Colebrook2
2019-11-17 12:31Raystown Lake--Seven Points Rec. Area4
2019-11-17 13:20Allegheny Front Hawk Watch2
2019-11-17 14:30Little Buffalo SP5
2019-11-06 11:43Deep Run Park2
2019-11-14 12:09Tuckahoe Creek Park1
2019-11-17 13:38Three Lakes Park & Nature Center5
2019-11-14 09:31Canoe House Public Beach1
2019-11-09 10:25Lums Pond State Park1
2019-11-17 10:38Bryan Park1
2019-11-11 06:19Speedwell Forge Lake2
2019-11-11 08:40Nutters Neck (Nanticoke R. WMA)2
2019-11-16 12:56Briery Branch Gap1
2019-11-17 07:45White Clay Creek Preserve--Arc Corner2
2019-11-10 12:09Curtis Mill Park10
2019-11-09 08:57White Clay Creek SP14
2019-11-16 11:17White Clay Creek SP--Hopkins Rd.2
2019-11-17 15:17Banffshire Preserve/Keen Trail3
2019-11-12 14:10Newark Reservoir2
2019-11-11 15:42Dorrier Park4
2019-11-10 08:22James River Park--Pony Pasture2
2019-11-11 08:39Bells Lane1
2019-11-12 13:31Totier Creek Reservoir Park5
2019-11-14 15:14Baker-Henry Nature Preserve/Peace Chapel1
2019-11-15 13:12Broadford Lake4
2019-11-10 13:37Juniata College3
2019-11-16 14:28T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge1
2019-11-17 10:03James River Park--Belle Isle3
2019-11-13 10:29Trout Run WWTP1
2019-11-16 06:29Memorial Lake SP1
2019-11-11 10:02Powhatan WMA--Powhatan Lakes6
2019-11-08 08:31Forest Hill Park1
2019-11-16 13:55Mt. Nebo WMA2
2019-11-17 11:10Augustine Wildlife Area--Ashton Tract1
2019-11-06 10:04State Game Lands 322--South (incl. Habitat Cut)1
2019-11-17 14:15Middle Creek WMA (IBA) (Lancaster Co.)1
2019-11-15 09:03Stoever's Dam Park2
2019-11-08 14:13Canaan Valley SP2
2019-11-05 10:15Watkins Annex1
2019-11-17 14:42Victory Park2
2019-11-17 08:00Bucktoe Creek Preserve (restricted access/private)2
2019-11-09 11:17Middle Creek WMA (IBA) (Lebanon Co.)2
2019-11-13 11:44Mid-Lothian Mines Park--Loch Lothian5
2019-11-13 09:30Second Mountain (IBA)4
2019-11-11 12:48Mid-Lothian Mines Park1
2019-11-17 08:00Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge1
2019-11-15 09:00Bombay Hook NWR--Raymond Pool2
2019-11-13 10:50Napiers and Savage Lake2
2019-11-05 08:36St. Jones Reserve2
2019-11-17 08:33Ashland Nature Center and Hawk Watch5
2019-11-15 07:44Hibernia County Park1
2019-11-16 13:23Little Creek Wildlife Area--Main Tract1
2019-11-17 07:30Hoopes Reservoir (Private - No Access)1
2019-11-14 10:56ChesLen Preserve2
2019-11-11 09:00Longwood Gardens2
2019-11-10 11:00Salisbury City Park1
2019-11-14 12:03Swift Creek Reservoir3
2019-11-10 09:33Schumaker Pond and Ward Museum3
2019-11-11 12:18Alapocas Run State Park9
2019-11-15 12:04Youghiogheny Res.--Spillway (Fayette Co.)2
2019-11-11 11:22Bear Creek Lake State Park4
2019-11-11 08:45Milford Neck Wildlife Area--Big Stone Beach Rd.2
2019-11-17 09:04Crewes Channel1
2019-11-07 09:45Shaver's Creek Env. Center--Boardwalk3
2019-11-09 14:00Pocahontas State Park--Fendley Loop3
2019-11-06 09:20First State National Historic Park--Woodlawn Tract1
2019-11-17 12:26Weiser SF--Greenland Tract1
2019-11-17 07:55Curles Neck Farm (restricted access)1
2019-11-13 10:14Rockwood Museum & Park2
2019-11-17 07:57Dutch Gap Conservation Area/Henricus Historical Park1
2019-11-06 16:02Diascund Reservoir--Diascund Reservoir Road vantage point2
2019-11-16 08:18Bellevue State Park10
2019-11-07 13:10Marsh Creek SP2
2019-11-07 10:15Sandy Hollow Heritage Park1
2019-11-06 08:05stakeout Anna’s Hummingbird, Revere Rd., West Chester (2019)1
2019-11-17 06:58Great Marsh (restricted access)2
2019-11-08 13:15Irish Grove MOS Sanctuary1
2019-11-18 07:40Bethel Springs E.S.--Nature Trail (closed during school hours)1
2019-11-09 11:27R. Garland Dodd Park at Point of Rocks1
2019-11-09 11:57Prime Hook NWR1
2019-11-17 07:31Colyer Lake Recreation Area2
2019-11-11 09:00York River State Park1
2019-11-11 12:35Sweet Arrow Lake1
2019-11-11 12:22Prime Hook NWR--Headquarters area2
2019-11-15 16:25Heritage Scout Reservation1
2019-11-15 07:30Scotia Barrens (IBA)--south2
2019-11-11 14:30James River State Park1
2019-11-14 13:49Holmes-Foster Park3
2019-11-14 06:55Darlington Tract3
2019-11-09 08:19State Game Lands 278--North4
2019-11-09 09:01Walker Lake3
2019-11-14 07:40Bald Eagle Sportsmen Cooperative Nursery1
