The tufted titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor) is a small songbird from North America, a species in the tit and chickadee family (Paridae). The black-crested titmouse, found from central and southern Texas southwards, was included as a subspecies but is now considered a separate species B. atricristatus.

These birds have grey upperparts and white underparts with a white face, a grey crest, a dark forehead and a short stout bill; they have rufous-coloured flanks. The song is usually described as a whistled peter-peter-peter. They make a variety of different sounds, most having a similar tone quality.

The habitat is deciduous and mixed woods as well as gardens, parks and shrubland in the eastern United States; they barely range into southeastern Canada in the Great Lakes region. They are all-year residents in the area effectively circumscribed by the Great Plains, the Great Lakes, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. The range is expanding northwards, possibly due to increased availability of winter food at bird feeders. The birds are nowadays resident all year even in rural Ohio where there are few bird feeders, while it was noted around 1905 that many birds from these areas migrated south in winter.

They forage actively on branches, sometimes on the ground, mainly eating insects, especially caterpillars, but also seeds, nuts and berries. They will store food for later use. They tend to be curious about their human neighbors and can sometimes be spotted on window ledges peering into the windows to watch what's going on inside. They are more shy when seen at bird feeders; their normal pattern there is to scout the feeder from the cover of trees or bushes, fly to the feeder, take a seed, and fly back to cover to eat it.

Tufted titmice nest in a hole in a tree, either a natural cavity, a man-made nest box, or sometimes an old woodpecker nest. They line the nest with soft materials, sometimes plucking hair from a live animal such as a dog. If they find shed snake skin, they will try to incorporate pieces of it in their nest. Their eggs are under an inch long and are white or cream-colored with brownish or purplish spots. Sometimes, a bird born the year before remains to help its parents raise the next year's young. The pair may remain together and defend their territory year-round. These birds are permanent residents and often join small mixed flocks in winter.
Tufted Titmouse
Date Location Count
2019-07-20 06:27Hughes Hollow - McKee Beshers WMA1
2019-07-21 06:13Algonkian Regional Park1
2019-07-14 06:06Algonkian Nature Preserve--Sanctuary Trail3
2019-07-10 08:37C&O Canal--Riley's Lock1
2019-07-20 06:25C&O Canal--Violette's Lock2
2019-07-13 07:38Blockhouse Point Conservation Park4
2019-07-20 09:40C&O Canal--Pennyfield Lock1
2019-07-12 08:41Lake Fairfax2
2019-07-21 09:15Walker Nature Center--Reston7
2019-07-13 08:00Twin Branches Trail4
2019-07-21 16:38Riverbend Park3
2019-07-18 18:00Darnestown Rd. ponds1
2019-07-10 17:46Poplar Tree Park1
2019-07-21 15:31Nottoway Park1
2019-07-19 07:34Scott's Run Nature Preserve4
2019-07-13 06:43Occoquan Sewage Plant (UOSA)3
2019-07-14 08:10Daniels Run Park2
2019-07-20 16:30Cabin John Regional Park1
2019-07-21 07:30Ashby Pond Conservancy Site1
2019-07-14 06:45George Mason University--Mason Pond2
2019-07-13 06:48Manassas National Battlefield Park--Stuart Hill Visitor Center8
2019-07-20 07:05Conway-Robinson State Forest3
2019-07-20 07:00Little Bennett Regional Park4
2019-07-17 07:15Woodglen Lake3
2019-07-21 06:30Lake Needwood4
2019-07-21 07:17Leopold's Preserve1
2019-07-19 06:25Royal Lake Park1
2019-07-14 14:11Magruder Branch Trail--Watkins Rd. to Log House Rd.2
2019-07-13 13:35Meadowside Nature Center1
2019-07-14 13:02Gulf Branch Natural Area1
2019-07-17 07:23Willard Avenue Neighborhood Park2
2019-07-20 11:00Nokesville Road Interchange Ponds1
2019-07-18 08:44Bull Run Marina Regional Park2
2019-07-10 07:00Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship4
2019-07-18 06:50C&O Canal--Fletcher's Cove (Fletcher's Boathouse)2
2019-07-18 07:15Wheaton Claridge Park1
2019-07-19 06:15Shenandoah University River Campus at Cool Spring Battlefield8
2019-07-09 06:26Rock Creek Park--Chevy Chase8
2019-07-18 14:17John Rissler Road1
2019-07-15 08:21Rock Creek Park--upper Beach Drive1
2019-07-17 08:39Rock Creek Park--Dog Run2
2019-07-16 07:50Brookside Gardens1
2019-07-15 13:05Harper's Ferry National Historical Park1
2019-07-12 08:06Rock Creek Park10
2019-07-10 09:12Brookside Nature Center2
2019-07-13 08:49Rock Creek Golf Course2
2019-07-11 06:58National Zoological Park1
2019-07-14 18:11Northwest Golf Course (restricted access)1
2019-07-09 07:03Barcroft Park1
2019-07-18 16:40Theodore Roosevelt Island1
2019-07-12 12:00All Veterans Park1
2019-07-10 06:53Clifton Institute (Restricted Access)1
2019-07-21 07:52LBJ Memorial Grove - Columbia Island Marina1
2019-07-18 12:58Baker Park, Frederick1
2019-07-09 14:05Lake Ridge Park1
2019-07-21 07:04Sligo Creek Park--Wayne Ave. to south end1
2019-07-21 07:15Laurel Hill Equestrian Area--Workhouse Loop1
2019-07-14 13:30Lake Linganore5
2019-07-12 07:21Jefferson Manor Park1
2019-07-09 09:28Tucker Lane, Ashton2
2019-07-12 07:55Huntley Meadows Park--Hike and Bike Trail6
2019-07-12 08:45Occoquan Regional Park1
2019-07-13 12:30Huntley Meadows Park--Cedar Trail Loop1
2019-07-21 07:17Huntley Meadows Park1
2019-07-14 08:45Gambrill SP--High Knob2
2019-07-09 08:06Anacostia Park1
2019-07-21 09:45Jones Point Park1
2019-07-21 17:38Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve2
2019-07-21 06:45Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens1
2019-07-13 10:56Thompson WMA--Trillium Trail1
2019-07-12 08:30Occoquan Bay NWR1
2019-07-17 07:45Greenbelt Park6
2019-07-21 15:24Mt. Vernon1
2019-07-13 10:55Greenbelt Lake - Buddy Attick Lake Park1
2019-07-13 08:05Julie J. Metz Wetland Bank--Neabsco Boardwalk2
2019-07-14 07:33Middle Patuxent Environmental Area3
2019-07-13 13:15C.M. Crockett Park1
2019-07-11 15:20Fort Washington National Park1
