The African hawk-eagle (Aquila spilogaster) is a large bird of prey. Like all eagles, it belongs to the family Accipitridae.

The African hawk-eagle breeds in tropical Sub-Saharan Africa. It is a bird of wooded hills, building a stick nest about 3 feet (almost 1 metre) in diameter in the fork of a large tree. The clutch is generally one or two eggs.

The African hawk-eagle hunts small mammals, reptiles, and birds. The call is a shrill kluu-kluu-kluu.
African Hawk-Eagle
Date Location Count
2020-03-07 10:12Mpala Research Centre--Hippo Pool2
2020-03-21 17:50Magongo Hills1
2020-03-08 08:21Madikwe Game Reserve1
2020-03-18 05:40Umbabat NR--Ingwelala1
2020-03-13 07:20Wakkerstroom bridge/causeway1
2020-03-09 05:43Kruger NP--Lower Sabie: Sabie River Bridge3
2020-03-08 05:15Xumeni Forest1