2019-11-17 10:52Poe Valley SP3
2019-11-11 08:55Willisbrook Preserve1
2019-11-05 08:10Okehocking Preserve3
2019-11-17 07:52Raccoon Creek1
2019-11-17 09:44PSU Arboretum--Big Hollow3
2019-11-13 07:43Tyler Arboretum3
2019-11-16 09:48Ridley Creek SP (IBA)2
2019-11-09 07:16Whiton Crossing Road5
2019-11-07 15:00Taylor Memorial Arboretum3
2019-11-05 10:50Pocomoke River State Park--Shad Landing2
2019-11-12 15:05French Creek Trail--Hare's Hill to Township Line Rd.1
2019-11-17 12:15Governor Tom Ridge Wetland Preserve1
2019-11-12 07:35Ford's Colony (gated community/restricted access)1
2019-11-14 12:04Delaware County Community College3
2019-11-09 08:02Sailor's Creek Battlefield SP--Visitor Center area1
2019-11-06 09:31Elkins City Park4
2019-11-10 11:29Parvin SP--Nature Trail2
2019-11-05 14:52Angola Neck Preserve1
2019-11-14 10:50Schuylkill River Trail--Spring City1
2019-11-17 09:17Upper Deckers Creek WMA2
2019-11-06 15:11Decker's Creek Trail-Kingwood Pike1
2019-11-17 11:13Elephant Swamp Trail (Salem Co.)1
2019-11-09 11:00Lizard Hill, Bishopville3
2019-11-11 12:27Black Rock Sanctuary1
2019-11-16 13:04Decker's Creek Trail--n. of McKinney Cave Road1
2019-11-09 10:53Adam T. Bower Memorial Dam (Snyder Co.) [land only]1
2019-11-16 13:10Greensprings Interpretive Trail2
2019-11-13 09:00Colonial Williamsburg2
2019-11-17 12:50State Game Lands 2861
2019-11-12 09:48Talleyrand Park2
2019-11-15 11:15Bassett Hall Nature Trail4
2019-11-16 08:36Valley Forge NHP--North (Pawling Farm, Betzwood, River Trail)1
2019-11-09 08:04Powhatan Creek Trail6
2019-11-11 14:39Woodville Park1
2019-11-17 11:15Holliday Lake State Park (Appomattox Co.)2
2019-11-06 15:33Kernsville Dam Recreation Area--Desilting Basin2
2019-11-09 08:54Kernsville Dam Recreation Area3
2019-11-06 16:05College Landing Park1
2019-11-09 06:53Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve2
2019-11-17 10:45John Heinz NWR--impoundment (Philadelphia Co.)1
2019-11-09 08:50E.A. Vaughn WMA--Central2
2019-11-05 07:00James City County Marina2
2019-11-07 14:59Jamestown Island--Causeway3
2019-11-06 08:00Maurice River Bluffs Preserve3
2019-11-10 11:16Natural Lands Trust--Peek Preserve2
2019-11-07 08:06James Farm Ecological Preserve2
2019-11-17 08:18Haverford College (Montgomery Co.)2
2019-11-17 10:23Heislerville WMA1
2019-11-11 08:30Scotts Landing5
2019-11-10 08:46Riverwinds--Nature Trail2
2019-11-15 11:07Yellow Creek SP (IBA)4
2019-11-05 08:48Bethany Beach Nature Center and trail1
2019-11-15 11:16Red Bank Battlefield Park1
2019-11-16 07:40Malaga Lake5
2019-11-11 09:30Assawoman Wildlife Area4
2019-11-05 10:35Cheat Lake Park5
2019-11-09 06:58Morley's Wharf2
2019-11-16 10:49Hawk Mountain Sanctuary--Visitor Center [do not use for ridge/lookout observations]2
2019-11-17 12:28Bald Eagle SP--Bullit Run8
2019-11-14 08:00Hawk Mountain Sanctuary--North Lookout1
2019-11-17 12:44Cape Island--CMP--Lily Lake1
2019-11-11 09:57Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Park1
2019-11-09 09:45Kittatinny Ridge--Hawk Mountain Area3
2019-11-15 07:12Cape Island--Cape May Point SP (CMPSP)2
2019-11-09 11:26Cape Island--Beach Plum Farm (restricted access)2
2019-11-17 13:30Villas--Cox Hall Creek WMA (Villas WMA)2
2019-11-15 12:53Cape Island--New England Rd.1
2019-11-18 06:40Cape Island--CMBO's "The Roost" (restricted access)2
2019-11-17 06:30Cape Island (Cape May Co. south of the Cape May canal)4
2019-11-11 13:00Assateague I. NS--Bayside Campground6
2019-11-09 10:00Cold Spring Cemetery6
2019-11-11 01:10Bald Eagle SP--Frog Pond1
2019-11-15 15:10Green Lane Park--Knight/Deep Creek Lakes1
2019-11-16 08:03Waterworks Conservation Area4
2019-11-10 15:50Green Lane Park--Hill Rd.1
2019-11-14 09:40Wissahickon Valley Park--Valley Green to Kitchens Ln.1
2019-11-17 10:48Bald Eagle SP--Sunken Rd. Overlook1
2019-11-11 06:45Newport News Park--Swamp Bridge (York Co.)2
2019-11-17 07:10Newport News Park7
2019-11-06 06:59Cook's Beach2
2019-11-14 15:15Carpenter's Woods2
2019-11-16 10:00Morris Arboretum3
2019-11-05 14:16Cape May NWR--Diamond Road tract1
2019-11-10 06:20Locust Lake SP5
2019-11-16 15:15Fort Washington SP1
2019-11-16 09:15Fort Washington SP--Flourtown Day Use Area1