2019-07-18 09:54Leesylvania State Park1
2019-07-16 07:21Wilde Lake2
2019-07-21 12:40Lake Kittamaqundi1
2019-07-19 09:32Chapman State Park4
2019-07-19 07:09Morgan's Ford Boat Ramp1
2019-07-20 09:29Patuxent Research Refuge--South Tract (National Wildlife Visitor Center)2
2019-07-19 08:52Lake Frederick2
2019-07-20 05:30Mount Pleasant Farm - Howard County Conservancy2
2019-07-21 10:02Patuxent Research Refuge--North Tract--Wildlife Viewing Area/Merganser Pond1
2019-07-21 08:35Patuxent Research Refuge--North Tract1
2019-07-13 08:30Watkins Regional Park1
2019-07-14 08:37Lake Front Royal/AT Trailhead6
2019-07-08 19:12Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (restricted access)3
2019-07-15 11:06Abrams Creek Wetlands Preserve3
2019-07-15 07:10Fort Meade--Burba Lake1
2019-07-16 07:57Shenandoah NP--Dickey Ridge Visitor Center4
2019-07-18 12:15Schoolhouse Pond3
2019-07-13 07:56Governor Bridge Natural Area1
2019-07-21 06:26Race Road2
2019-07-15 07:51Baltimore Humane Society1
2019-07-18 14:15Kelly's Ford Boat Ramp1
2019-07-12 10:49Stauffer's Marsh Nature Preserve1
2019-07-15 06:49Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary2
2019-07-16 09:16Glendening Nature Preserve1
2019-07-21 12:27Patuxent River Park--Selby's Landing2
2019-07-21 12:57Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary--Critical Area Driving Tour1
2019-07-11 08:21Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve11
2019-07-09 09:50Cedar Point WMA4
2019-07-15 13:20Kinder Farm Park1
2019-07-20 08:00Druid Hill Park2
2019-07-12 15:00Cylburn Arboretum1
2019-07-16 11:28Masonville Cove (Open M-F 9-4, Sat 9-1, Closed Sun)1
2019-07-09 07:13Lake Waterford Park3
2019-07-10 08:15Wyman Park3
2019-07-12 09:29Lake Roland--Bare Hills3
2019-07-14 11:12Shenandoah NP--Elkwallow1
2019-07-17 06:43Lake Roland--Boardwalk2
2019-07-10 16:00Lake Roland1
2019-07-16 06:45Swan Creek Wetland--Cox Creek DMCF (access by guided tour only)1
2019-07-19 07:10Blairs Valley Lake1
2019-07-13 10:00Kings Landing Park2
2019-07-13 11:14Herring Run Park--North3
2019-07-15 10:42Quiet Waters Park4
2019-07-08 19:29Ellen O Moyer Nature Park at Back Creek2
2019-07-19 09:14Fort Smallwood Park1
2019-07-20 12:13Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail--Ashland1
2019-07-16 11:25Loch Raven Reservoir--Warren Flats1
2019-07-10 06:43Double Rock Park1
2019-07-17 09:30North Beach--marsh2
2019-07-09 07:36Cox Point Park3
2019-07-09 08:25Shenandoah NP--Little Stony Mountain trail2
2019-07-09 11:20Loch Raven Reservoir--Peerce's Cove1
2019-07-21 09:40Black Marsh9
2019-07-15 17:15Spotsylvania Court House Battlefield3
2019-07-21 15:01Shenandoah NP--Limberlost Trail2
2019-07-12 09:25Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail--Blue Mount4
2019-07-20 15:13Matapeake State Park3
2019-07-09 14:06Colonial Beach2
2019-07-08 10:00Battle Creek Cypress Swamp1
2019-07-17 06:24Terrapin Nature Park1
2019-07-19 06:35Marshy Point Nature Center2
2019-07-11 07:32American Chestnut Land Trust9
2019-07-14 06:05Claiborne Landing2
2019-07-09 10:00Heritage Rail Trail County Park1
2019-07-12 11:35Lake Anna State Park2
2019-07-21 07:40Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center (Horsehead)1
2019-07-20 10:40Harford Glen Park2
2019-07-17 08:24James Madison's Montpelier2
2019-07-20 08:02Pine Grove Furnace SP1
2019-07-09 12:00Cowans Gap SP1
2019-07-20 09:28Shenandoah NP--Pocosin Cabin
2019-07-16 07:55William H. Kain County Park--Lake Williams2
2019-07-14 06:16Shenandoah NP--Dry Run Fire Road1
2019-07-12 11:10Pickering Creek Audubon Center1
2019-07-08 12:59Central Sod Farms--John Brown Rd.1
2019-07-20 07:55Cumberland Valley Rail Trail--Oakville1
2019-07-16 19:33Big Spring2
2019-07-15 06:57Skipton Landing1
2019-07-14 06:25Gifford Pinchot SP5
2019-07-19 10:30Rocky Gap SP1
2019-07-08 14:10Swan Harbor Farm Park1
2019-07-11 08:06Seth Demonstration Forest3
2019-07-14 11:23Thornwald Park1
2019-07-11 07:54Susquehanna State Park2
2019-07-08 09:11Menokin3
2019-07-13 08:10Lock 12 Historic Area1
2019-07-19 07:00Susquehannock SP1
2019-07-20 06:45Muddy Run Reservoir1
2019-07-13 12:19Grove Farm WMA1
2019-07-15 06:45Elk Neck SP--Turkey Pt.5
2019-07-12 11:38Lower Allen Community Park2
2019-07-15 05:54Conejohela Flats (IBA)2
2019-07-15 08:14Observation Site Rd.2
2019-07-12 06:49Shenandoah NP--Frazier Discovery Trail1
2019-07-11 08:22Muddy Run Recreation Park3
2019-07-15 07:47Blackwater NWR--Key Wallace Hiking Trail1
2019-07-15 17:15Rivanna Trail Belvedere4
2019-07-21 09:31Blackwater NWR--Wildlife Drive1
2019-07-11 08:40Chickies Rock County Park1
2019-07-16 10:26Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge1
2019-07-18 06:25State Game Lands 2301
2019-07-12 08:10Incarnation Drive Pond1
2019-07-21 09:03Lake Shenandoah
2019-07-17 09:04Climbers Run Nature Preserve (restricted access)1
2019-07-12 08:04Hillandale Park1
2019-07-18 08:03Vincent DiFilippo Nature Preserve2
2019-07-19 06:42Glenmore Country Club8
2019-07-13 18:25Riverview Park4
2019-07-15 17:22Lake Grubb Nature Park2
2019-07-10 12:45Venable Elementary School1
2019-07-13 16:07West Fairview Park/Boat Launch (Cumberland Co.)3
2019-07-19 14:02Beacon Hill Pond1
2019-07-21 07:27Lake Monticello (gated community/restricted access)15
2019-07-18 19:58Lake Monticello (gated community/restricted access)--Beach 41
2019-07-14 07:38Azalea Park3
2019-07-08 11:55Grand Caverns Regional Park2
2019-07-12 10:57Ragged Mountain Natural Area1
2019-07-17 09:00Elk Neck State Forest2
2019-07-14 08:08Octoraro Reservoir (IBA) (Lancaster Co.)1
2019-07-10 06:15South Mill Creek Lake2
2019-07-16 08:03Fluvanna Heritage Trail--River Bluff Trail (West)1
2019-07-19 16:05Pleasant Grove Park1
2019-07-16 09:18Wildwood Lake Park1
2019-07-15 07:00Martin Kings Road pull-offs (Brown-headed Nuthatch spot)1
2019-07-21 07:33Octoraro Reservoir (IBA) (Chester Co.)2
2019-07-20 08:30Octoraro Reservoir--Mt. Eden Rd. (Lancaster Co.)1
2019-07-21 07:09Lickinghole Creek1
2019-07-09 08:35Idylwild WMA3
2019-07-10 06:05Mint Springs Valley Park1
2019-07-12 10:53Echo Lake Park2
2019-07-19 10:51Switzer Lake Area
2019-07-16 09:49Scheier Natural Area1