2019-11-16 08:44Piney Hollow Preserve4
2019-11-16 06:30Fort Washington SP--Militia Hill2
2019-11-09 10:48Brownsville Preserve4
2019-11-15 10:00Newton Lake Park5
2019-11-17 07:30Green Ribbon Trail--Penllyn to Four Mills2
2019-11-17 08:06Cooper River Park1
2019-11-16 08:18Stony Creek Park2
2019-11-18 07:55Rodale Park / Trexlertown Pines1
2019-11-04 14:50Lizard Tail Swamp Preserve (TNC)1
2019-11-15 09:37CMCH--Shell Bay Landing4
2019-11-10 11:50Maria B. Greenwald/Pennypacker Park2
2019-11-14 08:00Robbins Park3
2019-11-15 09:22Tuscarora SP3
2019-11-12 10:05Susquehanna River--W.Fort McClure Blvd.4
2019-11-14 15:30Pricketts Fort SP1
2019-11-10 07:48State Game Lands 227--Tuscarora3
2019-11-09 06:25Eyre Hall4
2019-11-17Palmyra Cove Nature Park3
2019-11-06 09:52Crosswicks Wildlife Sanctuary1
2019-11-11 09:16Air Products Wildlife Sanctuary1
2019-11-16 13:45Oxford Run Canal Trail3
2019-11-09 10:10Seaview Farm3
2019-11-16 15:15Blackwater Creek Trail--Ed Page Entrance1
2019-11-10 16:05Locher Tract2
2019-11-08 11:31Pool Wildlife Sanctuary2
2019-11-14 09:10Bloomsburg University4
2019-11-09 06:30Cape Charles Coastal Habitat Natural Area Preserve7
2019-11-14 06:50Fort Boykin Historic Park1
2019-11-16 06:54Bradford Dam/Nike Park3
2019-11-15 10:45Bethayres Swamp (restricted access except for Pennypack Trail)1
2019-11-17 12:15Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust3
2019-11-09 06:03Taylor's Wildlife Preserve5
2019-11-10 09:30Estell Manor Park5
2019-11-13 13:15Sandy Bottom Nature Park1
2019-11-07 10:30Willard H. Markey Centennial Park1
2019-11-10 12:06Amico Island Park5
2019-11-05 11:00Bake Oven Knob1
2019-11-16 09:58Glen Foerd on the Delaware1
2019-11-16 11:45Pine Run Reservoir1
2019-11-17 08:00Peace Valley Park (IBA)2
2019-11-09 15:30Deegan Lake Drive/Route 261
2019-11-11 13:32Duff Park1
2019-11-08 13:46Williamsport WTP2
2019-11-07 10:10Cape May Co. Park North / Cameron Wildlife Sanctuary7
2019-11-15 07:46Peace Valley Park--Nature Center3
2019-11-17 15:00Boundary Creek Natural Resource Area3
2019-11-06 13:34Keystone Lake1
2019-11-11 10:55Chub Sandhill Natural Area Preserve3
2019-11-10 11:24Hanover Canal Park (Catasauqua Lake)1
2019-11-06 11:14Warbler Road--FR 812 (Parkers Gap to Sunset Field)1
2019-11-16 09:43Kiptopeke SP--Hawk Platform1
2019-11-14 14:29Neshaminy SP4
2019-11-10 14:43Mockhorn Island WMA--GATR Tract1
2019-11-09 10:57Magothy Bay Natural Area Preserve2
2019-11-10 09:35Eastern Shore of Virginia NWR--Visitors' Center1
2019-11-15 08:20Tyler SP2
2019-11-18 07:39Monocacy Nature Center Park1
2019-11-06 11:40Lime Bluff Recreation Center1
2019-11-16 15:12Batsto Village1
2019-11-16 09:05Silver Lake Park/Nature Center3
2019-11-14 15:15Crooked Creek Lake--Peninsula2
2019-11-12 10:10Mingo Creek County Park1
2019-11-17 06:50Core Creek Park1
2019-11-18 06:04Pinelands Preservation Alliance Headquarters2
2019-11-17 10:00Housenick Memorial Park/Archibald Johnston Conservation Area4
2019-11-17 05:50Budd's Bogs (restricted access)2
2019-11-09 08:07Bucks County Audubon Center at Honey Hollow1
2019-11-17 10:10South Park4
2019-11-14 07:05Craney Island Disposal Area (restricted access)4
2019-11-13 10:40Duck Hollow2
2019-11-11 09:20State Game Lands 56--Lake Warren1
2019-11-17 13:55Frick Park--Beechwood Entrance6
2019-11-17 15:25Frick Park3
2019-11-13 10:10Homewood Cemetery2
2019-11-14 11:07Peterswood Park2
2019-11-17 09:27Harrison Hills County Park4
2019-11-06 10:02Pemberton Lake WMA10
2019-11-15 08:04Baldpate Mt4
2019-11-11 07:35Washington Crossing Historic Park/Delaware Canal SP--Washington Crossing area18
2019-11-11 09:29Fiddler's Creek/Hollystone Preserve2
2019-11-14 11:51Peters Lake Park5
2019-11-17 12:35State Game Lands 2471
2019-11-16 07:10Falls of the Delaware Park2
2019-11-11 13:35Delaware Canal SP--Giving Pond4
2019-11-10 09:25Nazareth Quarry1
2019-11-11 08:24Riding Meadow Park2
2019-11-17 13:49Allegheny Cemetery17
2019-11-10 14:10Edwin B. Forsythe NWR--Lily Lake2
2019-11-08 12:40Franklin Parker Preserve2
2019-11-16 08:45Edwin B. Forsythe NWR--Visitor Center1
2019-11-16 10:30Edwin B. Forsythe NWR (Brigantine Unit)3
2019-11-14 13:13Boyce-Mayview Park2