2019-07-12 09:05State Game Lands 145--Colebrook1
2019-07-21 07:22Tucker Park at Maidens Crossing5
2019-07-18 08:40Powhatan State Park1
2019-07-14 08:54State Game Lands 290--Haldeman Island1
2019-07-09 08:56Fair Hill NRMA--N. Appleton Rd. parking lot2
2019-07-13 07:00Bryan Park3
2019-07-13 08:48Speedwell Forge County Park1
2019-07-17 06:32Speedwell Forge Lake1
2019-07-19 08:04Richmond National Battlefield Park--Cold Harbor Battlefield Unit1
2019-07-20 06:20White Clay Creek Preserve--Arc Corner1
2019-07-08 12:33White Clay Creek SP--Creek Rd.4
2019-07-09 07:30Newark Reservoir2
2019-07-20 10:03White Clay Creek Preserve (PA)2
2019-07-18 13:40River Gap3
2019-07-15 11:00Seneca Rocks - Trail1
2019-07-14 07:14Ephrata Twp. Community Park3
2019-07-20 07:12Robious Landing Park1
2019-07-17 08:26Thomas P. Grater Community Park1
2019-07-12 11:10Killens Pond State Park5
2019-07-16 07:10Totier Creek Reservoir Park2
2019-07-16 07:04Middle Run Natural Area2
2019-07-11 08:21Canaan Valley NWR1
2019-07-13 18:49The Pocket1
2019-07-16 07:56Broadford Lake7
2019-07-15 06:21C&D Canal Wildlife Area--East Section2
2019-07-19 11:00Tweed's Park2
2019-07-09 07:30Carousel Farm County Park1
2019-07-21 08:31Augustine WA--Port Penn Tract1
2019-07-11 09:15Victory Park1
2019-07-15 07:12Bucktoe Creek Preserve (restricted access/private)2
2019-07-15 08:25Chandler Mill Nature Preserve2
2019-07-14 06:55Delcastle Recreation Park1
2019-07-16 06:48Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge2
2019-07-11 18:07Blackwater Falls SP2
2019-07-12 08:25Hibernia County Park--Chambers Lake2
2019-07-13 11:00Ashland Nature Center and Hawk Watch1
2019-07-16 09:53Hibernia County Park2
2019-07-17 08:58Hughlett Point Natural Area Preserve2
2019-07-19 08:02Friend's Delight at Sang Run1
2019-07-11 08:45Swatara SP (Lebanon Co.)1
2019-07-13 08:00Longwood Gardens--Abbondi Property (restricted access)1
2019-07-11 08:50State Game Lands 1662
2019-07-08 09:50Youghiogheny Res.--Old Morgantown Road1
2019-07-20 10:05Longwood Gardens1
2019-07-17 09:00Amelia WMA2
2019-07-19 06:24Winterthur Museum and Gardens1
2019-07-09 08:23Sherando Lake2
2019-07-09 16:15Trap Pond State Park1
2019-07-14 08:05Shaw's Bridge Park1
2019-07-17 07:40Shaver's Creek Env. Center2
2019-07-15 08:06Stone Valley Recreation Area2
2019-07-20 06:15Mannington Marsh--Sunset Dr Bridge2
2019-07-08 12:40Cumberland SF--Winston Lake1
2019-07-20 12:06Harmony Hill Nature Area5
2019-07-12 13:03Dutch Gap Boat Ramp2
2019-07-09 06:27Swatara SP (Schuylkill Co.)1
2019-07-18 09:55Cabell Road pond1
2019-07-14 08:25Bellevue State Park2
2019-07-17 08:00Marsh Creek SP1
2019-07-10 09:57Springdale Water Gardens1
2019-07-10 09:10Jo Hayes Vista1
2019-07-17 07:30Nursery Bottom- Parsons2
2019-07-16 17:26Augusta Springs Wetlands Trail6
2019-07-18 07:15Blue Marsh Lake SRA--State Hill Boat Launch3
2019-07-21 11:00Plummer's Hollow1
2019-07-21 17:01Tadpole Rd.1
2019-07-13 08:21Beaverdam Park--North Entrance3
2019-07-18 08:58R. Garland Dodd Park at Point of Rocks1
2019-07-19 06:30Prime Hook NWR3
2019-07-13 07:30VCU Rice Center1
2019-07-15 09:00York River State Park2
2019-07-18 12:35Prime Hook NWR--refuge entrance road1
2019-07-21 14:30Heritage Scout Reservation8
2019-07-15 10:45Berkeley Plantation2
2019-07-11 05:34Pedricktown Marsh (Gloucester Co.)1
2019-07-20 01:30Ohiopyle SP--Great Gorge Trail1
2019-07-21 07:07Ohiopyle SP--Kentuck Campground1
2019-07-19 12:22Powdermill Nature Reserve1
2019-07-16 08:41North Pocomoke Swamp (Worcester Co.)2
2019-07-13 08:56Wawa Preserve1
2019-07-10 09:35Bald Eagle Sportsmen Cooperative Nursery1
2019-07-21 13:21State Game Lands 84--Creek Rd.1
2019-07-13 08:06Lakeview Park2
2019-07-14 19:20Okehocking Preserve1
2019-07-11 18:01Raccoon Creek1
2019-07-17 05:40Rushton Farm1
2019-07-18 14:03Scotia Barrens (IBA)--10-acre pond2
2019-07-13 09:15Raccoon Creek WMA2
2019-07-14 07:14Monocacy Hill Recreation Area2
2019-07-17 07:27Tyler Arboretum1
2019-07-15 07:19Ridley Creek SP (IBA)2
2019-07-12 08:16Ridley Creek SP--Bridle Trail 3
2019-07-17 17:30Prince Gallitzin SP2
2019-07-18 08:56Morris Creek Boat Ramp5
2019-07-20 14:17Pickering Creek Trail1
2019-07-21 05:32Flood Gate1
2019-07-20 06:46French Creek Trail--Hare's Hill to Township Line Rd.1
2019-07-15 07:40Lake Ontelaunee (IBA)1
2019-07-12 13:04State Game Lands 333--Spring Creek Canyon3
2019-07-14 07:50Crum Woods2
2019-07-14 14:20Ford's Colony (gated community/restricted access)3
2019-07-16 12:02Delaware County Community College1
2019-07-20 08:54Fairfax Pond-Rehe WMA1
2019-07-15 07:46Angola Neck Preserve4
2019-07-20 11:53Decker's Creek Trail-Kingwood Pike1
2019-07-09 07:00Valley Forge NHP--Chester Co. portion (Valley Creek/Mt. Misery/etc.)2
2019-07-19 13:37Cape Henlopen SP--Breakwater Harbor2
2019-07-14 12:20Lake Ontelaunee--Bailey Creek Area1
2019-07-18 15:00New Quarter Park5
2019-07-11 08:30Greensprings Interpretive Trail12
2019-07-17 09:40Colonial Williamsburg3
2019-07-20 06:15Landingville Dam & Marsh1
2019-07-13 09:06Stonehouse Lake Park3
2019-07-18 07:00Bassett Hall Nature Trail2
2019-07-11 11:00Holliday Lake State Park (Buckingham Co.)1
2019-07-17 07:15Cape Henlopen SP--Gordon's Pond Beach2
2019-07-13 12:23Holliday Lake State Park (Appomattox Co.)1
2019-07-09 08:48John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove1
2019-07-15 07:46Wilck's Lake1
2019-07-20 14:48John Heinz NWR--impoundment (Philadelphia Co.)1
2019-07-21 11:18Coopers Rock State Forest5
2019-07-08 19:05Haverford College (Delaware Co.)1
2019-07-10 10:29Chestnut Branch Park4
2019-07-13 09:15Busch Gardens Williamsburg4
2019-07-17 08:03Weiser SF--Roaring Creek Tract (Northumberland Co.)3
2019-07-14 12:46Riverwinds--Nature Trail1
2019-07-14 11:00Jamestown Island2
2019-07-20 07:00Hamburg Reservoir/Watershed (incl. Pinnacle area)1
2019-07-15 10:55WV Botanic Gardens2
2019-07-14 09:37Hawk Mountain Sanctuary--Visitor Center [do not use for ridge/lookout observations]1
2019-07-18 07:30Moshannon SF--Allegheny Front Trail & Shingle Mill Trail1
2019-07-13 07:50Hawk Mountain Sanctuary--South Lookout1
2019-07-16 08:10Cape Island--CMP--Coral Ave. dune crossing1
2019-07-19 08:14Cape Island--Higbee Beach WMA--Morning Flight platform1
2019-07-15 16:21Herring Creek Nature Park4
2019-07-12 17:30Northeast Fishery Center1
2019-07-13 08:26Cape Island--CMPSP--Hawkwatch Platform3
2019-07-17 09:21Emma Kaufmann Camp1
2019-07-18 11:55Bald Eagle SP--Upper Greens Run3
2019-07-21 07:40Villas--Cox Hall Creek WMA (Villas WMA)6
2019-07-14 17:34Jordan's Point Park1
2019-07-14 12:01Glen Maury Park2
2019-07-11 07:34Cape Island--WCM--Shunpike Rd. pond2
2019-07-17 17:20Schuylkill Center for Env. Ed.1
2019-07-20 11:46Big Timber Creek--River Dr.1
2019-07-14 13:23Lime Kiln Bridge Park/Chessie Nature Trail1
2019-07-10 06:49Historic Cold Spring Village4
2019-07-18 16:04Briery Creek WMA--Causeway Area2
2019-07-18 09:38White Oak Branch WMA1
2019-07-21 07:02Newport News Park2
2019-07-16 19:37Bald Eagle SP--Foster Joseph Sayers Dam1
2019-07-17 15:34Carpenter's Woods1
2019-07-21 11:45Wissahickon Valley Park--Lavender Trail1
2019-07-15 07:56North Branch Canal Trail5
2019-07-13 13:57Cape May NWR--Songbird Trail1
2019-07-13 09:05Locust Lake SP1
2019-07-17 14:00Belleplain SF
2019-07-16 11:16Brownsville Preserve1
2019-07-17 10:02Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve2
2019-07-21 07:34Newton Lake Park2
2019-07-20 07:44Green Ribbon Trail--Penllyn to Four Mills1
2019-07-14 07:45Peaslee WMA--First Ave.5
2019-07-19 07:38Leaser Lake6
2019-07-09 06:25Hidden Valley Trail1
2019-07-17 10:05Crow's Woods5
2019-07-18 09:34Pilling Lake Bed1
2019-07-15 16:11Central Mountain HS Wetlands1
2019-07-21 12:39Reusen's Dam1
2019-07-14 07:15Palmyra Cove Nature Park1
2019-07-17 13:30Piney Grove Preserve2
2019-07-15 07:49Pool Wildlife Sanctuary3
2019-07-15 09:15Bradford Dam/Nike Park2
2019-07-19 09:12Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust4
2019-07-17 07:26Oyster1
2019-07-14 06:19State Game Lands 252 (Lycoming Co.)1
2019-07-15 07:18Tuckahoe WMA (Cape May Co.)2
2019-07-21 19:15Sandy Bottom Nature Park1
2019-07-14 09:37Woolrich Park1
2019-07-16 06:53Tuckahoe WMA (Corbin City/Atlantic Co.)3
2019-07-14 13:16Wharton SF--Burnt Mill Rd.1
2019-07-14 13:26Glen Foerd on the Delaware1
2019-07-15 05:26New Road3
2019-07-13 08:03Windsor Castle Park2
2019-07-19 10:00Peace Valley Park--Nature Center3
2019-07-21 07:26Nockamixon SP--Old Bethlehem Rd./Sterner Mill Hiking Area2
2019-07-13 12:03Walking Purchase / Lehigh Canal Park2
2019-07-15 09:15Chub Sandhill Natural Area Preserve2
2019-07-20 12:56Hanover Canal Park (Catasauqua Lake)1
2019-07-20 07:00Churchville Nature Center/Reservoir1
2019-07-11 09:00Medford Leas3
2019-07-13 09:13Greater Hazleton Rails to Trails1
2019-07-14 10:06Kiptopeke SP--South Part
2019-07-16 06:11Monarch Lake (Lakeside at Creekview)1
2019-07-18 10:17D & L Trail--Lehigh Canal Park/Weissport area1
2019-07-15 09:58Long Bridge Park1
2019-07-16 08:00Tyler SP6
2019-07-20 09:38Peters Creek2
2019-07-14 10:48Batsto Village2
2019-07-13 08:00Lycoming County Conservation Trail2
2019-07-09 07:10Silver Lake Park/Nature Center1
2019-07-09 09:55Crooked Creek Lake1
2019-07-21 06:32Mingo Creek County Park1
2019-07-14 08:08Sleepy Lake Dam3
2019-07-16 09:20Ralph Stover SP6
2019-07-19 18:53Stonewall Jackson Lake WMA--Pen Run-Vandalia Anglers Access Trail4
2019-07-20 08:20Housenick Memorial Park/Archibald Johnston Conservation Area1
2019-07-12 07:47Smithville Park2
2019-07-09 14:41Buchanan Swinging Bridge2
2019-07-17 08:10Beltzville SP1
2019-07-21 04:42Budd's Bogs (restricted access)6
2019-07-20 08:30South Park2
2019-07-15 11:50Peaks of Otter Recreation Area1
2019-07-19 08:15Frick Park--Nine Mile Run2
2019-07-19 10:00Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve2
2019-07-15 19:27Frick Park EEC2
2019-07-20 09:50Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve5
2019-07-17 08:42Chapel Harbor1
2019-07-21 09:29Harrison Hills County Park7
2019-07-18 09:50Schenley Park5
2019-07-16 07:58Baldpate Mt2
2019-07-18 08:08Salamander Park2
2019-07-16 07:30Hatchery Rd.--powerline ROW4
2019-07-16 08:48George & Lillian Picton Wildlife Sanctuary3
2019-07-14 08:25Smith Gap1
2019-07-13 12:37Norfolk Botanical Gardens5
2019-07-14 12:38Canonsburg Lake1
2019-07-20 20:16Franklin Parker Preserve1
2019-07-20 07:09Edwin B. Forsythe NWR--Visitor Center3
2019-07-20 08:00Edwin B. Forsythe NWR (Brigantine Unit)2
2019-07-18 19:00Deer Lakes Regional Park2
2019-07-21 07:40Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve5
2019-07-18 08:50Armstrong Trail--North of Dam 83
2019-07-19 16:32Allegheny Land Trust--Wingfield Pines2
2019-07-14 06:35Edwin B. Forsythe NWR3
2019-07-21 10:30Edwin B. Forsythe NWR--Wildlife Drive1
2019-07-13 12:15Meade Park
2019-07-12 13:46First Landing SP--Campground/Beach3
2019-07-16 09:00Bushkill Trail2
2019-07-16 08:38First Landing State Park4
2019-07-12 17:00Sinnemahoning SP--George B. Stevenson Reservoir4
2019-07-21 17:10Hampton Twp. Park1
2019-07-09 11:30Hercules Boat Ramp2
2019-07-14 10:59Lakeside Park2
2019-07-10 07:00Pole Farm (Mercer County Park NW)2
2019-07-11 08:09Rehman's Residence1
2019-07-18 07:36Plymouth Flats (restricted access)2
2019-07-13 10:51Whitesbog (Burlington County)5
2019-07-18 13:51North Park--Arboretum area1
2019-07-17 06:00Mount Rose Preserve2
2019-07-20 09:11North Park--Gold Star Mothers Wetland1
2019-07-12 15:00Sinnemahoning SP (Potter Co.)3
2019-07-12 07:40Mercer County Park1
2019-07-13 07:59Tower Hill Reserve1
2019-07-21 17:26North Park1
2019-07-17 17:00Glade Run Lake1
2019-07-21 15:05Assiscong Marsh1
2019-07-19 07:59Stumpy Lake Natural Area1
2019-07-11 11:38Chesapeake Arboretum2
2019-07-19 07:00Honey Bee Golf Course4
2019-07-19 07:45Spruce Run Reservoir1
2019-07-13 15:17Bells Mill Park1
2019-07-10 06:58Colliers Mills WMA2
2019-07-21 09:56Sewickley Heights Borough Park2
2019-07-19 07:03Pocono Lake (IBA)1
2019-07-21 07:59Round Valley Reservoir1
2019-07-20 07:35Lake Solitude4
2019-07-17 06:58Furnace Lake RA--Oxford Furnace Lake2
2019-07-14 10:22Imperial Grasslands1
2019-07-21 13:00Knob Hill Park1
2019-07-21 08:13Plainsboro Preserve2
2019-07-16 07:45Frances Slocum SP1