2019-11-17 08:45Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve4
2019-11-14 09:55Armstrong Trail--North of Dam 84
2019-11-17 08:00John A. Roebling Park2
2019-11-14 14:23Allegheny Land Trust--Wingfield Pines2
2019-11-14 10:00Edwin B. Forsythe NWR1
2019-11-17 10:10Edwin B. Forsythe NWR--Wildlife Drive1
2019-11-11 15:19Fall Run Park2
2019-11-17 08:30First Landing State Park1
2019-11-16 07:25Albert Rd. ponds2
2019-11-10 10:50Curlis Lake Woods Nature Preserve2
2019-11-11 15:15Ballas Park2
2019-11-10 07:47Loveless Nature Preserve1
2019-11-05 08:10Ricketts Glen SP--Glens Natural Area1
2019-11-11 08:26Hamilton Veterans Park2
2019-11-05 13:49Rosedale Park3
2019-11-16 07:00Pole Farm (Mercer County Park NW)3
2019-11-17 08:50Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Preserve1
2019-11-15 07:42Rehman's Residence1
2019-11-10 09:10Indian River Park2
2019-11-17 09:36Plymouth Flats (restricted access)2
2019-11-15 08:16Ricketts Glen SP (IBA)1
2019-11-17 10:15Miry Run Natural Area1
2019-11-07 10:25Hoffman Park2
2019-11-16 08:06Merrill Creek Reservoir1
2019-11-08 10:45Carson Road Woods3
2019-11-10 09:31St. Michael's Farm Preserve3
2019-11-17 10:05Woodpecker Ridge Nature Center12
2019-11-09 09:27Merrill Creek Reservoir--Visitor Center4
2019-11-17 10:30Mercer County Park1
2019-11-16 07:46North Park7
2019-11-14 07:45Cider Mill Road Grassland Preserve1
2019-11-15 10:14Greenfield--Botetourt Center2
2019-11-16 08:33Stumpy Lake Natural Area1
2019-11-16 12:30North Park--Bluebird Fields2
2019-11-13 10:15Demott Pond1
2019-11-15 08:50Echo Hill Park3
2019-11-16 07:29Greencove Wetlands2
2019-11-17 09:22Spruce Run Reservoir1
2019-11-17 09:10Otto's Farm Park1
2019-11-15 16:04Millstone River Impoundment2
2019-11-09 10:18Mill Pond Rd2
2019-11-06 07:07The Greenbrier6
2019-11-07 07:38Assunpink WMA3
2019-11-15 08:46Carvins Cove Recreation Area1
2019-11-10 14:00Lake Carnegie--Dam1
2019-11-17 07:58Round Valley Reservoir2
2019-11-05 06:32West Neck Creek Natural Area1
2019-11-17 07:48Harveys Lake3
2019-11-16 12:40Smith Mountain Lake State Park2
2019-11-06 13:12Imperial Grasslands--Toy Airport1
2019-11-14 12:58Wells Mills Park3
2019-11-14 08:30Ann Van Middlesworth Park4
2019-11-16 08:00Frances Slocum SP5
2019-11-17 13:53Griggstown Grasslands3
2019-11-14 09:08Explore Park--Roanoke River Trail2
2019-11-15 08:37Edwin B. Forsythe NWR--Cedar Bonnet Island1
2019-11-17 07:43Roanoke Sewage Treatment Plant5
2019-11-15 09:27Lake Oneida1
2019-11-08 15:40Janoski's Farm1
2019-11-16 08:33Mountain Lake3
2019-11-06 07:53Delaware Water Gap NRA--Lake Rd./I-80 Toll Bridge Area5
2019-11-16 12:17Independence Marsh4
2019-11-09 10:00ForEvergreen Nature Preserve3
2019-11-11 10:34Fern Park1
2019-11-17 09:30Pigeon Swamp State Park2
2019-11-17 11:30State Game Lands 632
2019-11-05 09:30James Monroe Memorial Park2
2019-11-14 09:15Roanoke Mountain Day Use Area5
2019-11-12 08:22Edwin B. Forsythe NWR--Eno's Pond2
2019-11-11 13:20Colonial Park2
2019-11-14 13:23Negri-Nepote Grasslands1
2019-11-08 07:55Old Mine Road IBA:Worthington State Forest1
2019-11-10 10:08Raccoon Creek SP--Park Office Area4
2019-11-17 09:25Heavenly Farms1
2019-11-06 08:11Shoups Landing2
2019-11-18 08:30Bicentennial Park6
2019-11-10 07:16Princess Anne WMA--Whitehurst Tract1
2019-11-09 09:19Merchants Millpond SP4
2019-11-13 10:00Raccoon Ridge Hawk Watch2
2019-11-09 10:08Washington Valley Park3
2019-11-16 13:10Chimney Rock Hawk Watch1
2019-11-16 08:35Sloop & Potter Creek Marshes2
2019-11-17 08:00Elizabeth Kay Center/Black River Park (Chester)1
2019-11-17 10:58Endless Mountains Nature Center6
2019-11-11 14:00Moraine SP--Waterfowl Observation Area1
2019-11-11 07:55Moraine SP--Burton Rd.1
2019-11-14 15:00Holiday Park1
2019-11-16 12:15Dunham Park, Basking Ridge1
2019-11-18 07:13Lake Shenandoah County Park5
2019-11-17 07:36State Game Lands 95--Hilliards/Boyers1
2019-11-07 11:59Chestnut Point Field4
2019-11-17 14:33Cattus Island County Park3
2019-11-17 10:30Manasquan Reservoir--Environmental Center3
2019-11-13 16:06Kerr Lake SRA--Nutbush Bridge2
2019-11-10 08:48Moraine SP--South Shore1
2019-11-14 08:23Manasquan Reservoir IBA9
2019-11-13 07:56Moraine SP--Nealeys Pt.4