2019-07-09 09:42Wattles Stewardship Center (NJAS)1
2019-07-16 16:08Thorn Reservoir4
2019-07-21 06:51Roanoke Sewage Treatment Plant1
2019-07-16 14:00Columbia Lake2
2019-07-14 08:51Hillman SP1
2019-07-15 17:57Double Trouble State Park6
2019-07-12 11:40Appalachian Trail--Johns Springs to McAfee's Knob2
2019-07-20 07:54Island Road1
2019-07-15 13:40Mill Mountain Park1
2019-07-17 08:12Old Mine Road IBA (Warren County only)6
2019-07-13 13:01Gouldsboro SP1
2019-07-19 08:15Negri-Nepote Grasslands1
2019-07-18 07:13Oglebay Park1
2019-07-20 06:25**BACK BAY NWR1
2019-07-14 13:29Northwest River Park1
2019-07-21 18:20Robert J. Stahl Natural Area1
2019-07-17 05:56Princess Anne WMA--Whitehurst Tract4
2019-07-14 13:16Merchants Millpond SP--Cypress Point & Coleman Trail1
2019-07-14 10:24Dismal Swamp SP2
2019-07-16 09:58Elizabeth Kay Center/Black River Park (Chester)1
2019-07-13 18:02Happy Hollow Gardens Park2
2019-07-17 18:45Dunham Park, Basking Ridge1
2019-07-19 07:50Lake Shenandoah County Park2
2019-07-15 08:43Cattus Island County Park1
2019-07-11 07:31Donaldson Park1
2019-07-17 07:53Highland Park Meadows2
2019-07-16 08:07Manasquan Reservoir IBA5
2019-07-13 12:12Allamuchy Mountain SP IBA (Warren Co.)3
2019-07-13 06:09Delaware Water Gap NRA--Headquarters1
2019-07-10 07:48Budd Lake1
2019-07-12 12:45Allamuchy Mt SP--Tilcon Lake1
2019-07-20 11:46Moraine SP--McDanel's Boat Launch1
2019-07-17 09:10Allamuchy Mountain SP--Waterloo Village4
2019-07-14 13:15Moraine SP--Hidden River/Northwest Corner2
2019-07-14 17:14Allamuchy Mountain SP IBA (Sussex)1
2019-07-21 12:55Scherman-Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary2
2019-07-10 10:13Ritchie County-Third Run1
2019-07-11 09:02Medoc Mountain State Park3
2019-07-13 09:13Cheesequake State Park2
2019-07-20 07:15Delaware Water Gap NRA--Blue Mountain Lakes2
2019-07-14 07:11Dismal Harmony Natural Area - (Mendham Twp.)2
2019-07-09 09:16Wolf Creek Narrows1
2019-07-10 15:42Great Swamp NWR3
2019-07-18 12:19Shark River Park1
2019-07-18 13:37Sandy Creek Trail1
2019-07-18 07:10Lackawanna SP5
2019-07-19 13:04Thompson Park3
2019-07-15 08:47Kittatinny Valley SP2
2019-07-08 12:23Bottom Creek Gorge2
2019-07-08 17:18Swartswood SP5
2019-07-15 08:15Loantaka Brook Reservation2
2019-07-15 12:52Delaware Water Gap NRA--Camp Hidden Falls1
2019-07-16 08:00Delaware Water Gap NRA--Pocono Env. Education Center (PEEC)2
2019-07-18 12:19Beaver Creek SP1
2019-07-21 13:55Dan Daniel Memorial Park Riverwalk1
2019-07-18 10:40Sheepskin Hollow State Nature Preserve1
2019-07-20 07:55Glen Alton Day Use Area2
2019-07-13 08:41Jacksons Pond1
2019-07-15 08:27Paulinskill River WMA / Hyper Humus IBA1
2019-07-13 08:32Nellies Cave Park2
2019-07-10 08:00Virginia Tech--Quad1
2019-07-21 08:11Taylor Lake2
2019-07-20 06:50Virginia Tech--Duck Pond1
2019-07-21 09:25South Mountain Reservation1
2019-07-16 07:11Currituck Banks National Estuarine Research Reserve3
2019-07-09 07:20Tourne County Park2
2019-07-19 10:00Troy Meadows Natural Area1
2019-07-09 08:00Wayne National Forest--Newell Run Mouth1
2019-07-21 11:16Hartshorne Woods2
2019-07-16 05:40Sparta Mountain WMA4
2019-07-20 05:55Stokes SF--Lake Ocquittunk4
2019-07-17 08:35Hatfield Swamp IBA--West Essex Park2
2019-07-12 18:49Dick and Willie Passage Trail1
2019-07-15 08:45Hatfield Swamp IBA--Great Piece Meadow1
2019-07-17 06:08Pyramid Mountain6
2019-07-17 09:30Carantouan Greenway, Wildwood Nature Reserve2
2019-07-15 08:15NCSU Hill Forest3
2019-07-09 17:53High Point SP--Sawmill Rd3
2019-07-19 09:15Lincoln Park Gravel Pits1
2019-07-15 10:26Radford Safety Rest Area (Southbound)2
2019-07-19 08:14Ohio River Islands NWR--visitor center4
2019-07-21 07:20David Bisset Park/Riverway Trail3
2019-07-14 05:55High Point SP--AT&T Tower1
2019-07-12 08:57Horton Grove Nature Preserve1
2019-07-12 10:05Oak Grove Cemetery3
2019-07-21 07:15Mound Cemetery1
2019-07-13 06:46High Point SP2
2019-07-16 13:38Dehart Botanical Gardens1
2019-07-19 07:03Riverview Park1
2019-07-12 05:40Prospect Park1
2019-07-14 06:52High Point SP--Kuser Natural Area5
2019-07-19 05:46Mebane Bridge Rd.2
2019-07-12 08:37Stillfork Swamp Nature Preserve (TNC) (restricted access)2
2019-07-15 10:30Ramapo Mountain SF2
2019-07-14 09:09Wallkill River NWR--Liberty Marsh (Sussex Co.)1
2019-07-21 16:47McDonough Wildlife Park4
2019-07-21 08:04Dan River Game Land--Buttercup Rd.1
2019-07-14 09:28Claytor Lake State Park9
2019-07-20 09:30Mill Creek Park--East Cohasset Dr.6
2019-07-21 07:03Dan River Game Land--Woodpecker Rd.2
2019-07-21 05:39Dan River Game Land--Riverside Circle1
2019-07-16 09:58Neal Island1
2019-07-10 07:20State Game Lands 351
2019-07-21 08:43Glennstone/Heron Rookery3
2019-07-13 11:00Campgaw Reservation
2019-07-16 09:51Middendorf Park1
2019-07-13 09:30Eno River Association--Confluence Property2
2019-07-10 09:35Teaneck Creek Conservancy1
2019-07-20 06:15Aquaterra Park1
2019-07-11 09:49Ramapo Valley County Reservation3
2019-07-17 07:35Eno River SP--Few's Ford8
2019-07-14 10:00Eno River SP--Cole Mill/Pump Station3
2019-07-15 06:45Mayo River SP--Tyne Rd. Tract3
2019-07-21 08:19The Celery Farm1
2019-07-20 08:28Mary Patrick Park5
2019-07-17 07:45Lake Reidsville Park1
2019-07-16 08:00Sterling Forest SP--Sterling Lake Loop Trail3
2019-07-20 16:22Inwood Hill Park2
2019-07-14 14:15Occoneechee Mt. State Natural Area3
2019-07-21 13:59Neuse River Trail--Abbotts Creek1
2019-07-10 18:56Duke Forest--Gate 102
2019-07-19 09:35Veto Lake Wildlife Area1
2019-07-11 09:14Duke University--Reclamation Pond1
2019-07-09 08:55Neuse River Trail--Thornton Road6
2019-07-14 07:15Brumley Nature Preserve--South5
2019-07-10 10:50Tenafly Nature Center2
2019-07-11 08:10Buckingham Landing1
2019-07-12 09:58Huston Brumbaugh Nature Center2
2019-07-20 06:21Farris Memorial Park1
2019-07-20 09:45State Game Lands 1462
2019-07-11 07:56Lake Wilson2
2019-07-14 07:53Baileywick Road Park9
2019-07-13 09:40Poplar Rd. Wildlife Sanctuary1
2019-07-19 10:08Closter Nature Center5
2019-07-15 08:11Bashakill State WMA--Deli Fields2
2019-07-16 07:55Bashakill State WMA--Horseshoe pull-off2
2019-07-20 07:00Sandy Creek Park3
2019-07-20 08:30North Spencer Marsh (Michigan Hollow Lake)1
2019-07-18 11:45SUNY Broome Community College2
2019-07-11 11:47Baldwin Rd. (Guilford Co.)1
2019-07-20 07:20Third Fork Creek Trail4
2019-07-18 13:41Lake Lynn2
2019-07-16 17:10Haw River SP--The Summit2
2019-07-14 08:53Berlin Lake (Mahoning Co.)1
2019-07-14 18:00Patterson Place Constructed Wetland1
2019-07-13 18:52Untermyer Gardens Conservancy1
2019-07-10 10:30Palisades Park IBA--State Line Lookout2
2019-07-16 07:45Berlin Lake Bike Trail3
2019-07-21 07:12William B. Umstead SP--Big Lake6
2019-07-21 08:15Bashakill State WMA1
2019-07-18 09:43Wilson Educational Forest2
2019-07-21 09:28Lower Booker Creek Trail5
2019-07-13 07:28Connecticut Hill WMA1
2019-07-14 19:09Sprain Ridge Park1
2019-07-13 08:43Perkins Park2
2019-07-20 08:15Pritchard Park Nature Trail2
2019-07-21 08:15Boland Pond1
2019-07-13 07:27Chapel Hill Community Park2
2019-07-14 07:30Harriman SP--Lake Skannatati11
2019-07-21 07:24Bolin Creek--Community Park to MLK Blvd.4
2019-07-15 07:51Watkins Glen SP--Gorge Trail2
2019-07-19 10:38Crabtree Creek Wetland--West of Raleigh Blvd.1
2019-07-21 07:33Bear Grass VOA Site1
2019-07-18 06:29Deer Creek Reservoir (Stark Co.)1
2019-07-14 08:50UNC Chapel Hill--Coker Arboretum4
2019-07-09 05:45Lake Crabtree Dam3
2019-07-17 17:52Lake Crabtree County Park2
2019-07-20 08:30Hank Anderson Community Park10
2019-07-18 05:49Schenck Forest10
2019-07-18 08:46North Carolina Botanical Garden4
2019-07-08 09:45Oldtown Creek2
2019-07-18 07:35North Carolina Museum of Art--Sculpture Garden2
2019-07-19 11:11Lake Crabtree Nature Trail--Southport Entrance1
2019-07-18 06:40Belews Lake--Carolina Marina1
2019-07-19 06:27Mason Farm Biological Reserve5
2019-07-20 07:40Chenango Valley SP1
2019-07-20 08:14Turnipseed Preserve2
2019-07-12 08:30Congers Lake Memorial Park1
2019-07-19 07:00Shongo Valley Road, Caneadea3
2019-07-19 07:30Cane Creek Reservoir (entrance on NC-54 west of Stanford Rd.)7
2019-07-13 09:24Shindagin Hollow SF--Shindagin Hollow Rd.1
2019-07-18 18:30Jordan Lake--New Hope Creek arm (Chatham Co)1
2019-07-14 16:25Greenwood County Park1
2019-07-16 08:49Transis Camp Rd.--Hope Valley Experimental Forest6
2019-07-21 08:55Belews Lake--Pine Hall Access Area2
2019-07-12 08:49Crabtree Creek Watershed4
2019-07-20 07:23Boyer Creek Farm, Caroline1
2019-07-15 07:19Rockefeller SP Preserve--Eagle Hill area11
2019-07-08 11:30Robert Treman SP3
2019-07-14 08:40Jordan Game Land---(751 bridge) Northeast Creek2
2019-07-21 09:02Greenville--River Park North1
2019-07-21 10:48Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area--North End of Mosquito Lake1
2019-07-20 09:21Stony Point SP1
2019-07-19 09:54Rockefeller SP Preserve1
2019-07-08 13:30Rockefeller SP Preserve--Swan Lake area5
2019-07-21 14:30Lake Brandt--Horsepen Creek Mudflats1
2019-07-19 07:31South Hill Recreation Way1
2019-07-21 18:25Lake Brandt--Palmetto Trail2
2019-07-14 07:00Croton Point Park--Croton RR Station1
2019-07-20 06:40White Oak Creek Greenway--Wetland1
2019-07-17 06:19White Oak Creek Greenway--West Side5
2019-07-14 08:12Bear Mountain SP--Doodletown Rd.2
2019-07-21 09:30Mid Pines Rd.1
2019-07-18 05:55Edinboro Lake3
2019-07-10 09:53Iona Island1
2019-07-14 07:16Jordan Game Land--Farrington Point Boating Access2
2019-07-20 06:28Briar Chapel--Pokeberry Creek4
2019-07-14 13:00Jordan Game Land--Audubon Platform2
2019-07-10 05:54Ritter Park6
2019-07-10 11:50Planting Fields Arboretum1
2019-07-19 07:23Crawford Walking Trail2
2019-07-10 10:00Shu Swamp Nature Preserve1
2019-07-13 07:17Verkeerderkill Park1
2019-07-20 09:55Cornell University--Beebe Lake2
2019-07-20 10:54Stevenson Rd. Game Farm and Compost3
2019-07-21 10:30Lake Wheeler marshes1
2019-07-12 10:27Stewart SF1
2019-07-21 08:29Riverfront Park, Montgomery1
2019-07-14 07:14Black Rock Forest10
2019-07-14 17:30Sippo Lake--Sommer Wildlife Conservation Center and Walking Trails2
2019-07-20 08:25Bluegrass Lane Natural Area1
2019-07-17 08:41Pinecliff Sanctuary1
2019-07-19 07:45Monkey Run--Southeast1
2019-07-08 13:22Sapsucker Woods Avi73
2019-07-18 08:55Sapsucker Woods1
2019-07-19 12:05Sapsucker Woods--Wilson Trail North1
2019-07-11 10:00Sagamore Hill NHS1
2019-07-13 10:46Dryden Lake1
2019-07-14 11:11Upper Lisle County Park1
2019-07-19 13:09Strouds Run SP3
2019-07-15 11:26James H. Barrow Field Station2
2019-07-15 07:28Horizons Park4
2019-07-12 16:29Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve3
2019-07-18 07:29Caswell Road Grasslands1
2019-07-13 07:05Breakneck Ridge Loop1
2019-07-08 13:20Southards Pond Park1
2019-07-12 17:00Salt Point Natural Area1
2019-07-19 09:00Caumsett SP1
2019-07-20 07:21Canadaway Creek WMA1
2019-07-16 06:33Dennings Point SP2
2019-07-09 06:05Six Mile Creek Park1
2019-07-14 12:32Towners Woods Park2
2019-07-15 12:20New River Trail State Park--Galax1
2019-07-17 09:48Hockhocking Adena Bikeway--Armitage Rd.4
2019-07-18 14:40Nimisila Reservoir--Parking Lot C42
2019-07-18 09:20Nimisila Reservoir2
2019-07-13 17:53Goose Creek SP1
2019-07-15 06:55The Ridges--Radar Hill Area3
2019-07-12 07:00Piedmont Environmental Center
2019-07-09 13:59Salem Lake--Linville Rd.3
2019-07-13 10:48Middle Creek Bottomlands II2
2019-07-20 08:03Clarence Fahnestock SP--Sunken Mine Road2
2019-07-11 16:28Trimble Township Community Forest2
2019-07-09 08:40Fishkill Ridge Conservation Area4
2019-07-13 11:05Hunt-Parker Sanctuary--Bylane Farm1
2019-07-20 09:57Historic Bethabara Park--Lower Trails4
2019-07-20 09:45Firestone Metro Park6
2019-07-18 08:17Historic Bethabara Park--God's Acre & City Park6
2019-07-21 10:30Grand River--Callender Rd. Canoe Access1
2019-07-16 09:30Unadilla Boat Launch1
2019-07-21 14:38Willard WMA2
2019-07-12 16:15Sellecks Woods/Dunlap Lake2
2019-07-09 12:00Scott Park3
2019-07-11 07:36LaDue Reservoir1
2019-07-13 08:02Civitan Park2
2019-07-18 15:49Ward Pound Ridge Reservation2
2019-07-08 12:19Pilot Mountain SP--Ivy Bluffs Access1
2019-07-16 07:48Conesus Inlet WMA--East Swamp Rd. (midway pond)2
2019-07-19 07:49Avonia Beach1
2019-07-20 13:08Shattalon Lake1
2019-07-12 06:00Conesus Golf Course1