2019-11-17 13:32Moraine SP--Bike Trail4
2019-11-11 09:50Skytop Lodge (residents/guests only)2
2019-11-07 15:56Portersville area2
2019-11-17 13:51Glenhurst Meadows (Warren Green Acres)3
2019-11-17 08:02Moraine SP--McDanel's Boat Launch2
2019-11-11 13:40Bushkill Falls1
2019-11-11 09:45Hanging Rock Migration Observatory4
2019-11-16 15:27Allamuchy Mountain SP IBA (Sussex)5
2019-11-17 13:13Great Swamp NWR--Fenske Visitor Center2
2019-11-10 10:52Great Swamp NWR--Pleasant Plains Rd.1
2019-11-16 15:15Great Swamp NWR--Wildlife Observation Center2
2019-11-13 16:40Fox Pond Park4
2019-11-16 07:05Wolf Creek Narrows2
2019-11-16 13:12Great Swamp NWR5
2019-11-17 11:30Lackawanna SP5
2019-11-16 07:20Thompson Park1
2019-11-17 09:15Swartswood SP--Swartswood Lake1
2019-11-14 08:11Conference House Park1
2019-11-09 07:58Lake Hopatcong (Morris)1
2019-11-13 12:15Chapman Lake (restricted access)2
2019-11-14 14:39Ernest L. Oros Wildlife Preserve1
2019-11-18 08:10Lake Devin Trail3
2019-11-15 07:40Angler's Park1
2019-11-11 14:09Glen Alton Day Use Area5
2019-11-09 10:29Lenape Park1
2019-11-06 09:15Linden Hawk Rise Sanctuary2
2019-11-11 07:35Blacksburg Municipal Park2
2019-11-14 14:22Stokes SF--Struble Rd.2
2019-11-12 14:00Pandapas Pond Day Use Area1
2019-11-13 13:30Granville Athletic Park and Jonesland Environmental Preserve1
2019-11-16 06:57Virginia Tech--Duck Pond1
2019-11-10 15:32Culvers Lake1
2019-11-16 11:00Troy Meadows Natural Area--So. Beverwyck Rd/Patriots Path1
2019-11-15 09:45Troy Meadows Natural Area1
2019-11-05 12:09Stokes SF--Stony Lake1
2019-11-16 12:50Sandstone Falls Trail2
2019-11-07 15:50College of Staten Island2
2019-11-16 09:20Mount Paul, Jefferson Twp.3
2019-11-11 14:43Shohola WMA (IBA)1
2019-11-15 08:59Sparta Mountain WMA--Ryker Lake4
2019-11-06 12:12Perquimans County Community Center2
2019-11-09 08:49Sycamore Ponds- Solvay Employee Park1
2019-11-10 14:30Hatfield Swamp IBA--West Essex Park2
2019-11-13 16:00Willow Island Fishing Access1
2019-11-17 14:10Clove Lakes Park1
2019-11-09 11:30Sandy Hook--Migration Watch Platform1
2019-11-16 07:26Whitethorne Boat Ramp2
2019-11-10 14:00Kentland Farms1
2019-11-09 13:20Lake Chrisann1
2019-11-06 13:22Edenton Fish Hatchery2
2019-11-14 13:00Wallkill River NWR1
2019-11-13 13:00Wallkill River NWR--HQ2
2019-11-17 08:45Ohio River Islands NWR--Visitor Center4
2019-11-10 07:08David Bisset Park/Riverway Trail3
2019-11-13 08:32Clendening Lake--Buckeye Trail, South of Brushy Fork Bay8
2019-11-06 08:41Buckeye Trail Barn2
2019-11-14 10:08Horton Grove Nature Preserve6
2019-11-17 10:11Mound Cemetery2
2019-11-13 08:08Garret Mountain Reservation (Park)1
2019-11-10 09:15Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary (restricted access)4
2019-11-17 08:08Flat River Waterfowl Impoundment2
2019-11-16 13:40Prospect Park2
2019-11-08 15:20Weis Ecology Center2
2019-11-15 14:40Seneca Lake--South (Noble Co.)2
2019-11-08 06:26Mebane Bridge Rd.2
2019-11-08 08:47Wallkill River NWR--Owens Station Rd. (does not include Liberty Marsh)1
2019-11-10 14:10Johnson T. Janes Park2
2019-11-09 12:35East River Park, Manhattan1
2019-11-16 11:09Mill Creek Park--Newport Wetlands2
2019-11-05 11:08Wallkill River NWR--Liberty Marsh (Sussex Co.)3
2019-11-10 08:40Appalachian Trail (Vernon Twp.)5
2019-11-10 09:13Wallkill River NWR--Winding Waters Trail (NY)2
2019-11-15 10:22McDonough Wildlife Park2
2019-11-17 11:42Falls Lake--Beaverdam Reservoir2
2019-11-13 06:10Falls Lake--Hickory Hill Boat Ramp2
2019-11-07 09:15Blue Ridge Parkway--Rocky Knob & Rock Castle Gorge3
2019-11-17 06:54Dan River Game Land--Woodpecker Rd.1
2019-11-10 08:01Dan River Game Land--Riverside Circle2
2019-11-17 14:30Long Pond Iron Works SP
2019-11-11 15:38Parsons Pond Park2
2019-11-13 08:35Falls Lake--Rolling View2
2019-11-16 13:44Waterman Conservation Education Center2
2019-11-11 07:24Central Park--North End1
2019-11-16 20:30Sullivanville Dam2
2019-11-12 09:40Tranquility Ridge1
2019-11-17 14:27Eno River Association--Confluence Property6
2019-11-16 10:45Teaneck Creek Conservancy1
2019-11-14 13:47Ringwood SP--Ringwood Manor1
2019-11-17 14:52New Jersey Botanical Garden / Skylands Manor3
2019-11-15 06:57Forest Park1