2019-07-17 18:32Blydenburgh Park1
2019-07-16 15:08Croton Falls Reservoir, Stoneleigh Ave. overlook1
2019-07-18 12:47Beaver Meadow Audubon Center1
2019-07-19 12:31Paschal "Pat" W. Swann Water Treatment Plant1
2019-07-11 10:03Connetquot River SP4
2019-07-08 10:18Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, New Paltz1
2019-07-11 09:08Ammons Farm Rd.12
2019-07-13 09:14Mattamuskeet NWR--Lake Landing1
2019-07-21 08:30Sand Run Metro Park2
2019-07-13 11:26Mattamuskeet NWR--Headquarters Rd1
2019-07-21 06:55Dutchess Rail Trail--Lake Walton5
2019-07-08 10:26Seiberling Nature Realm2
2019-07-14 10:08Liberty Park--Twinsburg Ledges and Nature Center1
2019-07-11 07:12Roosevelt Estate County Park3
2019-07-09 10:52Lilly Pond Preserve2
2019-07-21 06:46Sherwood Island State Park4
2019-07-14 13:35West Woods1
2019-07-13 10:12Cuyahoga Valley NP--Wetmore Trails5
2019-07-12 15:18Evangola SP--Nature Center1
2019-07-13 07:14Raven Rock SP17
2019-07-20 08:00Cuyahoga Valley NP--Ira Rd. Beaver Marsh2
2019-07-13 08:15Avalon Park and Preserve1
2019-07-15 07:51Cuyahoga Valley NP--Indigo Lake1
2019-07-14 07:36Bennett's Pond Trail System1
2019-07-18 12:50Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Force Rd. West1
2019-07-14 06:00Ashokan Reservoir4
2019-07-13 10:15Cuyahoga Valley NP--Boston Store Towpath4
2019-07-13 07:42John Burroughs Sanctuary7
2019-07-12 10:22South Chagrin Reservation--Shelterhouse Picnic Area2
2019-07-16 12:06Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Valley Rd. South1
2019-07-13 08:02Girdled Road Reservation2
2019-07-12 08:58Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area--Valley Rd. North2
2019-07-13 09:58Trout Brook Valley Conservation Area1
2019-07-21 07:29Tanglewood Park--Yadkin River Nature Trail2
2019-07-13 07:20Summit Bike and Hike Trail--Sagamore Hills1
2019-07-20 12:54Grace Richardson Conservation Area7
2019-07-19 08:15Cuyahoga Valley NP--Station Rd. Railroad (Cuyahoga Co.)6
2019-07-20 09:49Allardale Park3
2019-07-15 15:39Bedford Reservation--Bridal Veil Falls1
2019-07-21 19:32Holden Arboretum--Garden and Collections2
2019-07-17 20:30Indian Point Park--Lower Lot Entrance1
2019-07-21 09:00Richfield Heritage Preserve7
2019-07-19 16:28Esopus Meadows Lighthouse Park3
2019-07-16 08:07Taconic-Hereford Multiple Use Area2
2019-07-20 08:32Hinckley Reservation--Hinckley Lake Loop Trail1
2019-07-21 07:50Farmington Community Center1
2019-07-21 12:45Penitentiary Glen Reservation3
2019-07-15 15:54Hinckley Reservation--Redwing Cabin Picnic Area1
2019-07-18 13:49Chapin Forest Reservation--West Section Trails3
2019-07-19 09:10Wooster Memorial Park5
2019-07-17 08:15Deer Pond Farm (CT Audubon)2
2019-07-19 17:14Sleightsburg Spit3
2019-07-21 07:18Homestead Road/Fairwood Valley2
2019-07-17 15:47Lake Logan SP1
2019-07-12 14:35North Chagrin Nature Center Trails1
2019-07-15 10:02Boughton Park, East Bloomfield1
2019-07-15 09:35Mill Road Park1
2019-07-20 09:38Kessler Swamp State Nature Preserve4
2019-07-17 07:20Doughton Park--Bluff Mountain Trail1
2019-07-11 14:30Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies--Lowlands1
2019-07-13 13:30Mastic Beach (Suffolk Co.)2
2019-07-11 07:23Westfield Center Village Park4
2019-07-19 06:25Gully Brook Park3
2019-07-20 09:08Horns Hill Park6
2019-07-13 13:10Milford Pt.1
2019-07-19 08:55Glenburnie Park3
2019-07-20 10:09Mentor Marsh State Nature Preserve2
2019-07-17 08:25Uwharrie NF--Thornburg Tract6
2019-07-14 09:40Ferncliff Forest4
2019-07-17 10:26Chagrin River Park1
2019-07-20 07:19Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserve2
2019-07-12 13:00Chippewa Inlet Trail--North3
2019-07-16 07:33Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve4
2019-07-20 08:00Wimisink Preserve1
2019-07-20 07:31Grindstone Campground2
2019-07-13 11:40Fish Hatchery, Caledonia1
2019-07-19 08:05New River SP--US221 Access2
2019-07-18 11:32Montezuma NWR--Seneca Trail4
2019-07-21 18:48Mendon Ponds Park--Quaker Pond2
2019-07-09 18:48Rhododendron Cove State Nature Preserve1
2019-07-11 07:30Times Beach Nature Preserve1
2019-07-18 05:54Mendon Ponds Park--Quaker Pond Trail3
2019-07-20 14:47Mill Stream Run Reservation--Strongsville Wildlife Area1
2019-07-12 13:14Wahkeena Nature Preserve3
2019-07-20 08:55Mohican SP--Gorge Overlook4
2019-07-08 17:30Mendon Ponds Park--Devils Bathtub1
2019-07-15 14:16Bent of the River Sanctuary2
2019-07-16 18:11Tivoli Bays WMA--Cruger Island Rd.3
2019-07-08 14:15Welsh Hills Cemetery2
2019-07-18 08:30Kettletown State Park2
2019-07-20 12:20Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve1
2019-07-15 11:00Spring Valley Nature Preserve5
2019-07-16 06:31Baltimore Woods Nature Center1
2019-07-17 19:07Clear Creek Metro Park (Fairfield Co.)1
2019-07-16 19:26Hocking River Stream Restoration and Wetland1
2019-07-20 07:53Wayne National Forest--Lake Vesuvius4
2019-07-19 09:00Greenfield Lake Wildlife Area1
2019-07-13 18:44Hunters Garden, Eastport2
2019-07-17 07:55Lafayetteville Multiple Use Area--Wilbur Flats Rd.1
2019-07-19 07:00Madison St. Impoundment1
2019-07-21 09:40Great Vly WMA--West Camp Rd.3
2019-07-21 13:55Audubon Wetlands Preserve1
2019-07-10 05:40Kent Land Trust Skiff Mountain South Preserve1
2019-07-19 19:04Thagards Lake1
2019-07-13 08:25Malabar Farm SP2
2019-07-18 07:07McLeod's Table Farm1
2019-07-21 10:00Rocky River Reservation--Nature Center Trails4
2019-07-13 11:35Thayer Ridge Park1
2019-07-12 09:15Eagle Point Nature Preserve8
2019-07-16 10:32Channing H. Philbrick Park (formerly Linear Park)4
2019-07-12 08:13Lighthouse Point Park1
2019-07-19 11:15New River SP--Elk Shoals2
2019-07-12 17:00Corbetts Glen Nature Park2
2019-07-16 06:48West Rock Ridge State Park--Ridgetop4
2019-07-10 08:09West Rock Ridge State Park - Lake Wintergreen Area9
2019-07-13 09:37Ellison Park1
2019-07-18 08:15Woodchuck Hill Preserve4
2019-07-13 11:53Sharon Audubon Center1
2019-07-18 07:30Crook St. Wetlands1
2019-07-14 10:30Harlem Valley Rail Trail--Coleman Sta. to Downey Rd.3
2019-07-13 16:35Indian Hollow Reservation--Royal Oaks1
2019-07-08 12:27Black Fork Bottoms1
2019-07-14 10:15Harlem Valley Rail Trail--Downey Rd. to Main St. in Millerton1
2019-07-14 07:29Irondequoit Bay Park West3
2019-07-14 12:23RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary1
2019-07-09 12:25Whiskey Hollow Nature Preserve1
2019-07-09 08:03Green Lakes SP3
2019-07-11 10:46Green Lakes SP--Rolling Hills1
2019-07-21 13:41Sandy Ridge Reservation4
2019-07-18 12:24Slab Meadow Rd.5
2019-07-13 10:24Hallockville SP2
2019-07-17 08:15Fulton Park3
2019-07-21 05:45White Memorial Foundation--Little Pond2
2019-07-21 06:53North Ponds Park1
2019-07-19 10:01Sleeping Giant State Park1
2019-07-17 07:35Landing Estates1
2019-07-16 06:39Mattatuck State Forest1
2019-07-16 09:30Cumberland County Park2
2019-07-18 13:52Blacklick Woods--Nature Center and Trails (Fairfield Co.)3
2019-07-18 07:40Morrow Mountain SP2
2019-07-10 07:02Webster Big Field1
2019-07-21 06:15Fresh Meadows Preserve2
2019-07-16 14:13Whiting Rd. Nature Preserve3
2019-07-12 15:20Richland B&O Trail--Lexington Community Park4
2019-07-14 08:30Rocky Fork Metro Park2
2019-07-20 07:39Blue Ridge Pkwy--US421/MST/Ben Miller area1
2019-07-13 08:30Gahanna Woods State Nature Preserve4
2019-07-10 10:58Oberlin College--Community Trail and Athletic Fields1
2019-07-21 15:15Clear Fork Reservoir--Lexington-Ontario Parking Lot1
2019-07-17 15:44Radisson River Park (private)1
2019-07-11 08:00Three Creeks Metro Park--Confluence Trails Area2
2019-07-18 08:55N. Goshen Rd.1
2019-07-21 19:49Blendon Woods Metro Park1
2019-07-14 06:01East River Preserve20
2019-07-09 09:20Bush Rd., NY 31 to Oneida Lake1
2019-07-13 05:24Timberland Preserve7
2019-07-15 07:00Academy Park1
2019-07-11 07:30Harlem Valley Rail Trail--Black Grocery Rd2
2019-07-18 09:50Hoover Reservoir--Maxtown Boat Launch1
2019-07-08 15:52Sunnybrook State Park2
2019-07-19 14:37John A. Minetto SP1
2019-07-21 13:37Inniswood Metro Gardens1
2019-07-14 17:33Hoover Nature Preserve--Area N1
2019-07-21 15:41Alum Creek Trail--Wolfe Park to Livingston Ave.1
2019-07-15 09:47Bartholomew's Cobble (TTOR)5
2019-07-16 18:36Hoover Nature Preserve--Area L5
2019-07-16 06:10Bishops Pond (Meriden)5
2019-07-12 10:15Char-Mar Ridge Preserve2
2019-07-19 06:09Boone Greenway Trail4
2019-07-11 08:17Sessions Woods WMA3
2019-07-16 12:30Musick's Campground1
2019-07-16 09:15Heritage Park, Westerville2
2019-07-14 14:30Augusta-Anne Olsen State Nature Preserve1
2019-07-17 06:41Higby Mountain trail1
2019-07-11 09:15Trout Pond Park2
2019-07-13 09:00Cross Mountain (Johnson Co.)1
2019-07-14 07:05Shuttle Meadow Reservoir14
2019-07-21 09:43Hamlin Beach SP--Devil's Nose trails4
2019-07-16 07:30Sharon Woods Metro Park--Edward S. Thomas Trail2
2019-07-12 08:15Alum Creek SP--New Galena Boat Ramp2
2019-07-21 10:03Norfolk Land Trust Barbour Woods2
2019-07-17 13:09Arshamomaque Preserve2
2019-07-16 08:55Winchester--Rt. 44 (Mad River F.C.A.)1
2019-07-20 06:38Alum Creek SP--Beach and Alum Reservoir South1
2019-07-19 10:30Wood Creek Pond3
2019-07-19 06:20Long Pond Greenbelt--Crooked Pond9
2019-07-16 12:15Ohio State University--Wetlands1
2019-07-14 10:22McCallister Wildlife Refuge4
2019-07-13 09:13Sterling Nature Center1
2019-07-16 09:00Stewart B. McKinney NWR1
2019-07-16 10:02Moses H. Cone Memorial Park--Bass Lake2
2019-07-21 14:21Stewart B. McKinney NWR--Salt Meadow Unit1
2019-07-12 07:01Big Creek Rd (NE of Flatwoods Rd) to Little Oak Campground1
2019-07-14 09:23Moses H. Cone Memorial Park--Trout Lake1
2019-07-18 06:46Highbanks Metro Park--Coyote Run Trail2
2019-07-17 08:26Valle Crucis Community Park1
2019-07-14 07:03Aton Forest1
2019-07-18 07:15Highbanks Metro Park8
2019-07-14 07:03Barcelona Neck Natural Resources Management Area6
2019-07-16 09:42Ruth Oliva Preserve at Dam Pond1
2019-07-10 07:20South Holston Dam--Weir Dam -Osceola Island Area4
2019-07-16 09:30Julian Price Memorial Park1
2019-07-15 13:10Yadkin River Greenway--Happy Valley1
2019-07-11 09:15Griggs Reservoir--Dam2
2019-07-16 07:31Duranceau Park1
2019-07-13 08:14Ooms Conservation Area at Sutherland Pond1
2019-07-21 06:16Hidden Ponds Preserves and Trails5
2019-07-20 07:51Diana's Trail - Gould Farm3
2019-07-19 10:20Orient Beach SP5
2019-07-21 10:46Kiwanis Riverway Park1
2019-07-17 08:44Schor Conservation Area1
2019-07-19 08:50Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park2
2019-07-17 08:34Veldon D. Dotson Recreation Park1
2019-07-13 08:48Hurd State Park3
2019-07-20 07:05Delaware Wildlife Area--Panhandle Rd.1
2019-07-12 17:46Steele Creek Park1
2019-07-09 10:06Brush Creek State Forest (Scioto Co.)2
2019-07-13 13:40Hartford Reservoir No. 63
2019-07-18 08:26Caldwell Station Creek Greenway3
2019-07-14 09:29Shawnee SP--Turkey Creek Lake and Lodge1
2019-07-10 11:05Glenn Hilton Memorial Park2
2019-07-13 13:30Shawnee State Forest--Pond Run Rd.2
2019-07-16 17:06The Coupling Reserve2
2019-07-15 06:30Wood Parcel -- Wethersfield1
2019-07-20 11:11Penwood State Park4
2019-07-18 07:28O'Shaughnessy Nature Preserve--Twin Lakes1
2019-07-20 09:44Portland Reservoir7
2019-07-10 09:15Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Terrace Trail7
2019-07-08 10:00Linn Cove Viaduct--Tanawha Trail5
2019-07-19 05:33Normanskill Farm4
2019-07-13 07:04Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park--Big & Little Darby Creek Confluence1
2019-07-20 07:15Glastonbury Meadows (restricted access)1
2019-07-13 06:50Glacier Ridge Metro Park--North5
2019-07-13 06:17Sithe Energy Trails1
2019-07-17 07:31Laurel Lake2
2019-07-21 11:40Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve1
2019-07-08 19:28Parsons Marsh Reserve1
2019-07-21 06:15Rocky Neck State Park5
2019-07-09 04:33October Mountain SF--Campground1
2019-07-20 13:32Reedy Creek Nature Preserve3
2019-07-14 18:18East Sandusky Bay MetroPark2
2019-07-14 11:58Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon)3
2019-07-19 07:36Mountain Island Lake--Neck Road Access Area1
2019-07-09 18:05Albany International Airport--Southern end1
2019-07-11 08:02Yankee Hill Lock2
2019-07-14 06:50Cowan's Ford Wildlife Refuge5
2019-07-14 07:32Rondeau Provincial Park (general location for observations within the park)2
2019-07-14 09:55Wild Acres Conservation Area1