2019-11-17 06:32Falls Lake8
2019-11-15 07:58Halifax Road1
2019-11-09 09:03Mayo River SP--Tyne Rd. Tract2
2019-11-17 10:30The Celery Farm3
2019-11-17 12:51Mary Patrick Park2
2019-11-10 11:40Beaver Marsh2
2019-11-14 13:04Falls Lake--Dam6
2019-11-14 12:45Audubon Community Nature Center1
2019-11-12 13:18Binghamton University Nature Preserve2
2019-11-14 06:31Lake Reidsville Park1
2019-11-17 09:44Inwood Hill Park1
2019-11-15 07:59Occoneechee Mt. State Natural Area7
2019-11-17 15:07Neuse River Trail--Abbotts Creek2
2019-11-12 09:55Lake Michael Park1
2019-11-17 09:00Sarah P. Duke Gardens10
2019-11-13 16:04Brumley Nature Preserve--North3
2019-11-18 09:56North Wake Landfill Park (formerly North Wake Sanitary Landfill)1
2019-11-06 10:02Kissena Park1
2019-11-05 08:40Seven Mile Creek Natural Area13
2019-11-11 14:30Port Orange Rd., Cuddebackville1
2019-11-13 14:45Palisades Park IBA--Green Brook Sanctuary2
2019-11-05 08:03Farris Memorial Park1
2019-11-17 08:50Victory St. Marsh Area3
2019-11-18 08:07Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve4
2019-11-10 13:57Woodcock Lake--Abandoned Road2
2019-11-15 09:44Blackwood Farm Park5
2019-11-08 06:58Glenmere Lake2
2019-11-10 14:50AIHF Trail 8300 Health Park3
2019-11-11 09:44Woodcock Lake--Shultz Rd. Causeway4
2019-11-14 13:45Strickland Park1
2019-11-05 07:24Bashakill State WMA--Deli Fields2
2019-11-16 08:33Johnston Mill Nature Preserve5
2019-11-17 11:20Sandy Creek Park1
2019-11-17 11:05North Spencer Marsh (Michigan Hollow Lake)2
2019-11-11 11:10Bashakill State WMA--Nature Trail3
2019-11-14 09:38SUNY Broome Community College
2019-11-05 10:39Bashakill State WMA--main boat launch (1131 S Rd.)2
2019-11-17 07:56Lake Lynn8
2019-11-11 09:49New Hope Bottomlands3
2019-11-17 09:05Pelham Bay Park1
2019-11-14 13:37Palisades Park IBA--State Line Lookout2
2019-11-11 06:43Six and a Half Station Rd. Sanctuary3
2019-11-17 09:00Pelham Bay Park--Orchard Beach & parking lot1
2019-11-11 10:27Lenoir Preserve2
2019-11-17 10:36Berlin Lake Bike Trail4
2019-11-15 11:22Eastgate Park2
2019-11-17 12:20Bashakill State WMA6
2019-11-14 08:15Hempstead Lake SP1
2019-11-11 10:20William B. Umstead SP1
2019-11-09 09:05Hunt Woods Park4
2019-11-17 08:34Lower Booker Creek Trail10
2019-11-17 12:48Sprain Ridge Park2
2019-11-09 08:31Wendell Park4
2019-11-10 08:15Boland Pond1
2019-11-11 16:00Discovery Lake (Restricted Access)1
2019-11-14 13:03Chapel Hill Community Park3
2019-11-11 08:33Rainbow Soccer Complex1
2019-11-17 13:11Bolin Creek--Community Park to MLK Blvd.3
2019-11-10 06:30Crabtree Creek Wetland--West of Raleigh Blvd.2
2019-11-05 10:20Cow Meadow Park and Preserve1
2019-11-10 10:10UNC Chapel Hill--Battle Park7
2019-11-10 08:50UNC Chapel Hill--Coker Arboretum4
2019-11-09 06:20Lake Crabtree Dam2
2019-11-17 11:32Lake Crabtree County Park9
2019-11-13 06:21Jordan Game Land--Lower Little Creek2
2019-11-17 14:41North Carolina Botanical Garden1
2019-11-17 14:20Lake Betz2
2019-11-06 07:45North Carolina Museum of Art--Sculpture Garden2
2019-11-17 08:59Lake Crabtree Nature Trail--Southport Entrance3
2019-11-13 12:55The Wilds--Zion Ridge Rd.2
2019-11-17 12:20Mason Farm Biological Reserve1
2019-11-17 13:25Chenango Valley SP7
2019-11-11 10:32Zoar Wetland Arboretum2
2019-11-10 08:02Historic Oak View Park5
2019-11-13 10:05O'Kelly Chapel Road Waterfowl Impoundment8
2019-11-14 09:54Old Croton Aqueduct Trail--Tarrytown1
2019-11-10 15:08Richardson-Taylor Preserve2
2019-11-17 13:00Rockland Lake SP1
2019-11-06 14:34Pullen Park1
2019-11-16 08:03Hamptonburgh Preserve1
2019-11-06 08:55Crabtree Creek Watershed1
2019-11-18 07:29Boyer Creek Farm, Caroline1
2019-11-11 07:42Tarrytown Lakes Park2
2019-11-05 15:30Rockefeller SP Preserve--Eagle Hill area1
2019-11-15 09:03Houghton College1
2019-11-17 08:02Cedarock Park1
2019-11-11 09:04Norma Johnson Center2
2019-11-16 08:15Greenville--River Park North2
2019-11-16 13:16Marshlands Conservancy1
2019-11-16 15:10Rockefeller SP Preserve2
2019-11-16 14:41Rockefeller SP Preserve--Swan Lake area2
2019-11-16 11:03Croton Point Park1
2019-11-10 14:31Lake Brandt--Horsepen Creek Mudflats3
2019-11-14 13:18Rockefeller SP Preserve--Buttermilk Hill area1
2019-11-10 10:30Lake Brandt--Palmetto Trail4
2019-11-16 15:00Mariandale Retreat and Conference Center1
2019-11-05 08:30Croton Point Park--Croton RR Station4
2019-11-14 13:29Bear Mountain SP--Hawk Watch2
2019-11-16 11:06Clemmons Educational State Forest2
2019-11-16 10:19Mid Pines Rd.1
2019-11-09 11:42Apex Community Park5
2019-11-17 14:16Yates Mill County Park4
2019-11-17 10:29Mulholland Wildflower Preserve1
2019-11-10 07:51Jordan Game Land--Farrington Point Boating Access2
2019-11-11 06:58Briar Chapel--Pokeberry Creek6
2019-11-10 13:15Black Rock Park2
2019-11-17 08:56Hoover Park Connector Trail1
2019-11-11 07:46Cornell University--Libe Slope2
2019-11-09 11:44Symphony Lake Greenway1
2019-11-15 13:45SUNY Purchase College1
2019-11-17 13:33Lisle Park & Keibel Rd.3
2019-11-15 12:13Cornell University--Beebe Lake4
2019-11-16 06:55Dorchester Park2
2019-11-17 10:49Quail Hollow SP4
2019-11-15 09:31Sippo Lake--Marina and Fishing Pier6
2019-11-12 11:21Cornell University--Ecology House1
2019-11-15 15:07Manitou Point Preserve4
2019-11-06 10:30Teatown Lake Reservation1
2019-11-10 12:50Sippo Lake--Sommer Wildlife Conservation Center and Walking Trails3
2019-11-06 07:37Freese Rd., Liddell Lab and Ponds2
2019-11-18 07:52Bluegrass Lane Natural Area9
2019-11-17 09:01Freese Rd., Dryden2
2019-11-15 09:14Lake Benson3
2019-11-10 15:35Beach City Wildlife Area1
2019-11-06 16:14Tareyton Park and NE Ithaca Rec. Way3
2019-11-05 10:58Theodore Roosevelt Audubon Sanctuary5
2019-11-17 14:41Sapsucker Woods1
2019-11-16 08:00Sapsucker Woods--Lab Building Area2
2019-11-14 10:29Byllesby Dam3
2019-11-12 13:49Dryden Lake1
2019-11-09 11:39Strouds Run SP--Dow Lake Dam10
2019-11-06 15:00Upper Lisle County Park1
2019-11-15 08:39Strouds Run SP7
2019-11-05 11:30Pomerance Park3
2019-11-15 10:04James H. Barrow Field Station4
2019-11-15 10:17Bridge St., Downsville1
2019-11-16 08:20West Point Foundry Preserve5
2019-11-15 10:50Constitution Marsh Audubon Center & Sanctuary6
2019-11-15 12:22Jordan Lake SRA--Ebenezer Point2
2019-11-15 12:04Burr Oak SP--Beach, Campground, and Harbor4
2019-11-07 13:30Southards Pond Park1
2019-11-09 09:55Taughannock Falls SP3
2019-11-09 14:56Salt Point Natural Area2
2019-11-14 08:30Chestnut Ridge Hawk Watch3
2019-11-16 09:00Hudson Highlands SP--Mt. Taurus (aka Bull Hill)6
2019-11-16 09:03Caumsett SP6
2019-11-13 08:06Westmoreland Sanctuary4
2019-11-11 09:25Pilot Mountain SP--Pilot Creek Access2
2019-11-15 12:21Chickagami Park1
2019-11-06 08:53Riddle State Nature Preserve1
2019-11-17 08:45Swine Creek Reservation--Lodge and Bird Feeders3
2019-11-05 12:08Gibson Park1
2019-11-16 15:14Swine Creek Reservation2
2019-11-11 10:31Gardiner County Park2
2019-11-16 07:30Clarence Fahnestock SP--School Mtn. Road Trail and Wetlands2
2019-11-10 13:56Barrett Pond, Philipstown12
2019-11-06 10:38Nimisila Reservoir--Campground and Boat Ramp2
2019-11-17 12:00Cove Island Wildlife Sanctuary1
2019-11-11 10:05Nimisila Reservoir1
2019-11-09 07:40Hillside Park1
2019-11-13 09:29Salem Lake--Linville Rd.13
2019-11-14 11:29Middle Creek Bottomlands II2
2019-11-17 11:22West State St. Park--Little Fish Wetland2
2019-11-06 15:44Trimble Township Community Forest4
2019-11-16 15:31Winston Lake1
2019-11-11 11:15Bartlett Arboretum6
2019-11-16 10:26Portage Lakes State Park--Turkeyfoot Lake3
2019-11-15 12:11Salem Lake--Marina1
2019-11-16 07:51Cargill Reservoir (aka Beacon Reservoir)8
2019-11-16 07:00Clarence Fahnestock SP15
2019-11-13 09:15Reynolda8
2019-11-15 09:16LaDue Reservoir2
2019-11-16 11:54Ward Pound Ridge Reservation6
2019-11-14 13:30New Canaan Nature Center2
2019-11-09 09:34Silver Lake (Wyoming Co.), south2
2019-11-05 15:30Lake Snowden2
2019-11-16 07:24Lake Buckhorn (restricted access)5
2019-11-11 07:15Dolce Center, Norwalk3
2019-11-17 11:39Burton Wetlands2
2019-11-10 14:55White Pines Nature Preserve3
2019-11-17 11:50Presque Isle SP--Pine Tree Trail2
2019-11-14 10:04Long Pond Preserve1
2019-11-08 14:00Rural Retreat Lake1
2019-11-18 08:34Randleman Lake1
2019-11-16 10:58Beaver Meadow Audubon Center1
2019-11-17 15:14Cascade Valley Park3
2019-11-16 08:02Wappinger Lake4
2019-11-10 09:05Tinkers Creek State Nature Preserve2
2019-11-17 09:10Connetquot River SP4
2019-11-11 08:30Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, New Paltz5
2019-11-17 10:28Nyquist-Harcourt Wildlife Sanctuary2
2019-11-06 09:18Nissequogue River SP1
2019-11-10 08:1814 Acre Pond, Norwalk1
2019-11-11 06:35Ammons Farm Rd.4
2019-11-11 14:48Johnson Woods Nature Preserve2
2019-11-11 11:37Westport Longshore Club Park1
2019-11-17 08:30Shallowford Lakes2
2019-11-10 16:02Sand Run Metro Park3
2019-11-13 12:14Mattamuskeet NWR--Headquarters Rd1
2019-11-05 14:41Dutchess Rail Trail--Lake Walton4
2019-11-16 10:56Lake Como3
2019-11-18 06:57Allen's Meadows Park2
2019-11-11 09:15Canandaigua Lake, Onanda Park (Upland Trails)2
2019-11-15 14:30Cuyahoga Valley NP--Virginia Kendall Lake and Trails4
2019-11-16 14:13Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve1
2019-11-17 13:00Sherwood Island State Park4
2019-11-17 15:55West Woods4
2019-11-17 11:33Van Nostrand Rd., swamp1
2019-11-10 14:22Frohring Meadows1
2019-11-17 11:36Vassar College Campus, Arlington2
2019-11-18 08:17Cuyahoga Valley NP--Ira Rd. Beaver Marsh5
2019-11-15 14:20Avalon Park and Preserve1
2019-11-17 15:18Cuyahoga Valley NP--Indigo Lake1
2019-11-13 10:59Smith Richardson1
2019-11-10 11:40Cuyahoga Valley NP--Everett Rd. Covered Bridge Trails4
2019-11-16 15:25Joppenbergh Mountain3
2019-11-08 10:45Lake Hope SP--Nature Center and Campground2
2019-11-16 09:13Owasco Lake inlet area1
2019-11-13 09:55Stony Brook University2
2019-11-16 09:45Cuyahoga Valley NP--Boston Store Towpath6
2019-11-17 08:20Sylvan Lake1
2019-11-17 09:02San-Lee Park5
2019-11-09 09:52Stone Church Rd. Wetland1
2019-11-17 09:49Bennett Beach4
2019-11-15 07:30Tanglewood Park2
2019-11-14 09:15Frank Melville Memorial Park and Mill Pond5
2019-11-17 07:54Bath Nature Preserve3
2019-11-16 09:02Mead Pond1
2019-11-07 11:54East Setauket Pond Park1
2019-11-13 06:38Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Wright Marsh1
2019-11-17 09:20Cuyahoga Valley NP--Jaite Mill Park Headquarters3
2019-11-18 07:49Tanglewood Park--Yadkin River Nature Trail2
2019-11-07Maurice D. Hinchey Catskill Interpretive Center
2019-11-10 09:05Aspetuck Reservoir2
2019-11-17 09:16Sturgeon Point2
2019-11-16 11:06Franklin Mountain, DOAS Sanctuary1
2019-11-11 09:52River Styx Park1
2019-11-16 09:20McAllister County Park2
2019-11-17 15:50Cuyahoga Valley NP--Station Rd. Towpath Trail (Summit Co.)4
2019-11-10 08:50Allardale Park3
2019-11-17 07:31Aspetuck Valley Trail3
2019-11-11 07:40Seneca Yacht Club1
2019-11-16 07:54Bedford Reservation--Willis Picnic Area5
2019-11-17 10:25Esopus Meadows Lighthouse Park10
2019-11-17 10:15Vultures Knob Mountain Bike Trail2
2019-11-17 10:31Bedford Reservation--Hemlock Creek Picnic Area7
2019-11-17 12:12Bedford Reservation--Astorhurst Park5
2019-11-16 13:15Ogden Mills & Ruth Livingston Mills SP--Hopeland Area3
2019-11-16 08:35Wooster Memorial Park4
2019-11-16 14:19Wilderness Rd.2
2019-11-14 13:40Deer Pond Farm, CT Audubon (Fairfield County), Sherman8
2019-11-17 11:36Woodlawn Beach SP2
2019-11-12 15:15North Chagrin Reservation--Sylvan Loop2
2019-11-17 11:20Wertheim NWR11
2019-11-15 16:00Lake Logan SP6
2019-11-17 08:15North Chagrin Nature Center Trails4
2019-11-08 07:57Lake Medina1
2019-11-16 13:15North Chagrin Reservation6
2019-11-10 11:14Funk Bottoms Wildlife Area1
2019-11-09 10:28Reagan Park2
2019-11-10 11:23Beech Fork Lake Dam and Trails1
2019-11-16 09:00Wooster Park Pond2
2019-11-12 14:36Plum Creek Park3
2019-11-17 01:30Milford Pt. (CT Audubon)1
2019-11-09 14:51Shaker Lakes--Nature Center3
2019-11-10 14:27Hoback Park3
2019-11-10 10:42Buckeye Woods Park3
2019-11-17 10:42Chagrin River Park9
2019-11-11 13:00Hocking Hills SP--Old Mans Cave1
2019-11-17 08:00Scenic Hudson, Kukuk Lane, Town of Ulster4
2019-11-09 09:48Shaker Lakes--Doan Brook Gorge1
2019-11-18 08:10Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve1
2019-11-17 12:25Mondo Ponds2
2019-11-06 12:25Rich Park2
2019-11-11 15:31Apple Valley Lake3
2019-11-17 14:18Sims Park1
2019-11-06 07:49Montezuma NWR--Wildlife Drive1
2019-11-12 16:06Clear Creek Metro Park (Hocking Co.)2
2019-11-14 12:20Bent of the River Sanctuary3
2019-11-09 09:17Mohican SP1